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The Wish
By Wend


The grumbling from Catherine's office was growing louder as the shift went on and the team and lab rats knew to keep well clear. In fact, since Grissom had left for his bug conference yesterday, it seemed to everyone that the mood of the whole night shift had taken a decided turn for the worst.

They all knew Grissom had stitched the blonde up with the half-yearly personnel reports and that Catherine had no stomach for the paperwork side of being a shift supervisor. She would rather be out in the field and have the satisfaction of outsmarting the bad guys by finding the clues left behind.

In fact, the only person even slightly up beat currently in the lab was Sara Sidle. Catherine had noticed this rare event when she had staggered wearily into the break room to sneak some of Greg's special blend and caught the young woman shaking her ass while dancing to a tune on the radio. It was obvious that Sara had thought she was alone because Catherine could hear her husky voice join in with the vocals.

"Sexy, everything about you is so sexy, you don't even know what you've got, you really hitting the spot. Oh, yeah." Sara's body was now moving sensually with the slow throbbing beat to the pop song. Catherine almost swallowed her tongue as her eyes ate every sexual thrust and grind of Sara's hips. Sara's hands were now traversing her own body in a way that Catherine knew would put her up in the top five exotic dancers currently working in Vegas.

Catherine backed slowly out of the room; knowing that the younger woman would react badly if she knew Catherine had watched her performance without permission. In fact, Sara had been cordial but distant with the blonde for the last few weeks. Catherine sighed; she had thought that they had been getting closer, even becoming friends until Grissom had unwittingly become a road block to that by trying to woo the young brunette. Catherine released a low growl at the thought of Grissom kissing and touching Sara.

Puzzled by her own reaction Catherine had struggled over the last week with her reaction at seeing him pursue Sara and at the brunette's decision to pull away from her friendship. It wasn't until she had a hot sexy dream about Sara that she realised that her feelings were of jealousy and of love. Grissom's timely absence was just the excuse she needed to see if she could talk to the young woman, to find out how she felt about Grissom, and whether she wanted to go out for dinner.

Catherine went back to her office with a smile on her face as her mind drifted back to the unexpected treat of Sara dancing and singing in the break room. She sat once more and took the next file from the pile on her right, it was Sara's. She opened the file and looked at the small picture of the beautiful woman before skimming through the details. Herr eyes alighted on one specific personal fact. She looked at the desk calendar and looked back to the file, yep, the day and month were the same. A slow smile crept over her face and she immediately snapped the file closed and jumped up from her seat; grabbing her bag she walked out of the office and from the building. She now had a plan!

An hour later a very determined Catherine Willows entered her office and made preparations for her surprise. She carefully lifted up the white box, which now sat on her desk and she picked up a gaily-rapped package and walked to the lab in the back of the building, commonly known to be Sara's lab. Thankfully, everyone seemed to be busy or just staying out of Catherine's way because she didn't bump into any of the shift.

As she approached the door she heard Sara's voice and what sounded like Grissom?

'What the hell?' Catherine thought; Grissom was supposed to be in New York at his stupid bug conference. She slowed her steps and stood just outside the door to listen.

"Sara, I don't understand why you won't give me a chance. You know I love you." His voice had taken on a desperate whining quality.

Catherine had only heard him speak that way once before, Grissom had asked her out in the early days of their working relationship. Catherine had told Grissom that there was no way she'd sleep with him, as they were not suited and he was definitely not her type. He didn't get it straight away and kept on badgering her; until, one night, after shift, a close friend of Catherine's turned up at the lab and planted a deep kiss on her lips in front of a stunned Grissom. Catherine bought her friend dinner and arranged a room at Sam's hotel for the intervention and, since then, Grissom had never approached her again.

"Gil, you know I don't think of you that way anymore. You know I'm attracted to someone else," Sara said firmly as she continued to look at some evidence in the microscope, "and, if you keep this up I'll have to take this to personnel. I can't have you following me like a puppy, Gil; it's not right. I don't love you and I'll never be able to the way you want me to."

"Sara, Catherine will never feel the way I do about you. She's straight, Sara, and will never have a relationship with a woman." He lied trying to take any hope away from the young woman.

"I don't care, Gil, I still won't sleep with you and never will. Now I'm going to close the call, go back to your bug conference, and think about what I've said. I don't want to have this conversation again when you get back, I mean it!" Sara growled and hit the button to close the call, just as Grissom was just about to speak.

"Asshole," Sara growled louder.

"Umm, knock knock," Catherine called tentatively from the doorway, "Is this a bad time?"

"Oh, Catherine, hey, come on in. What can I do for you?" After her conversation with Grissom Sara's good mood had flown out the window and she wasn't sure how much Catherine had heard.

"Actually, Sara, I'm here because you've been holding out on me." Catherine teased the young woman and almost laughed as Sara blushed profusely and nearly swallowed her tongue.

"Wha...What? I…I don't umm…What?" Sara stuttered.

"Well, I thought we were friends, Sara?" Catherine pouted and approached the now nervous brunette, kicking the door shut.

"We are," Sara said.

"Well, why didn't you tell me?" Catherine trapped the young woman against the table and laid the box down on one side of Sara's body and the package on the other.

Sara leaned back against the table trying to back away from the sexy blonde now in her personal space. She swallowed hard and cleared her throat before croaking, "I don't know what you're talking about?"

Deciding to put Sara out of her misery Catherine unleashed her megawatt smile and flicked the lid to the box open to reveal a triple chocolate cupcake with a single candle on top. She quickly lit the candle and turned her attention back to the woman trapped between her arms. She whispered, "Happy birthday, Sara. Blow out the candle and make a wish."

Sara shook her head to clear it as Catherine's words started to make sense; she chuckled as she looked to the side to see the improvised birthday cake.

"Uh, oh, I guess I owe you an apology. Will you forgive me, Catherine?" Sara turned her best puppy dog eyes on to the older woman before turning and blowing out the candle.

"Only if you tell me what your birthday wish is." Catherine asked as Sara straightened and faced the older woman.

"I don't think I can do that, Catherine. There's no way I can have what I wish for most; so I'll keep this one to myself," she said sadly, her eyes looking at the floor.

"Oh, I don't know, Sara, you might be surprised." Cupping Sara's face Catherine moved closer and rested her body along Sara's and kissed her passionately, her tongue duelling with the younger woman's, hands moving behind her head to hold her in place as she poured her feelings for her into the kiss.

"Wow," Sara said as they broke apart.

"I've wanted to do that for a while. Have dinner with me?" Catherine asked while trying to catch her breath.

"I'd like that, Catherine," Sara said, her voice deepening with desire.

Catherine stepped back and took Sara's hand leading the young woman from the lab; she laughed as she heard Sara say, "happy birthday to me."

The End

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