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My Bodyguard
By Wend


Lindsey was sitting outside the front door, eagerly waiting for her grandparents as they were taking her on holiday to Disney World.

She smiled as a strong arm slid around her shoulders and her mom sat on the step next to her. "No worries, honey, they've phoned your mother and they are on their way." Sara looked fondly down at her daughter.

"Mom, tell me again how you and mother got together." Lindsey sighed and leant her head against Sara's strong shoulder.

"You don't wanna hear that again, surely," Sara grumbled.

"Aww, go on, Mom, it's so romantic. Please." The little blonde brought out her big guns and fluttered her lashes over her baby blue eyes which she'd inherited from her birth mother.

Sara groaned and began the frequently told story….missing out the good bits as Lindsey was too young to hear it.

Sweat was running down Sara's back under her starched white shirt. She sighed as she slid her arms into the light weight uniform jacket grimacing as she thought about going out into the hot Vegas sun.

She had been hired by Sam Braun to protect his daughter; he had been receiving death threats pointing out Catherine as the target. He could handle himself but when it came to his daughter he knew that he needed specialist help. He had made a few enquiries and Sara Sidle's name kept popping up as the best and most discreet bodyguard in the business.

He had tracked her down and made the surprisingly young woman an offer she could not refuse. The contract was one million dollars if she kept Catherine alive and well until the threat was terminated. Sara didn't ask many questions as all she needed to know was in the file handed to her. All she needed to do was keep her real job from Catherine as the blonde had already argued with her father over having someone shadow her every move.

The set up was a simple one, Sara was to be her driver and, in doing so, she was the one person going to every venue her charge wanted to go.

At precisely 3pm Catherine's jet landed at McCarren and Sara pulled the black limo smoothly to a stop close to the jet's door. She stood by the back door as a stunning woman with sexy legs walked towards her.

"Well, if Daddy is going to hire sexy women while I'm away then I'll have to travel more often. What's your name?" The blonde purred as she moved into Sara's personal space; her right hand trailing from Sara's throat down the front of her jacket.

Sara gulped at the unexpected touch from the enticing woman. Clearing her throat she croaked, "Welcome home, Miss Willows, Ma'am. I'm Sara, your new driver." She moved back slightly away from Catherine's amused gaze and opened the door to the limo. Raising her hand she offered it to the blond to help her into the dark interior.

Catherine slid her fingers slowly over the driver's palm and held the strong feminine hand for a second too long and said, "Can I sit up front with you? I promise it'll be more fun." With that she winked seductively at the flustered brunette.

"Uh, no…No I don't think that's a good idea, Miss Willows, Mr Braun gave me strict instructions regarding your well being and how he wanted me to take care of you," Sara said, trying to take control back from the siren standing within her personal space. She had come across difficult clients before but had never had a client so alluring and forward. She cursed her awakening libido as the blonde's fingers caressed her palm. Her body felt electrified at the simple touch. Swallowing, she helped the sexy woman into the back of the limo before loading her bags into the trunk and making her way to the driver's seat.

She was glad that the partition was raised but knew the bright blue eyes had followed her every move. She swallowed as she felt the woman's intense stare. Steeling herself to ignore her feelings she pulled the sleek car into the traffic and made her way to the Braun hotel.

Ten minutes into the drive Sara was startled by the hiss of the partition lowering. She looked in the rear view mirror and was surprised to see the blonde sitting on the seat which butted up to the back of hers. Catherine was leaning one arm along the back of the seat her hand millimetres away from the back of her neck.

"Miss Willows?" Sara enquired.

"I'm bored and lonely back here." Catherine pouted. "Tell me about yourself," she said, her voice low in Sara's ear.

"Uh, Ma'am, you should sit back in your seat just in case there's an accident. I mean, did you see that pile up on the I-15? It made the news it was so bad," Sara said, trying to redirect the conversation away from herself.

"I trust that you'll keep me safe, Sara." Catherine allowed a finger to trace a line down Sara's neck; smiling as she caught the slight shiver moving through the young woman's body. 'Mmm, not as immune to me as you'd like me to think. I'm going to have you in my bed by the end of the week, my sweet Sara,' thought Catherine.

