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Like a Hurricane
By Debbie

Sara Sidle was panicking. The sweat was pouring between her shoulder blades and her pulse was racing faster than any other time she could remember. Grinning at her own discomfort, she admonished herself verbally, "It's only Catherine for pity's sake. You can do this."

The brunette CSI had a favor to ask of her colleague and supposed enemy. To all intents and purposes they weren't really enemies they just rubbed each other the wrong way. Work was a competition between the two of them and to be truthful, Sara didn't really know why. When they worked cases together they were a brilliant partnership, working closely and considerately for each other's expertise. When they attempted anything friendly they got on well, and yet, they had never attempted to make that jump from working and playing together well, to being friends.

Glancing into Catherine's lab, Sara had a strange sense of déjà vu; a few months before her break up with Hank, she had entered Catherine's lab to ask her another favor.

"Can you help me out?"

Sara had maxed out on overtime and had been confined to the lab; she'd wanted Catherine to talk it through with Grissom for her.

Chuckling to herself, she remembered Catherine's suggestion and her idiotic reply,

"Go have dinner with the boyfriend ... Hank, right? And, and ... go, go to a spa."

"Hank is not my boyfriend. And you know, those places are filled with bacteria."

Still laughing to herself, she grit her teeth together in determination; the favor she needed today was much more personal than that one. Knocking on the door, she again reminded herself, "You can do this."

An amused voice behind her asked, "You can do what?"

Spinning around Sara came eye to eye with her hoped benefactor, "Catherine? Huh? What?"

"Sara? What's wrong? You were knocking on my door saying 'I can do this'. What can you do? Did you want me?"

"Um yeah. I need to ask you a very big favour, please," mumbled the normally over-confident CSI.

Chuckling at the younger woman's embarrassment, Catherine opened the lab door and said, "Come on in then, you can ask me while I start working on these footprints."

Sara followed Catherine into the room, watching her closely while she set out her equipment. Once she was settled behind the desk, she cleared her throat.

Catherine looked up bemused, indicating with a raised eyebrow, that she was ready to listen.

Gulping and taking a deep breath Sara began, "Catherine, will you go out with me?"


Seeing the dumbstruck look on Catherine's face, Sara realized just what she had asked, "Um… what I mean is… Jeez, let me start again. Catherine, I would like you to be my partner for the night?"


Unable to find the words she needed, as was her usual wont, Sara ran, "Oh, forget it, huh?" She turned on her heel and started to leave, only to be pulled up short by Catherine's words.

Surprised by Sara's unnaturally nervous behaviour, and doubly surprised that Sara had even approached her with those sorts of words, Catherine was intrigued. "Hey Hon, don't go. Sit down and tell me what's going on. It must be important for you to come to me… I mean… you don't usually come asking *me* favors." Realizing that she might have come across as hard, she added gently, and, despite what Sara might thing, quite sincerely, "You're more than capable of managing without my interference, so what can I help you with?"

Desperate for help with her problem and desperate to start being friends with this woman in front of her Sara pulled up a chair and sat down.

Taking a gulp and smiling sheepishly at Catherine she began, "Um... it might help if I start at the beginning, huh? Just let me finish my story before you say anything, ok?"


"Before I came to Vegas I shared an apartment with a young woman, Dionne. We were at University together and really hit it off. We used to joke that we were the only two that would ever tolerate each other, that nobody would ever want either of us two geeks. She's a nuclear physicist in San Francisco. One drunken night we made a pact; if neither of us had a partner by the time we were 35, we would marry each other."

Sara glanced at Catherine's face. Seeing nothing but intrigue, Sara continued.

"Well, yesterday I got a phone-call. It seems she's moving to Vegas. She's not found anybody else, misses me, and wants to call in the bet early. I'm not sure that's what I want anymore and, panicking, told her I already had a partner. She asked who and I said, it was a woman at work."

Once more glancing at Catherine, Sara noticed the moment when Catherine twigged where the conversation was going, and heard the gasp that the older CSI gave out. Sara rushed on.

"So, I know we're not friends or anything, but we work well together, and I trust you immensely, and I really need someone to help me out, and I know we could do this, we could pull this off. What do you say?"

Catherine erupted, "Whoa Sara, let me get this right. You want me to pretend to be your partner in all sense of that word. Me? The woman you hate, the woman who you barely say two words to, the woman who has a nine year-old daughter and happens to be eight years older than you..."

"Yes Catherine, only I don't, hate you I mean, that's just for appearances, right?"


