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Angel of Mercy
By Wend


From her throne-like chair Lady Heather stared. Her eyes were on the trembling form kneeling before her, from the bowed head, down the straight shoulders to the bruised breasts, and down to the spread thighs showing raw skin. Her hands were bound behind her back and attached to a choke chain which was cruelly fastened slightly too tight around her throat.

The slave had showed a passive defiance against Heather's servants; Heather smiled as she thought of how one of the men who delivered her had ended up with a broken nose. The smile disappeared, however, when he brought a small powerful cattle prod out and brought the young woman down with a cry of pain as he pointed the metal tip to the side of her breast and pulled the trigger. She had cowered and retreated as if she was a wounded animal.

That had been a week ago and the slave had been unchained and her wounds and body cleaned and cared for. Heather sighed as her thoughts turned to the fact that despite her experience she has made no headway into the brunettes training.

She sighed and reached for the phone on the side table. Pressing the speed dial the call connected almost immediately. "Hello Catherine, I have acquired something that I think would interest you. Yes, it's a challenge that I think would need your special talents." Heather's tone was soft but she could see the slave was now shaking as she listened to every word. Heather listened for a minute more and then gently placed the receiver back in the cradle. She leaned over and whispered some instructions to a nearby attendant.

The slave tensed further and struggled as she was led away to her room, no sound left her lips even as she resisted. Heather shook her head sadly, she knew that the young woman had been seriously abused by someone she trusted completely and that angered her.

Catherine arrived within the hour and was followed by her companion a tall stoic blond called Sofia. Heather greeted Catherine with a warm embrace, kissing her on the cheek. She backed up, eyes locked with Catherine's.

"This one's bad, Cat. She's been completely broken down and nearly beyond reach. I've had her a week and she makes no noise. From what I've heard in our circle this is the norm for a slave of this particular Master and his scum." Heather's voice was full of disgust and anger.

"Do you have any proof it was him, Heather? I mean I know we have been tracking this bastard but he's always just out of our reach. Is she communicating at all?" Catherine knew whom Heather had been speaking of and they had been trying to find the man who had wrought such damage to innocents before selling them on as damaged goods.

"I know it's him, Catherine, the man I got her from is one of his scum." She spat. "The only time I have heard anything from her was when she first arrived. She's got a little fight left in her though." Heather chuckled ruefully and relayed how the young brunette had surprised the bully who had manhandled her the day she had arrived.

"She won't accept any touch, Catherine. I've had her under 24 hour watch and I'm not sure how to reach her enough to break through what they did to her." Heather walked over to her antique oak desk and retrieved a file from the top draw. handing it to Catherine who had sat in a large leather winged chair.

"I had one of my staff look into her background. It does not make pleasant reading, Catherine, even before he got hold of her." Heather poured the three of them a glass of wine each and waited. She watched the horror and disgust cross Catherine's face as she turned each page digesting the sad and painful life the slave had already had before the monster had captured her.

"I want to meet her, Heather, I want this one badly. I will cover your costs and compensate you for your time." Catherine said this as she stared at a picture of the young woman smiling into the camera. The picture was obviously taken when the woman was relaxed and before the animal had tried to break her.

"I did want to keep her, Catherine, she's special but I know I can't help her. She needs someone who will take the time to reach her and you are the only other Mistress I would trust with her, Catherine. I do ask that if you need any help, you to ask me; anytime, anyplace and anything. I want revenge for her and for us. These men most be brought down and dealt with. If you find them, I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you on a suitable punishment." Heather's voice was low and deadly, her eyes never leaving Catherine's.

"How did you find her, Heather?" Catherine asked suddenly.

"I was at a mutual friends gathering last Saturday evening. She had invited me saying that a new Master in Vegas was holding a special event. When I arrived she had already been flogged and it looked like they had used her savagely. She was being offered out to any inexperienced Domme with no restrictions. I was sickened but as it was not my place I could not step in and stop it until I found the hostess. By that time she had blacked out and through mediation I was fortunate to be able to purchase her. He was not happy about losing his slave but did say that she had lost his interest. I have since found out that the real owner had left when I had stepped in so he would not be embarrassed." Heather took a large swallow from her glass. "They said this event had been 5 hours long and that she had not spoken or cried out even once. She is still in there, Catherine; I can see it in her eyes. Forgive me, Catherine, I have some things to attend to but I'll have her summoned so you can evaluate her."

Heather walked to the door and spoke to her attendant and requested the woman be brought to Catherine and left her and Sofia to their wine.

A short while later there was the sound of a scuffle outside in the hall and some raised voices. Sofia and Catherine watched as the door flew open and two men dragged a struggling woman in, depositing her on the floor in front of Catherine's chair.

"Posture!" Knowing what she had to do to get the woman to focus, Catherine's voice was sharp and demanding. The brunette at her feet snapped so straight that her back slightly arched displaying her breasts to perfection, her knees spread and her hands were placed slightly behind her hips allowing Catherine eyes to devour her curves. Catherine missed nothing, the scars on the young woman's body told her the story of what she had survived. The bruises, both old and new, covered her arms, thighs, and breasts; on her left hip a livid brand stood out in sharp contrast to the pale skin surrounding it. She looked at Sofia and acknowledged the horror on the face of her trusted aid.

Catherine sighed and stood, walking slowly around the young woman. "What is your name?" she said softly, her hand trailing lightly over the young woman's shoulder. Stepping back in front of the now trembling brunette, she crouched in front of her; lifting her chin with her fingertips, Catherine locked eyes with the brunette's. "No, look at me." She said as the brown eyes slid from hers. As the eyes looked into hers once more she cupped a soft cheek and said, "It's over, no one will hurt you anymore. I am going to look after you."

Silent tears flowed from the eyes of the young woman as she stared at the beautiful blond. Her head tilted into the hand cupping her cheek as she cried, wanting to believe the words coming from those soft lips.

"Will you tell me your name?" Catherine whispered again, coaxing the brunette to speak.

Shaking her head the young woman bowed her head in shame, tears falling more rapidly.

"It's ok. We have time." Lifting her eyes she looked over to Sofia and indicated that she wait over by the door. Taking her jacket off she placed it gently around the trembling woman's shoulders offering comfort to her. Catherine stood and, after gathering the file from the side table, she walked determinedly to where Sofia waited.

"I want them bought to me, Sofia; I want them held in the cells and broken. I don't care how much the cost or how long it takes. I want you to take care of this personally because I want it done right." Catherine's voice was low and deadly as she spoke.

Sofia nodded. "It will be my pleasure, Catherine. I will take care of everything." With one last look at the kneeling woman, she left the room softly closing the door behind her.

Catherine turned and slowly approached the young woman from behind; thoughts racing through her mind. Heather was right, she was special. Even after just these few moments, Catherine was captivated; her eyes were truly the windows to her soul and Catherine felt a need to know that soul, to free it from the past horrors.

"I would very much like you to come home with me. Would you like that?" Catherine said softly, her eyes watching for a reaction.

The brunette nodded her head slightly, her eyes back to the ground. Catherine sat back in the chair and sipped her wine. They waited together until there was a soft knock on the door and one of Lady Heather's attendants entered. He was new to the position and looked at the kneeling woman as if she was a piece of meat. His eyes met Catherine's and he took a few steps further into the room. "Has she given you any trouble, Ma'am? Would you like me to have her taken away?" His voice was courteous to Catherine but something in his eyes gave away his hope that he could spend time with the young woman, alone, with the crop attached to his belt.

"Did your Lady send you in here?" Catherine stood, her body moving gracefully like a cat. She approached the kneeling woman and stood beside her, her hand stroking the bowed head. She gave no reaction as the head leaned into her thigh as the young woman once again accepted her touch.

"No, Ma'am, I thought that since she has been here she's been trouble. I could come in and help you." His eyes widened as he witnessed the acceptance of Catherine's touch with no struggle. His lips curling into a sneer as he realised he would not get his way and that he would have to wait till Catherine had left. He licked his lips at the thought of punishing the young woman later when they were alone.

"Please go and ask your Lady to come to me. I would like to talk to her immediately. Oh, and ask my driver to bring the car around as I would like to leave as soon as I have finished." Catherine felt the young woman tremble against her thigh and she caressed the soft hair in comfort.

As he left, Catherine kept her stance and said, "He has hurt you, hasn't he." She was not surprised to feel a nod of the head as her suspicions were confirmed. "Was it justified?" This time a shake of the head confirmed what Catherine knew. The new attendant was a bully and this brought out an intense protectiveness in Catherine.

Heather entered the room a short while later and was surprised to see the brunette leaning on Catherine's leg and nuzzling into her hand.

"I see you've made progress." Heather indicated with her hand.

"I want to know about your attendant, Heather." Catherine's voice deadly and low.

"David? He's new, came to me about three days ago with a recommendation. Why?" Heather moved to a chair and sat watching the two women interact. Smiling slightly as the younger woman relaxed further to Catherine's touch.

