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By Debbie


I glance out over the moonlit ocean, pull my companion towards me, snuggle my head against the warmth of her shoulder, lift my face up for a gentle kiss, and ponder the road traveled to this place.

Last week, we received a call-out to an unusual case; a vehicular accident out in the wilds of the desert. On arrival we found a Harley crashed into the side of a large dune. Two women were astride the bike, very dead, and for some strange reason, facing each other.

On first thoughts, everything made perfect sense; bike crashed into dune at high-speed, both women killed by the force of the collision. Force of collision somehow threw the front woman up in the air and twisted her body around.

Doc Robbins confirmed that the cause of death was a closed brain hemorrhage caused by the blunt force trauma of heads hitting the inside of solid helmets; however, and this is where it became unusual, he also confirmed that the head injuries duplicated the positions of the riders. In other words the two women appeared to be riding the bike in a face-to-face position.

On checking their personal databases, the two women were identified as Elizabeth Allen and Ann Fernandez; they had shared a condo for 10 years, and it was our pillion passenger, Ann who owned the bike.

Wendy analyzed fluids found on both seats, and confirmed they were vaginal deposits from two separate women. Hair samples confirmed the two dead women had produced the secretions. Could it be our ladies were trying to join the ton-up club in an unusual, unsafe manner? And yet, both ladies were appropriately dressed in full leather gear, so there'd be no way anything could leak through leather; these secretions might be a red herring, from a previous stationary moment.

For some reason I got Greg to check the leathers of our victims. He did, and Wendy confirmed Elizabeth had produced more recent secretions.

Witnesses from a local bikers' bar confirmed that the two women were an established couple; that the couple were regular users of their Harley, that Ann always drove, that Elizabeth was always pillion, and a few even claimed they saw the couple ride off not fifteen minutes before the crash was called, already in what looked to be an unusual position; Liz at the front and Ann at the back.

Everything pointed to the fact that this seasoned couple of bike riders was already into the face-to-face position when they set off for their last fatal ride. Why?

I couldn't get my head around this; why would experienced bike riders risk such an unsafe ride? How did the couple steer the bike, and, more importantly, how did they drive nearly 10 miles without incident, only to ride head-first into a 'brick wall'? Was it totally their fault, was the bike at fault, or might there have been foul play involved?

Long story short, I discussed the case with Sara who told me to talk to Sofia. It seems my blonde detective has her own Harley and knows a thing or two about the ton-up clubs.

I didn't stop to think how Sara knew this information, and I didn't; I just called Sofia and asked if she was willing to partake in a little re-enactment.

I waited at headquarters, quietly pondering the problem when I heard a gentle cough behind me. I swiveled around to greet my visitor and nearly fell off my stool.

Holy Hannah, I never expected her to turn up in the full biker's gear. She swaggered towards me with that disarming smirk on her lips, the one that always turns my knees to jelly, swinging her helmet to and fro.

Fuck me; Sofia Curtis in leather is HOT!

You know that woman in The Matrix, well if she had long blonde hair she'd still not hold a torch to Sofia's beauty.

If I didn't want her before, I sure did now.

Sofia smiled as she handed a package of leathers over to me, and said, "So, I've brought the bike, where do you want us?"

That was not the question to ask me, but I managed to hold back the obvious answer, and answered with the tease I'd wanted to use on her since I found out just what the term meant, "Hey! So, you're gonna let me be your bitch, huh?"

Her chuckle was not the answer I'd pictured; guess we are at work. Before I knew it we were out at Nellis Air Force base, looking at the bike and trying to picture the scene.

Two women, one seated on the rear seat, about Sofia's height, facing forward; one seated on the front seat, about my height, facing backwards. Could the bike be driven like this?

Sofia wrapped her long arms around my sides and reached for the handlebars.

"Um, Catherine, I can't quite reach. Try getting a little closer."

Oh my! I shuffled towards the rear of the front seat, and guess what; I had to wrap my arms around Sofia's waist to maintain my balance.

"That's better," Sofia almost purred in my ear.

"But, can you drive this thing like this?"

"No! Not yet, I just can't see. Tuck your head in here." She indicated her chest.

She rested her chin atop my hair, and said, "Yeah, I think I could ride now. Do you want to give it a trial run?"

"Yeah, ok. If you can get us safely to the end of this runway, we'll call the case proved, yes?"

