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WARNING: This contains a little Sara obsessed with Grissom, but it is all about Sara and Catherine. So don't be discouraged as you read. I would never have them end up with anyone else but each other!

Hidden Truth
By Dearlylovedaimee


My stomach's doing that butterfly thing again. Why am I so damn nervous? Well, maybe it's because I am about to tell my best friend that I want her in ways that would turn a porn star on. I truly am a dork.

But she loves that about me. She loves the fact that I could go on forever about science, or that I have every chemical element memorized. She even likes my gap in my teeth; the one I have spent thirty-two years wishing I had gotten fixed. Just the other night she told me it was one of the things that made me beautiful. Again, I ask, why did I wait so long to come around?

It has nothing to do with what she is, it's who she is. So she's a girl, big deal. Not like it hasn't been done before. It's all because she loves me for me. She wouldn't fix me, make me a little more social, make me a little smarter, and even make me a little less of a nerd. She wants me for me.

It's a brand-new feeling; I never knew was in me until she came along. It's so powerful that I never want it go away. There's just one problem, how do I convince her I'm the one she should be with. I already shot her down. But she understands me and so I shouldn't have to worry about that. Oh, please don't make me worry about that. Too late! Here come the butterflies again!

I just need to relax. I need to eat. Where the hell is she, anyway? It's almost nine thirty and she still hasn't shown up. Now I am getting a little worried. Does she want to give me a heart attack?

"Morning, Sara! Can I get you the usual?"

"Oh, hey Ruth! Coffee, black and keep um coming."

"Sure thing kiddo! Where's Catherine? Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you two usually eat together in the mornings?"

"That's a good question. I haven't seen her since seven thirty this morning. She was supposed to meet another college in here at nine, but things changed. I agreed to fill in as a substitute. But..."

"Looks like you got stood up girl. Why don't you order something to go and investigate this case further?"

With a wink and a smile, Ruth took out her notepad, and without even having to ask me, she wrote down our exact orders. I always have two eggs over easy, hash browns, two pieces of wheat toast, and a large glass of milk. Catherine on the other hand, likes her eggs scrambled, hold the hash browns, and replace them with sausage links, two pieces of white toast, and a glass of orange juice.

It's always the same, never changes no matter how often we come here. And trust me we practically live here. We come to the same diner every morning, and sure enough there Ruth is. She sits on the same stool, writing down her midnight orders and balancing her register. She's supposed to get off around eight thirty, but because she loves Cat and I so much, she sticks around to wait on us. We appreciate how wonderful she treats us and the gratitude is in our tip!

Not much time flies by before Ruth has my order cooked, boxed, and ready to roll. I pay with a twenty and insist that she keeps the change. She fights with me, claiming eight bucks is way too, but I won't hear of it. She didn't have to stay and wait for me to order, she could have picked up and left, but she didn't. She was again one of the people in my life I could always count on to stay constant. She works hard and deserves all the help she can get.

She is practically in love with me, and helps me carry things to my car. She watches me as I pull the Tahoe out of the drive way and head towards Catherine's place. She gives me a giant smile and wave when I head down the street. I, of course, wave back, until I can no longer see her.

I am speeding, going forty-five in a thirty mile zone. I am a law enforcement agent and I can't even follow simple traffic laws. That's why I always insist Cat drives; so the speed racer in me can't take over. But today, that wasn't the case. It was more nerves, then adrenaline. I haven't felt like this since well, last night I guess. But this wasn't like what I was going through with Grissom, this was different. This was real. I was actually concerned about what might happen if it didn't work between us.

With Grissom I knew if things went sour, I could just turn the other cheek and ignore him. There were ways I could avoid him because I knew it didn't really matter. It was all a game, a way for me to have something to fixate on and take my mind off of how truly miserable I was being alone. But with Catherine, it was different.

She was the reason I was no longer alone. She was the reason I had something more to look forward to at the end of the day. I shared everything with her and if we couldn't make it work I would not only be loosing a lover, I would be loosing a best friend. I had to make this one count, if not for me, then for her.

The more I thought about how many things I had to lose, the more I was beginning to think this wasn't such a hot idea. Sure she meant the world to me, but I didn't want to risk our friendship.

