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By Amy Jo

I'm standing in front of my locker, changing from one shirt to another, when I hear the load slam of a locker on the other side of the room. Thinking it's just one of the guys letting off some steam from a case, I don't bother to seek out the sound and find out what's wrong. Tonight was a rough night for all of us, and the guys don't really like to talk about the tough ones.

Barely two seconds after I decide to just keep buttoning up my blouse I hear the sound of a fist connecting with metal.

"Fuck!" The sound carries loudly through the room and I realize that it isn't one of the guys, it's Sara.

I jog quickly to the other side of the room. Sara is seated on the bench in front of her locker, which now has a rather large dent. She looks defeated and she is holding her hand gently.

"Sara?" I step up to her slowly.

Sara's head turns and she looks up to me, tears streaming from her face. My breath catches in my throat and I feel the sting of my own tears at the corner of my eyes. Sara takes a deep breath and I know she's trying to hold back her tears so that I won't see them.

It hurts to see her so pained, and I know not all of it is from the punch she just threw at her locker. I move to stand in front of her. Sara looks up at me and I absently brush a stray lock of hair away from her face. She leans into the touch and I find my hand moving down her face to cup her cheek. Sara closes her eyes and the tears sneak out the corners, silently falling; I can feel the cold wetness of her tears where my hand touches the very hot skin of her face.

"Oh Sara," I nearly choke on the whispered words. I didn't realize just how hard this last shift was on her, but seeing her so hurt I can feel a few tears of my own escape.

Sara finds some comfort in my presence and her arms wrap gently across my waist. She presses her face into my stomach and lets everything out in a few quite sobs. My hand moves through her hair, gently stroking the back of her head.

After a few minutes she looks up at me again and the stream of tears has stopped, leaving her face streaked with wetness. Sara's arms fall from my side and she pushes up off the bench as I take a step back, pushing against the lockers as I move. She leans into me again, her hands sliding across my sides and slipping behind my back. The movement pushes me away from the locker and into her arms.

"That girl..." Sara whispers as she leans her head against my shoulder. My blouse isn't completely buttoned and it moves easily out of her way as she turns her head into my neck.

"I know." I don't know what to say to make everything better, even though I want to with every part of my being.

"And the tape..." She's talking about the way the victim was found, trussed up with silver duct tape, the poor man's restraint.

"Shhh," I whisper to her, not wanting her to think about this case anymore.

Sara stops talking, but I feel her fresh tears as they slide down the exposed skin of my chest. I think it might have been best if I had tried to finish dressing before rushing over here. Not knowing how to comfort her, I simply hold on tight as she starts shaking.

I lose track of how much time I stand here with Sara breaking down in my arms. I don't even know when she stops shaking, or when her tears have dried. It is just Sara and I in a timeless embrace, waiting for the fear and anger to pass. Her hold on me relaxes and she once again looks up at my face.

"Thank you," Sara says quietly.

Her hands let go of me, but I am still stuck in her embrace when she puts her palms against the lockers behind me. She puts just enough space between us that I can no longer hold her comfortably, and my hands move to rest against her hips.

"You okay?"

"I think so." Her voice is stronger now, and I believe that she just might be okay, for now.

Her gaze is so intense that I have to look away. Sara's emotions are usually so guarded; but when we are alone like this, she hides nothing from me. In her eyes I could see some emotions I expected, and some I didn't. There was fear and anger which, after today, I expected. But there were also hints of love and lust, and those I was unprepared for.

"Cath." Her lips are next to my ear now, and her breath sends shivers down my spine.

When I don't say anything in response I feel her breath again just before her lips connect with the skin on my neck. My fingers dig into her waist; she knows exactly what she's doing to me.

"I thought we said..." The words I was about to say are lost when her head dips into the hollow of my throat and she sucks gently on the skin there. Against the wishes of every part of my logical brain, my body responds instantly to her familiar touch.

"Not here?" It was supposed to sound like a firm statement, but instead it's merely a question. One of her hands slides easily under my blouse and rests motionlessly against the heated skin there.

