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Sara & Catherine: The Unfinished Story
By MBInc


Chapter 5: Meet The Willows' a.k.a. Like Mother, Like Daughter


As the conference had come to an end, both women were happy to head home…together.

Sara had been watching an in-flight movie, but had felt the blonde's eyes on her for the last thirty minutes.

"What?" Sara said "Something wrong?" concern tangible in her voice.

Catherine, staring at the brunette and not having said a word, gathered all her courage and finally asked Sara the question that had been on her mind for a while.

"I was thinking, since Grissom gave us a day off…you wanna spend it with Lindsey and me?"

Grabbing the strawberry blonde's hand and entwining their fingers Sara answered

"I don't know. Do you think it's a good idea…after these few days here…isn't it too soon for us to…" Sara couldn't quite put her thoughts into words.

She didn't want to impose on Catherine and Lindsey's relationship. However, she did want to pursue what she had started with the older woman.

"She won't mind, she likes you. Besides we don't have to tell her about this, about us, right away. Let's just see how things go" Catherine pulled Sara's hand to her lips and placed a soft kiss on it.

Sara leaned into the touch with her whole body, and placed her other hand on Catherine's cheek. "Then I would love to"

Hearing that answer Catherine's eyes started to sparkle.

Although there was no turbulence, so no need for Catherine to hold on to Sara, they held hands the rest of the flight back to Las Vegas.

After they had collected their baggage they headed off towards the parking lot of McCarran International Airport.

"Where's you car?" Catherine asked

"At home. I took a cab here"

"Well then, why don't I give you a ride home. You'll need all the sleep you can get if you want to spend tomorrow with Lindsey and me."

Catherine didn't give Sara time to answer, because she pulled the brunette into the direction of her car.

Placing their baggage in the back Sara was caught off guard as she felt two arms snake around her waist. Turning round she was immediately engulfed in a sea of light kisses from the strawberry blonde.

Arriving at Sara's apartment they made arrangements for the day to come. Catherine would pick up Sara and together with Lindsey they would plan a whole day filled with fun.

Before Catherine drove off, Sara knocked on the window at the driver's side. As Catherine let her window down she heard Sara say "I've forgot something"

"And that would be?" Catherine smiled, seeing the shy look on the brunette's face.

Leaning in Sara merely said "This" before closing the gap between their lips, giving the other woman a smoldering kiss.

"Sleep well" she said before she picked up her bags and walked towards her apartment.

"You think I'll be able to sleep after you pulled that trick on me?" Catherine called after her before driving off.

The next day the three of them decided to spend their day in the park. Lindsey dragged them through the playground. They started at the swings then the slides followed.

Throughout the day both of the women kept sneaking glances at each other, smiles constantly plastered on their faces. The three of them were having a wonderful time together.

After eating some sandwiches Catherine had brought along, Lindsey decided it was time for some soccer.

"Come on Sara" Lindsey stood up and kicked the ball away running after it.

Sara also rose from the bench they had been sitting on. Holding out her hand towards the strawberry blonde she said "Let's show your daughter how to play soccer"

"Oh no, I'm staying right here. Soccer's not my cup of tea…you two have fun"

After about half an hour of playing soccer with Lindsey, showing her all sorts of tricks, Sara walked over to the bench where Catherine was seated.

Catherine watched her daughter and her lover playing soccer. 'Lover?...yes definitely…I love her with whole my heart' she thought. Seeing Sara sneaking glances at her she added mentally 'and the way she looks at me I just know she loves me too' A completely content feeling settled in her whole body.

The brunette strolled over to the bench, plopping down beside Catherine. Seeing the look on the blonde's face Sara had a hard time not to touch her…not to kiss her. But since Lindsey was just a few feet away she decided to fight her urge to kiss her.

Changing her view from the strawberry blonde to the mini version of the woman sitting next to her Sara spoke up "I really like this. You, Lindsey, me…spending time together. I really feel like part of…" she cast down her eyes before continuing "For the first time in my life I really feel part of a family."

Catherine was touched by the words of the younger woman and –feeling tears forming in her eyes– grabbed her hand, squeezing it a little before saying "You are, and you always will be"

Looking over at her daughter who now was playing on a climbing frame Catherine continued "We're telling Lindsey about us"

Sara looked at Catherine incredulous. "Are you sure? I mean ….I don't…"

"Yes I am sure" the older woman interrupted "I love you, and I can see how much you love Lindsey…she has the right to know. And since I'm planning on spending a lot of time with you she'll have to get used to us being a couple"

"I love you too" Sara said, squeezing Catherine's hand again emphasizing her words.

"Mom!" Lindsey yelled as she ran over to the bench.

Releasing Sara's hand and turning her gaze towards her daughter Catherine smiled "Yes honey?"

"Can we get some ice cream? Please" she pleaded as she climbed onto the bench, placing herself in between the two women.

"Well, baby, I've got to tell you something first" Catherine said her focus shifting from her little girl to Sara and back.

Lindsey –who had noticed the way Sara and Catherine had been staring at each other the whole day and how they how they had been dancing around each other the whole day, casually touching each other, staring at each other– looked at her mother, grabbed her hand and just held it, her little fingers wrapped around her mother's.

Catherine wanted to start talking again, but before she could Lindsey turned around.

Now facing Sara she grabbed her hand as well. Tugging at both of the women's hands she placed Sara's on Catherine's covering their hands with her little one.

Catherine looked astonished from their hands to Lindsey and to Sara

"I'm not blind, you know" Lindsey stated.

"You're one smart kid" Sara smiled as she looked from their hands up to Catherine.

She found a look of bliss in those blue pools staring back at her.

"Well, you guys were so obvious…all gooey eyes and stuff" Lindsey quipped.

"So you're ok with it?" Sara asked.

"You're being silly…of course it's ok. Mom likes you a lot…really a lot. She's been smiling the whole day, and every time you would look at her that smile would grow." Lindsey said.

Both Catherine and Sara were surprised by the wise answer they got from Lindsey.

"Besides you're really good at soccer, so it's good to have you around." The little blonde added, earning her laughter from the two women.

"Now" she started, switching the topic back to her own question "Can we get what I want?"

"And what would that be?" Sara looked at Catherine showing her one of her gap-toothed smiles.

Sending both of the grown ups a look that clearly stated 'duh' she jumped off the bench pulling at the hands she still held onto, and said "Ice cream"

"Well, guess I can't say no to that" Sara stated.

As the three of them headed towards the car Catherine said "You just can't say no to Willows women" Catherine said, a bright smile on her face.

The End

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