Suddenly, before I knew it I was making an illegal U-turn and heading back towards my place. I had completely convinced myself that this wasn't going to work. I was a complete idiot to think I could mess with fate. We were perfectly good as friends, why take the risk and ruin it.

I was about to get my answer.

I arrived at my place right at ten thirty. It took me a while to head up to my apartment and be truly satisfied with my decision not to go to her house. And worst of all I had all this food and wasn't a bit hungry.

As I approached my door I heard the phone ring off the hook. Only two people call me on my home phone, Griss was one of them, and Catherine was the other. I didn't quite make it in time, seeing as how my keys decided to play hide and go seek. I searched both my pockets and then finally my jacket. Sure enough, there they were! I jammed them into the lock so fast, I thought I was going to break it. I arrived just in time to hear the last part of the message.

"...I'm sorry I missed you at the diner. I got held up at work, finishing up my filing; but I promise I'll hurry. I figure you tried to catch me at home. Again, I'm sorry. I will be there ASAP! Keep my breakfast warm till I get there!"

It was Catherine and worst of all, she was coming here! Oh, God this place is a pit.

I scurried into my kitchen, placing the food in the microwave, ready to be warmed. I almost tripped over the rug trying to get to the coffee pot; but an agile save, kept me from a potential visit to the ER.

After I got the food part taken care of, I decided clearing off a place to sit was a good idea. I gathered all my dirty laundry I had been meaning to do Thursday, but never quite got around to it; and stuffed it back in my closet. Then I looked around and noticed it looked like I was trying way too hard to impress.

Catherine had been here a million times before when I had my unmentionables draped over the couch cushions. I knew she didn't care. I actually think she enjoyed playing mom to me, seeing is how whenever I turned my back, she was going around my apartment and cleaning up. I know she can't stand a mess. Good thing, because if she didn't do it, I didn't know who would!

The next thing that was bothering me was a not so pleasant smell coming from the very place I was standing. Then I remembered I hadn't had a bath in almost twelve hours. Put that at the top of the list! If I didn't kill her with my news, I would certainly get her with my bad breath and body odor. This having a crush thing is a lot harder then it looks, might I add.

I took my time in the shower, making sure every part of me smelled of sun ripened raspberries. I didn't bother to put my hair up, because I knew she would think something was up. I didn't want to tip her off. Got to have a little fun!

It took me around twenty minutes to accomplish all of this and I still had time to get dressed. Maybe being a speedster wasn't such a bad thing.


Oh, no it's her. I'm so not ready to do this. Again I say, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Just breathe Sara, breathe. You can do this! Just act casual.

"Sara are you in there? Open up, it's me Catherine! Hurry up, my arms are going to fall off!"

"Coming, coming, hold your horses!"

Just as I got the last part of that sentence out, I swung the door open to reveal not only the women of my dreams, but two arms full of paper sacks.

"Well, are you going to just stand there or are you going to help me?"

I know that was a rhetorical question, but I can't resist.

"I'm thinking just standing here isn't so bad."

She isn't amused.

"Sara Sidle, I have just got off of a fourteen hour shift, I'm tired, hungry, and I need a shower. Now, if you don't take these God damn bags, I'll take the liberty of shoving them up your..."

"Okay, okay, grouchy. Jess, I was just teasing! Give me um."

What the hell did she have in here anyway?

"Oh Sara, get the milk and juice out of there and stick them in the fridge."

"You went shopping for me?!"

"Damn straight! If I know you, as well as I think I know you, you haven't gotten groceries since last Friday; and you should have a pile of... aha, laundry in your closet."

Got to give the woman credit, she has my whole schedule figured out.

"Just let me take a quick shower and I'll start your laundry, that way I can throw my clothes in with yours."

"Thanks mom, but I am a big girl now, I can do my own laundry! Besides, if you're here, then who's with Lindsey?"

"She's with my sister! I told her I needed a break from motherhood for a while. She offered to relieve me for today. After all, it's my day off and I wanted to spend it with you. You don't have plans tonight, do you?"

"I guess I do, now!"

