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You Just Had To Say It
By Pure Intent


"Ok, Nick, Warrick you're with me on the home invasion. Catherine, Sara you take the D.B outside "Deviate" just off the strip."

"Deviate?" Sara asked as the guys walked out to the parking lot.

"It's a club, opened about two years ago, rumour has it that some unsavoury things go on in there." Answered Catherine. "Not that I'd know," she quickly added as an afterthought.

Sara smirked, "Oh, of course not."

Catherine rolled her eyes at her, "Come on."

Sara sat in the tahoe watching the glaring lights pass her by. Silence encompassed her. It wasn't the oppressive silence, which she dreaded when she and Catherine had previously been on a case together. They where experiencing one of the lulls in their relationship. Kind of like an unspoken agreement. They'd take a break from the back biting, over competitive bitchiness and behave almost like amicable acquaintances. One might go so far as to say they looked fond of each other. Sara had never been able to understand how it happened. Mostly, it was so sudden, the change would happen in one night. But it was comfortable and she would enjoy it for as long as it lasted.

They pulled up outside the club twenty minutes later, although they couldn't see the front entrance. "Great, tourists," Catherine mumbled to Sara as they got their kits from the car. "You know there are enough flashing lights in this city, why is it always the cop lights they're attract to?"

"I think you're asking the wrong person," replied Sara following her colleague to the police tape.

"Too true," said Catherine glancing back over her shoulder.

"Detective Vega, long time no see," greeted Sara.

"Sara, Catherine. Good to see you again. I was on days. Short handed and all that." He lifted the tape for them to pass through. "Body's out back."

"Thank God," said Catherine looking back at the crowd.

Vega agreed, "Like moths to a flame."

It took the two women two hours to process the crime scene. Upon their return to the lab Catherine headed to the morgue and Sara went to trace. There wasn't much apparent pertaining evidence to be collected at the scene, so she dumped what she had with Greg and went to the break room where she found Nick.

"Hey, having a minute?"

"Hi Sara. More like an hour or a night in this case." At Sara's look of confusion he elaborated. "Case was a slam dunk. All the evidence was right in front of us. After finding out the couple had money problems it was down to insurance fraud. Grissom and Warrick are in interrogation with the husband right now."

"Nice," commented Sara, taking a seat next to him placing a mug in front of him.

"Thanks. You want a go?" he asked handed the control pad to her.

"Meh. Play Station isn't my thing."

"Ahhhh, you're an Xbox girl huh?" said Nick tutting.

"Halo rocks my world," said Sara sticking her tongue out.

Nick laughed continuing with his hockey game.

Ten minutes later Catherine entered the break room. "Hey guys. Sara? Anything from trace?"

"Greg was a bit backlogged from days, he asked me to give him an hour or so. What about you?"

"Nothing on the vic apart from personal effects. Name's Michael Neale, 24 from Henderson. Single, working for a computer programming company. C.O.D blunt forced trauma to the back of the head just below the skull. There where a few scratch marks but not much else. He had a phone number in his pocket with the name Cindy on it. Vega's checking up on it."


"You want coffee?" Catherine asked. "Wait, scratch that, stupid question." She took Sara's cup from her.

Sara got up and went over to Catherine. "So, how's life?"

"Not bad actually. It's a nice change. Lindsey's doing well in school. Work commitments have been minimal, my mother is coming to stay next week," she scrunched her nose, "Haven't decided whether that's good or bad yet."

"One of those kind of relationships?"

"Not really. It's just in the first twenty minutes she manages to rile me into wanting a conversation, to justify my life choices and then she ignores everything she's said for the rest of her visit and the opportunity never arises." As they sat Catherine gesticulated widely and put on her best southern accent. "Honey, what's going on? You changed your hair again? You should have left it the way it was. Still no man of your own, I'm starting to worry about you. And don't even get me started on your outfit, a higher neckline wouldn't strangle you, you know."

Sara was dubious but couldn't help herself as she began to laugh at Catherine's antics. "So she wants you to pull a guy but not to wear flattering clothes?"

"Yes," said Catherine pointing with her coffee in Sara's direction before taking a big gulp, "In my mother's world, that is logic."

"Well, take no notice. You, me, we all know you haven't got a guy at the minute because you haven't found one good enough for you and as for your wardrobe, prft, you look fantastic."

