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I'll be at your side
By bel bio


Catherine was about to go home, after finishing her last report from the B&E, when she noticed Sara in her office looking at a photograph. The brunette seemed so far away, completely lost in thought. Catherine watched her for awhile, smiling a little. A few months ago, the two women discovered the true reason for their constant fighting, and it had nothing do to with hating each others guts.

"Hi there." she says after knocking at the door. Sara looked up and gave her a little smile before focusing on the picture in front of her. Catherine shut the door, walked closer, and leaned against the table. "Are you ok?"

Sara nodded in response, though they both knew that was not entirely true. Seeing that Catherine wasn't about to leave, Sara put the picture on the table and looked into the blonde's eyes, so blue and caring. Sara's hands went to the blonde's hips and she pulled her to the right so that Catherine was in front of her. Then, she rested her forehead on Catherine's belly as the blonde's hands stroked Sara's hair.

They had discovered a lot of things about each other since the revelation about their sexualities. For example, Catherine isn't always so confident about her motherhood or about work. As for Sara, she is actually very funny and likes to talk about a lot of things outside of work, maybe not her past, but they're working on that. What they needed the most, however, is someone to hold onto when things aren't easy, like Sara needed right now.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Catherine asked. Sara moved her head side to side. "How about we have some breakfast, and then we can do something together? Whatever you want." she whispers.

The words took a few second to register in Sara's brain but when it did, she pushed the chair away and got up, their faces were only a few centimeters apart. Sara's hand went into the blonde's hair and Catherine watched as the sadness in Sara's eyes faded, being replaced by love and lust.

"Oh, God!" Catherine's mind screamed. Every time Sara looked at her that way, her whole body melted. Sara smiled from ear to ear, sensing the effect she had on the blonde's knees. This isn't the place for this, and they both knew it!

Catherine smiled and tried to get away, but Sara grabbed the table at each side of the blonde's body, keeping Catherine there. The blond tried, unsuccessfully, to get free, and seconds later Sara's lips were pressed against hers. Catherine immediately gave up the struggle and responded to the kiss.

Sara threw the contents of the table onto the floor, picked Catherine up, and set her on the table, positioning her body between the blonde's legs.

"We… shouldn't do this… here." the blonde said.

"There's no one else here." Sara answers kissing her neck. "The guys left half an hour ago."

"But the guys from days could come in at any moment."

"No one uses this office besides me, and you closed the door while entering, so if I do this…" Sara says stopping the kiss just to dim the lamp. "No one will see us." Catherine sensed Sara's hand beside her hip and she tried not to moan.

"Honey, I have fantasized about this before…"

"Oh yeah?"



"Every time I see you working so hard on a case with that sexy smirk on your face while you're wearing those tight pants…" Sara's hands found the buttons of the blonde's shirt and started undoing them one by one, kissing the exposed skin. "But if we ever get fired…"

"We won't."

"If we ever get fired, let it be because we screwed up a case and not because we love each other so much. Please?!"

Catherine's words were so full of honesty and completely unexpected on Sara's part that she stepped away in a second and turned the lamp back on. Catherine blinked fast and focused on Sara's face.

"Do you… love me, Cat?" Sara asked feeling a lump in her throat. Catherine looked at her with an eyebrow up. "When we first talked about our feelings, we used that word but never again, and I thought… I thought you would…"

"Stop feeling like that," she said as a statement not a question.

"See that I'm not the person you would want to have in your life and in your daughter's life," the brunette completed sitting in the chair behind her. Catherine got on her knees in front of Sara.

"Babe, look at me, please." the brunette refused to look, but Catherine forced Sara's face toward hers and held her still "If I, or better yet we, didn't say those words again, it's because we knew that it comes with a package. A sacred and 'full of meaning' package that we weren't ready to deal with, yet, but I do love you Sara. You are so good with Lindsey and she adores you, and you make me feel so good and safe, like no other partner has ever made me feel, especially not Eddie. You know I could never lie to you about this, right?" Sara nodded not trusting her voice. Tears fell down her cheeks and Catherine wiped them away. Planting a tiny, little kiss above Sara's lips, she got up and extended her hand "Come on, I think it'd better if we go to my place to have that breakfast." Sara locked their eyes for a moment before nodding and accepting the hand.

All the way to the Catherine's house, Sara sat looking out of the window. The blonde wanted to ask what was going on in Sara's head, but decided against it. She knew that sometimes Sara needed time to organize her thoughts. Every now and then, she would just look to make sure everything was ok with the brunette.

When Catherine killed the engine and was about to leave, Sara stopped her.

"You were right about the reason why we didn't say the words, it's scary, but I never have any doubts about my feelings for you Cat, I love you," she says, showing a full gap toothed smile. Catherine felt her heart melt as her blue eyes started watering. She watched as Sara opened the door and walked to the garden. "Aren't you coming?"

Catherine half laughed half smirked as she stepped out of the car. Sara was a real figure, and God she loved her very much. Once Catherine opened the door they went to the kitchen.

