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Steady Hands
By ncruuk


"Willows." Catherine was ruthlessly blunt in answering her cell phone. It was her day off.

"Catherine? It's Jim Brass."

"No, I won't come in and go undercover as a stripper for you again..." stated Catherine firmly, remembering the last time Brass called her in the middle of her weekend off.

"PULL!" came a shout in the background.

"What?" Brass was confused, he thought he recognized the voice.


"What did you want Jim?"


"Catherine, where are..." Jim definitely recognized the voice now, or so he thought. Why on earth would she be shouting such things?


"Jim, I can't hear you too good, the line's not great," explained Catherine, wondering why he had rung.


"Catherine, where are you?"

"Lake Tahoe"


"Is that Sara I hear?" There was no mistaking Sara Sidle's voice now.


"Yes. Look Jim, what did you want?" Catherine's patience was rapidly disappearing.

"What the hell is she doing?"


"Who, Sara?"


"Yes, Sara, she's shouting awfully loud…" Brass was beginning to get concerned.


"It's windy."


"Look Jim, was there a reason you rang, or can I hang up and get back to what I was doing."


"What were you doing?" asked Jim, thoroughly disturbed by the background shouts.

"Sara's teaching Lindsey to fly a stunt kite. I've supposed to be videoing it!"

The End

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