"Come on Catherine, please? A night out, on me. You're the only one I can trust with this. If you hadn't realized, I'm a loner, I don't have any other friends... um... I don't have *any* friends. Just one night as my partner, I promise if Dionne doesn't take the bait, I will come clean. Please"

Now, Catherine Willows was panicking. The sweat was pouring between her shoulder blades and her pulse was racing faster than any other time she could remember. Grinning at her own discomfort, she admonished herself verbally, "It's only Sara for pity's sake. You can do this."

The blonde CSI was sitting in a bar while her companion for the night, Sara Sidle, was getting drinks in. Not for the first time Catherine wondered how she had let herself be talked into this masquerade. Actually, she knew very well the reason why, it was that damn cute gap-toothed smile that her colleague had thrown her way in pleading.

Seeing the happy woman walking back towards her, she was astonished to find she was quite looking forward to the evening. Accepting the drink from Sara, she asked, "So, when is your friend arriving? When do we have to start play-acting, and how much play-acting do we need? Just so I know, huh? Are we all lovey-dovey, or are we more chaste?"

Sara blushed and stammered, "Oh, I hadn't thought about that. Jeez, you're better at this sort of thing than me, can't you just take the lead. Can we play it by ear? I promise I'll baby-sit Linds for the next six months if you convince Dionne that I'm taken."

Before she had a chance to finalize things with Catherine, Sara looked towards the door and all the color drained from her cheeks, and she groaned, "Oh shit, she's here already. Are you ready?"

Catherine smirked and grabbed a hold of Sara's nearest hand, cradling it in her lap she began to softly stroke the knuckles with her thumb. The blonde woman instantly deciding that she was going to give Sara Sidle a few surprises that evening. In her previous life as a dancer, and twice since, Catherine had had relationships with women, and she certainly wasn't afraid to show her affection in public.

Sara glanced at Catherine, a jolt of electricity shooting through her veins. This was going to be a long night. Secretly, Sara thought that Catherine was more than a suitable partner, but she also knew that Catherine was as straight as a die, and that this evening might be the closest she would ever get to the sophisticated older woman. Standing up, she allowed Catherine's hand to drop slowly, then rested her hand on Catherine's shoulder. Waving at the approaching woman, she let go of Catherine to warmly hug Dionne to her breast.

Catherine watched her colleague and this other woman with interest. Sara had admitted that she and Dionne had been lovers through university, but that they had drifted apart into other relationships remaining friends in the process. Seeing them close together now, they made a striking couple. Sara with her long dark hair shining in the light, and her ebony eyes sparkling with love and pleasure, and Dionne, with her creamy coffee colored skin, and hair and eyes that were a degree darker than even Sara's, made a perfect couple.

The watching woman suddenly felt old, as the two younger women stared into each others eyes, with the glow of a shared youth. Playing her part well, Catherine ran her warm, gentle hand under the hem of Sara's shirt, caressing the downy lower curve of Sara's spine. Feeling the start that Sara's body gave brought a wide grin to Catherine's face, and it was that grin that both Sara and Dionne saw as they turned to finally acknowledge Catherine.

Sara took Cath's hand and pulled her into a warm embrace, "Dionne, meet Catherine Willows, my lover and work colleague. Catherine, meet Dionne Williams, my old college friend and fellow geek."

Introductions and greetings exchanged, Dionne left the acting couple to refresh the drinks. While she was away, Sara turned to Catherine and said, "Wow! She's gorgeous. She seems to have had a bit of work done. That smile is new, she must be wearing contacts, and those breasts, hmmm." Shrugging her shoulders, she chuckled at the incredulous face of Catherine, "What? I'm only telling the truth, sorry!"

A feeling low down in Catherine's stomach was fighting to get out, a feeling of uncontrollable jealousy that she just couldn't reconcile with her everyday thoughts of Sara Sidle. Biting, she muttered, "Yeah, well looks aren't everything, you know. She might..."

Her words were cut off by the re-appearance of Dionne, but she didn't miss the confused look that crossed Sara's face. She was obviously surprised by Catherine's reaction and had caught the degree of envy. Playing her part, Sara stroked the thigh of Catherine, as they sat next to each other in the booth. Turning to her partner first, then back to Dionne, she said, "Did I ever tell you, Cat honey, about the time we..."

Surprisingly, the three women had a good night. Sara and Dionne swapped tales of college life but brought Catherine into the conversation regularly. Catherine talked about Lindsey, and Sara and Catherine talked about their work. As the night wore on, Sara and Dionne drifted into the flirting behaviour of their past youth. Catherine tried to act like the trusting girlfriend she was supposed to be, ignoring the flirting and loving her partner whatever, but deep down she was seething.