Catherine was a bit shocked at the compliment. She had realised that this was one of their cease-fire weeks, but this was still more flattery than Sara cared to bestow on anyone. Sara, noticing the sudden quiet thought maybe she'd said too much. She tended to do that all too often after one of her dreams.

"So, Lindsey's back to her old self huh? Doing well in school. At least your Mom can't complain about that."

Catherine, loosing her train of thought got back into the conversation, "You wouldn't think so, we'll see."

They continued to chat for another ten minutes before Catherine looked at her watch, "Think Greg's ready for us?"

Sara raised an eyebrow. "Greg Sanders? Ready for us? Never. But ready or not, here we come."

Catherine grinned throwing Sara's coat to her before leaving the break room.

Just as Sara had put the mugs in the sink and was about to leave she realised she could here laughing. It was Nick.

"What's so funny?"

"Yes Catherine, no Catherine, three bags full Catherine. You look so great, lets get married," he said followed by exaggerated kissing noises.

"You know, when you think you're finally able, feel free to grow up," said Sara throwing the dishcloth at him.

Following Catherine down to trace, she thought back to when she had told Nick about her crush. She felt comfortable enough to tell him, he was after all the brother she had chosen for herself. He hadn't been shocked or serious or concerned as she thought he would be. He was childish, and actually giggled! Every now and then he made inappropriate comments for her ears only and kept things light hearted and she realised, that was just fine with her. The last thing she needed was to get all bogged down with another drama like Grissom. Things would have been okay if she hadn't of blown it all out of proportion. Nick was certainly helping her keep it real in this scenario.

When they got to trace Greg had just finished with their evidence. "Ladies, right on cue. Haven't got much for you."

"Well, that makes a change," said Catherine light swatting him on the shoulder.

He made his best schoolboy grin, "Well, except that of course."

"Of course," Sara gave him a slap of her own.

"No useable prints on the receipts you found by the body, the blood on the victim was his own and there was no DNA from the false nail you brought me."

Catherine huffed. "Let's see how Vega's doing with that number."

"Cool," answered Sara

"Any news?" asked Catherine approaching Vega's desk at P.D.

"I tried the number from the guy's pocket, no luck. Got an address though. Care to check it out with me?"

"Sure, not much else to do."

The Taurus pulled up outside 187 Pageant Court. The three walked to the door where Vega knocked.

There wasn't an answer for quite a long time but seeing as it was 6.30am they were willing to wait a while. The door slowly opened revealing a woman in her twenties shielding her eyes from the intruding daylight.

"It's early, we're not interested," she began to close the door.

Vega wedged his foot in the door way, "Ma'am, we're from the Las Vegas Police Department, we'd like to ask you a few questions."

The young woman was suddenly awake. "Uh, you'd better come in then."

"Thank you," he said entering her home.

The three officers took a seat. "Are you Cindy?"

"No, why? Has there been some kind of trouble," she questioned.

"You could say that," Vega said. "Do you know a Cindy? That would have this telephone number?"

"Uh, well…"

"Babe? What's going on?" A blonde woman, same age as the brunette in the chair opposite them stumbled into the living room, kissing the woman on the top of her head and sitting next to her on the arm of the chair. Catherine watched Sara shift in her seat. Never thought of her as a prude she thought.

"Cindy?" Vega asked.

"Yes," said the blonde. "What do you want?"

"Cindy, we're from the Las Vegas P.D. We want to talk to you."

"What's this about?"

"Is this your handwriting," asked Catherine, handed over the scrap of paper the telephone number was scribbled on.

"Oh my god," said the blonde, Cindy, as she took the paper giggling. "Where did you get this?"

"Off a dead body," Sara intervened. "His name was Michael. He was found outside a club called Deviate. Heard of it?"

"Sure. We where there last night. Didn't meet a Michael though."

"So, you didn't give your number out to anyone?"

"Well, that's not really…" she stopped speaking after glancing at her girlfriend. The brunette was tapping her fingers on her knee. It was then Catherine spotted the long fake nails. No one spoke for a long time, so she said, "We can talk about this here or down at the station."

"You'll have to give us a minute to get changed," said the brunette getting to her feet.

As they were making their way to the interrogation room Grissom spotted them making a beeline in their direction. "Sara, I've been looking for you everywhere. I need to talk to you about your evaluation report."

"Right now, Grissom we just got two suspects into custody."

"Catherine can handle it," he said already walking off expecting her to follow.

