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SERIES: Second in the Unrequited Love Series, following I'm Not Sure How it Happened

By Dearlylovedaimee

Oh God damn my head hurts! I hardly ever drink and I am suddenly remind of why. Where the hell am I? This looks like my pillow, and yes these are my sheets; good I made it home! But wait a minute...uhhhh this is not my arm and I am most certain that this isn't my hair. Don't remember dying it strawberry blond. But the one thing that tipped me off was the hands that definitely weren't mine, making their way up my body; caressing my thighs, then my stomach, and then... oooookay I think it's time to get up now, Sara!

As I hesitantly lift myself up off the bed, a polka band decided to take up residents in my head. Pain, agony, agony pain, the two words I would use to describe my current condition. It was no use I couldn't do this. Finally, my body decided to give way to its crummy state and before I knew it, I felt my head and the pillow become good friends again.

That's okay I didn't feel like moving anyway. Besides whoever is resting next to me is repeating a rather soft and most enjoyable stroking motion with their hands and it is seriously turning me on right now! But that's also a problem, the `who' part of this not so welcome adventure is a little fuzzy. I can't imagine who it could be and something is telling me that the revealing of identities won't go over so well. But I swear whoever this person is should receive a medal for the best touch. Catherine why do I let you rope me into these kinds of situations?

If I had just made her take me home, completely ignoring any attempts she made at being friendly. Hell, she doesn't even like me. I know that for a fact. She doesn't even look at me half the time when she is speaking to me. And don't ever try and suggest any other way to do a job, because after all, mother Catherine's way is the only way. She is such a bitch sometimes.

A bitch that was nice enough to listen to me spill my guts for almost 3 hours. I didn't completely forget all of this morning's details. I guess she really didn't have to be so nice to me. She could have merely dropped me off at my apartment, where I would have spent a majority of the day lying on my couch, uncontrollably staring at the ceiling, trying to come up with what I did wrong. But for some odd reason she didn't do that. She just confusingly looked at me with and asked me if I had plans. When I told her no, she without hesitation asked me if I wanted to get a beer. I almost fell out of the seat at the mention of the offer and with a slight grin I accepted.

It was almost flattering to think that she was trying to put on the act for me. She doesn't think I know this, but I do. I mean give me a little credit. I am not completely shaded from my surroundings. She merely plays mother Catherine to everybody in the office. Mostly to Warwick and Nick, but secretly I know she hates it when the guys only see her as the motherly type and not the sexy, vibrant person I know she is. How could you miss it? Those eyes, that mouth, her smile, and that body. Oh, I could spend forever on that tight body. I never told any body this, but once I had a dream that we were alone at a crime scene and instead of examining the body, I examined her's instead.

I can't help but smile as I am remembering when I woke up the next morning only to find myself clinging tightly to one of my pillows, the sheets were scattered and torn every which way, and my whole body was completely sweat-soaked. I could barely breathe at the thought of what I had just dreamed. Could I really be dreaming about another woman, and not just that, she was a co-worker. Granted she was a very hot co-worker, but that wasn't the point. She was Catherine; I knew it would never happen so there was no reason for me to even think it.

Okay Sara, back to reality, because who ever my bedroom companion is, has stopped their sensitive stroking and is attempting to roll over. I watch in amusement and disappointment as they attempt to rollover on their other side, and I soon feel the need to follow. So without giving it one further thought I lift myself on my side and relinquish my hold of their body. For some reason I feel so safe with this stranger. They give off this vibe of comfort and protection. I am feeling so secure that I almost forgot that I still have no idea who this person is. I think I may have a way to find out.

They are wearing what looks like a business suit. So there is no way to tell from that. They look too tiny and too short to be a man. So there is only one test left to perform so I can know for certain. I slowly began to move my hands away from their waist and straight up their upper torso. I move so delicately as to not wake my sleeping visitor and then I reach their chest area. I can feel two lumps right in the middle and all of my questions are answered. It is definitely a woman.