For some reason she was angry that Sara seemed to be attracted to Dionne. It wasn't right to be taken out on a date, and then to find herself regulated to bystander. The fact the she and Sara were pretending was forgotten. Sara was her girl for the night, and Sara should be acting as such.

Sara was oblivious to Catherine's discomfort. She was having a great night, the touches and caresses from Catherine were driving her crazy, and she was having fun remembering the past. She didn't realize she was neglecting Catherine, in fact she was trying to return the caresses with interest. She'd come to the conclusion that tonight would be the first of many dates with Cath, not necessarily as lovers again, but certainly as friends. So, when Dionne asked her to dance, she didn't think twice. Leaning over to give Catherine a quick kiss on the lips, she murmured, "I'll be back soon, babe, don't go anywhere will you?"

Catherine could only stare at the departing brunette. How dare she? Touching her lips, she felt the burn of desire deep inside, Catherine wanted the play-acting to become real. She was hooked and there was her bait dancing and smooching with another. She stood up and went out to the rest room.

Staring into the mirror, she smiled at her reflection. Not bad for her age, in very good condition, and certainly as beautiful as Dionne, she relaxed a little. Comfortable in her own skin, deep down she knew she had the power to attract Sara, she just had to allow herself to go out and do it. Catherine was the woman that had spent the last four years with Sara, sparring and driving each other crazy admittedly, but what the hell was passion anyway. There was no denying that her relationship with Sara had been all about passion in one sense, she now just had to direct that energy towards another sort of passion. Her decision made, she checked herself in the mirror once more then went back into the fray.

Sara and Dionne were slow dancing and whispering into each other's ears. As Catherine walked back to the booth, Sara caught her eye and with a raised eyebrow asked if she was ok. Catherine smiled and nodded, then gave her best seductive look, one she had perfected many years previously, and a come-and-get-me wink.

The blonde woman watched as Sara came to a stand-still, it was clear she understood the look Catherine was sending, but it was also clear she was unsure about how to act. Catherine grinned as Sara started to come towards her, only to be dragged back into the arms of Dionne, who looked towards Catherine with a look of victory.

Catherine knew otherwise. Walking towards the door she made sure Dionne saw her leaving then doubled back behind the dancing couple. Approaching the pair quietly, she heard Dionne whisper into Sara's ear, "That old woman's not really your lover is she?"

Before Sara had a chance to answer, Catherine wrapped her arms around the brunette's middle from behind, and started to nibble and lick on her exposed neck. Biting down gently, she looked into Dionne's eyes and said firmly, "Please excuse me, I want to dance with *my* woman, right now."

The beautiful blonde woman held Sara's taller body close to her own, grinding her hips slowly but purposely against Sara's firm, receptive buttocks. Dancing slowly and erotically she kissed the side of Sara's neck and whispered so low and so sexily that Sara almost didn't hear the words, "*Is* this old woman your lover, Sara Sidle?"

Using all her strength, Sara managed to turn around in Catherine's arms. Allowing the dance to continue, she stared down into crystal blue eyes, deep with desire; desire only for her. Words failing, she managed a hoarse whisper, "Catherine?"

Reaching upwards, Catherine brushed her lips across Sara's, "Am I?"

"Umm...No... yes... I don't know..." hearing a warm chuckle from Catherine and seeing a questioning look, she ground out, "Yes."

All she heard after that was one word, "Good," followed by the whooshing of her blood, and the thundering of her heart beat, as Catherine preceded to kiss away all thoughts of her remembered youth.

The watching Dionne smiled ruefully; it appeared she and Sara wouldn't be getting married after all.

Like a Hurricane

Written by Neil Young

Once I thought I saw you
in a crowded hazy bar
Dancin' on the light from star to star
Far across the moonbeams
I know that's who you are
I saw your brown eyes turnin' once to fire

You are like a hurricane
There's calm in your eyes
And I'm gettin' blown away
To somewhere safer where the feelin' stays
I want to love you but I get so blown away

I am just a dreamer but you were just a dream
You could have been anyone to me
Before that moment you touched my lips
That perfect feeling when time just slips
Away between us on our foggy trips

You are like a hurricane
There's calm in your eyes
And I'm gettin' blown away
To somewhere safer where the feelin' stays
I want to love you but I get so blown away
Blown Away

The End

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