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By Esmerelda


Part 1

"No way!" I nearly yelled.

"C'mon Catherine," Sara whined, "you owe me!"

Sighing loudly and pinching the bridge of my nose, I stood in front of an impatient Sara. I thought about the night I asked her to babysit Lindsey for me during my date that turned out to be a grade-A asshole. Grumbling aloud, I looked up into her hopeful eyes again.

"I'm not going to know any of these people," I argued.

"Me neither," she laughed, "I wasn't very popular in college."

Thoughts of a book-slinging, glasses-wearing, snort-laughing Sara Sidle made its way into my head. Reluctantly, a smile crept to my lips as I thought about her and noticed Sara intently looking at me. She matched my smile and cocked her head to one side.

"Sara," I started quietly.

"Catherine," Sara interrupted, "Please. It would really mean a lot."

When I looked into her dark brown eyes, pouring with sincerity, I was convinced. I smiled weakly at her and began to speak.

"Ok," I started and immediately saw the relief wash over Sara's face. "But you have to include me with all your dorky friends."

"Dorky?!" Sara screeched in disgust. "I was not dorky in college!"

"So it's just something you developed after college?" I joked.

Sara gasped dramatically and playfully slapped my arm at my joke.

"So when is this all happening?" I finally asked after I was done laughing at Sara's surprise.

"The reunion is Saturday night, and I was thinking we could leave Friday afternoon after shift," Sara told me.

"Sounds great. Where are we staying?" I asked.

My eyes squinted slightly as I watched a little smile grace Sara's lips, and I wondered why she chose to smile at that moment. Brushing it off quickly, my eyes returned to normal size as I listened to Sara fill me in on all the details of the trip.

The rest of shift went by rather quickly, and I soon found myself walking through the parking lot towards my truck. I couldn't stop thinking about what Sara had asked me to do. She babysat for me once, and I told her I owed her one. Apparently, I owed her one hell of a favor because I was on my way to Massachusetts for Harvard's reunion this weekend.

My mind raced as I thought about why Sara would ask me such a huge favor and, more importantly, why she asked me of all people. We were just barely starting to get along with one another, and I couldn't help but worry if this trip was the best thing for our relationship. But either way, I decided to grit my teeth and make this reunion memorable for Sara.


Part 2

"Are you joking?" I asked the front desk worker as my eyes widened.

"I'm sorry miss, but that's all we have available," the front desk worker told me.

Sara sighed and dropped her duffel on the floor of the hotel lobby. As I leaned my elbows on the high desk, Sara walked up to the desk and began to calmly speak to the front desk worker.

"Are there any other hotels in the area that..." Sara started.

"No," the worker interrupted. "Since the Harvard reunion is this weekend, all the hotels in this area are booked. They started filling over a month ago for the event. In fact, the only reason we have a room left is because the couple who were supposed to come cancelled just this morning."

"Well," Sara started, "is the room big enough for the two of us?"

"Of course, it fits a family of four," the front desk worker assured us.

Sara and I agreed to share the last room in the hotel which wasn't a very hard decision due to the fact that it was probably the last hotel room left within 20 miles of the University. After everything was signed, we took our keys and started up to our 3rd floor room.

Stepping up to the door, I slid my key card through the slot and opened the door. Sara nearly bumped into me because I was standing in the middle of the entry way of the smallest hotel room I have ever seen. My mouth dropped at the sheer size of the room and the big bed in the middle.

"What the f..." Sara trailed off as she took in the room.

"This small-ass room," I started with wide eyes, "is supposed to fit a family of four?"

I looked back at Sara who was still looking around the little room in shock.

"Yeah, I guess parents in the bed and kids in the drawers," Sara joked.

We looked at each other and chuckled before I threw my bag on the bed. Sara plopped hers on the floor and headed into the bathroom.

"Well, at least there's a toilet in here," Sara echoed from the bathroom.

