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Something Wicked and Sexy Comes This Way
By Wend


For a change, and perfectly fitting for this Halloween night, it was a dark and stormy night in Las Vegas. Sara, of course, had worked another double shift. As she pulled up at the call address she looked over at the house which looked dark and uninviting. Sara sighed as she made her way to the back of the Tahoe and lifted out her kit. Walking up to the slightly open front door, she nodded to the skittish looking rookie on guard.

"Hey, is my colleague already here?" she asked the uniformed man. She recognised him from another crime scene and was not impressed with his leering at her body. She frowned as she only got a slight nod.

After turning to survey the yard and the Tahoe, Sara turned quickly back to the young Officer and growled, "Are you staring at my ass, AGAIN?"

The Officer's radio crackled to life and Sara could see the relief in his eyes as the control room conveyed details of a nearby burglary in progress. Hesitating, as he looked at the house and then back to Sara, she asked him if the house had been cleared. He nodded and she told him he was released from watch.

As he ran to the patrol car he yelled back something about avoiding the basement area before slamming into his car and speeding off.

"Hey, wait!! What...Why?" Sara yelled at the retreating Officer's car. Frowning again she checked her side arm and reached for her Maglite. Clicking the torch on she entered the front door and swept the hall before carefully making her way in.

Muttering under her breath, she searched the ground floor and first floor for her missing colleague. "Hey, is anyone here!" Sara yelled walking back through the ground floor. Suddenly she noticed a door she hadn't seen before.

"Damn it, I hate Halloween. I hope the guys aren't playing around. I've just pulled a double and am not in the mood." She grumbled. When she tried the door it slid open with a loud creak. Sara rolled her eyes as every scary movie flitted through her head. "Oh man, this is such a cliché!"

Propping the door open with a nearby chair she stepped into the dark stairwell. Each step down into the basement seemed louder than necessary as her boots hit each bare step. Halfway down she noticed the smell. Hesitating slightly she drew in a deep breath and identified it as sweet incense. The cloying sweetness grew as she proceeded; reaching the bottom, she jumped as the door at the top of the stairs slammed with a boom loud enough to rock the house. Sara dropped her case and turned quickly back towards the stairs, only to be overcome with dizziness. She felt slender strong arms circle her waist and, as she became weaker, hands held her securely to the feminine body behind her.

"Wait, who?" Sara gasped out just before she blacked out.

Sara groaned slightly as her head felt like she had been out the night before, drinking heavily. As she became more aware she realised that she was tied to a frame of some sort, and, even more worrying, she was naked and blindfolded.

As she tested her bonds, she heard a slight creaking sound about four feet in front of her. "Who's there? What have you done with my partner?" Her voice sounded firm.

She heard the person shift on a seat and then the heat of a hand land softly on her abdomen; her muscles tensing at the unexpected touch. "Uh!" She gasped. Her body automatically swayed away from the soft fingers tracing the outline of her muscles.

"Wait! You don't need to do this. You can still walk away free," she reasoned as another hand traced her left breast. Gritting her teeth as her nipple responded to the insistent touch. The person moved in closer and she could feel hot breath wash over her sensitive neck and throat.

Teeth closed over the skin of her neck where it joined her shoulder, just the right side of pain and an insistent suckling began. Her assailant had found Sara's Achilles' heal. Her body surrendered briefly to the arousal shooting through her shuddering body.

Panting, she tried again as the hand on her stomach started a maddening journey south. The nails gently scraped the tender skin before cupping her centre. "Jesus!" Sara's body jumped as her clit engorged and responded to the two fingers sliding either side of it squeezing rhythmically. "Please." Sara groaned.

By now she had realised her captor was a woman, the scent was faint but sure; a woman's arousal. Whoever it was, was also turned on. Her lips moved up to Sara's ear and she whispered, "Mine," before capturing Sara's lobe and sucking softly.

Sara swallowed hard against her body's responses. Tilting her head she tried to free her lobe. That voice sounded familiar but she was swimming in a tide of arousal, her body responding to the slightest touch of this woman.

She felt the fingers slide further down to her soaked entrance at the same time her blindfold was released. Shuddering hard she bit her lip as she tried to keep from begging.

"Open your eyes, Sara," the sensual voice purred in Sara's ear. Her eyes opened slowly and blonde hair came into her blurred vision. She gulped as her vision cleared and Catherine's body came in to focus. She was wearing a leather bra and thong, and, at her side, was a riding crop.

"Do you like my play clothes? I wear them when I want to bump and grind with a sexy slave, Sara, and I've wanted you for a long time. You may call me Lady Catherine." Catherine's voice sent shivers down Sara's spine.

"That's NOT a costume?" Sara rasped.

Catherine smiled evilly at the naked brunette and shook her head.

"No, Sara, and I intend to play with you for a long time. Lay back and enjoy." Catherine stepped back into Sara's space and began to lick and suck on her erect nipples, teeth nipping and tongue teasing the throbbing buds.

"Catherine." Sara moaned as Catherine's hands and mouth built Sara's arousal higher and higher. "Oh, Goddess." She gasped as Catherine sank to her knees and took Sara's throbbing clit into her mouth. Humming in pleasure she pulled back and looked up into her captive's eyes.

"Mmm, you taste divine, sweeter than a candy apple." She leaned forward again and feasted in earnest. Sara's body gave its tribute to Catherine's skill and she climaxed explosively; once again, she blacked out.

"Sara? Sara, wake up. Please wake up." Catherine's voice permeated Sara's mind.

"Not again, Catherine. I can't come anymore. Please let me sleep, baby." Sara groaned.

"Sara, you have to wake up. You've breathed in some fumes. We need you to wake up," Catherine pleaded.

Sara slowly opened her eyes and locked with Catherine's baby blues. As the rest of the world came into focus again she looked down Catherine's body taking in the blue button down shirt and black pants.

Frowning in confusion, Sara whispered, "Where are your clothes, Lady Catherine?"

Looking down at her clothes Catherine frowned and looked back at the dazed brunette on the gurney. "I'm wearing my clothes, Sara. What happened down there?" She bent over the prone woman as they were loaded into the back of the ambulance.

"I love you, Lady Catherine. I'm yours," Sara whispered barely awake.

"I love you, too, my Sara." Catherine stroked damp hair from Sara's forehead before leaning down and whispering into her ear. "Lay back and enjoy the ride. We'll work it out tomorrow."

Catherine looked out the back of the ambulance and smiled evilly at the ghostlike figure in the window of the dark house. "She's mine now. Thank you," she mouthed.

The End

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