Not to sound like a real man hatter or anything but after the whole situation with Hank, I am sort of glad that it is a woman. I don't think I will be able to look at another man for a long time. Okay, okay that was a lie. I do have one man in particular that find rather attractive. But he is so blind that he couldn't tell if I was hitting on him unless you wrote it in neon across the sky. Yes, boys and girls I am talking about Gil Grissom. But as much as I like him the one person I really find appealing is Catherine. If only she didn't hate me.

I guess if push comes to shove I could attempt a relationship with Grissom, but would I be able to keep my mind focused off Catherine long enough to get started. I should have never let her in. I always do this to myself. I began to connect with someone and then I say or do something to fuck it up. I can't do anything right. I can't even be a human being long enough to enjoy my life. Catherine was right when she told me that I often misplaced my trust and wasn't very perceptive. I should have seen what was happening with Hank and Elaine Alcott from the beginning. Instead stupid me just fooled myself into thinking they were "just friends."

But Catherine knew. She figured it out from the minute she put the bar seating chart together. I guess she must have been in this position before, because she didn't even bat an eye at the thought of Hank cheating on me. It's sad really because she almost seems like she doesn't trust anyone or anything with her emotions. But I guess I am like that too, but for completely different reasons. I don't enjoy opening up to people because usually the reactions I get aren't what I am looking for. But when Hank came into my life, that all started to change. I felt like I had found another half. Sure, maybe he wasn't my other half but at least he was someone to come home to. And now I don't even have that.

Except for whoever is lying next to me, it looks like my bed will be empty for quite some time now. I am more than positive that there is no one on this earth that will ever make me change my mind. I am official done and over with the relationship thing. I just need to take some time for myself. I also need to wake up my sleeping guest and get some answers as to what happened last night.

From the looks of it we didn't have sex because we are both still very much clothed and I was probably so drunk that I couldn't even stay awake long enough to get it on. That still doesn't mean that we couldn't have done other stuff. Why would Catherine just let me go home with a complete stranger? I guess I expected a little more from her. Oh, well here goes nothing, time to reveal the mysterious lover.

I'll just lean over here and gently wake them up and...ohhhh, oh no, oh my God it can't be! Christ it is. Its Catherine, you've go to be shitting me! What is she doing here, in my bed? I mean not that this isn't a pleasant surprise but she can't really be here. She wouldn't dare. Not if her life depended on it. I mean she hates me. Or does she? God, she is even beautiful in the mornings.

I can't help but let out a small giggle because she has switched her position and is now lying on her stomach with her arm draped over my waist, attempting to pull me closer to her. So natural being the mean person I am, I deny her. But it doesn't stop there. To compensate for my resistance, she simply shifts her position once again, and moves in closer to snuggle under my chin. She feels so warm and again I find myself uncontrollably smiling at her actions. I can't believe I am about to do this but it feels so right. I lean down and place my lips on her forehead. I think she deserves a kiss after all I put her through.

Just as I remove my lips from her forehead she lets out a protesting moan and brings her lips to mine and before I know it we are kissing full force. Not even taking time to realize what I am doing I lean more into the kiss. I suddenly feel my mouth begin to open and she surely follows, letting our tongues duel in a fierce battle for control. The kiss is so intense that we don't even break for air. Besides air is highly over rated anyway.

Before I know it my body grows a mind of its own and I feel myself climb on top of her. Neither one of us has opened our eyes yet, but somehow we can see exactly where to go. I can almost envision the places that I have only dreamed about before and what I plan on doing to them. I move from the lips, to the face, to the neck. I can feel her body accelerate with every kiss I place upon her. Her blood is pumping faster and faster, her pulse is out of control. She pulls me deeper into an embrace, so deep that you can't tell where my body begins and hers ends. I don't know what is taken control of me, but I sure know one thing, I don't ever want to stop.

I break the kiss only for moments to regain my composure and my breath. We both have opened our eyes now and are searching for permission to continue. I notice the way her eyes go from confusion, to a plead for continuance, to desire. I feel her arm moving up and around my neck and pulling my face closer to hers and that when I know I can't fight it any more.