Chuckling at her joke, I proceeded to unpack my clothes. Sara joined me after giving the bathroom a thorough inspection. There was something very awkward about being in this tiny hotel room with Sara, but I figured it was awkward because of that fact that we had never spent more than the better part of a shift together. And then we still weren't alone.

"So when does this reunion start tomorrow?" I asked.

"There's like a social hour that starts at 7 o'clock, and the reunion starts at 8 o'clock," Sara told me.

"What are you wearing tonight?" I asked.

Sara looked over at me for a moment with squinty eyes.

"So I know what to wear," I clarified.

"Well seeing as though I haven't seen these people in ten years, I was thinking I could at least throw on a potato sack and maybe wash my mouth out," Sara teased with a smile.

"Sara," I warned.

"Just kidding. No, I was thinking of just wearing black slacks and a sweater," Sara told me.

I nodded my head and rustled through my clothes until I found something appropriate. Turning to Sara, I gave her a quick smile before I spoke.

"I'm gonna take a quick shower before we go," I told her.

Sara's eyes rested on the towel I clutched in my hand and then made their way back up to my eyes. She gave me a smile of her own.

"Ok," she quickly said.

Wondering to myself what the evening was going to be like, I was getting more and more excited to get a glimpse into who Sara was.


Part 3

"C'mon Catherine! You've been in there for over an hour! Lemme in!" Sara whined loudly.

Chuckling to myself, I reached for the doorknob and opened the bathroom door to see a very impatient brunette standing with her hands on her hips. My towel was still tightly wrapped around my body as I stood in the doorway looking at her. My head tipped to one side, and I flashed her a full-blown smile. I watched as her eyes raked down my body, stopping at each of my curves.

Sara had obviously forgotten what she was yelling about, and I had to clear my throat in order for her to look at me.

"You're staring," I said bluntly but with a small grin.

Sara's eyes blinked a couple times as if trying to focus, and she opened her mouth to protest.

"Nah-ah," Sara eloquently stated.

"Nah-ah?" I asked before laughing. "You so were staring! I think you were checking me out."

"Nah-ah!" Sara squeaked.

"What were you yelling about again?" I asked with squinty eyes.

Sara opened her mouth.

"I uh..." she mumbled and cleared her throat, "uh..."

"That's what I thought," I whispered.

Leaving a stunned and completely speechless Sara behind me, I walked over to my clothes and laid them on the bed. Right as I was about to unwrap the towel from my body I looked over Sara. She was staring at my hands that were resting on the top of the towel. I raised an eyebrow and turned towards her.

Without noticing the teasing expression on my face, Sara watched in wide-eyed fascination as I slowly untucked one side of the towel from my body. Since there was still a whole flap of towel still covering me from her waiting eyes, I wasn't too worried about what I was doing. Giggling on the inside and smiling on the outside, I gave my hips a little wiggle which finally turned Sara's distracted eyes to mine.

My eyebrows shot up as I wrapped my towel around me again. Sara's expression went from tranced to complete terror in a matter of seconds. Her eyes widened so much, they looked millimeters away from popping out.

"I would ask you for a tip," I began to tease.

Sara's face went up in flames as the brightest flush I have ever witnessed crept up her cheeks. Before I could say anything else, Sara stepped quickly into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. I giggled to myself and looked back to my clothes.

After the little show I just gave, I couldn't help but think about why Sara was so interested. In some ways, I had always known she wasn't strictly a man's woman, but I had never seen her with any women before. Then again, I never really saw Sara in general, so for all I know she could be married with a baby on the way.

I silently cursed myself for having worked with this woman for so many years and never really taking the time to get to know her. It wasn't my fault though! She had rubbed me the wrong way from day one, and then after Eddie's case? Well, I just could hardly talk to her civilly.

As I lifted my slacks onto my hips, I brushed away my thoughts and concentrated on getting ready for the reunion. I opted to wear my black suit with a powder blue dress shirt underneath, strategically leaving the first three buttons open.