"Uh, Ma'am, I really think you should move to the back seat and relax, there's a fully stocked bar on your left and the remote for the tv is in the arm on your right." Sara blurted out. She was relieved to see the sexy woman move to the back seat; she started to flick through the tv channels, finally stopping on the sports channel. Sara could hear that Catherine was mixing herself a drink of whisky and soda and she knew that the blond was watching the baseball.

"Would you like a drink, Sara?" Catherine asked. "I can fix you something light and sweet, perhaps some pineapple juice with ice?"

"No, Ma'am, thank you, but as soon as I get you back to the hotel I'm off duty so I'll be able to drink then," Sara said absently. Her attention was fixed on a car trailing two cars back, it had been there since they'd left the airport and Sara was not happy that she couldn't get a clear view of the car's number plate. "Miss Willows, I want you to listen to me carefully. I want you to fasten your seat belt now because we are being followed and I'm going to try to lose them."

The seriousness in Sara's voice snapped Catherine to attention and she hurriedly clicked the belt in place. She could not help but turn to see who was following her; she squeaked and ducked as the back window was shattered by a bullet. The window held as it should but Sara knew that it would only take a few more hits before it gave way. Swearing under her breath she floored the accelerator and sighed as the sleek car immediately responded to the need for power. Pushing a button on the dashboard she was patched through to the security centre of Sam Braun's hotel.

Jim Brass answered on the first ring and, as Sara continued to swerve in and out of the late afternoon traffic, she told Jim that she was going to lose the tail and hide Catherine until she was safe to bring home. Jim agreed with the plan and said that he would notify Sam before he closed the call.

Sara struggled with the big car until, finally, she saw a break in the traffic. To the left was a truck reversing and closing the gap, she smiled grimly and floored the pedal once more, willing the black beast through the gap before the truck crashed into the side of the car.

With barely a millimetre to spare they made it through the gap just as the truck blocked the exit. In the mirror Sara saw the other car crash into the massive vehicle blocking the road and she breathed out in relief.

"Ma'am, are you ok?" Sara asked as she noticed a slight whimpering from the back seat. Cursing under her breath she made her way to her house at Lake Mead.

Clicking the garage door open she pulled the sleek car in and killed the engine. Hiding the limo from sight, she quickly clicked the automatic doors closed again. Making her way to the back door Sara opened the door and crouched next to the weeping woman. She knew that the blonde was going into shock as she felt her skin was ice cold, she released the seat belt and gathered the shivering woman into her arms. Catherine threw her arms around the driver and hid her face in the tanned throat, burrowing into the warmth.

Lifting the blonde gently from the car, Sara walked through to her bathroom and sat the blonde on the toilet lid; she started to run a hot bubble bath. Sara then turned and knelt in front of the distressed woman.

"Catherine, please look at me. We are alive and safe. I won't let anybody hurt you, ok." Sara lifted Catherine's chin and the watery blue eyes locked with her brown eyes. She noticed a small nod of the blonde head before arms were thrown around her neck again and Catherine leant into the tall woman's body feeling safe as strong arms wrapped around her.

Eventually, Sara managed to strip the older woman and place her into the hot bath. She made sure that the door was ajar as she went to get some clothes for Catherine to wear once she had finished in the tub. Placing the sweats on the sink she told the blonde to call her if she needed anything else and that she would be in the kitchen making some coffee.

Once in the kitchen Sara flipped her phone open and hit the speed dial for Jim Brass.

"We are safe in the nest, any news?" Sara's tone cracked sharply down the phone and caused the older man to unconsciously sit up straight.

"Our guys have them and are questioning them now. Can you keep her with you for a few days until I have the situation under control?" Jim's deep voice replied. Sara knew that Jim would get his answers and that whoever was behind this would be dealt with, with extreme prejudice.

"I think that would be best, she'll be safe here, no one knows me and my connection. Keep in touch, Jim, let me know if you need any help." With that last statement Sara had let Jim know that she would willingly kill for Catherine and that made the older man relax. He thanked her and said he would call when they had any more news.

Flipping the phone closed Sara shrugged out of her jacket and let the AC cool her body down. She adjusted her gun harness and moved round the kitchen to make the coffee.