"I think he's mistreated her and I want it dealt with. Don't you think it a little strange that he arrived shortly after you acquired her. You night want to look into that." Catherine stated. Her voice brooked no argument. "I think we are of the same opinion about beating when it has not been earned."

Heather straightened in her chair and reached for the phone. "Jacqui? Yes, can you be a dear and bring David to me. Yes, all of his privileges have been revoked. Yes, now. Use any force necessary. Oh and be a dear and have his references thoroughly checked again."

"I'll leave this matter in your capable hands, Heather. I would like an update on anything you find out." With a nod to Heather, Catherine helped the slender woman to her feet and into a cotton dress to travel in, with an arm around her waist she guided them out to the waiting limo.

Catherine entered the back of the car first and to her surprise the young woman settled on the floor by her feet, her head resting against Catherine's knee. Catherine opened a compartment within the side cabinet in the car and withdrew a thick soft blanket. She draped this over the trembling woman's frame. Catherine's hand strayed back to the bowed head and they stayed like this for the rest of the journey to Catherine's house.

Upon arriving at Catherine's house, the limo pulled up close to the front door, which was held open by a young blond man. Catherine guided the traumatised woman from the car and wrapped a protective arm around her. She responded with a small whimper and leaned into Catherine's supportive body.

"Greg, this is our new guest, she is to be treated with respect and kindness." Catherine ordered, more for the benefit of the woman in her arms than for the young man, as she knew that there was not a malicious bone in Greg's body. She knew that he would help heal the brunette through his stories and his gentleness.

"Yes, Ma'am, understood. Which room would you like made up for your guest, Ma'am?" He asked respectfully.

Catherine looked down at the head now snuggled into her chest and felt timid arms snaking around her waist. "The room adjoining mine, Greg, I have a feeling I will be needed in the night."

"Very good, Ma'am, I'll see to it immediately." Greg closed the door behind them as they made their way to the kitchen. Catherine settled the young woman down into a chair and set about making some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches under the watchful gaze of her silent guest.

She set down a bowl of hot soup and a plate full of sandwiches in front of the brunette but despite a rumbling stomach the woman did not reach for the food. Her eyes devoured the offering before she turned her eyes to Catherine who sat opposite sipping hot, fragrant coffee.

Catherine watched and sighed; she had seen this type of conditioning before and knew that the brunette would not eat unless she was given permission. "You may eat." She said quietly.

"While you eat I will explain what is going to happen." The young woman froze, her eyes on Catherine, as she started to tremble once more.

"It's going to be a hard road you travel, but I will be there to help you. The men who had you were not in our group and what they do is an abomination to our way of life. Please trust me when I say you have nothing to fear in this house and while you are under my protection I will move heaven and earth to keep you safe." Catherine had locked her eyes on the young woman trying to instil the honestly of her words into the woman's mind.

The woman resumed eating and it did not surprise Catherine when she left half her food. She knew that the woman was malnourished and it would take time and patience before she would eat normally again.

Greg entered the kitchen and immediately the woman tensed as he approached. Her distress deepened as he stopped by her chair and made a move to take her arm to guide her from the chair. "Come now, ma'am. Your room is ready." At Greg's touch the young woman flew from the chair and roughly elbowed him in the ribs before rounding the table and flinging herself to her knees huddling into Catherine's side whimpering.

Catherine wrapped her arms around the panting woman and started to rub soothing circles onto her heaving back. She was dismayed at how pronounced the woman's ribs were and kicked herself mentally for not warning Greg that the young woman would not take to being touched.

"I'm sorry, Greg, I should have told you that my orders were to include hands off as well. Our guest has not been treated well by her previous owners and will need time to heal inside and out." Catherine said to the gasping young man as she kept up the soothing caress on the brunette's back.

"Baby, it's time to show you your room. Come on let's get you up and into a nice warm bath and bed." Catherine gentled her voice to get through to the shuddering woman.

Greg backed off to one side and allowed the women to pass through to the stairs and make their way up to the bedrooms.

Keeping one arm around the slim brunette Catherine opened the door to lead her into a bedroom. The two women slowly made their way to the large bed against the wall. As they stepped closer Catherine could feel the woman trembling hard against her body. Catherine stopped beside the bed and turned down the covers before turning fully to the young brunette.

With a whimper the woman slid the simple cotton toga from her body and knelt before Catherine once more in offering of her naked body to the older woman. Despite herself Catherine found herself considering the kneeling woman's submission. She licked her lips and gestured for the slave to get on the bed deciding to forego the bath as she could see the exhaustion in her body, the woman's deep chocolate eyes fixed on the ceiling as she readied herself for her Mistress' pleasure.

Those eyes snapped to Catherine in confusion as she felt the covers pulled up and Catherine tucked the woman into bed. Catherine sat on the side of the bed, one hand on the covers over the brunette's stomach.

"I know you are confused by my not taking you up on your generous offer but this offer was not made by your own free will. That is not my way. Heather and I are very similar in that respect, we both enjoy a taste of female flesh but the taste is all the sweeter when it's given freely. Do you understand? The dark head nodded once. "Good. Now if you need anything my room is through that door and the door next to it is a bathroom. In the morning we will have breakfast and talk some more." With a last nod of her head Catherine stood and left the brunette to her first night of peace since she had been taken over a year ago.

Catherine walked into her own room and started to undress; she showered quickly and slipped into her own bed. A quiet chirp from her cell phone disturbed her thoughts, leaning over she picked up the phone and flipped it open. "Yes?"

"Catherine, it's me. I've been 'talking' with our friend and after a pitiful amount of persuasion the little worm admitted he is an associate of Ecklie and Grissom. I've also reviewed the security tapes in her room and found that he had been taking liberties with her. This is unacceptable, Catherine, they know where she is and they have put this scum in my house. I'm going to have to rectify this, would you like him or will you leave this to me?" Heather's voice smooth but hard as steel.

"Thank you, Heather, he's all yours; but can I make a request?" Catherine said.

"Certainly," replied Heather.

"Castration is a wonderful way to send a message." Catherine purred.

"Already on the list, Catherine; we are just working up to it. It could be a long night for him." Heather smiled evilly and moved closer to the restrained sweating man. He was trying to beg but the gag strapped around his head made it sound garbled. His body already wracked with pain his eyes widened when he saw Heather's assistant moving closer, he screamed as her hand reached for his genitals and squeezed hard. Thankfully for him, he lost consciousness shortly after.

Catherine bade her good night and closed the phone before settling down to sleep. She awoke with a start a few hours later as an unusual noise broke through the darkness; she could hear a sobbing coming from the other room. Slipping from her bed she made her way to the young woman's room and could see her huddled on the floor by the bed shivering and sobbing hard.

Catherine moved quickly to kneel by her side, her hand softly stroking the dark hair. The young woman flinched at the gentle touch fully expecting to be beaten. Gradually she realised it was Catherine's touch and she curled her body around the blond holding on to her tightly. Catherine could hear her voice for the first time, barely a whisper saying 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' over and over again.

They stayed there until the crying brunette's tears slowed and finally stopped. Catherine urged the shivering woman back up onto the bed and under the covers once more. She followed the young woman as she would not let go of the blond and, as they settled in the bed, the brunette laid her head on the blonde's chest listening to her heartbeat and taking comfort in Catherine's arms and the heat warming her body.

"My name is Sara. Sara Sidle." A soft voice came out of the darkness. It was rough with disuse and Catherine strained to hear her. She already knew the young woman's name from the file Heather had given her but this was a huge step in trust that the young woman had to take in her road to recovery.

Catherine smiled in the darkness and replied, "Thank you, Sara. Sleep now and we'll talk more in the morning." Catherine's hands moved gently over Sara's injured back careful not to aggravate the damaged skin.

Sara allowed herself to sink into the healing warmth of the blonde's body, her eyes closed and she fell into a deep restful sleep. No more nightmares plagued the young brunette's sleep. She only awoke once; in her half asleep state she panicked for a moment until Catherine's scent and touches calmed the young woman and she settled once more into her saviour's arms to sleep the rest of the night.

Morning came quickly for both women and, as the sunlight crossed the bed, Catherine studied the young woman who rested peacefully in her arms. She knew that Sara's life had been rough up until she had been taken by Ecklie and she thanked the gods that the young woman's parents were both dead because she felt a deep seated hatred for what they had put her through. Catherine sighed softly as she thought of the years of abuse Sara had been subjected to by the very people who should be protecting her. The poor girl had not stood a chance as Ecklie's lackey Gil Grissom had hooked the woman in Harvard and duped her into going away with him. Unfortunately, this was not a new story for Catherine. She had saved two other women who had been taken by a pair of monsters just like them.

Growing angrier by the minute Catherine allowed her hands to roam Sara's back, her fingers tracing every scar and blemish of the silky soft skin. She could feel muscles moving under the skin and moved to soothe the woman into a deeper sleep because she knew that the young woman needed to rest and regroup as her life had been turned upside down in the last year. Her thoughts turned back to the man at Heather's and she released a soft growl. She would call Heather later and see if there was any more information on the whereabouts of the vile men.