We deepen our kiss once more and then I feel her hands leave the sides of my face and make their way down my shoulders, gently massaging my breast, and then finding the buttons of my blouse. Her fingers slide up and down the tops of my shirt buttons, careful as not to disturb there positions. She slowly begins to undue each button, one after another revealing my upper body.

I just let my shirt fall around my shoulders and then I notice she is just staring at me. She acts like she has never seen a naked body before, just sitting there with this expression. That's when I realized I was blushing at the sight of the smile spreading across her face. I couldn't be more pleased with myself because I never in my life thought I would ever enjoy it this much. The fact that someone else was excited by me and only me. I relish the fact that she enjoys the sight of me almost naked, so much that I can't wait until she sees the whole thing.

I see her hands trying to decide what they are going to do first. She looks so confused now that I decide to help out. I gently place my hands over hers and move them closer to my flesh. I allow her to explore every inch of my chest. I am enjoying the way she ever so carefully rubs her palms over my breasts. I can tell she would like very much to see more of me, so without giving it a second thought I reach behind my back and begin to unclasp my bra. Then I feel her grab my arms in protest.

"I'll do it!" she says in a husky tone.

I nod my head in agreement and let her continue where I left off. She uses her arms, positioning herself up right, and then inches me closer to her. She wraps her arms around my body until it looks like she is hugging me, but in all actuality she is just trying to reach my back. She goes slowly, like she did with my shirt. She removes each clasp on by one and taking each strap and guiding it down my shoulders. I can feel my bra falling down my arms and I allow her to remove it in one swift motion.

One sight of my fully erect nipples sends her sky rocketing. Her delicate nature disappears and she starts to attack me with a combination of kissing and nipping. I must admit that I am turned on by this side of Catherine and before I know it my head becomes too heavy for my neck. I just let it tilt back in ecstasy, letting out moans of pleasure.

I have been waiting for this too long and I can't stand it any more. I began to paw at her shirt letting her know that I need her to stop just long enough to let me remove it. She breaks our kissing and I lift her shirt up over her head, revealing her sensual body. I waste no time taking in the magnificent view before me and with one hand I continue my removal of the barriers of clothing that are standing in my way. I only get as far as removing her bra but that is enough to allow me full access to her skin. She smells like White Musk and tastes like cinnamon. I place little kisses all over and began to make a trail down her body with my tongue, until I reach her pants. I release her snap and unzip her fly and I have won. I can't wait any longer because I want to feel her from the inside. I want her to know what she does to me and how much I care. I want her to feel the desire I am filled with and know that I want her and only her.

She is finally able to pull off my last few pieces of clothing and she wastes no time allowing my tongue to finish its path. I reach my final destination noticing how wet she tastes. I grab her thighs and pull her down to my face, not even allowing breathing room. I flick my tongue back and forth every way imaginable. I have reached her sensitivity and with every lick I am bringer her closer to the edge.

She has entangled her fingers in my hair and is pulling it with such great force that I am inclined to grab her right hand and lock our fingers in a death grip. Her knuckles are turning white and her body is moving in perfect motion with my tongue. Fast and faster we move, harder and harder it is becoming for her to hang on, I feel her need to let go and I am much obliged to send her falling.

I want to make this one count, so with one last sensation of my tongue, her body arches back, her eyes clasp shut, her grip tightens even more than before, and she lets out a small, breathy cry of my name. They are words that I have been waiting a lifetime to hear.

"Sara, I love you!" slowly escapes from her lips and suddenly I feel the orgasm washing over her entire body. As she comes down from her high, I finish my feast and make my way up her body back to her face. I place a passionate kiss upon her lips and gently brush away an excess strand of her hair from her face.

She looks so happy to see me return to her side and in one motion I sweep her into my arms and we collapse from exhaustion.

I managed to sleep through the night and when I wake to greet her with a kiss I notice she is no longer there. No Catherine, no note, no explanation. Did I do something wrong? I am in a state of panic. I run frantically around my apartment in search of her, but I come up with the same thing as before, nothing.

The End

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