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PAIRING: Sara/Sofia

By ralst


I don't know when they stopped fighting over Grissom and made peace, but I know to the hour when they decided to forego friendship for something a lot more carnal. I guess that's the price you pay for hanging around the parking lot after shift; the sight of two women best known for their sarcasm and banter, with their tongues down each other's throat and hands thrusting beneath clothing.

Don't get me wrong. I've nothing against women who prefer other women. It seemed as if half the dancers at my old job preferred to go home to someone of the female persuasion. It's just the idea of them; Sara and Sofia. It'll never work out, they're both too driven, and focused on achieving their goals. Then it will be months of Sara moping about the labs, a face like thunder and threatening to beat up any suspect who gets on her wrong side. As for Sofia, I've never seen her in a snit, but I'm sure it won't be pretty. She doesn't look as if she takes defeat well.

Grissom, at least, seems happy about their relationship. Which in itself is very weird, considering he's in love with at least one of them, if not both. But then that's Grissom, a law unto himself and a mystery to all around him. I wonder if he's thought about the aftermath? The wreckage we'll be forced to wade through.

Of course not. No one seems to be thinking that far ahead, but me. Warrick gave his usual understated form of congratulations, when they finally went public, while Nick's open mouthed surprise was soon followed by quips about china patterns and honeymoons. Only Greg appeared truly perturbed, but that was just a case of his crush being, well, crushed, and he soon bounced back with some teasing of his own. I can't believe they're oblivious to the dangers.

Sara and I haven't always been the best of friends, but even I don't want to see her torn apart by another broken heart. It was bad enough having to watch her silent agony over Hank, and her attraction to him was only skin deep, with Sofia it will be devestating. Not that I think Sofia is anything like Hank. She won't purposely hurt Sara, but eventually she'll get tired of playing second fiddle to Sara's work, or butting her head against a brick wall when trying to delve into Sara's feelings. Sofia's a smart woman, she won't stay around too long.

The first year is always the easiest. Surviving this long doesn't mean anything. Eddie and I managed three before things started to turn to shit. Chris and I only a couple of months. Time means nothing. Eventually they'll be as unhappy as I am. Eventually I won't be the only one alone and unloved... I hope.

The End

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