Turning her head she saw that the time was 10am and her eyes widened in amazement. She never slept beyond 7am and the fact that it was three hours past that time was a testimony to the fact that her body was attuned to the young woman's needs. Catherine knew she had to rise and make some phone calls to find out how Sofia was fairing in her investigations. Sighing Catherine slipped from under the sleeping brunette and returned to her room. She sat on the side of the bed and reached for her phone again. A sleep filled voice answered.

"Sofia, yes, tell me." Catherine commanded.

"Catherine? Ok, well they've been moving through the States for a while now and there are a lot of angry people left behind. You may know some of them. I'll email you the full report later but in short the good news is, if these guy's were to disappear there would be no questions asked." Sofia sat back against the headboard of her bed and stroked the smooth back of her dark haired lover snuggled up against her.

"Oh?" Catherine said, surprised.

"Yeah, they did the same thing to a Police Chief's daughter in Washington and a Mayor's wife in Florida so I guess they think they are above the law." Sofia reported. "The Chief's daughter is in a mental care facility right now and they are hoping that with time she'll be able to function within society but…" Sofia paused, her voice hardening, "…the Mayors wife didn't make it. She was just too damaged and ended up taking an overdose."

"When was this?" Catherine whispered.

"She was the last one before they took Sara. Catherine, we got to Sara in time. Thank the goddess." Sofia comforted Catherine with her reassuring tone.

She cleared her throat as the possibilities of how badly the young woman could have been damaged flew through Catherine's mind. "I know Sofia and I look forward to reading your report. Do you need any help?" Catherine asked.

"I wouldn't mind if you sent the boys over, I think I have a lead on where Ecklie has set up and would like to go visit with some muscle." Sofia requested.

"Consider it done. Oh and Sofia…. Thank you." Catherine finished the call and went back into Sara's bedroom. Standing over the bed, her eyes never leaving the young woman resting in the big soft bed, she pressed a speed dial on her cell phone and spoke quietly into the mouthpiece. Giving orders to the man on the end of the phone to meet with Sofia, she closed the phone and ended the call before slipping back into bed. She smiled as the sleeping brunette burrowed back into her side and rested her head back on Catherine's shoulder, releasing a soft sigh as Catherine's arms gathered her closer. Slowly, Catherine allowed herself to relax and slip back into a light slumber.

It was another three hours before Catherine woke; her mind felt something was missing before her body fully awoke. She could not work out what it was until her hand went searching for warm female flesh on the other side of the bed and came up empty. Her eyes shot open and she looked about the room in search of the young woman.

"Sara!" Catherine called.

"Yes, my Lady." A sweet soft voice said from the side of the bed.

Catherine's head snapped round and she saw Sara's naked form once again kneeling by the bed, her body offered for service, eyes lowered to the ground.

Catherine groaned and slumped back on the pillows. "Oh, Goddess." She whispered as her arm covered her eyes.

A soft weeping from the side of the bed roused Catherine from her internal torment. She carefully moved to the edge and sat up. "Sara? What's wrong honey?" She said to the crying woman.

"I have failed you, my Lady, and you will have me punished. I don't know if I can take it, my Lady. I hurt so bad; I'm so sorry for displeasing you." Sara stuttered this out to an astounded Catherine.

"No, Sara, you've done nothing wrong and no one will hurt you. I told you that last night, remember? Come here, baby, tell me what's put this rubbish in your head?" Catherine opened her arms and Sara dove at her, burying her face in Catherine's throat, her arms around her waist and allowing her tears to come freely.

Catherine allowed the brunette to find comfort within her arms and waited till she felt Sara regain some control of herself. Finally, after about 20 minutes, Sara seemed to calm down enough that Catherine could feel her relax against Catherine's soothing touch.

"Sara, can you talk to me about it now?" Catherine whispered to the silent woman.

"He had me thinking I was in love with him. At first he was so gentle and kind I thought he was the one to save me. But in the end he brought me to that house and gave me to that man." Sara started to break down as more and more of her story came out as she buried herself into Catherine's body.

"That was Gil Grissom?" Catherine wanted to get her facts absolutely straight as she knew that if things turned out the way she wanted she'd have to have no remorse for what would happen to the men once they were within her grasp.

"Yes, and Ecklie… He made sure I was passed round like a piece of meat to his friends. Both men and women came and I had no way to escape." Sara completely broke down and Catherine guided both of them back onto the bed, Sara now wrapped firmly around her body her arms threatening never to let go of the blond.

"I resisted as much as I could but the beatings got worse and he used things to torture me with until there was nothing left. I wanted to die; I had nothing left to fight with. Then one night I heard him tell Grissom that he was bored and that I was to be made ready to travel, he was going to take me to a party and I was going to be the belle of the ball. I knew by the way he laughed that I was going to be put through another ordeal." She shuddered at the returning memory, weeping some more. Catherine tightened her arms and made gentle cooing noises to try to calm the brunette down.

With a shuddering breath, Sara continued; she told Catherine everything that had happened at the party. How she had been tied to a frame and blindfolded for the first part. How the people seemed to be like a pack of animals. Nothing was out of bounds for the young woman and Ecklie had watched and even goaded the crowd on with suggestions. She also recounted how she had all but given herself over, wishing for death until Heather had rescued her and whisked her to Heather's home.

Then, just as she thought she had found a place to heal, she bitterly told Catherine of her horror at realising that Ecklie still had a hold of her life. She told Catherine of the continuing torment of unwarranted beatings and being forced into service under a new attendant of Heather's. Sara had known this man because he had been included in many of Sara's sessions with Ecklie and Grissom. He had forced her silence through continually terrorising the young woman.

Catherine lay in silence listening to every painful word coming from those soft lips; with ever word her walls broke down and her heart embraced the brave young woman.

"I promise you, Sara, he won't get to you here and he will never hurt you or anyone again." Tightening her arms around the weeping woman Catherine felt a small nod against her throat and a sigh as the young woman relaxed further into Catherine's body.

Wendy opened the door and stepped aside to allow the two men in.

"Hey Warwick, Nicky,. Sofia will be with you in a little while. Can I get you guys a drink?" She asked.

"Hey, girl, we know where you stash the good coffee. You go drag your woman out of bed and we'll start a fresh pot." Warwick greeted, hugging the tall brunette before allowing Nick to kiss her cheek.

"Ok honey. I'll go chase her up for you." She chuckled and with a mischievous gleam in her eye she winked at the men and sauntered out of the room in search of her girlfriend.

"Don't delay her too much. We got serious business." Warwick called after her.

"Not too long, Warwick. Just make the coffee and keep it hot," came the husky reply.

Both men looked at each other with an amused look.

"Wish I could find someone who loved me that much. I mean surely the honeymoon period has got to end sometime? It's been nearly 2 years!" Nick murmured good-naturedly.

"I don't know man. I mean they were like a force of nature when they met. Spitting and fighting like cats and dogs. Then POW! Next thing, they're in love and I believe they are soul mates, Man, ain't nothing stronger than that!" Warwick's deep voice replied.

As Wendy entered the bedroom her eyes fastened on the prone blonde still sleeping in their bed. Her eyes darkened with desire as she took in the naked body of her lover, a sheet barely covering her still glistening skin from the last time they'd made love. She sighed at the memory of Sofia's body arching, every muscle tight as she shuddered and climaxed deeply before collapsing and wrapping her strong arms around Wendy's body gathering her in as they fell asleep.

It was barely two hours ago that Sofia had fallen asleep, after arriving home late and then making love most of the night, trying to chase away her demons, and Wendy was loathe to awaken her lover now. She knew that Catherine had her lover working on something that was upsetting the stoic blonde. She could tell in the extra tension in her body and the desperation in her desire. Sofia was often insatiable when she had a problem to sort out and sometimes the brunette thought she would not be able to keep up with a sexy lover.

Kneeling on the bed Wendy began to crawl up Sofia's prone body, kissing and nipping every inch of skin before reaching her goal. Straddling her body Wendy leaned down and suckled on Sofia's nape knowing that this drove the blonde crazy. Instantly, she found herself pinned to the bed beneath an aroused and growling naked Sofia. Kissing her deeply Sofia allowed her hands to rediscover Wendy's curves.

Breaking from hungry lips Wendy gasped out that they had guests waiting for them in the kitchen. Sofia briefly backed off; her eyes darkening in realisation before she retook Wendy's swollen lips in a quick kiss. Leaving the brunette breathless Sofia slid from the bed and sauntered into the bathroom.

"I'll finish that later, be ready for me. Tell the boys I'll be down after I shower" Sofia growled to the woman panting on the bed.

"You'd better, Sofia, because I don't want to have to hurt you." Wendy gasped out, grousing inwardly that she would have to wait till that night to finish what she'd started.

Making her way back to the kitchen Wendy filled two mugs with the fragrant brew and took them into the den where the two men were talking quietly.

"She'll be here in 10 minutes, just showering" Wendy sat on the sofa and chatted with the two men until she heard the comforting thud of her lover's booted approach.

