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You Tease
By Pure Intent


"So, that's settled then. We'll meet at the bar at 8 tomorrow night, yeah?"

"Yep, we'll all be there," said Warrick, ruffling Greg's hair, "Gotta celebrate the kid reaching puberty."

"Hey," Greg protested but to no avail.

"Ok, see you guys tomorrow," called Nick walking to his car.

"Looking forward to it," Warrick added before leaving himself.

"Right, well I'll go let Grissom know. Later guys," Catherine patted Greg on the back as she wandered off down the corridor.

"Ahhhh, smell that?" asked Sara.

"Smell what?" said Greg, confused.

"Oh, you wouldn't know would you?" Sara put her arm round Greg's shoulders leading him out to his car. "That, "Newbie", is the smell of freedom."

"Newbie? I'd like to remind you I was here long before you."

"Maybe. But it's like a reset button. Once you become a C.S.I your social status gets wiped." As Greg was about to respond Sara held up her hand, "And don't even think about contesting it. There's no way after five years I'm ignoring this opportunity to pass on the title."

She quickly got in her car before he could reply.

"I don't know Catherine. It's not my kind of thing."

"Exactly," exclaimed Catherine, "It's not like you. It's like Greg. And that's who we're doing this for remember?" This guy is impossible. It's only a bar or two. It's not like we're taking him to a rave, stripping him, covering him in jello then… Catherine shook her head to clear her thoughts before she really disturbed herself.

"Look, just come for an hour, have one drink. Greg really respects you and I think it would be nice of you to show your support and respect in return."

"Fine, I'll be there. I'll meet you at 8 then?"

"Not a chance. I'm booking a cab which will pick you up promptly at 7.45."

Grissom looked at her incredulously. "You don't trust me?"

"Oh it's not that," she said with a smile. "It's just that if I know anyone who is likely to get "conveniently" lost, it's you." She turned to leave, shouting "7.45" as she shut the door behind her.

It was 8.23, and Greg was on his third beer. This is great. I'm that "significant" they've all sacked me off. Maybe I should have stayed a lab tech. At least then they where forced to give me the time of day. He got to his feet, solemnly making his way to the restroom. "Happy promotion to me," he whispered as he pushed the door open.

After washing his hands, Greg stared at his reflection for a few minutes. Look at me, I'm just a goof, no wonder they all had better things to do. "Don't worry Play Station, here I come," he muttered as he turned to leave.

He didn't notice the two sinister looking guys behind him until he felt a sudden looseness around his waist and he was lifted into the air with a roar of triumph.


Greg, disorientated and dizzy took a minute to take in his surroundings. He was back at the bar. "Guy's!" he yelled hugging Catherine and Sara who ran at him. Warrick and Nick then pulled him into a crushing bear hug. He was too caught up in the moment to notice what else had happened to him.

"Good choice," commented Sara behind him snapping the elastic on his leopard skin boxers. She raised an eyebrow, "Planning on getting lucky?" Catherine giggled as he turned a shade of red never seen before.

"Damn," he said struggling to get his trousers back in their proper place. "I hate you all," he added squinting at them.

"Ah, only coz you thought we'd forgot about you," Warrick squeezed his shoulder.

"Awwww, Greg. Never. You won't let us," said Catherine kissing his cheek.

It was then he noticed someone else approaching him. "Grissom!" he almost squeeked.

"Greg," Gil greeted as he handed him a beer.

"Thanks. What are you doing here?" not that he wasn't happy to see his supervisor but it was certainly unexpected.

"You don't think I would let an occasion like your promotion go unnoticed do you? By the way, congratulations, good work," Grissom clinked his glass to Greg's bottle.

"Uhh, thanks, again." He felt a fresh wave of embarrassment wash over him.

"Soak it up, it's as nice as he gets." Greg couldn't place the voice until he turned around to see Brass and Hodges propping up the bar. "Well this night is just full of surprises," announced Greg as he went to shake their hands.

Four hours and three bars later, Greg was definitely worse for wear. Good news was so was everyone else. They where all having too much of a good time, and the night showed no sign of ending. Sara was glad of that. For all his bravado, Greg could still be insecure. She sincerely hoped he now felt like a fully-fledged member of the group.

