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Finding Something Better
By atfm


Shuffling into the living room, Sara found Sofia stretched out on the couch, apparently utterly fascinated by the ceiling she was staring up at. After a quick glance at the large expanse of white to assure herself that there was nothing there to merit such intense attention, Sara cleared her throat and softly asked, "What are you doing?"

"Thinking," came the monosyllabic reply.

"About what?"

Sofia heaved a dramatic sigh and continued to scrutinise what was above her. "My life."

"Oh," Sara said eloquently as she laggardly moved closer to the couch.

Tearing her gaze away from the ceiling, Sofia turned her head to look directly at Sara. "I was kidding. It's too late to be that profound." Her lips curled into a smile at seeing Sara relax.

"So, what were you really pondering?" Sara lowered herself onto the edge of the couch.

"I was thinking how much I'd love to have waffles and watch Finding Nemo right now." Sofia chuckled. "Banal, isn't it?"

When the small laugh gently rippled through Sofia's body, Sara's eyes wandered to the blonde's chest where taut nipples were clearly visible through the thin fabric of her t-shirt. She licked her lips and forced herself to focus on Sofia's face. "Finding Nemo? The one with the overprotective dad and the blue fish with the attention span of a gnat?"

"Precisely." Sofia studied Sara's expression. "You look incredulous. Wouldn't have pegged me as a Disney fan, huh?"

"Not exactly. Thought you were more of a Tarantino type," Sara admitted, momentarily getting lost in amused blue eyes. Sneaking her hand under the hem of Sofia's t-shirt, she stroked the warm skin with her fingertips.

"Nothing wrong with vampires or women in tight yellow suits," Sofia smiled. "So, are you making me waffles or what?"

Withdrawing her hand from its cosy hiding place, Sara trailed her fingers lightly over Sofia's evenly rising and falling chest. "We haven't got any eggs."

Seemingly immune to Sara's ministrations, Sofia comically scrunched up her face. "I can't have waffles when I crave them? Perhaps it's time I really started contemplating my life."

Intent on a reaction from Sofia, Sara brushed her thumb over a hard nipple. The little gasp that followed caused a feline grin to spread on her face. "You poor waffle-less woman, you."

A moment later, Sofia had herself under control once more, not yet granting Sara the satisfaction of letting her know how her entire body tingled under the teasing touch. Lying perfectly still, and pointedly ignoring Sara's wicked hand, she asked, "But you're watching Finding Nemo with me, right?"

"I'd rather go find something else," Sara murmured before finally leaning down and capturing Sofia's mouth in a hungry kiss.

The End

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