"Morning, Rick. Morning, Nick. Thank you for coming so quickly. Have you been given any details of who our target is?" Sofia's voice cut through the air. Both men snapping to attention in their seats, they had heard that tone before and knew that whatever the job was it would be serious.

"No, Sofie, we were given just the basics on what equipment you might need and to meet you here this morning." Rick's deep voice rumbled.

Sofia sighed and moved to her large antique Oak desk, pulling two identical files from the top left draw and handing them to each man. Sitting next to Wendy she pulled one of the brunette's slender hands onto her lap and, as she took sips from her coffee, she absently played with the soft fingers. She watched as each man's demeanour changed and their bodies tensed in anger.

"When do we move on them?" Nick growled.

"I've managed to get us invited to a 'Party'. I'll be going in alone and you two will be going in as Masters. I want to keep them under surveillance and then ask for a meeting in the back conference room. We can move on them in there without too much disruption to the main event." Sofia paused and waited for questions.

"And, if we experience opposition from them? Do they travel with heat or muscle?" Rick asked casually, his eyes going through the house plans in the file, tracing the meeting room and the exit into the back courtyard where a vehicle would be waiting for them and their cargo.

"They don't usually have anything but a couple of thugs who wait by the entrance and they each carry a 9 mil. So, in short, there will be nothing too stressful for us to handle. I'll take care of the thugs while you two accompany the targets to the back room." Sofia's smile was cold and her eyes deadly as she spoke. Leaving no doubt that the blonde would be leaving the men without any protection.

"Will you be needing the Glock or the Sig?" Nick asked quietly.

"I'll have my Sig with me but no doubt Rick will want the Glock." Sofia replied.

"Tazer or drugs?" Rick asked further.

"For the targets I think maximum pain, so I want the tazers used. I'll be using the drugs to take out the muscle." Sofia stated. "When I walk into the room that will be the time for the fun to begin." Both men smiled evilly while nodding.

"What vehicle will we be using for this and is the Host aware of our plans? Are we going to run into any problems from them? Nick asked. His eyes locked to Sofia's, his body almost twitching with excitement at the thought of the coming operation.

Smiling sweetly Sofia said the one word that made Nick almost explode in happiness. "Hummer".

"YES!" Nick jumped from his chair and almost danced with joy at using his favourite vehicle in the fleet. His needs were simple and this for him was a bonus, which made the whole operation perfect.

The remaining occupants of the room laughed briefly at the Texan's antics.

"Alright, alright, settle down now." Sofia's voice cut through the room and everyone settled back into their chairs looking at the blonde expectantly.

"Ok, let's not forget that we have a purpose for this mission and Lady Catherine wants this scum taken care of. We will be taking them to the basement at the mansion and will have them subdued for the Lady to punish them for their wrong doings. To answer your question from earlier, Nick, the party is being held by a sympathiser who also wants this scum taken care of so we should expect no interruptions while we are taking them down and taking the garbage out."

The group smiled at the thought of what the future of the targets was. The file had given the men a complete background on what the targets had done to innocent women who had been taken and brutalised before being cast aside and left broken while moving on and seeming untouchable. It was time for some payback and people in the BDSM lifestyle were not going to put up with these abusers anymore!

"One question," Wendy's soft voice called out.

Sofia arched an eyebrow at the sexy brunette snuggled into her side.

"What part am I going to play in this operation?" Her hand was making slow circles on the blonde's flat stomach.

"Oh no, no, no, no," Sofia protested. "This could be dangerous and I will not have you anywhere near that scum!"

"I could be useful in distracting the guards while you take care of them, baby." Wendy leaned in to whisper hotly in Sofia's ear while her hand slowly made its way under Sofia's shirt. Her nails driving the blond slowly mad.

Sofia's head rocked back as she felt teeth graze her ear lobe before the sensitive flesh was sucked into a hot wet mouth and teased. She could feel her resistance melt away under the onslaught.

"Ugh, uh, babes, we have guests!" Sofia struggled to gain control of her amorous girl friend before she took the wicked dark haired nymph back to bed.

"Just say yes and I'll..." The evil woman whispered into the blonde's ear and smiled as the woman shuddered and closed her eyes while nodding.

The two men watched in rapt attention as the negotiation went on between the women; grinning as they watched their superior cave in under the relentlessly teasing brunette. They leaned forward to try to catch the whispered promise but it was too low to hear. They knew from the look on Sofia's face that it must have been a doozy! The blonde was so tense that they feared she'd hurt herself! Then, as she gave in, the dark haired woman captured her lips in an intense kiss before laying her head back on the strong shoulder.

Panting, Sofia brought the meeting back to order and they talked through the mission until everything was in place: times, meetings, tasks and the end result. After letting the men go to get ready for the evenings operation Sofia turned to Wendy.

"I wish you wouldn't come. I know you want to help but we have it under control." She pled.

Slipping her arms around the tensed blonde from behind, Wendy leaned into the rigid back and laid her head on the junction of Sofia's neck and shoulder.

"I know but I can't let you do this alone, Sofie, I read the file and I want to be by your side when you take these bastards down." Wendy said, softly tightening her arms around the blonde's waist.

"I'll keep you safe, baby, but you have to promise me that you'll stay close and not wander off. I don't trust these slippery bastards." Sofia growled even as she entwined their fingers on her stomach.

Turning her lover around Wendy stared into the blue eyes and silently vowed to do the right thing. Sofia nodded once and leaned in for a deep sensual kiss.

Sara awoke with a small start. It took a few minutes to remember what had happened in the last few days. Whose arms were gently holding her? Whose heartbeat was thumping comfortingly beneath her ear as her head lay on a gently rising and falling chest? As she took a sharp intake of breath she remembered the blonde. 'Catherine' had taken her from Lady Heather's. She didn't know why or what was expected of her she just knew instinctively that she could trust her.

From the moment she had laid eyes on the soft smile and caring eyes she knew that Catherine would not lie to her and that she was finally safe from her abusers. Sara allowed herself a small guilty pleasure and nuzzled her nose into Catherine's throat invoking a surprising response from the sleeping woman. As Sara tried to lay still she heard Catherine sigh out her name, tighten her arms around the brunette, and a smile cross her face. Sara watched in wonder as this blonde angel held her as if she was the most precious thing in her world. Tears gathered in the dark eyes as she allowed a fingertip to softly trace Catherine's lips. She had never seen anyone so beautiful in her life and did not notice blue eyes now studying her from the pillow.

Catherine watched Sara as her finger brushed her lips. It took all of her considerable composure not to roll the young woman over and take her lips in a fierce hungry kiss. Sara's touch on her was almost reverent and her heart gave a heavy thump in her chest. Once again her silent mantra began, 'I'll keep her safe'.

A soft kiss on her fingertip broke Sara from her exploration and she immediately tried to shy away. It was only the quick reflexes of the blonde that kept Sara from moving. Her arms held the young woman in place as she softly told her it was ok. As Sara's flight instinct made her struggle Catherine had no choice but to pin the young woman beneath her, silently cursing her earlier thought of doing the same thing. Feeling the sexy body writhe under her Catherine reacted the only way she could and lowered her head to take Sara's soft lips in a gentle sweet kiss.

Sara's struggles stopped immediately and her hands moved to gather the smaller woman down onto her body, opening her mouth to invite Catherine's tongue entry; it was hard to say who released the almost tortured moan as their tongues duelled. Sara spread her thighs at the nudge of Catherine's knee and they both jerked apart as Catherine's thigh became slick with Sara's arousal. Looking down at the young brunette Catherine struggled to keep herself from moving and taking what the woman was offering; she knew it was too soon for this to happen.

While this thought went through the blonde's head Sara was moving her hips against the thigh holding her legs spread. She had never felt such a powerful rush of arousal for anyone, not even Gil when she thought she loved him. One kiss from this Goddess and everything that had come before paled in comparison. Now for the first time with another lover she needed release.

Catherine's thoughts raced; 'her body is like quicksilver in my arms, in a flash all heat and wetness. I want her; want to bring her love and pleasure immeasurable. I want to wake up with this fragile soul and help her live again'.

Meanwhile, Sara's hands moved from clutching at her back to cupping Catherine's ass and trying to get the blonde to move. "Please," she gasped, her hips moving urgently against the muscled thigh.

Making a quick decision, which she knew would send her to hell; Catherine shushed the frantic woman beneath her and placed a calming kiss on her lips. One hand moving softly over Sara's chest drew the young woman's need up further and she knew that if she didn't climax soon she'd go insane. That tormenting hand brought her nipples to diamond hard points which made her core throb even harder.

"Oh, Goddess, please!!" Wild eyes searched Catherine's and a deep groan left Sara's lips as fingers finally slipped into her wetness. Her whole body jerked as fingers captured her swollen bud and gently worked her up into a frenzy until Sara barely knew her own name.