She nodded, handed me a helmet, and helped me tuck my hair inside. Then donning her own helmet she fired the Harley up and looked at me.

Hell, it had been a long time since I'd been on one of these, and the front seat was certainly more expressive than my usual pillion position. The purr of the engine between my legs was amazing. I looked up and grinned.

"You ready for this?" she asked, and I nodded.

"Get up here then, and let's go."

I snuggled into her chest again and felt the bike start to move. Everything was easy to begin with, but as Sofia increased the speed it was obvious she was struggling to control the bike. Still the speed increased, and Sofia's arms grasped my torso more. As she wrestled with the steering her arms seemed to massage my breasts.

This steady massage, the smell of leather and diesel, the roar of the wind, the thrum of the engine, and some comforting words from Sofia were driving me crazy. The sensation steadily built, until I was about ready to explode. Something told me Elizabeth wasn't used to this seat, right over the engine, very much at all.

Suddenly, I heard a gasp, and felt her begin to lose the bike in a slide. With a grunt, she managed to wrench the bike upright, and pulled the bike to a standstill.

We both took off the helmets and stared into each other's eyes. Her cheeks were flushed and there was a hint of perspiration across the bridge of her nose. She gave me a satisfied grin and muttered, "I think we proved two things there, Catherine."

Fuck me, I know we did; how the secretions got in the leathers, and what made her lose control.

While I was glowing inwardly at the sensations we always managed to wring from each other Sofia continued her theory.

"… One, the traction of the bike on the road with both passengers in this position was so different to the usual, I just can't quite explain it, but I'll work it out, if you need me to. Two; there's no way that women could steer the bike once it began to rise above a certain speed. I couldn't see the Speedo but I'm pretty sure we were heading up towards 60 miles per hour, huh?"

I looked at her incredulously, 60 miles per hour, all I can think about is that steady thrum, and her warm arms chaffing roughly against my breasts. How can she be immune to that?

"You know what, Cath, I think we need to do it again, to make sure my theory on the traction is right. Maybe it was just me not being used to this position, huh? Maybe… come on helmet on."

I look at her, stupefied. Hell, I'm not recovered from the first time! She raises her eyebrow in question, and I know she's right; what is it Grissom always say, 'cover all variables'? I nod and steal myself for the resultant thrust.

Sure enough, around the same place as last time, the sensation builds and even I can feel that's the time Sofia starts to struggle to maintain control.

Sofia pulls up, and stabilizes the bike before taking her helmet off to look at me. I can't help but tease; surely some of her struggle is related to my damn struggle, "So, you lost control at the same place, huh?"

My voice is seductively rich but, oh no, she's oblivious again. I can see her eyes are glazed over, not with lust, but with the damn puzzle solving expression she does so well.

"Yeah, even the chrome Twin Cam 88B engine with smooth-riding dual counter- balancers, and the hidden rear suspension that usually gives a full 4 inch of travel can't stop the loss of traction. Hell, the road-hugging 200mm tire under this wide fender… "she indicated the part of bike I should be considering, "… you know, the one that gives more rubber to stick to the pavement, can't hold it. No, Catherine, it's definitely the riders' position that called this one; the Harley's in the clear."

She winked and, despite what she'd put me through this last half hour, I couldn't help laughing out loud. She grinned in response and I pulled her head towards mine for a deep kiss of thanks.

Minutes later, she pulled back and said, "Want to take a safe road-trip next time?"

I guess it's obvious my answer was yes.

Once again Sara came up trumps and offered us the use of her seaside home in California.

And, that's why, after a long, glorious road-trip through the Nevadan deserts and across into California, sunset finds the two of us, once again facing each other on her Harley, once again kissing, and once again, maybe, experiencing that feeling only a bike like this can provide.

I pull back and look at Sofia expectantly; surely she can't be immune to all this, to me, after that journey. I know she's not that cool, not off the clock.

She brushes my surf damp hair behind my ear; the gentleness in this relationship took a while, but she's in deep now, we're both in deep. Her hand trembles slightly and I can't help the shit-eating grin that splits my face at a job well done. Sofia smiles in acknowledgement as a loud banging disturbs the still night air. We both glance back towards the cabin to see Sara rattling a large saucepan.

"Hey, dinner's ready! You two coming?"

We chuckle at Sara's words and Sofia utters my thought.

"Not yet."

The End

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