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Heroes And Slayers
By Raven Morbisk


Chapter 1

After Sunnydale had collapsed into a giant crater, the Scooby gang and surviving Slayers had set up base in Cleveland, to keep tabs on the Hellmouth there. Buffy and Dawn had gone traveling in Europe, currently residing in Rome, while Faith just wanted to go to Vegas.

As soon as she got out of the plane, she couldn't help but smile. Even though she loved the Slaying, she was happy to get just a little break from all the young Slayers. And thanks to Willow the uber-witch, she was no longer a fugitive. The talented hacker had erased her police files, after Faith promised her that she wasn't going to create a new criminal record.

'Gotta thank the Watcher when I get back for puttin' me in this classy hotel.' Faith thought with a grin as she took in her surroundings. The hotel slash casino was a whole world of difference compared to her previous stays.

Giles had accessed several bank accounts of the old Watcher's council and milked them dry. Using the money to build a Slayer's base in Cleveland with everything they needed and also sending Buffy and Dawn to Europe and Faith to Las Vegas where she would get a very decent room and enough money so she could regularly visit the casino. The two eldest Slayers deserved that much, he had said.

"Welcome to the Corinthian, can I help you?" A rather snobbishly looking guy asked from behind the reception. Faith eyed him for a minute then grinned and set her luggage down.

"Yeah, I got a reservation here. Faith Scooby?" Faith answered, chuckling under her breath at the name Xander and Dawn had chosen. The man began typing furiously.

"Ah, yes, miss Scooby." Faith grinned and winked at the man who was eyeing her peculiarly. She didn't exactly fit in with the normal clientele with her leather jacket and pants. He motioned for a bellboy to come over and gestured to her luggage. "Escort this young lady to her room, William." The young man motioned to her handbag but Faith shrugged it off.

"Nah, it's okay, Billy. I got this one; you take the other one." The brunette pointed to the one behind her, where she had the clothes she owned in them. The bag she was carrying had her precious dagger in, which had been waiting in a locker at the airport. Giles had mailed it to Las Vegas the week before and gave explicit instructions not to open the package to an old friend of his and that the package was to be placed in a locker at the airport. Faith was told severely that it was best that she didn't unpack the thing until she was out of the airport.

"Lead the way, kiddo." Faith said, grinning at the bellboy's effort to pick it up. He looked about eighteen years old, with sandy brown, spiky hair and blue eyes. She should've thought twice about packing her two new pairs of combat boots with steel tips and heels. And a box made from lead with a few stakes nailed together so it seemed it were wooden crosses, should they have wanted to check the box, and also some silver crosses in it. She didn't know why she wanted to take them with her; she figured it wouldn't make her feel so estranged from her destiny.

"Y'know, I used to know a guy named William, but we called him Spike." The brunette spoke when they entered the elevator.

"Why?" The young man asked, trying to keep his gaze away from the striking brunette.

"That's a weird story, don't wanna explain it. But he was a good guy, one of the few." Faith answered with a grim smile.

"What happened to him?" William inquired curiously.

"He died." She said, not wanting to go in it any further. The young man seemed to sense this and dropped the subject. Stepping out of the elevator, he took a turn left with Faith following him and went to the last door in the hallway.

"Here we are, miss." William said and pulled the keycard through the device, opening the door. He continued in the room and informed the brunette where the bathroom was and the bedroom but he had already lost her attention when the Slayer saw the size of the room.

"Is the room to your satisfaction, Miss Scooby?" William asked after he placed her suitcase in her bedroom.

"Yeah, 's perfect, Billy." Faith replied, still a little in awe of the room then turned to the bellboy "And call me Faith." She pulled out some money and studied it for a moment "I don't know what the usual tip thingy is but here's a fifty." She said, giving him the money. He smiled his goodbye and left the room.

"Yeah, boy. This'll do just fine." She said to herself and opened the window to the balcony. It was still light out. She stepped onto the balcony and grinned happily, like a little child in a candy store.

It was dark now and Faith was walking around, not in any particular direction. She was deep in thought about her destiny. She knew she was still a long way from redemption and didn't want to be too long away from her duties. Her head snapped up when she sensed vampires in her vicinity. She looked around but didn't see anything out of the ordinary, then her eyes fell on a boy walking alone with his head down, going in the direction of a dark alley, her senses were screaming at her that something wasn't right. She decided to follow the boy when he was suddenly surrounded by five vampires. The boy looked around in terror, trying to find a way out but they were circling him.