"Now baby," whispered Catherine in command as she slipped two fingers inside and bent them slightly, searching for and finding Sara's sweet centre. The reaction was explosive; Sara was like a wild woman her head flying back in ecstasy, her hips thrusting urgently. Catherine's lips moved against her throat, her teeth grazing over Sara's sensitive skin. Suckling deeply Catherine felt a sense of power as she felt the young woman climax hard on her command.


Catherine rode Sara's climax out with gentle rhythm. Her body moving perfectly with Sara's as the young woman's breathing calmed down to a pant and the pulses inside faded away.

"Thank you, my sweet angel." Catherine whispered to the young woman as she stared wide-eyed into her saviour's.

"I..I..I think I should thank you," Sara said after she regained some control.

Catherine laughed softly and leaned down for one last kiss. "Minx," she growled before moving off the temptation of that sexy body and heading towards the shower. "We'll talk about this after we've showered and eaten," she called over her shoulder to the sated woman lying bonelessly in the bed.

In the bathroom Catherine placed her hands on the edge of the sink and stared into the mirror, her eyes met wild blue. Her body was still on fire as she remembered every move of Sara's body as she teased her higher and higher. She licked her lips and groaned as Sara's taste assaulted her tongue, she brought her hand up and caught Sara's scent. Her eyes closed and her head fell forward as the memories overwhelmed her and her body vibrated with frustration.

She thought she was fantasising when she felt lips brush her neck and a hot naked body press up against her back. Two strong arms circled her waist as hot breath caused her body to shudder hard and she couldn't hold in the moan as Sara's teeth scraped over her sensitive skin.

"Oh, Goddess!" Catherine tried to pull away but Sara's arms held her in place. Her hands playing the blondes body like a maestro.

Sara whispered into Catherine's ear, "No, Catherine, let me do this for you; I want to do this. It's my choice." She kissed the curve of Catherine's neck as one of her hands snaked down and cupped the older woman's mound.

Catherine's legs shook as she felt Sara's fingers circle her still throbbing clit. Groaning as her head fell back against a strong shoulder, she gave in to the loving touches of the younger woman.

Sara saw Catherine's surrender in the mirror and felt the acceptance in the sexy body writhing beneath her touch. She loved the whimpers that burst from Catherine's throat and growled hotly into her ear. Capturing an erect nipple with her free hand Sara tweaked the bud and watched Catherine arch her back in response. She could feel her own arousal build as Catherine's ass moved back into her hips. Sara thrust her hips into Catherine's and sank her teeth into the offered neck, suckling the tender skin. The fingers cupping Catherine's mound began a slow exploration of the older woman's labia. Fingertips softly tracing the thickening lips before searching between to find an abundance of wetness.

Catherine's hips jerked as questing fingertips found her engorged bud. "Goddess!" Catherine groaned through gritted teeth. Sara smiled and continued moving slowly with the writhing blonde wrapped in her arms. She knew that this was what was missing from her life. As she watched the smaller woman's body dance to her touch and lips she knew that she had found the missing part of herself. What had happened before was becoming a distant memory, a fading nightmare in the light of this lovemaking. She felt like she was coming back to life as she watched Catherine succumb to her will and come in her arms. She held the blonde tenderly and moved to cradle Catherine's body as she made her way to the shower, holding her tenderly as she reached in and adjusted the water temperature so it was just right.

Stepping under the spray with the smaller woman in her arms Sara felt reborn; the cleansing water washing away her shame and misguided guilt over her past. Watching Catherine stir she saw cerulean blue eyes look up at her from beneath long lashes.

"Thank you, Catherine, thank you for everything," Sara whispered. "Please don't pull away, this is my choice. You said you would not force anything from me but I need you. I need you to hold me and love me." Tears flooded Sara's eyes as Catherine's arms tightened around her.

"It's ok, baby. Shhhush now, it's ok. We'll go slowly. I just didn't want you to think you have to do this. I don't want you to ever do anything you don't want to do. Sara, I want to be with you but I don't want you to think you have to serve anyone ever again unless that's your choice to do so," Catherine whispered in return. Finding her feet she stood within Sara's embrace and gently cupped her face, kissing the soft lips tenderly, keeping it light she felt Sara relax beneath her loving caress.

The two women showered and eventually made it back into the bedroom. Sara stood wearing nothing but a towel and felt like she was awakening from a dream. Her body felt like it was floating, she stood unsure of what came next.

Catherine moved to the closet, she looked over to Sara and beckoned the brunette to her side. Opening the door she reached in and took out a white silk long sleeved shirt and some black jeans. Taking the brunettes hand in hers she lead the woman over to the chest of drawers and slid open the top drawer to withdraw a bra and panty set.

Moving them back to the bed she placed the clothes down and turned to Sara. She frowned when she noticed the young woman moving down to kneel beside her.

"No, Sara, today is a new day. Today, you are taking back your life," Catherine said in a soft voice. Her words halted the brunette's descent making her straighten her legs to stand upright. Brown eyes locked with blue, hesitantly searching the blonde's face before lowering her eyes to the floor as her uncertainty grew within her chest.

With a hand Catherine lifted Sara's chin, bringing her eyes back to Catherine's. "Sara, I promise you everything will be ok. No matter how long it takes we'll make it." Her lips brushed Sara's tenderly and her thumb caressed Sara's cheek softly.

Taking a deep breath Sara drew strength from the woman before her and nodded once.

"Ok, Sara, I want you to get dressed and then we'll go raid the kitchen because I don't know about you but I'm ravenous."

Sara sat quietly at the kitchen table and watched as Catherine and Greg put together a late lunch of Lasagne and cheesy garlic bread all made from scratch. Although her eyes barely left the blonde angel she was still in awe of the young man's skills in the kitchen.

Clearing her throat Sara waited until they both turned to look in her direction. "Umm, Greg, I..I owe you an apology for what I did to you last night," She stuttered, her head down and face colouring with embarrassment.

"No, Sara, I understand totally and I apologise to you for not thinking your situation through properly before you had a chance to find your feet under our Lady's care. I hope you'll forgive me and we can be friends." His eyes pleaded his case just as strongly as his words. Sara's eyes locked with his soft caring gaze and gave a small smile and a slight nod in response.

The smile on Greg's face lit up the room and Catherine felt her heart burst with pride at the two special people in her life. Greg had come a long way from the abused child she had taken in and nurtured into this sweet caring young man and the sexy brunette dressed in nothing more than a shirt and jeans was a far cry from the cowed woman she had met at Heather's. She slipped from the room as Sara and Greg started to talk, building on the foundation of friendship.

The phone rang twice before it was picked up. There was a slight pause before Catherine heard a deep smooth voice.

"Hello Catherine; yes the boys have arrived and we have everything in place; your packages will arrive at your pleasure by midnight tonight." Sofia's voice confidently stated.

"I want them to be bloodied up but not permanently damaged, Sofia. Let them feel what it's like to be on the other side. I shall have a long talk with our guests before the night is over." A purely evil smile broke out covering her face as her eyes turned ice cold.

"Understood, I do have a favour to ask though, Catherine. I want to help you when you explain the error of their ways to them. I know you want to do this alone but I've been looking for these guys for as long as you and want to see it to the end. I want to make sure that there's no way they'll be set free." Sofia pled her case and fell silent awaiting Catherine's decision. She knew the older blonde would not let the scum free but she felt like she needed closure on this whole tragic story. She shuddered at the thought of those evil men grabbing another woman to torture. No, she wanted to deal with them and know that their time had come to an end. Catherine would understand this.

"Agreed, I was going to extend an invitation to you anyway, Sofia. We have worked long and hard to get this far and it would be cruel of me to shut you out right at the end. We'll finish this together." Catherine affirmed.

Sofia breathed out in relief. "And what about Heather? Will she be attending tonight?" she asked.

"No, I think we'll keep this in house and deal with it alone."

"Excellent idea, the less that know the better," Sofia agreed.

"Till tonight then. I'll leave the south gate open and the cells will be ready for your arrival. Oh, and Sofia, be careful tonight. I know you are Special Forces trained but I don't trust these men as far as I can throw the," Catherine said softly.

"I will, and thank you." Sofia closed the phone and made her way to the bedroom to pick out her outfit for the coming operation.

It was eight pm when the black stretch Hummer pulled up at Sofia's to collect Sofia and Wendy; both women dressed in feminine black tuxedo's - Sofia in pants and Wendy in a mini skirt - exited the front door and slid gracefully into the powerful vehicle.

"Everything ready?" Sofia asked briskly.

"Everything," Warwick's deep voice rumbled in reply.

Nick passed Sofia two pairs of leather cuffs before turning back to face front and raised the partition to give the women some privacy.

Sofia's fingers stroked the soft but strong leather.

Wendy laid a hand on Sofia's thigh and squeezed gently in reassurance. She knew her lover didn't need it but wanted to keep the blonde's mind out of the darkness she knew would consume it when they had completed their mission.

