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By Wonko

Okay, I am totally imaging this.

I think I have to see a shrink. I've started having full body hallucinations now. Bad enough when they were just little movies played out in my head in full stereo sound and glorious technicolor. Now I'm actually feeling things.

Shit. There I go again.

I must be imaging this. The alternative just doesn't compute. We're having breakfast with the entire graveyard shift - there's no way that Catherine's foot is really stroking my leg under the table.

"Can you pass the salt?"

It takes me a moment to realise she's talking to me. I hastily grab the salt cellar and all but throw it at her - and of course I spill it. I've just ruined her breakfast but she's not mad. In fact, she laughs.

"Smooth, Sara, real smooth."

She says it quietly enough that I know it's just for me. I choke on my orange juice and she laughs.

"Feeling a little distracted?"

Okay, maybe I'm not imagining this.

"I'll get you another plate," I say, taking her salt covered breakfast and retreating to the counter. When I return I take the seat beside her. She's soon going to find out two can play at this particular game.

"So," I say, smiling sweetly. "Have you heard about this new DNA technology coming out of Australia, Grissom?" Underneath the table my hand comes to rest on Catherine's knee.

She stops chewing briefly but then a small smile appears on her lips and she continues like nothing is happening. I concentrate enough to smile and nod in the right places as Grissom talks while I gently trace a path up her thigh.

"Do you guys have to talk about work?" she asks, looking over at me with that slight smile firmly in place.

"Do you have a better topic of conversation?" I ask but she can't answer because I've just slid my hand into the heat at the apex of her thighs. It's almost enough to burn me even through the protective layer of her pants.

"I...uh..." She seems to have lost the power of speech. I grin widely.

"Feeling a little distracted?"

It's a whisper intended for her ears only and I can tell from the way her pupils dilate that my message has been received and understood.

Suddenly I remove my hand and stand up. Her breathing changes slightly but I don't think anyone else notices. "I'm just going to the bathroom," I say, swinging my hips a little as I walk, knowing she's watching.

It's not a surprise when she follows me.

As soon as the bathroom door closes behind us I turn and capture her lips in a bruising kiss, crushing her hard against the door. Her hands are in my hair, gripping tightly and she's pushing herself against me, almost as hard as I'm pushing against her.

"You think it's funny?" I ask, between kisses. "Teasing me like that in front of the guys?"

"Mmm...no," she moans. "Not funny."

I know what she wants from me but I'll be damned if I'm going to give it to her after that little stunt. I pull away from her roughly, but I keep her pinned to the door.

"I take it you've missed me," I say, ducking away from her lips as she attempts to kiss me again. We've been working so hard and pulling so many doubles and even triples that we've barely seen each other for the last two weeks. And I know I've been missing her, even though it's all I can do to catch a few hours sleep whenever I'm off.

"I miss you when we're even one room apart," she says sincerely, staring into my eyes.

I melt a little. Okay, maybe I'll give her a little kiss for her sweet talking.

One little kiss turns into a series of open-mouthed, breath stealing, thundering kisses and my heart's beating a mile a minute when I finally force myself away.

"Sara," she whines. "Please...

"You're in no position to make demands," I remind her, but slip my leg between her thighs anyway. She thrusts against me and lets out a slight hiss and God help me, it's the sexiest thing I ever heard. I lean down to whisper in her ear.

"Think you can be quiet?"

Her nod is earnest and frantic and I have to laugh a little. But then I'm kissing her again and it all seems deadly serious. Somehow her shirt gets unbuttoned - I'm not sure my fingers are co-ordinated enough to manage it right now so maybe she helped. She's wearing a front fastening bra and I have to wonder if she had this whole thing planned because easy access seems to be the word of the day. I dip my head and trail a series of kisses over her breastbone, deliberately avoiding the place I know she wants me.

"Sara," she groans.

"Ssh," I say. "I told you to be quiet." But I take pity on her anyway.

I feel her fingers thread into my hair again as I take a diamond hard nipple into my mouth. She thrusts against my thigh again, a little harder this time. She can't help but let out a little yelp when I rake my teeth over her sensitive skin. I suppress a grin as I kiss my way back up to her lips.

