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By Esmerelda


Has there ever been a single moment more fulfilling than this? It finally hit me like a brick wall. She was the most beautiful woman I have ever been blessed to know, and something in her eyes captivated me from the first moment I really, truly looked into them.

Her affectation of superiority followed her everywhere: as she walked down the halls, when she peered into a microscope, while she concentrated over evidence through her eyeglasses. Beauty followed her with every step as well which spurred the tempo of my heartbeat faster every time I saw her smiling face.

The moment that hit me like a brick wall was constricting and intensely freeing at the same time. I watched her brush a stray strawberry blonde hair from the corner of her eye with a finger with such grace I felt as though I could have played it over a million times more in my mind.

That simple motion flooded every one of my senses, something I didn't even think was possible. My heart soared to new heights when her eyes locked with mine, communicating a subtle but blunt understanding about what was happening between us.

I felt her soft skin sliding under my fingertips as I coaxed her cheek towards me slowly. The usual ominous waters flowing deep behind her eyes were now calm while sweet breath swept across my lips. My eyelids fluttered while I tried to accept all the new sensations and emotions that were flooding my senses and breaking down every last wall around my heart.

She smiled at my lips as I let a long breath slip over her skin. The deep, blue pools that were her eyes were no longer searching, no longer demanding control but rather waiting for whatever was to come. As our lips finally molded together I held on tightly to the memory of my true feelings bubbling to the surface, and I felt my lips curl into a smile against the kiss.

I looked again into the familiar eyes and saw so much more now than before staring back at me. The moment I will forever cherish will be the moment a brick wall hit me and love filled my heart completely. Forever she will be in my heart; my Catherine.

The End

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