Sofia laid a hand over Wendy's and allowed her fingers to play over the soft skin; fingertips tracing random patterns over the sensitive flesh. She smiled as she felt goose bumps on the brunette's wrist; playfully she encircled the wrist with one of the cuffs locking the soft leather around her lover's limb before she could protest. Sofia leaned in and took Wendy's lips in a passionate and possessive kiss knowing that her lover was turned on by her dominance. A whimper was her reward and she felt the dark woman's body submit to her. She lifted the woman to the middle of the back seat and attached the cuff to the far side of the back seat. Wendy's hips shifted as her arousal clouded her brain to what was happening. All she knew was that her exciting lover was building her up for a satisfying climax. She was helpless to the wave of heat that Sofia's touches and lips were generating.

In a quick move Sofia straddled the dark woman and took her other wrist, attaching it in the same manner to the other side of the seat as she suckled on the helpless woman's pulse point. Her sharp teeth grazed the frantically beating pulse, her hands opening the black jacket and sliding in to cup the pert breasts. Capturing the gasping woman's nipples, she tweaked and rolled the hard buds until the brunette begged for relief as the delicious pain connected her nipples to her throbbing core.

"Oh, Goddess! Sofie! Please baby!" Wendy moaned as her arousal grew and her body writhed against the sexy blond. "Fuck, yeeesssssss."

Sofia moved slowly, her hands now roaming the helpless brunette's body, her mouth and teeth driving the young woman higher and higher until she saw the dark brown eyes dilate and close in rapture.

Growling against soft skin covering a frantic pulse she reached down between their bodies and allowed her nails to lightly score the skin inside one muscled thigh. Wendy's legs parted at the commanding touch as her body was sought an end to the delicious torment. She knew her core was wet and ready for Sofia to take her but she also knew that Sofia would not be rushed. Groaning in exquisite agony Wendy's hips were jerking to find something, anything to rub against her rock hard clit.

Sofia suckled the tender skin on Wendy's throat as her fingers teased along the seam of her pussy lips, the tips just barely brushing over the protruding nerve-rich nub. Her reward was a gasp and a deep groan as she moved in ever teasing touches up and down, side to side and finally circling the growing clit.

Wendy was now incoherent; the words begging Sofia to bring her to climax were garbled amongst deep and desperate moans. Tears of torment streamed down pale cheeks as the brunette struggled with her restraints. Sofia was relentless, she knew she had to take Wendy past her previous limits to make the young woman come harder than ever before and she knew ultimately that when this happened Wendy would pass out.

As Wendy's body grew hotter and more desperate Sofia took a small but powerful vibe from her pocket and held it a fraction away from Wendy's now throbbing clit.

Sliding her other hand around the back of Wendy's head she fisted her hair and jerked the head back gaining the young woman's attention.

"You are not to come till I say. Do you understand, baby? Not till I say you can come!" Sofia growled deeply against soft lips. She saw the young woman's acceptance in her eyes and made the final connection between the vibe and the exposed clit.

Taking the soft lips in a savage kiss of ownership Sofia flicked the vibe on and held onto the body now jerking spastically. Swallowing the screams as Wendy tried to hold back, desperate to beg to come, she held the brunette's lips to her own until she felt the young woman's body clench hard against the onslaught. She released the soft lips, nipping the lower lip as she whispered for the young woman to let it go. She held on tight as Wendy came hard, her body arching into Sofia's powerful grip. Shuddering and gasping Wendy felt herself fall apart, her whole world exploded as she passed out from the sensory overload, blackness covering her like a curtain.

Sofia felt the body beneath her slump and knew that Wendy had succumbed to the darkness. She reached out and released each cuff and carefully laid the inert body down along the bench seat, placing a pillow under the beautiful woman's head she kissed her on the lips once before activating the intercom between the back seat and the drivers.

"She's out and should be for a few hours. I want this to go down as we planned. No mistakes; we go in, get the targets, and get out. Understood, Gentlemen?" Sofia's voice was firm and controlled. She covered the sleeping brunette with a fleece blanket and placed another soft kiss on her head before sitting back and composing herself for the night ahead.

"Understood, Ma'am, we're ten minutes out from the venue, Sofia." Warwick's voice rumbled.

Taking a custom made tazer out of the side compartment Sofia attached the small powerful electric gun to a quick release wrist strap on her left arm. She checked her Sig was secreted under her jacket for access by her right hand and the throwing knives in her boots were free and easy to use. Finally, she checked the final piece of equipment attached to her belt, a small pager sized object; the neutraliser, which she would be using to take out the bodyguards.

As the Hummer pulled up to the entrance the three enforcers exited the vehicle and secured the doors to ensure Wendy's vulnerable sleeping form was safe from any harm.

Their entrance into the gathering was sedate and understated. Sofia was flanked by both men who kept a discrete distance and their eyes swept the room to hunt the targets and any potential problems.

A sultry voice whispered in her ear, "Sofia, it's nice to see you again, you gorgeous creature." The owner of the voice's hand made its way into the crook of Sofia's arm as a stunning brunette wrapped herself around Sofia's tall firm body. Her crimson nails bit teasingly into skin as another hand traced a soft trail down Sofia's throat and back to cup her neck pulling the stoic blond into a passionate kiss.

Breaking the kiss gently, Sofia looked down at the woman entwined around her body and greeted the brunette with an affectionate smile. "Steph, thank you for the invitation, Catherine also sends her deepest regards."

Leaning in closer to the small woman's ear, Sofia murmured, "Are they here yet? We'll try to make this as quiet as possible and cause no disturbance to the gathering."

"I had them escorted to the play room about an hour ago. As far as I'm aware they came with only two guards and I've been plying them with Crystal Champagne since they arrived. At the rate it's flowing I'll guess that you'll have minimum trouble getting them out of my house," Stephanie stated, her hands wandering Sofia's body as she purred in delight at having access to the sexy blond.

Sofia caught the wandering hands and ordered the men into the playroom to make contact. "Stephanie, you know I don't play away from home, behave yourself." Sofia warned; a sexy grin taking the sting from her words. "So, show me around your beautiful home, Steph." Her voice carried slightly to the people in the vicinity to affect her cover story.

Once the women moved further away from the party Sofia asked her host to point out the guards so she could start the evening's work. After pointing out two men, who looked at best like they were bit players in a bad gangster movie. Sofia smiled inwardly and thanked Stephanie once more, before kissing her chastely on the lips and asking her to continue in her duties as hostess for the evening. She sighed as her eyes tracked the men and her mind had already assessed the target's abilities; all brawn and no brains. Her smile now feral she moved around the huge house as her training kicked in and she blended in and became invisible to the prey. Her movements were fluid and free as she lured the men into an anti-chamber off the main room and within moments there were two sleeping bodies on the floor.

"Too easy," she muttered to herself, shaking her head. This just proved to her that the fact that the two targets had not already been neutralised was more from luck than organisation.

Silently moving back into the main room Sofia made her way to the playroom ignoring the entertainment; she barely nodded to Warwick and Nick to signal the second phase in the plan.

She watched as the four men interacted. Warwick took the lead as Nick stood off to his side silently. She saw Grissom initially take the lead in the interaction as Ecklie watched Nick and Warwick. He seemed to relax into the conversation as Warwick calmly spun them a tale of hearing of Ecklie's and Grissom's exploits. Warwick then laid the bait of a brunette whom they had trapped and was waiting for the men to train. They elaborated, saying she was a real sexy piece who had a lot of fight. This seemed to whet Ecklie's appetite and he stepped forward taking over the lead from Grissom who deferred and moved back. Ecklie seemed to sneer at his partner and Sofia's eyebrow raised as she realised Grissom was less than respected by the bald man. In fact, the way Ecklie had dismissed him, she knew that he was a mere puppet in Ecklie's operation. Her eyes tracked to the grey haired man, his head was bent but his eyes burned into the back of Ecklie's head.

'Hmm,' she thought, 'definitely no love lost between these two. I bet it's just the sadistic nature of them keeping them together.' She moved silently around the edge of the room and waited till Warwick suggested that they move to somewhere less public to discuss their business.

The four men entered the room and Sofia allowed herself to relax a little. Now that the targets had moved away from the party she knew they had them. She placed her body in front of the doorway with her back lightly resting against the solid oak. She kept a watchful eye on the playroom and listened through the earwig how Nick and Warwick were progressing.

Glancing down at her watch she saw that they had been at the party for a little over an hour, to ensure everything went smoothly they had only another thirty minutes to complete the take down and load the targets into the holding cage in the back of the Hummer.

She held her breath as the signal was given and barely a protest was made by Ecklie and Grissom before they were hit by the tazers used by Sofia's men. She heard two muffled thumps and quickly entered the room to see Nick and Warwick binding the two fallen men.

"Good job, guys. Let's move and get them to Catherine's then you can call it a night." Sofia indicated for Nick to bring the Hummer round to the side entrance. Sofia allowed herself to relax and she grimaced slightly as she thought about the hell she was going to get from a certain brunette.

"I'll make it up to her," she muttered to herself as the three loaded the unconscious bodies into the steel cage at the back of the Hummer. They flopped each man down, uncaring as their heads bounced off the barred floor of the cage.