"Are you ready yet?" I yelled at the bathroom door.

"Hang on!" Sara shouted back.

Giggling to myself, I listened as Sara quietly cursed under her breath something about me being in the bathroom for over an hour and not giving her more than one fucking minute. It was a few minutes after that when Sara opened the door.

I secretly looked her tall body up and down, visually pleased with what I was taking in. She was wearing her black slacks with a tight crimson red turtle neck sweater and was looking incredibly hot, if I do say so myself.

"Shall we?" I asked as I walked towards the door.

"Yeah, I'm starving!" Sara dramatically breathed and followed me out the door.


Part 4

Having never been in the University, I looked around me in awe of just how beautiful the buildings really were. Massachusetts, in general, was a very historical state and made for lots of conversation. Sara told me about everything around campus because, according to her, she never went off campus much.

It did her well though. She was one of the smartest people I had ever known, and she does her job unlike no other. Her determination was unreal, and I often wondered how much the cases she doesn't solve come back to haunt her.

We arrived at Harvard Hall with a few minutes to spare. I walked close to Sara, not wanting her to get too far ahead of me. She greeted several people with a friendly smile, but I knew they weren't people she knew personally.

We made our way through the sea of people towards our table for the evening. Depositing our things on our seats, Sara told me we should mingle for a while before everything started. I don't know if I have ever seen so many geeks in my entire life.

Everyone Sara knew was either a Doctor or Lawyer and looked like they hadn't seen a mirror since the 1980s. One man Sara knew was now a renowned neuro-surgeon in New York with a wife and family of two. He explained that his oldest wanted to follow his footsteps and graduate from Harvard while his younger son was applying to NYC.

Sara listened intently as he went on to ask her what she was doing now. Sara's expression stayed relatively relaxed as she explained her job to him. It wasn't until she mentioned I was her colleague that her eyes lighted up and a smile graced her face.

After we had exhausted ourselves with introductions, we found our way back to our table to wait until the formalities of the evening started. As we sat down next to each other, I turned my chair towards hers so that we could still comfortably talk.

"Dr. Kindle seemed very happy to see you again," I commented about the neuro-surgeon.

"Yeah well, we ended up in a lot of the same classes over the years. We would tell each other our problems and give each other advice. He was like my bar-tender of sorts," Sara said.

"Well it's good you two had each other," I said.

"I actually convinced him to propose to his wife on graduation," Sara told me with a smile.

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah, he made me write out this big confession of love for him," Sara admitted with a little chuckle.

"Sara Sidle, the romantic. Who woulda known?" I said.

"You learn something new about me every day," she smiled.

"I guess I do. That's good incentive," I told her.

"Oh and what, you wouldn't spend time with me without incentive?" Sara joked.

"Nope!" I joked back.

Sara shook her head and laughed as I smiled at her. She looked so comfortable in the company of these people, and it was very refreshing seeing her smile and laugh along with my jokes. Sara opened her mouth to say something more until she was interrupted.


Sara's eyes left mine as her head turned towards the voice that was calling for her. I watched as Sara looked over at the owner of the voice who was seated directly across from us on the other side of the table.

Sara sat unmoving for a few moments obviously trying to figure out who this person was. When she finally realized it, her eyes widened and her mouth opened as she started across the table.

"Oh my god!" she finally said.

"I can't believe it!" the voice exclaimed.

The two rose from their seats and rounded the table to meet each other in a strong hug. I watched them with narrow eyes as they stood embraced in their hug, swaying slightly from side to side. When Sara finally pulled herself away from the hug she looked up at her estranged friend with a huge smile.

"Oh my god," she said again. "Stephen..."

"I have missed you so much!"

As these words came tumbling out of his mouth, my head quickly cocked to one side. For some reason I did not like the sound of that one bit.


Part 5

"I have missed you so much!" Stephen told Sara.

