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Fantasy Playback
By Wend


Leaving my office after a long shift of dreaded paperwork I walked the halls of the CSI lab in search of something to do. I was just approaching Sara's lab when I heard a loud crash and Sara's voice.

"God dammit, Greg! Are you trying to kill me? Go, I'll do it myself!" The voice was Sara's, but her tone was angry and frustrated. That in itself was unusual, because, out of all of the graveyard shift, Sara was the most patient with Greg.

I was just about to step into the lion's den when a body-shaped bullet tried to speed past me; Greg had made a hasty retreat. I grabbed his arm and stopped him in his tracks. Turning him, I saw his red face and the hurt visible in his eyes caused by Sara's dismissal.

"Greg, leave her to me. She's worked 30 hours solid on this case and is just frustrated ok. I'll deal with her, go home, and get some rest, ok?"

At this Greg relaxed and nodded his head, clearly glad that I would be helping Sara with the case and, hopefully, bringing his friend back to normal. After watching him walk off, I allowed my eyes to sweep the nearby labs. Finding them empty with no sign that they were currently in use I allowed an evil grin to emerge on my lips.

Entering Sara's domain I paused just inside the doorway and took in Sara's strong body. Her pose was that of a very frustrated woman. She was looking over some pictures of the scene and the injuries to the victim's body.

I stepped further in the lab and silently closed and locked the door. Approaching Sara on quiet feet I cleared my throat before quietly saying, "Anything I can help you with, Sara?"

At the sound of my voice her back snapped rigid and her head whipped round.

"Umm, hi, Catherine, I could use a fresh pair of eyes on this. The victim is still in a coma and they said she's showing no signs of waking." Sara all but growled as she withdrew from the layout table disgustedly. Turning to a chair, which had been tipped over in the centre of the room, she leant down to bring it back upright, some handcuffs rattling against the upright struts they were fastened to.

My eyes sweep the photos, taking in the evidence of a struggle, but the injuries on the victim could be that of a passionate encounter. Keeping my assessment to myself, I turn to Sara.

"What happened with Greg? He seemed in a hurry to get out of here," I said, my eyes taking in Sara's fitted black shirt and her long legs encased in black pants. Tonight she was wearing loafers and a tasteful silver and aqua pendant on a black leather thong. The whole package made me lick my lips. She looked dark, sexy, and dangerous.

"Well, I can't get the scene to work with the evidence. I mean, this woman was attacked by a man who left her with terrible injuries. Greg and I were trying to re-enact the attack, but it seemed off. We just couldn't make it work." Sara brought her hands up and ran them through her hair, showing her intense frustration.

"Ok, what makes you think the perp was a man?" I said, trying to get Sara out of the one track thought process.

Cocking her eyebrow in challenge, Sara said emphatically, "Well, no woman would be able to get me in that position!"

Smirking at the opening Sara had just given me, I stalked over to her like a panther stalking my prey. "Oh, really?" I purred, stepping into her personal space and laying my hand on her upper chest. My fingertips gently caressed her collar bone in the opening of her shirt. Feeling her shudder slightly I gave her a gentle push and guided her to the chair.

"Sit down, Sara. We are going to work through this and find out exactly what happened," I said commandingly.

The chair hit the back of Sara's knees and she sat sprawled in the seat, her legs splayed. I stepped quickly between them; my knees against her inner thighs keeping them spread. I placed my hands on her shoulders and leaned down; her eyes immediately took in the generous show of cleavage I gave her as my shirt gaped.

Smiling at the blush working its way up from Sara's chest I straddled her splayed lap and, intentionally, rocked against her centre. Hearing her gasp I pulled myself up firmly against her, my hands gripping her broad shoulders for support.

Using all my experience, I sensually brushed my body against Sara's muscled form. Feeling her jerk slightly beneath me I brought my face to hers and stared into those dark chocolate orbs. Seeing the fire she was so desperately trying to hide, I slowly brought my lips to hers giving her time to protest. Hearing no protest I closed the gap and slanted my mouth over hers, softly coaxing her lips open to receive my questing tongue. Our first kiss seemed to last hours and as I courted Sara into responding her hands gripped my hips and rocked me against her flexing hips and stomach.