"What's a boy like you doing here all by yourself?" One of the vampires asked in a taunting way. The boy started whimpering and ducked when the vampire that spoke made a grab at him but his hand never reached the boy. He dared looking up and saw a young woman fighting off the vampires. The colored boy scrambled away when he noticed the vampires' attention was no longer on him and hid behind a dumpster, cautiously looking at the woman, fighting in such a way he had never seen. The power that the woman possessed reminded him of someone. He watched on as the brunette plunged a wooden stick in each vampires' chest and they all exploded into dust.

"Hey, kid?" The woman called out when all the vampires' were gone. The boy carefully emerged from behind the dumpster, trembling and looking around frightened.

"What were those things?" He asked with a shaking voice.

"They're gone now, you okay?" Faith knelt down and tried to look in his eyes. "What the hell are ya doin' here by yourself anyway, kid? Shouldn't you be like at home with your parents or somethin'?"

"I…, my dad died and I just needed some time to be alone. I didn't know it was this late already." He replied.

"Come on, I'll take ya to your mom then." Faith stood back up and placed a hand on his shoulder "Where to, kiddo?"

"The Corinthian, me and my mom are staying there for a couple of days." He replied, still slightly trembling. As they started walking he took deep breaths to calm him down, slowly but steadily it was working.

"'S cool, I'm stayin' there too. I'm Faith by the way." She said, shooting a smile down at the boy who smiled back.

"I'm Micah. Could you come up with me? I'm thinking my mom's gonna be angry if she thinks I'm by myself." The boy asked.

"Sure, kid." Faith squeezed his shoulder warmly. The two started talking about little things as they made their way back to the hotel.

'This is one smart kid, if Robin wasn't still alive I'd say it's his.' Faith thought, shaking her head at the memory of the former principal and the way they parted. It was because Faith had been self-conscious again and she had gone drinking, only to come back to find Robin and one of the older Slayers in bed. Robin claimed that she put something in his drink but Faith didn't believe him. The last time she saw Robin was when he took his bags and left Cleveland after she had repeatedly said that she didn't want to be in the same room as the one guy she thought was different than the others.

"This it?" Faith asked, when they came to a halt at a hotel room. Micah nodded shyly and Faith knocked the door loud enough. She heard someone rushing through the room and within two seconds the door flung open to reveal a woman with red eyes, obviously from crying.

"Micah." She breathed and hugged the boy for dear life. "Don't you ever, ever, EVER do that to me again, I just lost D.L., and I can't lose you too." She whispered for the boy to hear, not knowing that Faith could hear her as well.

"I'm sorry, mom. I didn't realize it was this late already. And then Faith found me and brought me back." Micah said, the woman seemed to just realize that Faith was standing there too. She let go of Micah but left one hand on his shoulder as she stood up and now faced the brunette.

"Thank you, Faith is it?" the blonde woman inquired.

"Yeah, I was there just in time to see some muggers or whatever closin' in on him so I scared 'em off. I suggested takin' him home 'cause I didn't think it was safe for him to be out on his own." She shrugged and ruffled through Micah's hair "Some kid you got there."

"You didn't just scare them off; you beat the crap out of them." Micah grinned up to his savior.

"Thank you so much, Faith. I don't know what I would've done if something happened to him." She smiled gratefully at the brunette who wasn't used to someone being so grateful.

"No problem." The infamous smirk firmly plastered on her face.

"I'm Niki, by the way." The blonde held out her hand and Faith shook it. She looked in the blonde's eyes and for a second they seemed to change, like it was someone else, for just a split second.

"Hey, y'know, I'm stayin' here for a couple of weeks and I was wonderin' if you guys would wanna keep me company some time this week." Faith asked, tilting her head a little to the side with a crooked smile.

"Yeah, can we, mom? Faith's really cool." Micah jumped up and down. Niki seemed to think hard about this but looking at her Faith could see she was just teasing her son.

"Okay, I'll buy you dinner then. As a thanks." Niki replied and flashed another smile at Faith.

"I'll pay for my own food; I eat like a horse but thanks anyway." The brunette replied "Besides, havin' the company of gorgeous lookin' thing like you and her cool son is enough thanks for me." Not caring that her words were anything but subtle she added a wink. Receiving a blush from the blonde Faith smirked a little smug.

"I'm gon' go now. I'll be around so let me know when you wanna grab some dinner." Faith said, not pushing her luck. She ruffled through Micah's hair again and winked at Niki.