His hands were still resting on her hips, and I made sure to note this. Sara playfully patted his chest and said she missed him too. Still smiling widely, the pair took their seats and continued their conversation.

"How have you been?" Stephen asked Sara.

"Great, I've been...great," she said between smiles.

"That's great," Stephen responded.

"Oh Stephen, this is Catherine Willows. Catherine, this is Stephen DeLaney," Sara introduced us.

Swallowing whatever it was that was bubbling its way to my lips, I extended my hand and managed a polite smile.

"Nice to meet you, Catherine. How do you know Sara?" Stephen asked.

"We're colleagues," I said, not knowing if Sara wanted me to say we were friends or not.

My eyes traveled over this man sitting across from us. He was probably one of the most gorgeous men I had ever seen in my entire life. His bright blue eyes were so stunning that it was hard to look directly into them and not feel completely lost. His smile was big and bright, and his blonde curly hair was the perfect look for him.

His clothes looked expensive; an Armani suit maybe? It was light grey in color and the blue dress shirt made his eyes stand out even more, if that was even possible. And the worst thing about this Ashton Kutcher, underwear model, Abercrombie...guy was that he seemed so genuine. This was going to be a long night.

"We work at the Las Vegas Crime Lab," Sara told Stephen.

"Crime Lab?" Stephen smiled. "You always were into all that Forensics shit."

Sara chuckled a little before Stephen continued.

"This girl," Stephen started as he looked at me and wagged his finger at Sara, "had more Forensics magazines and textbooks than Widener Library!"

"I didn't have that many..." Sara tried to defend herself.

"Oh," Stephen started with a chuckle, "remember that one night after the football game?"

"Stephen," Sara started to warn him with a smile.

Stephen smiled widely at Sara and turned his attention over to me.

"We came back from a football game on campus, and headed to Sara's room for some late-night studying. Finals were the next morning so we decided to pull an all-nighter and study right up until we had to go to class," Stephen started.

I'm not sure if I like the sound of this story.

"Oh my god!" Sara interrupted. "Was that the night you started laughing?!"

"Yeah!" Stephen exclaimed.

The two of them roared with laughter, and I sat watching them laugh with a smile of my own on my face. When the two came up for breath, Stephen continued the story.

"So we had been studying for like...ten minutes, and I look over at Sara who looks like she's about to jump my bones and..."

"What?!" Sara screeched.

I was right, bad story.

"You did! Your eyes all lusty and..." Stephen teased Sara.

"My eyes were not all lusty!" Sara protested quietly but harshly.

I couldn't help but giggle at the banter, however annoying it was for me and my pride.

"Anyways," Stephen continued, "we were getting into it, and I look up to see the bookcase she used for a headboard butted up to her mattress. So being the scholarly young man I was, I looked to see what books were on her shelves."

I looked at Stephen hoping that I wasn't noticeably flinching at his depiction of him and Sara getting it on in her dorm room.

"Scholarly my ass!" Sara interrupted. "We were...*ahem*...when we should have been studying for finals!"

Sara had censored herself as she spoke of the night, much to my joy.

"It was all you," Stephen said and put up his hands in surrender.

Sara shot him a warning look, and Stephen began the story again.

"Well there was something about the title "Forensic Bitemark Evidence and Analysis" that made me burst out laughing, considering our current...activity," Stephen told me with a gleam in his eye.

Sweet Jesus, I wanted to poke that gleam out of his eye.

"Well, Sara started freaking out because I couldn't stop laughing!" Stephen finished.

Thank god.

When Sara and Stephen had finally stopped laughing, Stephen looked over at me again.

"Anyways, I always knew she would do something in Forensics," Stephen said.

What? All that to tell me he knew what kind of job she had? I was gonna kill this mother fu-


Part 6

My head was swimming with so many emotions and so many questions after the wonderful story Stephen told me. To add to my complete and utter discomfort, Stephen had been laying his best material on Sara who was completely clueless as to what he was really doing.