I groaned as I felt her heat against mine and quickly took back control of our kiss. My hands took hers and brought them back to the chair, my lips started to draw back, teasing Sara as I sucked her bottom lip.

I had to do this quick or else she would have spoiled my plan and that would not be acceptable. Leaving her left hand on my knee, I slipped her wrist into the handcuff and fastened the bracelet, the clicks loud in the quiet room.

"Hey!" Sara drew back her head, broke our kiss, and tried to look down at her wrist, tugging on the restraint. I captured her other hand as it left my knee, bringing it between us. I took her first two fingers into my mouth and allowed my tongue to taste her skin. Her eyes darkened to black in arousal as she felt my wet heat against her fingers, her eyes followed my right hand as I flicked a button open on my shirt, then down to the next until she could see the black lace of my bra.

"Oh, God!" she whispered as I slowly released her fingers from my mouth and brought her hand to my chest, guiding her fingers beneath the lace to touch my nipple. Our lips met again as my nipple hardened under her slick fingertips. This time the kiss was incendiary, the feel of her fingers playing with my erect nipple made me moan and tighten my thighs around her.

Sliding one hand up into her hair I gripped a fist full and slowly drew her back, her head tipping further back, exposing her throat to my lips. Making my way down I softly kissed, and then sucked on her pulse point, marking her for the first time as mine. I heard the cuffs rattle as she tried to touch me, gripping her other wrist I guided it down and fastened the other cuff before she realised what my intention was. My mouth distracted her along with the constant teasing of my body, swaying, and rocking against her semi-prone form.

With Sara's hands now restrained, I had free reign to her body and I was not going to waste a second. My hands made their way to her sides as I continued to assault her senses with my touch and kisses. With nearly constant moans being wrenched from her throat, my hands made their way to the buttons of her shirt. Popping each button through the hole, I exposed her hot flesh to my eager mouth and fingers.

As I fully opened the shirt, I slid my hands onto her chest and up over her shoulders, pushing the fabric back and further open. I smiled in triumph as I now had Sara exactly where I wanted her; and I had proved that I could break her concentration enough to prove my point, but that would come later, I had other things, more enjoyable things, to be doing.

Sara was panting as I lowered my mouth on to her hot skin; I kissed my way down to her breastbone and lightly sucked the skin between my lips and bit down on her willing flesh. Her answering groans were like fire to my desire. I felt my primal need take over and became a wild cat in my effort to taste as much of Sara as possible. I was almost incoherent as I took her nipple into my mouth and lashed the soft nub to almost painful erection, nipping the hard flesh as my hands tackled her belt and the fastenings of her pants.

I slid back on her thighs and spread the fabric I had just opened; I could see dark curls as my reward. I smiled darkly into her aroused face. "Ooh, bad girl. Going commando, Sara?" I growled against her chest as I licked and sucked my way down her taut stomach, dipping my tongue into her navel teasingly.

"Catherine," Sara moaned, her whole body shuddering at my seductive onslaught. I looked up and saw her eyes half closed. I answered the dark fire in them by leaving my mark on her glistening skin, my lips sucking powerfully.

"Please," Sara whimpered. Her head tilted back as I slid my hand down into the opening of her pants and into the waiting wetness below. I caressed the velvet lips before my fingers stroked her throbbing need. Bringing myself back up her body, I continued pushing her arousal higher, loving the way she struggled to find release from her bonds and the torment.

My hand cupped her neck, bringing her face to mine. Locking eyes with her I whispered, my voice low and husky even to my ears, "Let go, Sara, give yourself to me." With this I took her lips, my tongue demanding entrance as I stroked her wet heat firmer, faster, bringing her to the edge and guiding her over.

I felt her surrender as her body released, pulsing, and spasming under my touch; each wave sapping her strength and making her mine. Her whimpering finally brought me back to the here and now as I allowed my fingers to slow and her body to rest. She slumped in the chair, her breaths coming in gasps and her pulse thundering in her throat.

After several minutes Sara finally opened her eyes, and asked, "What the hell did you do to me?"

Leaning down, my chest resting on hers as I unlocked her wrists one by one from the handcuffs, I whispered in her ear, "I think I proved that a woman could get you in this position…..and," I moved my mouth closer and suckled her earlobe. "I paid you back from that night...Officer Sidle."

The End

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