"Bye, Faith." Micah called after the retreating brunette. When she disappeared in the elevator Niki and Micah went in their room. Niki cast one more glance at the elevator and shut the door.


Chapter 2

The next morning, Faith woke in a pleasant mood. Stretching in her bed and purring like a kitten, she grinned when she took in her surroundings.

'I could get used to wakin' up like this.' She thought with a small smile. The sun was already up seeing as it was just past eleven a.m. so Faith stayed in her bed for just a few minutes longer. Her thoughts lingered to the blonde she met last night.

'Pretty little thing. Micah's a cute kid, too. Smart and cute. Just like…' She stared up at the ceiling, willing her thoughts about Robin, which had started invading her mind, away. She shook her head angrily. 'Stupid jerk, make me think you were a good guy. Been gone for a few hours and screw some baby Slayer bitch, why don't ya.'

Sitting up, she wiped a single tear away that had found its way down her cheeks. She stepped out of her bed and opted for a little exercise. She dropped on the floor and started doing her push-ups. When she reached a hundred she sat down and began doing sit-ups. After she reached a hundred of those she went back to a hundred push-ups and afterwards a hundred sit-ups again. It was nothing compared to her training in Cleveland but it helped her to wake up fully. When she was done she hopped up and headed in the shower.

'Maybe give the Watcher a call, jus' in case they're missin' me already.' Faith thought with a smirk, as the water cascaded around her. She couldn't help but wonder if they really did miss her, if did they actually notice she wasn't there. She wasn't someone to get easily attached to someone, but that damn Scooby gang made it too easy. Especially Buffy, her sister Slayer and big sister to everyone of the gang.


"You better not get yourself killed, Faith, or I will bring you back to life just so I can kill you." Buffy said with a chuckle. They were standing at the airport where Buffy and Dawn were about to board their plane. The whole gang was there to say goodbye but Faith was the only one who was standing with Buffy and Dawn next to the gate. She surprised the others and herself as well when she pulled the blonde in a hug.

"Y'know you're the only one who can kill me, B." The brunette chuckled, holding the older Slayer close. Closing her eyes to keep the tears in, she smiled grimly when the blonde who was starting to cry.

"Oh, God. Look at me; I'm acting like I'll never be back." Buffy pulled back and wiped her tears.

"With our lifestyle, ya never know, B. You better get that scrawny ass back to Cleveland when you're done annoyin' Europe. And remember to bring the brat along with ya." Faith grinned at the younger Summers woman.

"I'm more likely to ditch her. Europe has all the hotties." Dawn smirked.

"Okay, big sis, looks like ya gotta go." Faith smiled but it didn't reach her eyes. Saying their final goodbyes, the two Summers women walked through the gate, leaving Faith and their other friends. When Faith caught up with the rest of the Scooby gang she shrugged casually.

"Like I'm the only one who's gon' miss that little bitch." She said with some irritation in her voice when they looked at her with a small smile.

—End Flashback—

A week after Buffy and Dawn left, so did Willow and Kennedy. Faith didn't understand what those two were still doing together. She liked Kennedy, and she loved the redheaded witch like a sister but just not together.

'Guess that's somethin' I'll never get.' She shrugged at her own thought, walking in her room in search for some clothes. She grabbed her suitcase and swung it on her bed. She took out a pair of combat boots, a pair of dark jeans and a white tank top. When she finished lacing her boots, she pulled her pants over it. She pulled out the leaden box and took out a silver cross on a chain. She pocketed another silver cross and then took her precious dagger from her handbag, putting it in the back of her pants. Before leaving the room she grabbed her leather jacket and put it on.

In the meanwhile two stories down, a blonde was talking to her reflection in her bedroom.

"I don't like women that way." She said but her reflection rolled her eyes.

"Is that why you were blushing, Niki?" The mirror image countered, crossing her arms.

"She gave me a compliment, Jessica. You know I'm not used to getting compliments from women." Niki sighed and sat down on her bed, still looking at the mirror by the dresser.

"Is that it or is it because you don't want to rush in anything after D.L.?" Jessica raised her eyebrow, daring Niki to deny it.

"Well, yeah, he just died three months ago. That's not something to forget that easily. Micah's hurting, too." The blonde on the bed shook her head wearily.

"I know that, Niki, I was there too, remember? But if I can see that Micah looks up to the girl, I bet D.L. can see it, too."

"I'm not ready, Jessica. Even if I was attracted to women, I'm still not ready. For God's sake, why don't you get that?"

