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Play of Seduction
By Debbie


*"What's the rule? How long do I have to be here before I start kicking in for gifts? "*

*"When the spirit moves you, Sara. So, in your case, I guess, never. "*

'That was four years ago, damnit, I guess she took me at my word.'

Catherine Willows was in the break-room with three of her 'family'. She had four presents carefully opened in front of her. Each of her male colleagues had bought a well thought out gift.

From Gil, her longest and closest friend: a small cuddly Tarantula, to share her pillow with.

From Warrick, the tall beautiful soul she shared everything with: a watercolor painting of Lake Mead, to remind her of their time together.

From Nick, the happy Texan she saw as a younger brother: the Chem Lab 500 her daughter never received all those years ago, to teach her the finer skills of investigating.

From Greg, the young carefree CSI wannabe she loved like a son: a CD of loud rock music, to convert her from a 41 year-old to a 21 year-old.

But from Sara Sidle, her female colleague and adversary, nothing.

Catherine had really thought this would be the year she finally received a present from the younger woman who had recently come to mean more to her than she had ever dreamed possible.

Suddenly, Greg appeared in the doorway carrying a small cake box. He handed it to Catherine with an apology. He had gotten caught in the lab and had forgotten his task of delivering the cake.

Catherine looked at the guys with a question in her eyes. They shrugged. As she took off the pink ribbon she felt rather than saw Sara enter the break room. Inside the box was a small square cake bearing the question:

*Is it love?*

Shocked, Cath looked around her once again. Sara almost wore a smile but it was so subtle the older CSI nearly missed it. Underneath the cake she spotted a small greeting card. Pulling it out surreptitiously she read the words,

*Catherine, Will you have dinner with me tonight, just you, me and the moonlight? Sara*

The blonde caught the eye of the brunette as Warrick asked to be let in on the secret of the sender. Catherine smiled from ear to ear as she answered with a chuckle, "Not telling, that would spoil my surprise, but just so you all know, my answer is yes."


Catherine Willows was sitting in a secluded bistro awaiting the return of Sara Sidle. A wonderful night of food, chatting and gentle flirting had passed when Sara had excused herself for a comfort break.

That was 20 minutes ago and Catherine had the distinct impression that something else was afoot. The blonde woman glanced at her watch and was surprised to see it was nearly midnight on a beautiful moonlit night. She thought about the day just gone: her 41st birthday and one of the best she had ever had. In front of her were the presents from her family. Smiling she fingered the card of the biggest surprise,

*Catherine, Will you have dinner with me tonight, just you, me and the moonlight? Sara*

Sara Sidle, her colleague and at last her friend. But, was there something else? Catherine felt like this had been a date, and she hoped, more than she thought possible, that Sara thought it was a date too. Deep in thought she hardly noticed the manager appearing by her side. A polite cough alerted her to his attendance. She looked up into amused eyes. He passed her another small cake box and a remote control handset. Indicating the adjacent stage with his eyes, he whispered, "Enjoy your present, Ma'am." The building is all yours."

Bemused, Catherine opened her new cake box. Inside was a matching cake, iced with one word:


Again there was a small greeting card. She pulled it out and read the words:

*Catherine, My present is onstage. Press the red button and then the blue button. Be with you very soon. Sara x*

Chuckling at the secrecy she pressed the red button and the bistro lights dimmed while a small spotlight appeared on stage. Pressing the blue button, she sat back in anticipation.

Guitar rhythms filled the air with the sultry tones of one of Cath's favorite singers and Sara entered the spotlight wearing a long black leather coat. Smiling seductively at Catherine, she threw off the coat while beckoning Catherine to join her. Catherine almost forgot how to breathe at the sight that greeted her. Drawn, like a moth to a flame, she stood.

Sara stepped off the stage and held out her hand, "Dance with me."



Sara Sidle, dressed in sleek black trousers and a matching shirt with tan, leather ties criss-crossing their way down a perfectly formed upper body, held out her hand towards a shell-shocked Catherine Willows. The tall brunette repeated her words, "Dance with me?"

Entranced by this vision of perfection all Catherine could do was whisper, "Okay," before following the brunette onto the stage.

Once onstage Sara placed both her hands on Catherine's hips and drew their bodies together. Catherine's hands migrated to hang around Sara's neck. Leaning slightly backwards they danced slowly and sensuously while staring into each other's eyes.

Catherine vaguely registered the music had changed to another of her fave singers, Van Morrison, when her heart missed another beat at the words Sara whispered in her ear, "Undress me, Catherine"

Licking her suddenly dry lips, Cath managed a hoarse, "yes," before Sara leaned forward and took her lips in a dance of pure eroticism. The older woman could not suppress the moan that escaped her throat as she let her hands slide down the woman in front of her to hook her fingers in the lightly tied laces. Slowly, reverently, she pulled the black shirt apart, revealing full gorgeous breasts encased in more black leather.

