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By Celievamp


The light was different here. She was used to sunshine living in Vegas the last six years but the light there was curiously merciless, like spending your life under fluorescent tubing. Here, in Miami, the light was golden and out in the Keys it was molten, a wet heat that made her gasp and itch.

Though that wasn't entirely the fault of the sunshine. Calleigh raised her head, smiled. "So are you finding Florida to your liking, Miss Sidle?" she asked. She was golden as well, pale gold all over, at least everywhere Sara had seen – and she was pretty sure in the last few hours that she had explored every inch of Miss Calleigh Duquesne.

"Very much to my liking," Sara said before lowering her head to trace the sharp line of Calleigh's collarbone with the tip of her tongue then kissing down the creamy line of her throat to the rise of her breasts. She took one coral tip into her mouth, running her tongue across it, her hands spanning the narrow ribcage the beating of Calleigh's heart thrumming through her bones and Calleigh's hands twined in her hair. She could hear her name murmured over and over again softened and mutated by Calleigh's southern drawl until it sounded beautifully alien and exotic to her ears. Even above the heat of the late summer afternoon she could feel the heat pouring from the other woman's body and the scent of her filled her nostrils drawing her down. She smiled around her kiss as she heard Calleigh's soft sigh of displeasure as Sara stopped paying homage to her breasts and began to kiss her way down the slender supple length of her body to the tight golden curls that were already glistening. Sara ran her hands down the slim thighs that opened compliantly to her unvoiced command.

"I love your smile," Calleigh whispered. "It changes your whole face. You're so beautiful when you smile."

Sara still had a hard time believing anyone found her beautiful, but when Calleigh said it, she almost managed to believe it. She smiled again, a rare full smile before lowering her head to claim her prize. Calleigh's fingers tightened in her hair again and she brought her legs up, crossing her ankles over Sara's narrow back. Sara pressed the flat of her tongue to Calleigh's centre, drawing up slowly until she could curl it up and around the nub of the other woman's clit, delicately pulling the sensitive nub of flesh into her mouth and suckling it before releasing it and drawing her tongue up and around the folds of flesh again. She flicked her tongue across Calleigh's centre again, drawing the spicy fluids into her mouth feeling the long muscles in Calleigh's thighs begin to tremble with unreleased tension. Sara dipped two fingers into Calleigh's centre as she suckled the nub of her clit again, rolling her tongue across it as she felt the tension rise in Calleigh's body, her back arching off the bed, her long blonde hair fanning across the pillows, her pale gold skin flushing a deep red across her cheeks, neck and the top of her breasts. Her breath was exploding from her in high pitched panting in which Sara could just about detect the remnants of her name. It felt so good to make the immaculately controlled Calleigh Duquesne melt down like this and she could not wait for the other woman to reciprocate. Her thoughts were interrupted by the flood of warm spiced fluid that coated her lips, cheeks and fingers as Calleigh slumped back against the pillows, her hands falling limply to her sides.

Sara gave the sodden patch of golden curls one last kiss and then crawled up the supine body to share her bounty with her new lover.

Calleigh opened green blue eyes and smiled at her. "Why, Miss Sidle. I think you quite broke me."

"I hope not," Sara said, nuzzling the curve of her neck to taste the sweet salt of her sweat. "I have plans for you…"

"I was warned that you were a bit of an overachiever before you got here, you know" Calleigh mock-frowned. "Catherine Willows told me all about you, you know. She might not ever tell you to your face but she thinks you're one of the best at what you do."

Sara could not help be pleased with the second-hand compliment. She was done trying to impress Catherine Willows and found to her surprise that it was better to have the older CSI as a friend than as a potential lover / potential rival for Grissom's affections. "Strange, when she found out I was flying down here for the conference, she told me all about you as well."

Calleigh flipped them with surprising ease, straddling Sara's body, her hands at either side of Sara's head, long golden hair caressing her skin. Calleigh smiled. "You don't think…"

"Matchmaking?" It wasn't Catherine's way, Sara was fairly certain of that though she had seen the way the older woman was watching a certain blonde detective recently. Maybe Catherine was just making sure that any potential opposition was otherwise occupied. Whatever her motivation, Sara would definitely make a point of thanking her for this golden moment when she got home. "Not quite her style. I…" Calleigh's lips catlicked and kissed their way across the faint freckles that marked her chest and upper breasts and Sara Sidle quite forgot what she was going to say.

The End

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