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What would your Christmas Wish Be?
By Georgia Kennedy



"Urch! I hate Christmas without the snow. It just doesn't feel like Christmas." Mumbled Greg to no one in particular as he entered the break room on Christmas day. Noticing that he was in the company of Sara and Catherine a light bulb suddenly went off in his head.

"You know... you two could always help make me feel better. You could give me my ultimate dream present. Ever since you two got together I seem to have had all these crazy thoughts running through my head that, although I don't want to forget about them they are starting to affect my work. So, you guys want to help your favourite pal out so he doesn't get fired?" He asked expectantly with a slight pout and puppy dog eyes to reel them in on his impossible request.

Catherine and Sara just looked at each other, astonished. Never before had Greg been so bold as to ask them of something regarding their two-year relationship. Sure, they had noticed how his face became plastered with a permanent smirk whenever they were all in a room together and that his eyes never left them but to actually admit to anything was beyond shocking for the girls.

Finally, snapping out of their own thoughts that were flying through their minds they saw Greg still waiting patiently for an answer.

"Erm." began Sara, looking at Catherine for support. "Wh.What???"

Catherine just grinned up at her girlfriend for her genius response.

"Sure. Okay Greg-o! You're on," spoke Catherine, while never taking her eyes off of Sara. "But not here. Meet us back at our house after our shift and lets see what we can do for you huh?!"

Greg, completely entranced by Catherine's seductive tone quickly snapped out of his trance and bounded out from the room not knowing whether he had just dreamed up that whole conversation.

"CATHERINE! ARE YOU INSANE?" yelled Sara while Catherine just laughed.

"Sara, relax. Do you really think he would have the guts to show up after the way he just bounded out of here? Greg is all jokes. He was never expecting us to make his wishes come true and if I didn't invite him over he would have just carried on with his sexual hints. You know how he is. Besides, I needed to get rid of him so I could do this," she said as she leaned in and captured Sara in a short but sweet kiss and then walked out the room leaving her girlfriend to contemplate what she had just said.



Nightshift was now over and Sara and Catherine were at home snuggling in their nice warm bed when they both jumped apart after hearing an unexpected knock on the door. As it was Catherine's home she volunteered to go see who it was.

"Hey Catherine. Where's Sara? Let's get this show going. I have to be at home in a few hours for my Christmas lunch."

"Greg??? Wha..." began Catherine when she suddenly remembered her proposition that she had jokingly made him.

"Wait here a minute Greg," she recovered, "I'll just go grab Sara." She yelled back at him as she headed towards her bedroom.

"Sara?" she whispered. "We have a slight problem. Greg has kind of well actually shown up expecting us to put on a show for him."

"I'm sorry, I don't think I heard you right. I was sure I just heard you say." she trailed off when she saw the serious but nervous look on Catherine's face. "Oh no! What are we going to do?"

"Well, I was thinking, maybe we could just do a raunchy dance or something for him. We've had enough practice at that!" she offered.

Sara got up onto her knees from her position she was previously laid in and made her way across to the foot of the bed where she pulled Catherine, who then came tumbling down on top of her.

"I would be too jealous knowing he was slowly staring up and down at my super sexy girlfriend's body that only I'm supposed to get to look at," spoke Sara seductively into Catherine's ear as they slowly lay back onto their bed.

From being this close to each other the inevitable happened and their lips met for an extremely passionate kiss. Losing themselves into each other they didn't realise Greg was witnessing their pleasure until a loud thud pulled them back to reality and out of each other's embrace.

Sara being the bravest jumped straight up out of bed and headed to the door to see what had to interrupt her from having probably one of the best kisses that she had ever shared with Catherine. Her anger soon became replaced with laughter as she saw the sight before her.

From hearing Sara laughing, Catherine got out of bed and headed towards the scene where she found Greg laid past out on the floor outside her room.

"I guess he did get his Christmas wish after all then!" laughed Catherine as she bent down and gave a recovering Greg a kiss on his cheek while he blushed.

The End

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