"Where do you put the table cloth?"

"Third drawer in the cupboard behind the table."

"Ok. The forks are probably in the top drawer, and the plates are up in the cupboard, right?"


Catherine turned the coffee maker on and took the opportunity to watch as Sara carefully arranged the table with a big smile on her face. She seemed more relaxed which had a calming effect on Catherine. That's the Sara she liked to see, not the serious, hurt and insecure one.

In five minutes everything was ready and they sat down to eat.

"When is Lindsey coming home?" Sara asked.

"I have to pick her up from school at one. She will stay here for the afternoon and then I'll drive her to a friend's house for the night."

"Do you plan on doing something with her?"

"Sometimes she wants to hang out with me and sometimes she'll chat with her friend on the internet, after homework of course. I wish she would find some sport to do and not just stay home, but she never said 'yes' or 'no'.

"I see. Maybe if she found a friend to do something with her, she would actually like the idea" Sara says getting up with her plate. "What does she like to play?"

"Oh no, stop right there and don't move!" Catherine said before the brunette turned the tap on, but Sara pretended not to listen. "You arranged the table so I'll take care of the dishes, now let the plate beside the sink and go get comfortable on the couch. I'll be right there," said Catherine, getting up.

"No, you'll go to the couch and I'll do this."

"Sara, I'm serious."

"So am I."

"This is my house, my rules, now step away."

"Oh come on Cat, you don't wanna fight with me over something as stupid as dishes, do you? I can think of better things to do."

"Yeah, like what?"

"Continue what I started at work," Sara answered whispering in her ear.

"Fine, but you better hold onto your word! Oh and Sara, if I had to fight with you I would and trust me, I have ways of making people do what I say."

"I think I saw a few techniques already," Sara said laughing.

"But there are a few that are specifically for the ones I love" Catherine watched Sara's jaw drop from the corner of her eye and left the room with a big smirk on her face.

When Sara appeared in the living room, Catherine was watching TV with a cushion behind her head and another one on the table, where her feet were comfortably resting. Sara smiled to herself. She always wanted to have Catherine this comfortable around her. She passed behind the couch and sat besides the blonde.

"It wasn't that hard was it?" she whispered before looking at the TV. Catherine looked at her, but instead of making a hard comment she just rested her head on Sara's shoulder and bound their hands together. "The girl was assaulted."

"What girl?"

"The one from my case… the picture I was looking…" Catherine nodded in understanding, but didn't move from her position. "She was so young and her father used her as a punching bag and raped her. She died because of blunt force trauma to the back of the head and by my guess, she was trying to run away from him to stop it from happening again."

"No kid should have parents like that."

"Yeah, well, sometimes we don't have it that lucky." Catherine's body tensed at the word 'we' and she looked into Sara's eyes, the sadness was back again. Things were starting to make more sense now at why Sara doesn't like to talk about certain things and why specific cases get to her more than others.

Sara smiled shyly while waiting for the blonde to say something, push her into talking, but instead Catherine pressed her lips onto hers, asking for entrance. Sara pulled the blonde on top of her and kissed Catherine back, not that slowly, but with passion as well.

Clothes were thrown aside as the passion grew inside each them and the need for body contact became almost unbearable. Catherine rested her body weight on her left elbow with part of her body pressing against Sara, but giving her enough space so that she could continue kissing the brunette's mouth and teasing her already rigid breasts. Sara moaned into her mouth and pushed her body against Catherine's hand. When Catherine squeezed harder, Sara's fingers scratched the blonde's back, not so gentl, but leaving the blond even more excited.

Breaking the kiss she started kissing Sara's neck and down to her breasts until taking one completely into her mouth. Sara's hands held Catherine on that spot, squeezing her scalp. Catherine could already feel the heat from Sara's center against her leg she strategically put between the brunette's legs. When forced her knee up into Sara's core, she screamed.

"You are ok?" the blonde said when Sara finally looked at her "I didn't hurt you, did I."

"I'm fine, Cat. Don't worry about it." Catherine searched for something, anything in the brunette's eyes that could say otherwise. Sara's first answer is always 'I'm fine' when sometimes it's not. "You were too involved in the sensation, weren't you?" Catherine said touching Sara's face.

"Yes," Sara answers, blushing along the way. Catherine smiled happily and started kissing the brunette again. Sara moaned and Catherine took the opportunity to put her tongue inside and taste every part of Sara's mouth.

After a lot of moans from both of them, Catherine moved her mouth to Sara's neck and up to her ear. She teased her by licking the ear over and over and sucking the ear lob. Bending down, she kissed between Sara's breasts onto her belly. Sara moved her hips to show where she needed to be touched and sighed in frustration when Catherine kept teasing her by dipping her tongue into her navel. She pushed Catherine's head down, but instead of focusing on her extremely wet center, the blonde licked inside Sara's thigh.

"Cat, please, I can't get any wetter and I need you."

"Where do you need me, babe?"

"I need you inside me." Catherine stopped in her tracks and got face-to-face with Sara.