"Where are we?" Startled by the question Sara's hand went to her weapon snug against her ribs.

"Whoa!!" Catherine quickly held up her hands in surrender.

"Umm, sorry." Sara blushed and re-holstered the Glock. "We're at my house on Lake Mead. No one knows where I live so we'll be safe here."

"I've never been here before," Catherine said, walking over to the windows. "We've never made it to the lake and I always wanted to see what it was like." Looking out over the water, glistening in the twilight, she shivered slightly as her mind went back to the car journey and the panic that went through her mind as she thought she was going to die.

Sara walked up behind Catherine and, knowing she needed the comfort, slid her arms around her waist, pulling the shivering woman back against her body; she leant her chin on Catherine's shoulder and asked if Catherine would like her to light a fire for her. Catherine nodded as she let her body relax into the solid one behind her.

"Come on let's get you on the couch in the den. You'll be warm in no time.

Sara guided Catherine into the den, it was a comfortable room, and the huge fireplace was the centrepiece. She sat Catherine's shivering body down before lighting the kindling below the waiting logs in the hearth. Moving back to the couch she pulled a throw blanket from the back of the couch and settled it over the blonde. Moving to get up she was surprised as Catherine's hand shot out and captured her wrist.

"Stay with me, hold me please," Catherine begged, her eyes glistening.

Sara lifted her up and sat with the blonde in her lap. The two fell asleep to the sound of the popping wood in the fireplace.

Sara awoke with a start and instantly scanned the room for danger. Her hand reached for her Glock only to find it gone; she could hear someone in the kitchen talking. Making her way on silent feet to the doorway she heard Catherine speaking to someone on the phone. Pushing the door open she made her presence known and went to pour herself a cup of coffee. Turning, and leaning back against the counter, she watched the blonde over the rim of her mug as she finished her conversation with her father.

"Oh yes, Daddy, she's good; in fact, she's very good." Catherine's voice dropped on the word very. Sara gulped the scolding liquid and spilt some down her shirt. "Actually, Daddy, I think she's a keeper," Catherine continued as Sara's face got redder and redder.

"Got to go now, Daddy, we'll see you later, ok." She replaced the receiver to the phone and slid from the stool at the breakfast bar and walked from the kitchen towards the bathroom.

"Why did you do that?" Sara followed the blonde.

"Do what? I just told Daddy that you were good at your job, your real job that is. Bodyguard, isn't it?" Catherine growled. She had felt like she'd known the tall brunette and it wasn't until she'd woken earlier that morning in her arms that she had put two and two together; she'd realised that she had seen Sara at a function the previous year. She had phoned her friend and had it confirmed before she called her father to tell him off.

The fact that she had liked waking in Sara's arms made the next bit even more sweet. "Oh, and Sara…" Catherine's voice floated from the bathroom, "Daddy wants to see you as soon as we get back."

"Why?" the brunette stood outside the bathroom door.

Moments later, she was surprised when a very naked Catherine threw the door open and grasped her collar pulling her down into a passionate kiss. She suckled on Sara's ear before whispering, "He wants to know when you're going to make an honest woman of me seeing as I told him we had slept together." She chuckled evilly.

"You did what? But, but, but I…we…I didn't." A very determined blonde kissing her sensually and tugging her into the bathroom cut off Sara's rambling.

"And, after Uncle Jim called me the next day, your mother and I went to see your Grampa. He had already arranged the wedding so all we had to do was turn up." Of course, Sara had left out that Catherine had had to get between Sam and Sara almost physically. Sam had been torn between wanting to half strangle and half hug Sara for seducing Catherine, and for keeping her safe. Sara had never corrected him in saying that it was a very persistent Catherine that had seduced her not the other way round.

When Sara had assured Sam that she had true feelings for his daughter he gave his grudging approval to the couple. Catherine hugged her father and then they agreed that the ceremony should take place the next day in the hotel grounds.

Oh, and if you are wondering. Jim had found out that Catherine's ex, Eddie Willows, was behind the threats. Eddie was never heard of again. Some say he had skipped town as soon as he heard that Sam's men had placed a hit on his head; some say that he had been taken for a long ride into the desert and executed. No one knew for sure and no one cared.

The End

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