Sara looked at Catherine helplessly. "He's right, I got it," she said. "Go. I'll let you know how it goes."

Sara, with a sigh turned and went after Grissom.

Great, he pulls me from an interrogation to tell me I've passed. Faaaaantastic Sara thought to herself. Suddenly she spotted Catherine in the break room. She went in grabbing herself her coffee. "How'd it go?"

"Done and dusted," replied Catherine looking up from the paper she was reading. "We got the brunette, Jess, for the murder, full confession."

"What happened."

"Well, it turns out Cindy was scouring the club for a special birthday present for Jess, a little three way action. So she comes on to Michael, gives him her number, flirts with him, a bit too intimately for Jess's liking, who saw the whole thing and knew nothing about her gift. Jess follows him out back, guess the line for the gents was a bit too long, gets into an argument. He tells her to chill out and that her girl was just trying to get her a real man and starts drunkenly pawing at her. My guess is too drunk to be a real threat looking at his blood-alcohol level. She snaps and hits him with a bottle. She claims she just thought he was out for the count, no idea he was dead."

"Not that he deserved what happened to him, but why do guys think they have the magic penis that will take a girl's eye away from beautiful women," said Sara not realising where her own eyes where focused.

Catherine, noticing Sara's gaze was far below her own eye level decided to test a theory. She put down her coffee and stretched her arms as innocently as possible above her head in such a way she knew the lapels of her jacket would fall to either side of her chest that was thrust forward, the buttons of her shirt straining under the increasing pressure. It was at that point Sara had decided to drain the last of her cup, which came back full force as she began to cough and sputter coffee all over the table. After finally composing herself she risked a look in Catherine's direction to find the older woman looking at her with a glint in her eye.

"Uh…I… cough better get cleaned up. Excuse me," Sara muttered almost running out of the break room.

"Not a prude then," Catherine whispered to herself grinning, downing her own coffee and beginning to clean up.

"Suave Sidle, very becoming and in no way gross and disclosing," Sara berated herself as she began to splash water on her face. She soon realised that it wasn't enough to cool the heat rising from her stomach. "You just had to say it didn't you. Idiot!" she shouted at herself as she put the plug in the sink and filled it with freezing water. She dunked her head in, feeling the coldness begin to numb her thoughts. That was until she felt something. A hand? Wait, a hand…on my ass. Her head shot up spraying water all over the mirror making it useless.

"That's the second time today Sidle, you might wanna keep an eye on those nervous twitches."

"Cath…" her voice died off as the hand began to roam, the other held onto her side as she was pushed forward into the sink. Her breath began to catch in her throat.

"Shhhhhhh, there's no need for words now is there? I know everything I need to know to make it all better." Her hand slowly moved around to Sara front, their bodies flush.

It was then Sara felt soft lips closing on her neck just over her pulse, which was rapidly increasing. She desperately wanted to lay her eyes on the beauty that was inflicting these changes but would not for fear that this wonderful sensation would end, as it had too many times before in her unconscious fantasies. She felt a moan rise as Catherine's tongue darted out over her hot skin but she wasn't sure who the sound came from.

"God," that was definitely her.

"God can't help you now," purred Catherine as she roughly pulled Sara around to face her. They just stood like that until Sara, plucking up enough courage lifted both hands to run her fingers through Catherine's soft hair. The blonde in turn planted her hands on Sara's slim waist and moved in for that first taste.

It started slow and exploratory. Tongues running across lips and caressing each other. However, it was long before they began to pillage each other for all they where worth. The closer they got to one another the closer they needed to be. Sara was becoming light headed from the lack of oxygen, and even though her life depended on it she would not, could not stop. Her heart was thundering in her chest. Should it be that loud? she asked herself. That can't be. Catherine jumped away from her, gasping hard.

"Oh no. I locked the door when I came in. Someone's trying to get in. Uhhh…"

She was in that state of shock where she was unable to move a limb. She took a deep breath and made a valiant effort to control her raging hormones. She grabbed Sara's head, planted a crushing kiss on the already bruised lips and hurriedly whispered, "Meet me by my car at the end of shift."

She quickly straightened her clothes and hair before rushing to the door shouting, "Just a minute, I think the door's jammed… Hang on." Quietly she unlocked the door, sending Sara a devilish wink she tugged it open. "Sorry about that," she muttered at the woman on the other side before disappearing down the corridor.

The End

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