I knew Sara had been checking me out in the hotel room earlier that evening, so I decided to let her know I was noticing the chemistry between the two of them and that I wasn't liking it all. Smiling to myself I formulated my plan in my head.

I turned my attention to my right and over to Sara who was talking to Stephen about another memory, this more innocent than the first that was shared. My hand rested on the corner of the back on her chair which earned me nothing more than a glance from Sara.

"So shortly after graduating, I flew back to Indiana to work alongside my father," Stephen told us.

"You always said you wanted to do that," Sara responded.

This conversation was a little to dry for me. Sighing quietly, I re-crossed my legs so that my left leg that was crossed over my right was gently brushing against Sara's. She didn't move but rather looked out of the corner of her eye over at me who said nothing.

"Yeah, he was a great man and even harder worker," Stephen continued.

"Was?" Sara asked quietly.

Clearly not getting the reaction I had hoped for from Sara, I decided to change it up a little. The hand that was resting on the back of her chair slowly made its way towards her head. My fingers wound around her dark hair which got me a reaction.

Sara slowly turned her eyes towards me and soon her head followed. Not giving her much to go on for an explanation, I turned my eyes to give her a fleeting glance as I turned my head back to Stephen. Sara looked away as I looked away and tried to focus on her friend across the table.

"He died about five years ago," Stephen told us.

"I'm sorry," Sara told him sincerely.

Stephen was about to say something else but was interrupted by the dessert being set in front of us. Reluctantly, I took my hands down from the chair and out of Sara's hair and pretended to focus on my dessert. Sara took her fork in her hand and started in on the little slice of cake.

This reaction I was trying to get was coming way too slowly, so I decided to hurry thing along. During the dessert, I pressed my leg to hers with enough pressure some times to make Sara glance questioningly over at me.

When she laid her fork down on the empty plate, I swiftly and effortlessly planted my hand on her thigh. Sara shot up straight from her seat and started over at Stephen, obviously not knowing where to look. A smile made its way to my lips as I slowly moved my hand on her thigh.

While I was lightly brushing my thumb over Sara's thighs, I noticed that her left leg was crossed over her right. With another rendition added onto my plan, I decided that her legs would just not do situated like this.

"So after my father died, my mother moved in with me and my girlfriend at the time. That living arrangement didn't do much for either of my relationships," Stephen said about his mother and girlfriend.

My attention turned back to Sara's thigh, and I gently eased her left leg from atop the other so they were uncrossed. Glancing up at Sara, I noticed her eyes darting around the Hall slightly as she tried to figure out what was going on. My hand found her thigh, and I started to trace little circles with my fingernails.

And that's when I got it. Sara finally gasped the tiniest of gasps as I continued my ministrations of my fingernails scraping through the thin material of her pants. However small it was, I still got a reaction. But I wasn't about to stop now.

"So my mother eventually moved out to give me and my girlfriend some privacy," Stephen told us.

Right as he finished his last comment, I lifted my hand higher on her thigh until I was at the crease of her pants. Sara gasped a little louder this time, but blinked a few times before she started to speak.

"So are you married?" Sara managed to get out.

"No, I've been single for some time now. I'm just having fun right now," Stephen replied.

Right as he said this, my fingers dipped into the valley where the sides of Sara's thighs touched. Her back snapped rigidly, and I continued to ease my hand between her thighs. A huge smile lit up my face when I felt Sara's legs relax and spread apart slightly.

My heart pounded at her move and sent a rush of wetness between my own legs. Sara's hands were lying on the top of the table, scrunched into little balls. I looked over to see her eyes locked to her dessert plate as she tried to even out her breathing.

With every stroke of my fingers along the inside of her thighs, Sara spread her legs further apart. My hands were almost shaking with anticipation and desire as I ever so slowly inched my fingers closer towards her center.