"Open your eyes," she demanded. Sara did just that and Catherine put two fingers into Sara's center.

"Oh God!" they said at the same time.

"No, don't close your eyes, look at me," Catherine said. Sara opened them again and nodded. The blonde's fingers were moving faster and faster, filling Sara completely. Sara's mouth opened and her body tensed.

The orgasm was almost there. Sara could feel it building inside of her and Catherine could see that Sara was having a problem keeping her eyes open, her breath was even more erratic and her mouth was open, though no sound came. God, she never saw anything more beautiful! Catherine kissed her face and neck before she bent down again and inserted another finger into Sara's core. Sara bit her lip and pushed against Catherine hand, getting her further inside.

The blonde added another one and started pumping in and out as Sara's hands went to Catherine's breasts. Catherine wiggled her fingers inside of her until she found her G-spot and Sara's eyes rolled back inside her head. Catherine removed her hand and tasted Sara's essence on her fingers.

"Is it good?" asked Sara trying to catch her breath.

"Delicious," the blond said licking her fingers again and lying down between Sara and the couch. "How are you feeling?"

"Great, amazing, and tired, very tired," she said putting her arms above her forehead and taking a deep breath. Catherine can't help but laugh. Her index finger started doing small circles on Sara's belly before Catherine even realized, but it felt so good that she didn't stop.

"If you keep doing that, I won't be able to cool down," Sara said with a smile on her face. Catherine nodded, stopping. Sara touched her face making the blonde look at her "Thank you for rescuing me at the office, God knows I needed that." She laughed.

"I'll always be here for you Sara, no matter what," Catherine said cupping the side of Sara's face. "Don't ever doubt it, ok, not for a second."

"What did I do to deserve you, Cat? Tell me, because I honestly don't have a clue."

"You are… you, with all the faults and good qualities and that's enough for me." Catherine's words were so sincere that it made Sara's eyes begin to water. Her hands went to both sides of the blonde's head and pulled her in for a kiss.

When Sara felt that Catherine was totally involved with the feeling that their lips and tongues were creating, she started to get up. When her back found the back of the couch, Sara put both of her legs off the couch without stopping kiss. Catherine smiled, already knowing what was going to happen and God, she just loved when Sara did that. Sara rolled so the she was on top. She knew what Catherine liked.

Looking into her blue eyes one last time, Sara planted kisses on the blonde's chest and breasts, teasing with her tongue over the erect nipple before she started scratching with her teeth. Very slowly and almost unnoticeable at first, which made Catherine let out a groan in disappointment.

Sara continued putting more force at each time until Catherine screamed in pleasure. She licked softly at the reddened skin and did the same with the other nipple. Catherine's hands never left her brown hair. She placed small kisses along her belly, to the navel, to Catherine's pubic hair. Catherine opened her legs even more so that Sara could start tasting her. She wanted Sara to do it, in fact, she needed Sara to taste her and fuck her senseless.

Reading her partners mind, Sara started to slowly brush her lips all along her slit. Catherine moved on the couch and bit her lip to stop a moan. Then Sara inserted one finger and focused on Catherine's clit. The feeling was overwhelming and Catherine, being Catherine, is a very vocal person during sex which is good, because Sara loves to hear her moaning.

Catherine grabbed Sara's hand to put it further inside of her and Sara used that to add another finger and move as fast as her hand allowed. Catherine's body was the most beautiful thing in the world, especially all sweaty and almost reaching her climax.

When it happened, Catherine's eyes rolled to the back of her head. She closed her legs holding Sara inside of her and her head fell to the couch.

"Oh my… Jesus…"

"Breathe, babe. Just breathe" Sara whispered slowly succeeding at freeing her hand. She watched as Catherine slowly, quite slowly, got her breathing under control. "Are you feeling better now?"

"No!" Catherine exclaimed with a full smile. If it wasn't for the smile, Sara would have been concerned. Sara got up from the floor and sat on the couch, pulling Catherine to lay her head on her lap. "Where did you learn how to do that?"

"I had a girlfriend in college and she was very good, so she taught me a few techniques."

"She was the first woman you were with?"

"In a serious sexual relationship, yes."

"How many did you have after her… what was her name?"

"Melanie and I don't know how many, I don't keep counting my girlfriends."

"Really?" Catherine asked, looking to her eyes.

"Really." Catherine nodded. "What about you?"

"Two girls and five boys."

"I'm your second?" Catherine nodded again. "Wow, I never would've guessed."

"With my record, of course you wouldn't have." There it was, Catherine's insecurities taking place.

"Thank God I don't give a damn about that then, or numbers" Sara said looking at her lover's face while she continued to stroke Catherine's blonde hair. Catherine looked up and smiled.

"Come shower with me."

"Oh that's one of the things I'll not say no to." Catherine got up, took Sara's hand and started running to her bathroom. She stopped just as reached the middle of the stairs to look at Sara who was still holding Catherine's hand as if her life depended on it. And it did. Catherine felt the same way.

The End

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