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If You Need A Reason
By gilligankane


From behind her, she can hear them talking; can feel Rigby staring at her.


"I sent out vibes," she hears Rigby saying. "I got nothing back, okay? So I'm leaving her alone."

She's never heard a more heart-warming statement – not since she started this job at least.

"Vibes." Behind her, she knows that Jane is smirking. "Really? Vibes?

Cho snorts. "That's where he stares at the back of her neck for several hours. Women love that." The sarcasm dripping from his voice causes Jane to let out a small chuckle and for a moment, she thinks that Jane is something other than an arrogant ass.


Because then she remembers him flirting with Lisbon and her throat gets tight and her mouth flattens into a thin, hard line.

"Could you put us on the terrace? It's more romantic," she remembers Jane saying into the phone.

"Van Pelt?" Lisbon's voice breaks her out of her reverie, drawing her back into the real world.


"Drinks? With the team?" Van Pelt thinks it over in her mind. She doesn't want to go out with the team, but she wants to go with Lisbon – Teresa – so maybe it's worth it.

And then Lisbon is touching her shoulder ever so lightly – her shirt cuffs tickling the ends of her hair and she can't help but wonder how the blue of Lisbon's shirt would match perfectly with the rug in her living room; can't help but wonder how Lisbon would fit perfectly in her bed.

She says yes.

The End

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