Boldly, I looked over at Sara who eventually turned her head to look at me. Never breaking our gaze, I finally traced lightly over her center through her pants. Her eyes immediately plunged into a dark color as she stared intensely at me as I continued to lightly graze over her heat.

"Excuse me," Stephen said and walked from the table to the restrooms.

"Sure," Sara squeaked out and quickly returning her gaze to me.

My hand had retreated for fear that Stephen would see it as he stood up from the table. Sara looked deeply into my eyes as I smiled victoriously.

"Catherine..." Sara whispered.

"You were checking me out," I told her.

The blush I had been so luck to witness before in the hotel room started up her neck as she stared at me.

"You wanted a reaction or something?" Sara tried to pull her defenses up.

"No," I assured her. "I want you."


Part 7

My back crashed into the door of our hotel room. I was attacking Sara's lips with an urgency I didn't know I had in me while Sara desperately searched her pockets for the room key. After a couple unsuccessful attempts, Sara reached down to the backs of my thighs and hoisted my onto her hips. Before she tried to look for the key again, she forcefully ripped my suit coat and dropped it in the hallway outside our room.

Sara's lips attacked my neck as she tried to slip the key through the slot on the door. With a loud whoosh, Sara whipped the door open and walked into the room enough to barely clear the door being slammed shut. She growled into my neck and walked us over to the bed. Before she tumbled us onto the bed, she ripped her lips away from my neck and looked into my darkened eyes.

"Catherine," Sara breathed. "You are so hot."

Despite what my head was telling me, I looked at Sara and started laughing in confusion. Why would she just blurt out something like that?

"In the towel this evening," Sara started between kisses on my neck.

My head dropped back to give her more access.

"Under the table at the reunion," Sara continued. "I couldn't even think straight."

"Lucky for me," I joked from her unintended pun.

Before I knew it, Sara's knees buckled as she flung us heavily onto the bed. My legs were still wrapped around her strong waist as she continued her assault on my neck. I gasped loudly as Sara sucked the skin of my neck into her mouth, making her mark on me.

Sara brought her hands swiftly up to my shirt and ripped it apart, sending the buttons flying around the room. My libido skyrocketed as Sara let out a predatory growl as her eyes snapped to my heaving chest.

Seconds later Sara flipped my bra from the bed onto the floor and returned her eyes to the newly exposed flesh. My head flew back and pushed hard into the pillow as Sara's lips wrapped around my hardened nipple. I pushed my chest into her mouth, demanding more contact and felt Sara's hand trail down my body and rest on the top of my pants.

A low, guttural ripped its way from my chest and echoed in the small room as Sara slipped past my pants and into my panties. Quickly responding to her touch, I started to groan as my body spiraled upward. Quickly I switched our positions and straddled her hips.

Taking the headboard for leverage, I ground myself into her skilled fingers and felt my body aching for release. My scream must have woken up our neighbors because it was so loud even Sara looked a little stunned.

Collapsing onto Sara's body, I closed my eyes and listened to my heart race. It wasn't for a couple more minutes that Sara shifted her weight and slid up next to my body. My eyes finally pried themselves open and looked over at Sara who was smiling smugly.

"What?" I asked, my voice raspy from the screaming.

"You are so sexy," Sara purred and lifted her hand to touch my skin softly.

I watched her hand as it traced a line up my arm and onto my chest. A wave of goose bumps washed over my body at her touch. She smiled at me and leaned over to give me a chaste but loving kiss.

"I think you cracked the mirror in the bathroom with that last scream," Sara said as she playfully traced around my breasts.

"I know! I've never felt the way you made me feel," I purred.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Sara giggled.

My mouth opened to say something, but nothing came out as Sara gently brushed the tip of her finger over a nipple. I watched in fascination as she did the same to the other. After clearing my throat, I began again.

"I'm going to be sore tomorrow," I joked.

"Ah, could be worse," Sara started and gently took a nipple into her mouth.

"You could be limping for three days straight."

Oh god, this was definitely the start of something good.

The End

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