"Ok, guys, let's go," she ordered. Climbing into the plush back cabin, she reached for her cell phone. Sitting now with the sleeping Wendy's head on her lap she comforted herself by carding her fingers through soft locks of dark hair.

"Catherine? Hey, yeah. We have your packages and our eta is ninety minutes." She paused, listening to Catherine's satisfied tone. "No, the plan worked to perfection and the only casualties were the bad guys." She smiled. "Oh, and Catherine, we have to send Steph something as a thank you. She had them separated into the playroom so our job was easier."

"Hmm, I bet if I asked Steph what her choice would be I'd have Wendy on my ass!" Catherine laughed as she referred to Steph's constant attempts to get Sofia into bed.

"Yeah, umm, I had to get her to behave tonight already so let's keep that out of any report or conversation with Wendy ok." Sofia said quickly.

"No problem. Thanks Sofia, for everything. I'll see you when you have the packages secured in the cells." Catherine closed her phone, terminating the call.

Sofia tucked her cell phone back into her pocket and stared down at the dark head nestled in her lap, her fingers lovingly stroking the soft locks. She rested her head back against the seat and for the first time in months she relaxed as she felt everything in her world was finally falling into place.

Catherine made her way through her house in search of Sara. As she walked through the rooms her mind was on the men who were being brought to the cells. She allowed herself a small evil grin as she ran through some scenarios of how the meeting would go. How she would read to them their charges and tell them that it would end now, and how they would never be in a position to hurt anyone ever again. How she would have the pleasure of 'selling' them to her friend in the Middle East.

Her contact in the Middle East had welcomed the idea of having two new male additions to his house and looked forward to their arrival. He had promised Catherine that the men would never be allowed outside the house and would never be given their freedom. This had cost Catherine a few personal favours and she still had to get the men out of the country undetected.

The sound of laughter pulled her out of the dark thoughts running through her head and, with a smile, she tracked the wonderful sound. Entering the kitchen, she stood in the doorway and watched Sara and Greg as they worked side by side cutting up veggies and preparing the evening meal. She sighed as a wave of peace overwhelmed her. Her eyes lovingly traced Sara's body and the tilt of the dark head, the smile that was becoming easier and she knew, already, that she could not love this woman more. Her heart expanded with love as her mind and body accepted that she now had everything she had ever wanted in the palm of her hand and she would never let it go.

She knew that after tonight her and Sara would have to talk about the future and where they would go from here but, until she had dealt with Ecklie and Grissom, she could not rest. If they were still free then Sara never would be, and that was unacceptable. She growled under her breath as she thought briefly about the scum that would soon be in her cells.

"Catherine?" Somehow Sara had silently moved in front of the blonde and, with care and concern for the older woman, Sara gently placed a soft hand on her cheek cupping it, her thumb tracing the gentle curve of Catherine's lower lip. Her deep brown eyes still struggled to meet Catherine's as her training was still somewhat ingrained in her psyche but her concern helped cement her resolve. "Are you ok?" she asked, her voice low and husky causing a shiver to travel down Catherine's spine.

"Sara, can we go talk for a minute?" Catherine was not sure if she was doing the right thing but she knew she wanted to be open and honest with the young brunette. Her mind was racing over openings to the conversation and how to break it to her that she was now and would be forever safe from the monsters in her past.

Catherine held out her hand and Sara warily took it. Shooting a frightened glance over her shoulder at Greg she took heart at the reassuring smile on his face telling her that he had faith in Catherine and everything would be ok.

The blonde led Sara into the den and sat her on the leather couch; sitting next to her Catherine began in a low calm voice.

"Sara, I want to tell you that we have found Ecklie and Grissom." She paused as the young woman tensed and gasped. She could feel fear immediately emanate from her slender frame. "They can't hurt you anymore, Sara. We have them contained and, please believe me when I say, they'll never hurt anyone ever again." Catherine's tone was cold and her hand was secure as she held the young woman's giving strength to her conviction.

Sara's body still trembled as her mind wrapped around the thought that the two evil men would have anything to do with Catherine. All she could think about was to protect the older woman from the threat. She could not conceive the men were now helpless. Her mind was whimpering at the images of the men using and abusing her angel of mercy.

"No, no… we have to leave. We have to go now." Sara's panicked voice whispered. Her hand tightened around Catherine's.

"Sara… Sara… baby. No one's going to hurt you." Catherine wrapped her arms around the trembling young woman. She kept up her comforting words to calm the dark woman rocking her body to try to bring the brunette back into the present.

"Sara, shortly I'll have them locked in the cells. They can't hurt anyone, baby. Please trust me." She whispered the last few words, tightening her arms around Sara as she finally felt the slender body relax against her.

"Yyyou have them; they're locked up?" Finally the situation became clear for the tortured woman.

"Yes, Sara. Sofia has them in custody and she's bringing them in. After tonight they won't even be in the country. It ends tonight; I promise you. You can begin your life again and walk free if that's what you want." Catherine swallowed against the lump in her throat at the thought of the brunette leaving her.

Sara pushed back out of Catherine's warm embrace and stared into her eyes. "You want me to leave?" She choked out, her eyes filling with tears.

Catherine's heart lurched and her arms tightened at the uttered words. "No, not if you don't want to. I just think that you should take some time to think about what's happened. You've been through a hell of a trauma and now the threat to your freedom and life will be eliminated, you can go back and live the life you deserve." Her voice broke on the last word.

Sara calmed at Catherine's words as the gravity of the situation finally sank in. "I want to see him," she whispered against Catherine's throat.

Catherine stiffened, "Nope, no way, NOT gonna happen," she growled.

"Please, Catherine, I need to do this," Sara whispered to the angry woman.

"After what they did to you, no, Sara, there's no way they are getting near you again!"

Sara pushed back to look deeply into Catherine's eyes. Not leaving the safe shelter of her arms Sara cupped Catherine's face gently.

"Thank you, Catherine. I know you have moved heaven and earth to find them. And you're helping me find myself. I just want to end it with Grissom. If I don't go in there and face him then, no matter what happens to them, he will always have that control over me in my mind. I don't think I can live with that and, in the end, that would destroy me all over again. Please let me end this and live again. You know it's the right thing to do." She pleaded.

Catherine knew what the brunette said was right. It didn't mean that she had to like it though. But looking into those rich chocolate eyes her resolve melted and her body slumped slightly. Breaking the eye contact her lids closed and she nodded once. Soft lips settled on hers and Sara wrapped herself in Catherine's loving embrace once more, tucking her taller frame against the blond in complete trust.

"Thank you," she murmured as Catherine tightened her arms around the young woman once more.

Sofia watched as one of the targets was deposited naked and in shackles onto the stone floor. Closing and locking the heavy door, her eyes tracked the second target as he was put next door. She followed Nick and Warwick into the cell and waited silently as they dropped him carelessly onto the floor. Smiling with satisfaction as his head bounced once with a grunt.

She could not bring herself to think of the two as men; her lip sneered at the thought. Hell, she couldn't even think of them as human. They did not deserve any mercy for the deeds they had done and would have continued with.

She pulled a chair into the cell and waited for him to awaken. It wouldn't be long.

Less than thirty minutes later she saw him stir. She knew by the way he was testing his bonds; he was not yet fully awake. She loved this bit, the moment when they woke and realised that the trap had sprung and there was no escape.

He opened his eyes in panic as he felt the shackles on his wrists and ankles. His eyes widened as he realised he was naked. He immediately saw the open cell door and struggled to rise trying to make his way over to the opening.

Sofia rose silently from behind him and moved forward, pressing a prod into the skin of his ass she pulled the trigger releasing a blast of electricity causing him to scream and crumple to the floor once more.

She watched as the man twitched and his body contorted as the pain dissipated. She heard a noise from the other cell and knew that the scream had travelled. This was another tactic she had used before. Instilling fear into the other man as he could not see what was happening but could hear the tortured screams.

Yes, she would enjoy breaking these two down. "Get up. Try for the door again." She growled.

Two hours later, Catherine walked into the cells, her mask of dominance in place, and her body language screaming of authority. Grissom knew as soon as she stepped into the room that he was in the presence of a powerful woman. Despite what had happened part of him responded to her; he cringed as he felt his body stir, because he knew what would follow would be the end for him. He didn't care about Ecklie but he did fear what was going to happen next. The other blonde had not said why they were there, she had just brought pain.

"Hello, Gilbert Grissom. I've been looking for you for a long time. Do you know why you have been brought here?" Her voice flowed like silk around him and he shook his head slowly.

Catherine walked around his trembling form slowly; knowing that he was trying to contain his fear and arousal she purposely leaned in close, her breasts brushing his back, and whispered in his ear, "From this moment on, your life as you know it ceases to exist."

He gulped. "Why? Why are you doing this?"

"Scum like you doesn't deserve answers, Grissom. You deserve to be put down," she said harshly and moved a step back satisfied at the fear she saw in his eyes.

