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Apropos of Nothing
By trancer


Sofia stood in the bathroom staring at her reflection. She'd scooped some cold water in her hands and ran it over her face but it accomplished nothing more than smearing her makeup. The dark circles were still visible under her eyes. Her tired appearance, no matter how hard she tried to cover it, was the result of lack of sleep. She'd been spending a considerable amount of her off time doing things that definitely did not constitute sleep.

She paid no mind as the main door to the restroom opened then closed. The unmistakable click of the lock being engaged was what caught her attention. Sara stood at the closed entrance, a broad smile on her face as her eyes lasciviously raked up and down Sofia's body.

"Sara?" she asked questioningly.

"Hey," Sara padded towards the woman. Wrapped her arms around Sofia's waist until they were practically sharing the same space. Sofia smiled softly as she felt the brunette pull the blonde hair from her neck, then replaced it with warm lips. Began a slow suckling, kissing action and Sofia found it hard to concentrate.

"I figured you would have had enough after last night."

"I can never get enough of you."

She turned into Sara's embrace. As her lips opened to speak, Sara clasped her own onto them. A long, leisurely kiss, while her hands roamed towards the buckle of Sofia's belt, towards the small metal clasp of her zipper.

"What are you doing?"

"I think the kids these days call this a 'quickie'," Sara grinned as her fingers dipped below the band of Sofia's panties. Her thighs edging Sofia's legs open as she began to explore the soft, wet heat.

"We're going to get caught," Sofia gasped, hips bucking instinctively curving towards Sara at the soft tease of penetration. At the expert fingers dancing seductively across her skin.

"Only if you scream," she smiled cockily, seductively, an eyebrow arching.


"Are you going to scream?" She asked with a slight jut of her fingers. Watched as Sofia's eyes snapped shut, her head tilting back exposing the smooth line of her neck.

"Not if you're kissing me," Sofia opened her eyes. Her hand snapped to the back of Sara's skull, yanking the woman towards her, clamping her mouth onto Sara's.

They quickly found a rhythm, deep, quick thrusting motions. Sofia thread her fingers into Sara's hair, the other hand wrapping around strong shoulders, holding on for dear life. Exhaled soft yelps with each just of Sara's fingers. All while they kissed, sloppily, hungrily.

Sofia broke the kiss long enough to bury her face into Sara's shoulder. Not quite a scream, a low urgent moan muffled into the material of Sara's jacket as the orgasm erupted within her. Body trembling spastically. The fingers inside her curling, rubbing against that spot that showered the backs of her eyelids with sparks. Until she was spent, shuddering, gasping for air, holding on to Sara because her ability to stand had evaporated.

Sara held her for as long as they both could afford. Sofia pulled her head back until their eyes were level, a broad smile on her lips.

"You know, this wasn't exactly my first quickie."

"It wasn't, huh."

"No, but it was certainly the best. So," she ran a hand down Sara's chest not ending until her fingers cupped Sara's crotch. "When do I get to return the favor?"

Sara pulled back breaking the contact between them. She casually walked backwards towards the door a wide toothy grin plastered on her face. "I have a lunch break in 45 minutes."

"How long's your break?"

"An hour."

"An hour, hmm? That's an awful lot of quickies."

"Not enough, as far as I'm concerned," she said right before exiting the restroom.

Sofia inhaled deeply turning back towards the mirror. She'd have to get used to the image staring back at her because she definitely wasn't getting any sleep tonight.

The End

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