"You call that quiet?" I mutter when we part. She doesn't answer, just throws her head back a little and groans.

I must have been a fucking saint in a previous life because nothing else can explain how I got so lucky this time around.

"Catherine," I whisper, trailing my hands in circles over her stomach.


"Do you love me?"

She looks up in surprise. Her eyes are bluer than I can ever remember them being. "Of course I do," she says, like I just asked if grass is green or if one plus one equals two.

I don't really know why I asked. Maybe it's just that, even after four years together, I still like to hear her say it.

I smile and kiss her as I let my hands trace a wider circle on her bare skin. I slip past the waistband of her pants. She's warm and wet and...not wearing any underwear.

Oh yes, my girlfriend has definitely been planning this.

Foreplay is a luxury we can't afford, standing as we are in this unlocked public bathroom with our colleagues waiting for us no more than fifteen feet away on the other side of the door. So I slip two fingers easily inside her and smile as she lets out a short gasp.

"Sara," she hisses, little more than an exhale.

I return my lips to hers to drown out the sound of her heavy breathing. She has one arm curled around my shoulders, the other is pulling tight at my waist, crushing me into her. My hand is trapped between our bodies and it's all I can do to apply the slight thrusting force I know she's craving. My thumb is in just the right position to press against her swollen nub and she groans deep in her throat when I do just that. I know she's close and I'm torn between the very real need to keep her quiet and the passionate desire to see her face as she lets go.

Catherine really is the most beautiful goddess when she comes. Sometimes she calls out, sometimes she hisses my name, sometimes she doesn't make a sound. There's just one constant - she always has her eyes wide open and it always seems as if she's watching something amazing and awe-inspiring, just beyond the horizon. I asked her once what she saw in that moment and she just smiled and said: 'You, Sara. Only you.' I think I cried.

I'm brought back to the present when she moans my name. The whole diner probably knows what we're doing in here but I couldn't care less at this point. Her hips are thrusting rhythmically against my hand and it's all I can do to keep up with her. I curl my fingers inside her and apply just the right amount of pressure with my thumb and I know I've got her. Every muscle stiffens and she hangs suspended for an endless instant. Then she comes crashing down with a shudder and a tiny breath. Except this time she's not looking into some point in the distance, she's looking straight into my eyes. Her lips are moving but no sound is coming out. I may not be much of a lip reader but I'm sure she's saying 'I love you.' I know because I'm saying it back.

Her arms wrap around me tightly. She has to hold me just to keep her suddenly boneless body from sliding to the floor. Her cheeks are flushed and her eyes are bright and she might just be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I kiss her and while our lips are melded together I gently remove my fingers. She moans a little in protest and I know how she feels. If I could crawl inside her and stay there I would.

"We should go back," I say regretfully. She doesn't seem to understand what I've said. "The guys will be wondering what's keeping us," I add.

"I think the guys probably know exactly what's been keeping us," she says, smiling a little. I blush to the roots of my hair.

"You said you'd be quiet," I remind her.

She shrugs. "I lied."

I pull away from her, realising we're never going to get anywhere while she's in such close proximity. I have her scent plastered all over me and I know that the guys will notice when we get back to the table. If they didn't know what we were doing before, they would soon.

"Are you really hungry?" she says as she does up the final button on her shirt.

"Huh?" I reply, not quite sure where she's going with this. She smiles slowly.

"It's just that I think I've had enough to eat...for breakfast." The smile becomes a grin. "And I thought maybe we could just go home."

Oh, I like that idea. My answering smile tells her all she needs to know.

I follow her out of the bathroom, watching the lazy movement of her hips, knowing I caused that languid motion. "Hey guys," she says as she reaches the table. "Sara and I are pretty tired. We're just gonna jet."

Oh yeah, the guys know exactly what we were doing in there. "Sure thing, ladies," says Nick. He winks. "Have fun."

Catherine takes my hand and leads me from the diner. I'm sure I can hear a series of distinctly unmanly giggles coming from our colleagues' table but I don't bother to look back. Catherine's distracting me again.

The End

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