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Geek Love
By ncruuk


"I can't believe that was all you thought it was good for!" exclaimed Sara primly.

"I was in high school... everyone was doing it," countered Catherine dismissively.

"I didn't."

"What, didn't specifically or in general?"


"Oh sorry, you were a geek, I forgot," teased Catherine, enjoying Sara's face turn a multitude of shades of red...

"HEY! I resemble that remark!"

"Shush, I thought you would know to be quiet here - do you want to get told off?"

"We're here alone, processing, not studying... or something…"

"Or something, huh? So you really only ever studied?"

"Yup, regular run of the mill geek I am."

There was a pause in their conversation, a long pause.

"Well, you're not anymore. Now, even Sara Sidle, geek extraordinaire has made out in a library," stated Cath smugly, snapping on a fresh pair of gloves and sauntering off in the direction of American Literature 1950-present, where the body of Jefferson Jackson III was patiently waiting for their undivided attention.

The End

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