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Car Ride
By Esmerelda


"Damn!" I snapped under my breath.

I was fumbling my keys between hands that were shaking with desire as I tried to shove the metal into the lock. Damn my keyless entry batteries for dying on me! I finally ripped open the door to the driver's side and hopped up into the seat. I quickly flipped the door locks open letting Sara jump into the passenger's seat only seconds behind me.

Literally stabbing the key into the ignition, I started the engine and grabbed at the shifter. I yanked the gear into drive and peeled out of the parking spot with a screech of rubber on asphalt. I think Sara was smiling, but I was trying to avoid eye contact afraid she would distract me so much that we would end up in a ditch somewhere.

I jumped when I felt Sara's hot hand press against my thigh. She squeezed her fingers into the soft flesh, which elicited a low moan from my throat. Her hands began moving up and down my twitching thigh, and I took a deep breath and tried to concentrate on my driving. Sara giggled as she watched me clenching my jaw together and breathing loudly through my nose.

"You are so damn sexy when you drive," Sara teased me.

I snapped my eyes shut for a small moment trying not to orgasm simply from the tone of her voice. I clenched my jaw one last time before I opened my mouth to respond.

"Yeah, well I won't be too sexy when we careen off a cliff because you made me lose control of the truck just from one of your comments," I spilled out.

Sara giggled again and leaned closer to me.

"So I probably shouldn't do this?" Sara whispered as she traced her tongue along the edge of my ear.

"Oh dear God," I whispered.

I shivered violently from the contact of the tip of her hot tongue sliding along my ear. I was greeted with a tickle that ran from my ear all the way down my right side making my fingertips and toes tingle.

"Or this?" Sara teased again when, this time, she lowered her lips to my raging pulse point.

"Sara don't," I pleaded with her.

Sara smiled and pulled her lips only centimeters away from my neck before she spoke again.

"Don't wanna stop," she whispered, "wanna keep going."

I felt her suck on my pulse point again this time with much more pressure. I reveled in the fact that there would be a mark left there for everyone to see tomorrow. I felt my eyes getting heavier and heavier as she moved down my neck and was now tracing along the line of my collarbone.

"Wanna touch you," Sara whispered against the top of my chest.

"Oh..." was all I could sigh out.

Sara's left hand was still attached to my thigh as her right hand now started to unbutton the top buttons of my blouse. I automatically breathed deeply, making my chest expand toward her touch. She ripped her lips away from my chest and looked up into my eyes.

"Everywhere," she whispered and slipped her hands past my shirt cupping my breast.

"Oh my god," I said while I felt Sara caressing my breast, starting on one and then moving to the other.

I had to slam on the brakes when I glanced overhead at the bright red light. I groaned in frustration while Sara kept kneading my breasts with urgency. I felt Sara slip her hands around my back to unclasp my bra. My breasts bounced free of the restrictive lace, and Sara quickly moved the fabric away from them.

I gasped when I felt Sara's lips close around my right nipple while her fingers rolled my other nipple. I arched my back pressing myself further into her mouth. My eyes were closed tightly as Sara continued her assault on my breasts.

"Sara..." I whispered.

No response. Sara bit down lightly on my nipple which made me yell out in surprise.

"Sara," I said more forcefully this time.

"Yeah?" she asked as she looked into my eyes.

"We really shouldn't be doing this...now," I said weakly.

Sara poked her bottom lip out in a pout. I smiled at the absolutely adorable look on her face and leaned over to capture that very lip in my mouth. Sara groaned into my mouth as I pushed my tongue past her lips. The bright green caught my eye, and I ripped my lips away from her and started driving again.

I thought I was in the free and clear the rest of the way home until I felt Sara's eyes steadily on me. I turned my head and nearly fainted from the look of complete and unbridled lust she was giving me. I opened my mouth and looked from her to the road and then back to her again.

I didn't even have time to think before I felt Sara's fingers unbuttoning my pants. Unbeknownst to me, I raised my hips slightly into her touch, allowing her to easily undo my pants. I groaned at the ceiling of my truck when I felt Sara slip her fingers down my pants and past my panties.

"Oh Jesus!" I screamed when I felt Sara press her finger against my clit.

Sara beamed with pride and continued to stroke my wet center with two fingers. I rocked my hips against her fingers in a slow rhythm bringing me towards my climb. I then realized that I was nearing the climb to orgasm in the truck while I was driving.

"Sara stop," I said.

And Sara did just that.

"I don't want to crash," I clarified.

Sara smiled and pulled her hand slowly from my pants. I glanced over to see Sara pull her fingers up to her mouth licking them clean of my juices. My eyes darkened as I watched her tongue swirl around each of her fingers before she looked seductively over to me. I was watching her with my mouth hanging open until I realized I needed to concentrate on the road.

When we arrived at my house, I jammed the shifter into park and killed the engine before quickly jumping out of the truck. My pants were still unbuttoned as I ran up to the front door closely followed by Sara.

Not seconds after I shut the door I felt myself being pinned up against the door and savagely kissed. I moaned into Sara's mouth as her tongue passed over my lips and into my mouth. She reached to the backs of my thighs and lifted me onto her hips, and I responded by wrapping my legs around her strong waist.

I gasped in surprise when Sara flopped down on the bed and pulled me on top of her. I looked down into her chocolate brown eyes and watched her reach up towards my breasts. I arched my back and let my head fall back when she took a nipple into her mouth.

Bodies arched, nails scraped, and screams were thrown out into the cool midnight air as we both found our release over and over again. I lay wrapped in her arms, completely content just listening to her breathe deeply in sleep and thinking about the best car ride I had ever had in my life.

The End

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