"You're deluding yourself, baby. I am you, I know you're ready, you're just scared." Niki was about to retort when her bedroom door opened, revealing her son standing in the doorway with a slight confused expression on his face.

"Mom? Or is it Jessica?" He inquired, stepping in the room cautiously.

"It's me, baby. We were just having a disagreement, but it's me." Niki stood up and walked over to her son.

"Are we going to eat, soon?" Micah asked. Niki nodded and took her son's hand.

"We weren't finished, Niki." Jessica said calmly from the mirror.

"Yes, we were, Jessica." The blonde replied in an equal calm voice, closing the bedroom door and leaving the hotel room with her son.

"I think Faith could kick Jessica's butt. Or scare her." Micah spoke when Niki pressed the button of the elevator.

"Why do you think that?" The blonde asked, looking at her son with a small smile.

"Faith is pretty strong, mom. Yesterday she kicked one of those bad guys so hard that when he crashed in the wall, the bricks just broke and she wasn't even tired or anything." He explained.

"She doesn't look that strong." Niki smiled at her son who rolled his eyes.

"And Jessica does? Maybe she's the same as you and maybe Faith has an alter ego or Faith is the alter ego." Micah questioned aloud. Niki stroked his hair adoring and chuckled softly at his imagination. The chance of that being true is there but it's a very small chance. When the elevator opened they were pleasantly surprised to see the subject of their discussion leaning against the back of the elevator. Niki glanced in the reflection and saw Jessica smirking, fully enjoying it.

"Hi, Faith." Micah said with a grin and high-fived the young woman.

"Hey, kiddo. How're ya doin'?" She asked the boy then looked at Niki with a smile "Hi, Niki."

"Mom, can we show Faith around? She's never been to Vegas before." Micah asked as the elevator closed.

"I don't know, sweetie, unless Faith already had plans?" Niki directed her attention at the brunette who shook her head.

"Nope, no plans. Well yeah, I was plannin' on hirin' a guide who talks too much but hey, if I can get two guides, all the better for me, y'know." She smirked, once again seeing a change in Niki's eyes. Behind Faith Jessica was smirking and gave a nod that Niki should go for it.

"Okay." Niki said and smiled at the brunette.

Several hours later the three were still wandering around Vegas. Faith had Micah sitting on her neck and was talking to Niki about her life in Cleveland, deliberately leaving the Slayer parts out.

"So when my sisters went to Europe I decided to take a trip myself. Red and her girl were leavin' for South-America so the Wa- I mean, Giles set me up with some money and sent me here." Faith told the blonde.

"What about your boyfriend? Why isn't he with you?" Micah asked from her shoulders.

"Don't have a boyfriend, so I'm all yours, cutie." Faith grinned and nudged the boy on her shoulders. Micah laughed and almost fell off but Faith had a firm grip on him and put him on the ground.

"How come you don't have a boyfriend? You're attractive to say the least." Niki gave Faith a crooked smile which Faith returned with a smirk.

"I had a boy, then I found him in bed with some skanky-," she bit her tongue and grinned at Micah before continuing "I found him in bed with 'nother girl, so I broke it off."

"I'm sorry." Niki said with a small smile.

"Five-by-five, babe." Faith shot a sideways grin at the blonde. "Y'know, I'm getting' pretty hungry, you wanna grab somethin' to eat? My treat."

"Sure, but I'll pay for dinner," she held up her hand to stop Faith from protesting "I don't care how much you eat, it's my treat."

"Don't bother arguing with my mom, Faith. She can be relentless." The boy spoke up, shaking his head smiling when Faith was about to protest again. Sighing Faith nodded in agreement and motioned for the blonde to lead the way.

Niki and Micah led the way to a small, insignificant restaurant. When Niki went to the restroom Micah turned to Faith and motioned her to come a little closer.

"I know those guys yesterday weren't muggers, I don't even think they were human but you already know that, don't you?" Micah stated more than he questioned. Faith tried to hide a grin at his inquisitive mind.

"Yeah, you're right, but it's our secret, 'kay? Don't wanna worry your mom." She winked at the boy who nodded in response.

"But you're really strong, aren't you? I saw how you kicked those guys around. And earlier you picked me up like it was nothing." Micah was dying to ask those questions all day long but didn't in front of his mom, because he knew that Niki would make him stop.

"I'm a pretty strong chick, yeah. Now shut up, your mom's comin'." Faith grinned as Micah winked at her and sat up straight in his chair.