"So Greg, anything else you want to do tonight?"

Greg who had fallen silent ten minutes ago while staring in hers and Catherine's direction (which hadn't slipped the two women's attention) snapped out of his reverie.

"Uh…well…I guess…"

"Come on Greg," interrupted Catherine with a smile like butter wouldn't melt. "You can tell us."

Greg, deciding against the full on approached, which would probably earn him a slap leaned over to Nick and whispered something. "Yeah right," sputtered Nick but dutifully passed the message on to Warrick who just laughed and told Catherine and Sara. They didn't say anything for a moment and Greg began to think he was definitely in for it.

"Well," said Sara finally turning to Catherine, "It is Greg's night."

"True," supported Catherine, "And we did ask. After you."

Sara got up and took Catherine by the hand. The three men exchanged confused looks until The Bodyrockers began to pound over the speakers.

Catherine in the middle of the dance floor quickly shed her jacket revealing a blood red top with a plunging neckline. She threw the garment over at Greg as she began to sway suggestively to the beat, mouthing the words whilst looking at a shadowy figure by the DJ box.

There's so many things I like about you

I just don't know where to begin

Okay well, I like the way you look at me with those beautiful eyes

She gestured with her finger for her partner to join her.

"No way," Nick let escape as his jaw joined Warrick and Greg's on the table.

Sara approached Catherine but remained just far enough away so she couldn't be touched. She began to circle Catherine, her hips swinging just so. Catherine continued to dance in the centre. As the music began to reach the first chorus Sara edged towards Catherine.

But most of all

Yeah, most of all

I like the way you move

As the pace sped up Sara pulled their waists close together as she swung Catherine low, only to pull her back, their lips millimetres apart. Sara, being the tallest, ran her hand down Catherine's thigh then hitched it up to her hip as they ground against each other. Her head craned back at the sensation. Catherine turned her back to Sara, rubbing herself up and down the strong body behind her. The lower the older woman's body got the higher Sara's hands ran, almost but never quiet caressing Catherine's ample breasts, the tender peaks of which strained against her shirt. Catherine shifted again, forcing Sara to her knees, who held onto her legs for support. She couldn't believe they where doing this, especially in front of other people. It was making her giddy and light headed; although it could easily be that Catherine's aching core was mere inches from her face, writhing above her.

As the song drew to a close Catherine's legs were tightly wrapped around Sara who was holding her close, torso's flush, looking her directly in the eye.

I like the way you move

Neither could restrain themselves anymore as hot wet lips clashed. It was a short kiss but filled with lust. At some point Greg had fallen off his chair.

As the next song started, Catherine and Sara exited the dance floor. They grabbed one of Greg's arms each and hauled him to his feet.

"Congratulations on the promotion Greggo," said a sultry Sara as she kissed his lips.

"Ditto," breathed Catherine as she placed her hands on either side of his head and kissed him.

Happy with their work, Catherine and Sara walked over to the bar hand in hand.

His eyes followed them to their destination, almost not believing what had just happened. He ran his fingers over his slick lips. "Happy promotion to me," Greg whispered for the second time that night.

Sara stepped out of the shower and shivered as the cold early morning air hit her skin. Her body had been on fire ever since her dance with Catherine. She had so felt dirty, but in a very satisfying way. She dried herself off and went into the bedroom.

"Feeling better?"

"I am now," said Sara, burrowing under the covers snuggling into the body she found there.

"Poor Greg. I'm sure his head was about to explode at one point."

"Yeah, and that's not all."

Catherine giggled. "We're such teases"

"And we love it," grinned Sara as she captured Catherine's mouth for her own. She poured all the heated passion that had been building inside her all night into the kiss.

"You think they know we're a couple yet?" Catherine asked.

"Probably not. For investigators those guys are very slow off the mark."

They kissed again, long and hard. When they pulled away, desperate for air, Catherine slowly opened her eyes. "So," she said lazily, "What should we do when he reaches C.S.I level 2?"

The last thing she saw was that perfect gap toothed smiled as Sara turned out the light.

The End

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