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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written on a whim when I heard Sofia was coming back to CSI and because I've always wondered what happened to Hank when Sara and Gil left.
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By Debbie


Catherine woke to the feel of the afternoon sun beating down on her bare back and a soft warm body spooned against her. She took a moment to just be, safe and warm in the trappings of new love bliss. A sloppy wet kiss broke the mood a little; she couldn't expect everything to be right.

Warrick dying, Sara and Gil leaving, and Sofia disappearing from view had thrown her for a loop but, at last, things were slowly getting back on track.


Something just felt out of place. She glanced back over her shoulder and shrieked. Hank – Sara's overgrown Boxer dog 'winked' lazily back at her.

"LINDSAY - get up here and take this dog for a walk."

Lindsay's reply was not meant to placate her mother, "No way, Mom, he's your dog now; you do it."

Catherine groaned and reached over to her bedside table, the sooner the dog was walked, the sooner her bliss would return.

The blonde detective walked purposefully down a quiet suburban street; smiling, she sucked deeply on a wooden toothpick. Who'd have thought, when she turned her back on the Vegas police department, she'd find such intense pleasure in the normal life this place offered.

Warrick dying, Sara and Grissom leaving, and Catherine refusing to maintain contact had thrown her for a loop but, at last, things were slowly getting back on track.


Almost missing the dulcet tones of Chris DeBurgh and 'Patricia the Stripper', she thumbed her cell-phone's accept button; lowering her voice, she purred, "Hey, Pussycat, nearly there, you waiting for me?"

"Don't pussycat me, Curtis; you wanted this damn dog, so get back here and walk him. Now!"

Sofia groaned and picked up her stride, the sooner she walked the dog, the sooner her bliss would return.

The End

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