"Good, because I thought we could discuss the Grissom thing, and ow... I brought Rush Hour 2!"

She finished putting the last of the groceries in the fridge, tossed me the movie, and headed towards my bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Thirty minutes later she emerged, her hair and body wrapped in towels. It took all my might not to stare at her while she was talking to me, but I couldn't help it. I was dying to know what was under that towel. I had dreamed about it, but something told me that the real thing was much better.

"Can I borrow a shirt from you?"

She almost scared the living hell out of me; I didn't realize she was so close.

"Hey you, are you alright? You're acting like I'm the boogie man."

She came up behind me, throwing her around my neck and engaging in a hug. Her smell was driving me crazy.

"I'm fine, I'm just exhausted, that's all."

"Okay, sweetie. Let me go start the laundry and then we can talk."

She was out of the apartment for only few minutes and returned with a disappointed look on her face.

"I just wasted a whole dollar on about six items of clothing, but oh well. Let's chat. You supply the food, I'll supply the questions!"

She collapsed onto the couch next to me and gave me this go ahead and tell me look. I liked that look; it was adorable, yet sexy.

"Cat, Grissom can wait, I have something more important to discuss with you."

She put her hand over her heart and pretended she was going to fall on to the floor. She was teasing me now, normally I would hate that, but for some reason I was enjoying it!

"Be still my beating heart, she actually has something else to fixate on that doesn't relate to Gil Grissom. Ladies and Gentleman we are witnessing a first in history. Can we get AWWWW?"

"Oh, so you think that's funny, huh?"

"Yes, actually I am quite proud of myself. Seeing as how I am so tired I can barely keep my head up, I think I managed to come up with a pretty good come back."

"Just know, someday you will pay. I always remember this kind of harsh treatment."

"I've got tears! Just get on with it."

"No, you see I don't think I can tell you now; the pain is just too overwhelming. I couldn't possibly go on."

She didn't like me for that one. Her bottom lips was quivering in a fake sad look, and she now had my hands in hers, begging me to tell her.

"Okay, okay, I'm sorry, I won't never, ever, ever tease you again. I promise! Just tell me. Come on!"

She was now shaking my hands up and down. The laughter was filling our bodies and the second time I refused to share, she was on me in a second.

We were wrestling now, bad idea! I always win, after all I am bigger.

"Sara Sidle, you will tell me or I will tickle you. You make your choice. You have exactly thirty seconds. One, two, three, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and too late, thirty. Here comes the tickle monster!"

"Hey, so not fair!"

But my protest didn't come fast enough and before I knew it, I was bursting out in laughter. She had me pretty good too. I was squirming underneath her, trying to reverse our positions; and then finally she let go of my right wrist just long enough for me to lift her up and throw her beneath me.

"Now who's winning?"

She was scared now; she knew I was a fierce tickler. I had every spot that made her jolt memorized; and with one flick of my finger she was mine.

"Sara don't...OH. MY GOD! Ha-ha-ha! Okay, I give up, I give up! You win, let me go!"

Her pleas weren't enough to convince me. I kept going and with every tiny movement of my hands, her face turned even redder.

She couldn't breathe now so I decided to be nice, and give her a chance to escape. I held her hands down, tightly above her shoulders and just stared at her. I gave her a chance to regain her composure and then made my offer.

"Do you want me to let go, or do I need to kick your ass again?"

"I give up, you have me cornered. What do I need to do to get myself out of this?"

"Hum...say Sara you are the most beautiful, funny, intelligent, wonderful woman I have ever met; and I'd be in terrible pain if you didn't accept my apologies for being such a meany."

I didn't think she would give in so easy, but as usual, I was wrong. She raised her head, looked me square in the eyes, and said it!

"Sara you are the most beautiful, funny, intelligent, wonderful woman I have ever met; and I'd be in terrible pain if you didn't accept my apologies for being such a meany."

How about that, she didn't even bat an eye! She said it so calmly. It was like she had been waiting to say it for a life time.

What possessed me to do this next part, I'll never know. Maybe it was me getting caught up in the moment, or me just simply doing what I felt. But I continued to stare her in the eyes, until I could tell she was so embarrassed at what she said that she started to look away and speak.

