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By Ann


The walls of the small room came into focus as I pulled Sofia roughly into my body. How we got here I had no idea.

She'd asked me if I would accompany her to a private dance club to follow up on a lead she'd had on our latest case, and with tons of evidence and no one to tie it to, I jumped at the invitation, hoping we'd finally catch a break.

Of course, her informant didn't show, and we were left feeling disappointed. She offered to buy me a drink, and since we were both off duty, I gladly accepted. One drink led to two which led to a number of dances on the dance floor. Damn, but the woman could move.

With each new song, we became more brazen and daring, practically fucking each other in the middle of the dance floor. When she finally leaned in to kiss me, I latched onto the sweet lips and didn't waste any time inviting her tongue to come out and play.

Our moans were drowned out by the sultry beat of the music; however, our frantic need to touch one another could never be misconstrued by any onlooker. We wanted each other, pure and simple, and I vaguely remembered following her up the stairs and into the small room. I didn't really pay much attention to anything else since my eyes were glued to the fine ass I was obediently following.

I was brought back to the present when Sofia grazed my neck with her teeth just as I managed to unfasten the button of her pants. Thrusting forward with her pelvis, I hissed aloud as the coarse material of my jeans rubbed against my swollen clit, and she lifted her head and smiled arrogantly, knowing she was responsible for my current predicament.

Not one to be bested, especially when it came to controlling a fuck, I was able to overpower her, and I roughly turned her so that her back was flush against my front. I was fairly certain that catching her off guard allowed me to manipulate her so easily; however, from her whispered words, I was also sure that she didn't care what I did as long as I got on with it.

"Fuck me, Sara," she pleaded, and fuck her I did.

I forcefully slid my hand into her jeans and returned her earlier favor by biting down on her neck. In response, she tilted her head and widened her stance, giving me better access at both points of contact. Licking the bite mark, I drove two fingers into her slick opening and held them still, tightly cocooned deep inside her.

"Please, Sara. Don't tease," Sofia groaned as she began to move her hips, desperately trying to get me to fuck her. Sliding my hand down the front of her shirt, I headed straight for her nipple as I slowly moved my fingers in and out of her drenched opening.

Just as I pinched her nipple, I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and I smiled when I noted the full length mirror on the wall in front of us. Oh, what a sight. Sofia was leaning against me and whimpering with each thrust of my hand. Watching myself fuck her was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen, and I quickly decided to share the experience with my new lover.

"Sofia, open your eyes," I ordered, reaching under her bra and rubbing her swollen nipple with the palm of my hand.

Slowly, she acquiesced to my demand, and her eyes immediately zoomed in on the mirror. Locking eyes with mine, she bit her bottom lip and continued to moan softly.

I increased the speed of my fingers while squeezing her breast roughly, and our eyes never left the mirror or lost sight of each other. Our motions soon became fast and furious with Sofia struggling to keep her eyes on mine as I held her on the brink of orgasm.

Her juices began to run down my hand, and I easily slid another finger inside. She was close now, and her eyes had turned a deep shade of blue. Finally, I pushed the palm of my hand against her clit and continued the rocking motion with the extra added pressure. Within seconds, she'd gone over the edge, closing her eyes and leaning against me fully.

Slowly pulling my hand from her jeans, I brought it up to lick it clean. She tasted so sweet that I promised myself that the next time I'd drink straight from the source.

Oh, and you'd better believe there'd be a mirror involved as well.

The End

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