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What About Me?
By Geekgrrl



Papers flew from the across the room. Pens rattled to the floor. The metal doors in the morgue rattled ever so slightly.

"A threesome? This is so not fair." Dr. Claire Washburn scrolled along the entry on the computer screen in front of her.

A short cropped blonde head was the first to pop around the door frame. "Claire, what's the matter? I got your text message, what's the 911?" Jill Bernhardt entered the office and picked up a pen she just about slipped on. "What the hell happened in here?"

"Just sit." Claire growled at the unsuspecting A.D.A. who blinked and wisely sat.

"Whoa, somebody's in a mood." Lindsay Boxer strode into the M.E.'s office. "What's happened? Is it the Kiss Me Not Killer?"

Claire rolled her eyes and waited. Three…two…one….

"What did I miss?" Cindy Thomas burst into the room, papers clutched in her hands. "I found these out in the hall Claire." She put the documents onto the messy desk and noticed the other puzzled women in the room. "Hi guys! What's happening?" she grinned at the group.

"Claire was just about to fill us in." Lindsay walked over and sat on the arm of the leather couch concerned.

"I've just checked out a few sites, and have noted the abundance of fan fiction involving our little Club." Claire started calmly.

"Really?" Lindsay sounded rather pleased.

"Oh, yes." Cindy added. "I've seen the stats page and have been doing some…er… research. We're kicking some femslash butt girls." Lindsay and Jill exchanged sly glances.

Jill leaned forward, curious. "Who is being paired with whom?"

A disgusted growl came from behind the heavy oak desk. "Just about every combination you can imagine. The latest was a threesome."

"Cool! I haven't read that one yet…" Cindy stepped behind Claire to check out the screen, oblivious to the danger she was in.

"Yes, well the one I haven't seen yet, is anything involving me!" Claire exploded.

The three other women paused. That didn't seem fair somehow.

Cindy cautiously tapped at Claire's keyboard. "Unfortunately you're happily married Claire. See, the wiki even says so." She quickly dashed to the other side of the desk and lurked beside Lindsay.

Claire sighed. "I know Cindy. And I love Ed, I do. But come on!" Claire ranted on. "Why couldn't I have some angsty unrequited love. Long lingering looks over a dead body. Hot, plot what plot sex with a side order of guilt and secrecy!"

Silence descended over the Club. Surely there was some way to solve this injustice, but how?

A strong knock on the doorframe to the M.E.'s office broke through the uneasy tension.

"Uh, hi. Could someone direct me to the Criminalist Lab?" A tall melancholy figure stepped into the room. Claire blinked, stunned at how the world works sometimes, and stood smiling.

"Sure, it's just down the hall. I can take you if you like." Claire walked passed her friends and headed out of her office.

A small gap tooth grin broke out. "Thanks!" The two headed down the hall. The women in the office could just make out the new girl's name as they walked away. "I'm Sara Sidle by the way."

"Yes, yes you are…" Claire opened the door to the lab, and looked back to see three heads poking out of her office door. Giving them a huge grin, she followed the brunette into the lab.

"I love happy endings." Cindy sighed. Lindsay and Jill rolled their eyes and headed for the computer. "Hey, don't start reading without me…"

The End

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