Tracing the exposed bustier, Catherine felt her knees giving way and held onto Sara with all the strength that remained. Burying her face in the taller woman's neck she managed to whisper, "Oh my."

A loud chuckle from Sara almost broke the spell but not quite. She answered with a husky, "See something you like?"

Pulling back to stare into Sara's eyes Catherine grinned ferally, "You know, I do. Now undress me."

Chuckling at the hitched breath from Sara, Catherine turned her back and shimmied her hips hard against the leather trousers. She moaned throatily as she felt gentle fingers unzip her jumper, and an even gentler caress as the jumper was eased off of her shoulders and down her torso. Turning back to Sara, the normally confident blonde became unusually self-conscious.

The young perfection of Sara brought home the fact she was 41 years-of-age and no longer the dancer she once was. Sara saw the hesitation, and pulled the older woman into her waiting arms, "It's all right," she soothed. Cupping the heavy breasts before her, she added, "You are beautiful."

They kissed again and again, deeply and wantonly. Tongue caressed tongue, tongue caressed mouth, fingers caressed breast, back and forth, it was a dance built of desperate need. Catherine felt Sara's hands on the waistband of her jeans, undoing the clasp, her fingers creeping inside, stroking her. She felt herself tremble and knew she would fall any second. She pulled away slightly and whispered, "Sara?"

"What? Do you want me to stop?" Sara gasped.

Taking Sara's lips again, Catherine had no intention of stopping but knew that, if she didn't sit down soon, she would be collapsed on the floor. She groaned and dragged Sara over to a nearby sofa. Allowing herself the collapse her legs needed, she pulled Sara on top, murmuring, "Hell no... touch me harder... touch..."


Sara grinned and pulled herself up to straddle the other woman's hips. "Oh, I will, I will, but let's get out of these damn clothes, please. I hate being trussed up like a turkey"

Laughing out loud, Catherine replied, "Trust you to spoil the mood, huh? Come here." She reached up and pulled Sara's lips down to her own once again. This time the kiss was slightly less wanton, more sweet and defining. The older woman nipped gently at the younger woman's lower lip, then soothed it with a swipe of her tongue. "Tell me, Sara, why all these birthday presents? What changed your mind about us?"

Sara blushed. She had had feelings for Catherine from day one. Admittedly they were not all good ones, but deep down there had always been an underlying lust. As they had grown slowly closer, spending time with Lindsey and the guys, her feelings had become much more one-dimensional. She could now see it was purely love she held in her heart, but how could she say that to Catherine. She traced the outline of the older woman's lips and tried, "Last Year, I was too scared to say anything. This year, I am too scared to say nothing. Catherine, I want you."

Glancing up nervously, she saw a look in Catherine's eyes that wrung more words out of her, "Cath, what I'm trying to say is... um... I'm in love with you."

Catherine was astounded but over-joyed. Pulling Sara in for another deep kiss she used all her skills to convey her own feelings to the younger woman. Drawing back, she said, "And if you are in any doubt after that, I love you too. Now, finish what you started."

Permission granted, Sara kissed Catherine again, her tongue thrusting demandingly into Catherine's mouth. She began to kiss her way down the beautiful body beneath her, slowly but surely removing the clothes as she went. Once Catherine was naked in front of her it was Sara's turn to be self-conscious. Laying her full weight on Cath's body, she hid her head as she admitted, "Cath? I've never made love to a woman before."

Loving her more for the admission, the older woman whispered, "Don't worry, darling. I'll show you." She proceeded to roll the lithe young woman over and return the favor of clothing removal. Catherine then worshiped at the altar of Sara Sidle, sharing all she knew and more.

The intensity was nothing like either woman had experienced before. They learned from and with each other long into the night, taking each other to the edge and over, again and again. It was early morn before either woman dropped off into a light slumber.

Catherine woke first and pulled a waiting comforter over their entwined bodies. Hearing a noise she looked up and saw the amused face of a security guard. Chuckling, he apologized quietly, "Sorry Ma'am. Gus told me you might still be here. He said to tell Sara, the building is yours until noon."

With an embarrassed blush Catherine nodded. Once the man had disappeared she glanced at her watch. They had another four hours to snuggle and rest. Looking at Sara's beautiful body covered in the tell-tale signs of teeth and nail marks, and feeling her own corresponding marks and muscle soreness, she knew that was a rest they both needed desperately. Snuggling over into Sara's arms, she whispered, "Love you, Sara, don't ever forget that."

As her eyes drifted close, she heard the barest whisper back, "I won't, Cath, never."

Chuckling together they fell into slumber.


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