"But you..." Her lips press against mine, silencing the last of my protests. Sara's teeth nibble on my lower lip until I grant her tongue entrance. She kisses me with the force of all her emotions from the past hours and I am soon struggling just to remain standing.

When she moves her lips from mine again I make one last attempt at stopping this. "Sara, are you sure?"

I look into Sara's eyes and the only thing I see is desire. We had talked about work before, and how we would do our best to keep work at work, and keep our personal lives out of work. We're about to break this rule in the biggest way possible. From the look in Sara's eyes, she doesn't care anymore.

She slips her hand back out from underneath my blouse and is soon undoing the few buttons keeping my shirt closed. Her head dips to my neck again, teasing me with light kisses and gently bites. With my blouse completely open now, her hand slides up my stomach and finds the clasp on the front of my bra easily.

"I need you," Sara says, her voice so low I can barely hear it.

Her lips move down my chest even as I feel her fingers releasing the clasp of my bra. She is not wasting time in this encounter. Her hand brushes the material out of the way and it seems that I can still feel the pressure of her hand even as her lips touch the aching skin. She draws my nipple into her mouth, sucking gently.

"Oh god." I try to remember that we are at work and keep my voice low.

Her hand and lips are moving across my chest at a nearly frantic pace and I bite my tongue to keep myself from screaming. Her one hand remains pressed against the lockers, while the other moves quickly from my chest to the button of my slacks.

This is all happening so fast, not like the many hours we have spent in bed learning everything about each other's bodies. Sara seems driven by emotions I don't care to name, but I know that there is more to this encounter than just sex. The tiny part of my brain that isn't focused on physical sensation right now screams that we shouldn't be doing this, that we should have gone somewhere and talked before I let it go this far.

And that is the last thought I have before Sara's hand slips under the waist of my slacks and quickly into my center. One of my feet lifts off the ground and presses into the bench behind her, giving her hand more access. My upper back and head push into the lockers as my lower body grinds against her skilled fingers.

My movements against her soon become hurried as I feel the first waves of a very powerful orgasm approaching. Her teeth bite down on my nipple with just enough pressure to send me over the edge and, forgetting where we are, I hear myself moaning her name loudly. I can hear myself repeating her name, though I can barely recognize my voice. Soon her lips cover mine, silencing the whimper I make as she removes her fingers from me.

When she finally pulls back from me, I see that smirk on her face and I become aware once again of where we are. And what we have just done. Oh god. It would be so easy for someone to just come in here and see the two of us.

I can still feel the heat of her hands and lips on my body even as she takes a step back from me. Sara reaches out with both hands and begins to loosely button my shirt again. My foot is still pressed against the bench and I slowly lower it to the ground and attempt to stand up straight. My legs are shaky and weak and Sara's smirk turns into a smug grin.

She knew what she was doing to me the entire time. She knew, even when I wouldn't admit it to myself, that the fear of being caught would increase the pleasure. She knew that as soon as she kissed me I would be unable to stop her, and she knew that I would be weak in the knees at this moment.

"How about we go home now?" Sara asks. I hear the husky tone of her voice and know that this isn't the only time this morning that I'm going to be feeling weak and satisfied.

"Um. Yeah. Just let me straighten up a bit. Meet you outside?" My voice is strained and she simply nods.

"Don't be too long. I've got a lot of things to do today," Sara says before turning and leaving the locker room.

I spend a few minutes back at my locker, adjusting my clothes and trying for all the world to look like I did not just have sex across the room from where I'm standing now. Just as I close my locker and turn to leave, Grissom walks in the door.

"I just saw Sara leaving. Is she doing okay?" Grissom asks.

I open my mouth to answer, but have to clear my throat before any words come out. "Um. Yeah. I think she'll be okay."

I continue on my way out and am stopped just at the door by Grissom's voice. "Catherine?"

I turn my head to look at him, "Yeah Gil?"

"Make sure she gets that hand looked at sometime today okay?"

I know my face is bright red as I look at him. For the first time in days I see a full smile on his face. I turn and leave the locker room without saying anything.

The End

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