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No More Good-byes
By Debbie

Sweat glistened tantalizingly on the muscles rippling so magnificently on Sara Sidle's long lean back as she grappled in the throes of passion with her cold and rigid blonde lover.

Catherine Willows smiled evilly as she watched the scene unfolding before her very eyes. She knew that she shouldn't really be watching, knew she would suffer in the long run, but the payback was more than worth it. Ever since the sacking and departure of her colleague and long-time nemesis, this had been her only release valve.

She watched as the lithe brunette snuggled into the side of the blonde beauty, stroking seductively along her lean torso. She leaned over and kissed the open lips beneath hers. Catherine could see Sara's strong, mobile tongue rimming the succulent yet pale lips of her lover in an evil parody of what she hoped she could watch later.

Catherine licked her lips, suddenly dry with the lust burning within her. She gasped as ebony eyes seemed to catch her gaze as they stared into her clear blue pair; eyes she knew would be steadily darkening with desire. Catherine looked away.

Sara smirked and proceeded to straddle the inert body of her mate. Sitting back onto her haunches she reached forward to cover both of the pert, small breasts in front of her. Feeling rock hard nipples press into her palms she was unable to stop the groan of passion arising from her depths. Swaying her body forward, she pressed her own nipples to the hard points, and then rubbed up and down the hard, glistening abdomen reveling in the direct friction this afforded her throbbing clit. The anticipation was immense.

Lifting her ass high in the air, Sara gave Catherine a glimpse of her nether lips shining brightly with her sexual honey. Catherine groaned audibly, hearing the empty echo from the lonely room surrounding her. Frustrated and aroused she leaned backwards in her seat and began to slowly open the buttons of her blouse. To the sounds of deep kissing and sucking from Sara's mouth she opened the zipper of her pants and allowed her hand to descend downwards.

The brunette beauty performing her own dance of sexual pleasure kissed her way down her blonde partner's resting stomach and gently nuzzled over the waiting pubic bone, allowing her tongue to descend no further than was teasingly necessary. As Sara began to lap at her partner's swollen folds Catherine began to stroke her own already marble hard nipples. Watching Sara delve deeper and deeper within the passive blonde woman Catherine's body heat grew hotter and hotter.

Sara, now slowly moving her body in a purely sexual rhythm along the length of her lover for the night, moaned audibly her appreciation of the feelings coursing straight to her core to the watching Catherine. She then, slowly but deliberately, shifted her pussy over a hard waiting thigh and began to shimmy up and down.

All the while the watching redheaded woman mimicked the show being given to her eyes. Her hand hovering over her pubic bone she felt the delicious tingle of approaching release all the way to her toes. Timing gentle light strokes of her pussy from front to back with Sara's thrusting tongue, the pressure and wetness built to a crescendo. As if driven by a hidden melody the two lovers, one loving her own body and one loving her cold blonde partner, seemed to follow the same sexual song. As Sara circled the deep mouth with her tongue, Catherine circled her swollen clit with her finger.

Catherine was now wet and very ready for release. Glancing at the pair performing for her she saw that Sara was slipping and sliding easily, she too was wet and ripe. Suddenly, it was all too much for Catherine and she cried out, "Inside now, Sara."

Sara jumped in surprise, answering sharply, "Catherine? I can't!"


As always, unable to resist that tone of voice Sara did as commanded, entering her blonde companion forcefully with two fingers. Still it was Catherine that answered her actions as she copied Sara by thrusting two fingers deep inside herself, she cried out, "Oh my God, Honey, do that again."

Sara did, over and over again, steadily speeding up her thrusts then slowing down to stroke lazily around the entrance. All the time Sara was stroking her babe, Catherine was stroking herself while giving a running commentary in her most seductive, coarse and horny tone, matching her actions to those of the watched brunette.

"Can you feel me, Babe? So wet and dripping for you. Feel how my body is warm and waiting just for you. Oh Jesus! Feel my cunt holding you Sara. Gentle, gentle, now hard. Oh, feel me Sara, feel me holding you. Velvet gloves. Sweet nectar. All yours Babe, stroke me where I like it. Oh yes, Babe, that's it. Right just there. You know it. Only you."

Hearing the words from Catherine in her ears, Sara was getting nearer and nearer her own edge as she slithered on the hard thigh causing glorious friction and heat. She could tell Catherine was nearing her release, as the words became even more coarse and demanding.

"Fuck me. Harder. There, that's right. Oh Jeez. Come with me, my Sara. Come with me."

Lifting her head up with difficulty, Sara peered into navy eyes, deep with desire and the rush of upcoming orgasm. She reached out her hand, to see one of Catherine's reaching towards her. Simultaneously, the body beneath Sara forgotten, the two women whispered the words, "I love you."

It was enough to throw Sara over the brink of orgasm, and her cries of wanton release dragged Catherine over her own precipice.

For a few moments all that could be heard were the sighs of two women sated and released by love. Suddenly, Sara's cell rang out sharply. Once again lifting her head, she saw the telltale pinpoint of light indicating that the web-cam had been switched off.

She picked up her cell and answered hoarsely, "Is that you, Babe?"

The sweet voice of her lover answered, "God, I love you, Sara. Don't you ever forget that? You are amazing, that was amazing."

Sara groaned, "Yeah, Cat, amazing. But, I want *you*." Adding with a smile in her voice, "Annie's about as responsive as a... well you know what!" She looked down at the fetish doll that Catherine had had carefully delivered to her new workplace that morning, tied up with a pink bow and sporting a note of this rendezvous time.

"Sorry Hon! I love you too much to really share you with another, and I *was* desperate. Lady Heather told me that Annie was quite receptive, you know." Catherine chuckled as she imagined her staid lover's face right at this moment. Wanting to thrill her a little more, she whispered, "Did you get there, my Sar?"

"Of course I did, Hon. How could I not, you were with me? I love you, I love your voice, I love your passion, but more than anything, Catherine, I love *you* and *me* *together*. I want..." Her words trailed off as she realized she was about to beg that Catherine moved to live in California.

Deep down she knew that was an impossible dream. Catherine, and Sara for that matter, had Lindsay's welfare to consider. She couldn't expect her two Willows ladies to just uproot themselves from Las Vegas because she had a whim to finish her Ph.D. After being sacked by the LV crime lab she had wandered back into study at her old Californian University. She whispered sadly, "I'm sorry Cath, I don't mean to... you know... it's just I miss you and Lindsay so much."

"Yeah, about that?" answered Catherine. "I've been thinking. Linds needs a vacation and I need you. I'm owed a lot of leave. So why don't we both come over to stay with you? Maybe we could get a realtor to find us a family house, and find a school for Linds, and see if I can get a transfer, and... Sara? Are you listening?"

Sobbing quietly Sara couldn't believe what she was hearing, "What are you saying, Catherine?"

"I hate saying goodbye to you. I can't do it anymore. If you'll have us, me *and* Lindsay, we want to come and be with you." Then, smirking, she added in a teasing voice, "After tonight's little performance, I just can't risk losing you to one of those San Francisco dolls, now can I?"

"No way, Cath. It's only ever been you. I love you (both of you). No more good-byes, that's all I ever wanted. No more good-byes."

The End

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