Standing in front of his now cowering form Catherine glared until he dropped his eyes to the floor; then she began. "Though you do not deserve answers I will list for you the deeds which you will now pay for. I'm sure you are beginning to realise why you are here as I can see that your innocent façade is crumbling." His shoulders hunched to make him seem smaller, he knew that Catherine did indeed know what he and Ecklie had done and, yet, he still held on to a hope that he could somehow wheedle his way out of this by placing all the blame on Ecklie.

"In our lifestyle we work on a code and this code has to be adhered to or else the balance in Dom/sub relationships does not work. You break the person and leave a shell. This is NOT acceptable! It is an abomination to our way and anyone breaking the code is punished." Her voice was firm and low and carried to the now crying man.

"Please. It wasn't me. It was Ecklie, he made me do these things. He was the mastermind behind the rapes and kidnaps. He said he'd kill me if I didn't bring him the women." He babbled and his voice took on an annoying whine while tears streaked his face.

"Silence!" Catherine moved closer again and he shrank back as her eyes burned into his. "You made a big mistake. You have hurt someone I love and YOU will pay for it!"

"Wh… who?" He stammered.

Catherine's words were softly spoken as she gave Sara's name. His head snapped up and there was surprise in his eyes as her love for Sara shone in her blue eyes. He knew then that there was no way out.

The blonde nodded once at the dawning realisation in the older man's eyes; she turned and moved to the entrance to the cell. She spoke softly to a person out of his line of sight and moved aside to allow them entrance.

"Sara!" he gasped as he barely recognised the young brunette standing in the doorway. She looked better than the last time he'd seen her at the extreme scene where she had been taken from them. His eyes took in her new self-confident manner and the way the older woman still hovered behind her in support. His mind immediately took a new track and thought; he could use Sara against the blonde and still get out of this. "Oh, thank god, you are alright. I'm so sorry, Ecklie said he'd kill you if I didn't give you to him to use and do what he wanted me to do to you as well." His eyes took on the little boy lost look that always made Sara melt and give in to whatever he had wanted.

Sara looked confused at him for a moment before breaking into a beautiful smile and moving a little closer.

Grissom smiled on the inside thinking that Sara was still his and that the blonde bitch would never have the control over the young sexy brunette that he had. "Sara, honey, we can be free of him now. Just get Catherine to let me go and we can be together like you wanted. I'll take care of you and we can live together."

His act was almost convincing and the older blonde stiffened as she saw Sara moving towards him in an almost trance like state. She moved half a step forward to stop the young woman but felt Sofia's hand catch her arm, holding her in place.

"Let her do this, Catherine. She needs to do this alone." Sofia kept her voice low so only Catherine could hear.

"I know, but it doesn't mean I like it," she growled softly.

Sara's feet took her to within a few feet of the bound man. Looking at him and hearing his blatant lies Sara knew now she felt nothing for him. She didn't even feel the fear she thought might overwhelm her, she only felt pity. Smiling gently at him she said, "I don't think so, Gil, I've had a taste of your kind of love and it nearly broke me. I feel sorry for you, I really do, but I'm not going to be used or manipulated by you anymore. I have felt what it's like to be loved and what you and I had was pale by comparison." With that she turned and walked to the door. "Goodbye, Gil."

Sara walked to the older woman who was waiting just outside the cell; she cupped her face in her hands and leant down to take her lips in a deep passionate kiss, her tongue duelling with Catherine's as the blonde released a deep moan of pleasure.

Grissom screamed in rage that Sara had walked away and kissed the blonde so passionately in full view of the cell door. He sobbed as the door was bolted closed.

The next day, Catherine walked into her den to sit at her desk. She reached for her phone and dialled a number from memory, waiting patiently for the other end to be picked up.

A smooth voice answered, "Hello."

"Heather…. it's done." Catherine stated, calmly replacing the receiver in the cradle after getting a satisfied response from Lady Heather.

Grissom and Ecklie woke in a hot dusty room. They had been drugged and transported overnight to a corresponding cell on the other side of the world. Still naked and bound, they lay on the hard floor, not knowing where they were, until a door was opened and four men entered. They were speaking in a foreign language and prodding the bound men.

As they didn't know what they was being told what to do Grissom and Ecklie started to babble about not understanding. While Grissom and Ecklie mumbled about not understanding what was happening, their captors just grabbed their arms and placed them on their knees.

A new man came in and stood imposingly over the kneeling men.

"Lady Catherine has sent us some toys my friends. No limits." He spoke in accented but flawless English and the other men chuckled menacingly. Grissom and Ecklie looked at each other and gulped. They realised that they were no longer in the States.

The man then ordered for Grissom and Ecklie to be collared; he left the room as the new slaves were left to contemplate the full horror of their future in their new home as slaves in the Middle East.

Catherine relaxed back in her chair, the table before her beautifully laid with silver and crystal settings. Greg has really out done himself, she thought, smiling at the young man bringing in the plates of food for her guests.

Sofia sat opposite her and beside them were Sara and Wendy. The ladies had spent the last few days just talking and getting to know Sara. They knew that she would not be healed overnight but they were all more than willing to do their best at helping her reconcile her feelings about the past.

"So, Sara, what are your plans for the future?" Wendy said bluntly. Sofia and Catherine had been tap dancing around the question for days and the strain was beginning to show on the older blonde.

"Wendy!" Sofia said sharply and the stunning brunette flushed lightly.

"What? It's only a question we all want to know the answer to?" She said mock innocently.

Sara picked up her napkin and wiped her mouth before taking a sip of wine. Her heart was beating fast as she looked directly at Catherine. Her beautiful blue eyes were looking at the young brunette with the question reflected there.

Catherine sighed internally and slumped slightly as she took Sara's silence as an answer. 'She's going to leave me', she thought. Clearing her throat she stood up, "Well, I think if we've all finished here we'll take our drinks into the drawing room and relax." Walking towards the kitchen she softly called out to Greg to clear the table.

The three remaining women followed Catherine into the other room, Sara's eyes never leaving the older woman's figure as she walked slowly in front, Wendy and Sofia holding hands followed.

Sitting with one arm around Wendy's shoulder and cupping Bourbon in the other Sofia watched as Sara carefully approached the older blonde, standing by the fireplace. Sensing Wendy was going to start a conversation she tightened her arm slightly to draw the brunette's attention to the scene about to play out.

"Catherine, I need to talk to you about our future. I know you said I should think about what I wanted to do. Well, I know what I want to do and with who I want to be with." Sara moved in to cup Catherine's soft face and locked her soulful brown eyes with Catherine's sapphire blue before she leaned in, stopping a breath away. "I want to stay with you and love you forever, if you'll have me?"

Catherine's eyes widened in surprise as Sara finished speaking. A delighted smile crossed her face as she pulled Sara into a crushing embrace. She closed the tiny distance between their lips kissing her passionately. Sara responded immediately; she poured her feelings into the kiss and drew Catherine closer, holding her in the shelter of her body.

Pulling back from the kiss, she looked down at the breathless blonde. "So, I'm guessing that's what you want too, huh?" she said teasingly.

Playfully slapping a broad shoulder Catherine laughed. "I guess you could say that, yes."

"Of course, there's a few other things I want to do too." Sara said seriously.

Catherine raised a sculpted eyebrow in question.

"I'm going back to University to finish my degree and I'll find a job so I can pay my way round here." Sara placed a soft finger over Catherine's lips as the blonde started to protest. "No, Catherine, if we are going to work we need to be equals."

Catherine nodded and kissed Sara's fingertips as they rested on her lips.

"So, as they say, all's well that ends well?" Sofia said grinning broadly.

Sara and Catherine turned and looked at the two women snuggled together on the couch, both of them smiling in happiness at the new situation.

A small cough from Wendy made Sofia turn her head to look at her. "Umm, actually that's not quite what's in your future baby," she purred into the stoic blonde's ear as she leaned in to nuzzle the soft skin beneath her lobe.

"Huh?" Sofia gasped out.

"Well, there is the small matter of making me miss my part in the operation." A fine boned hand moved over Sofia's body making her tense with arousal.

"Umm, baby, I only did it to keep you from harm's way. You know that right?" Sofia said quickly trying to justify her actions with the sexy brunette. She knew that if she let Wendy think that she had just blithely disregarded her wishes to be a part of the mission then she knew Wendy would retaliate in a purely sexual way, which would leave her painfully frustrated. Damage control was needed and needed now!

Leaning in to kiss the brunette she was taken off guard by a nip to her lower lip and nails on her inner thigh, teasing the blonde through her pants. Shuddering, the blonde groaned and submitted to her fate as Wendy straddled her lap, her hands slowly snaking around her neck. "You are in so much trouble, baby, and I'm just the woman to enjoy it! Now where did I leave those cuffs?" Wendy purred into her ear.

"Oh shit!" Sofia gasped. 'Too late,' she thought.

Catherine and Sara chuckled at the helpless blonde and her playful partner. Allowing her younger friends the privacy they deserved, Catherine took Sara's hand, leading her out of the room and deeper into their home, intent on proving just how well it had all ended.

The End

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