"Sara, I'm sorry I didn't mean to ..."

That's when I did it! I positioned her head so she was again, looking me straight in the eyes and I leaned down, and placing a soft kiss on her mouth.

I looked back up when I realized what I had done. I didn't mean for it to come out this way, but the way she said those things to me was so poetic. I knew she meant them. They came from a place in her heart, where they had been hiding for so long, just waiting to come out. Just like my kiss.

And before I knew it I was kissing her again. This time, it was a little bit more intense. Our lips started to part, allowing our tongues to further explore. I let go of her arms when I noticed I was still holding onto them; and she responded by moving them up around my neck and pulling me closer.

It became harder to control where my hands were roaming. I slid my right hand slowly down her left thigh, and then back up under her robe. She was so responsive to my touch and it excited me! She was breathing so hard, gasping for air, and I was causing it. I wanted her and now. I wanted her so bad that the strength of ten men took over my body, and I lifter her off the couch and there we went, tumbling down my hallway, towards my bedroom.

We slammed against the walls a couple of times, when trying to regain balance, but we made it. Each time we shed another piece of clothing. First my robe, and then her shirt; each time, kissing a newly exposed part of the body. Her neck was my favorite spot to attack, because it made her the weakest. She loved nipping at my ear, and the feel of her hot breathe only made me want her even more.

We managed to finally reach the bedroom, fully naked and ready for action. We wasted no time loosing ourselves in the mood. Our bodies meshed perfectly together and our fingers fit well inside of one another. It was the way we knew we weren't meant to be.

A slow and steady rhythm fell upon us. It was like we had been doing this all the time, we never once had to question our motions or ask the other one if it was okay. Our bodies told the whole story, answered all the questions.

I knew she was about to cum, because I was almost there. I could hardly stand it any more, I didn't know what I was doing asking her to do this next part; but, it just felt so natural. I needed to see her when she came, just to know it was real. To know I wasn't dreaming any more

It took me a while to get her attention, considering she was lost in the moment.

"Cat? Cat? Catherine, please open your eyes! I need to... oh ... I need to see you..."

I couldn't get it all out, but she knew what I needed, because all of the sudden she opened her eyes and fixed her stare directly on me. And with one last motion of our bodies, we were let go. It was even more intense and passionate then my dreams.

After that, we just laid in each other's arms, silently, taking in the true depth and meaning of what we had just experienced. I continued to rub my fingers through her blond hair, as she nuzzled her nose into my neck.

She was the first one to finally break the awkward silence; un- barring her head out of my neck and positioning it up underneath her arm.

My full attention was immediately diverted to her and she began to speak.

"So, was this what you wanted to talk to me about?"

"That would be correct. So..."


"What do you say?"

"Say to what?"

"How about we see where this is going."

"Sara, do you know what you're getting yourself into? I have a nine year old daughter, the baggage of a dead, ex-husband, and a terrible case of trust issues to deal with. What you see is what you get, nothing more nothing less. If you decide you want to do this, truly want to devote your time and energy to making this happen, then you'd better be willing to work at it. I am not just some science experiment you can investigate and then toss in the garbage when you feel you're done. My feelings for you are real, I'm real. I need to know that you understand and can handle that."

"Catherine, I have been debating this almost all day. At first I wanted nothing more then to just be with you; then I wanted to run. And then just when I thought the torment was over, I was back to wanting you again. I haven't been able to concentrate or think about anything else but you. I know what I am getting myself into; don't you think I have weighted all of the pros and cons? And It just so happens, that the pros won. I like you, a lot more then you think I do! My full devotion is in this relationship."

That was apparently the response that she was looking for, because a smile spread across her face and she was leaning in to kiss me.

"Oh and Catherine, it just so happens that trust isn't the only issue you have to deal with. You also have this snoring problem that..."


I gave her one last smirk, before she raised her pillow to my face and smacked me right in the head.

Most people can't remember the first time that they fell in love with their partner. Mine, was that day, in bed, with her beating me senselessly with the pillow. It was the moment of happiness for us; because it was the day the truth finally came out.

The End

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