"What were you guys talking about?" Niki asked suspiciously with a small grin when she took her seat.

"Nothin' important, babe. Just some comic stuff and all." Faith replied, winking at the boy who tried to look innocent but failed immensely with his fake angel eyes and toothed grin.

"Yeah, right." The blonde muttered and took a menu, ignoring the chuckles coming from Faith and Micah.

When dinner was over, Faith had succeeded in paying for her share. She had astounded Niki and Micah with the amount she had ordered and finished everything; she even had a few deserts as well. When they inquired her about it she merely grinned and stated she had a fast metabolism. By the time they made their way back to the hotel it was dark, Micah noticed that Faith was extra alert so he occupied his mother with strongly exaggerated stories, so Niki wouldn't question the brunette about her watchfulness.

"So, thanks for walking us to our room." The blonde spoke as she opened the door. Micah ran in the room, needing to use the bathroom. Leaning against the doorjamb she looked at the brunette seductively.

"Thanks for hangin' out with me." The brunette shrugged with a smirk.

"Do you wanna come in for a while?" Faith looked her in the eyes and sighed, shaking her head. 'Perfect, I meet someone great; turns out it's a schizo or somethin'.'

"I would, if Niki was askin'." She said, putting her hands in her pockets.

"What are you talking about?" The blonde straightened herself and shot Faith a crooked smile.

"I don't know who you are, but you ain't Niki." Faith replied. "Y'know what, tell Micah goodbye for me and tell Niki to call me." With that the brunette turned away and disappeared in the elevator.

"What the hell?" Jessica whispered and closed the door after she entered the hotel room. Looking in the mirror she saw Niki standing there with her arms crossed, eyebrow raised defiantly and a firm smirk in place.


Chapter 3

"Okay, Micah, can you tell me what floor she got off?" Jessica asked the young boy. Micah shrugged but placed his hand over the elevator button.

"The twelfth floor. She's in room 1212." Micah looked at Jessica "You're not going to hurt her, are you?"

"What? No, baby. I just wanna know how she knew I wasn't Niki." Jessica replied and pressed the elevator button.

"Then let mom ask her, I like Faith and I think my mom likes her, too." The boy offered.

"That's exactly why I need to ask her. Now, you go to bed and we'll be back in time to tuck you in." The blonde smiled sweetly when the elevator arrived.

"I don't need you to tuck me in." Micah grumbled but turned and went in their hotel room. Jessica sighed at her reflection. Niki was glaring at her, making clear she absolutely hated being stuck.

"Leave her alone, Jessica." Niki spoke but Jessica ignored her, when the elevator stopped on the twelfth she made her way to room 1212. Halfway through the hallway Niki emerged, fighting to stay in control.

"No, she didn't do anything wrong." She hissed in a hushed tone. After a few minutes of struggling Jessica took control again and continued her way to Faith's room. Reaching the room, she closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, hoping Niki wouldn't resurface in the middle of the conversation that she was planning to have with the brunette. She raised her hand and knocked loudly on the door. It took a few moments but there she was, wearing a pair of shorts and a sports bra. Faith's hair was pulled back in a sloppy ponytail and she was panting lightly.

"What do you want?" She asked harshly, crossing her arms in front of her Jessica saw the wrapped hands, assuming she was doing some boxing exercises.

"I thought we could talk." The older woman suggested. Faith rolled her eyes but opened the door further to let the woman in.

"Not here, there are cameras everywhere. Meet me up at the roof in ten minutes." Jessica smirked and turned to the elevator, turning only to wink at the brunette.

"Great." Faith muttered. She closed her door and unwrapped her hands, throwing the wrappings carelessly on the floor. She grabbed her jeans, replacing her shorts. She then snatched her tank top and pulled it over her sports bra. After that she let her hair loose, ruffling though it.

"Date with a schizo, why the hell not. At least I didn't date two souled vampires." She muttered aggravated. "Of course, she could be screwin' with me and standin' on the roof with an axe." She mused and shrugged when she put her dagger in the back of her pants. 'Just in case she goes all psycho on my ass.' She thought indifferently and left her room.

Reaching the top floor, she saw an open door and cautiously walked over to it. Looking around, she didn't see anyone and walked up the stairs to the roof. When she got on the roof she smiled to herself, knowing that this woman who wasn't Niki was planning on surprising her. She swiftly turned around, dagger in hand, to face Jessica who had a gun pointed at her head. Faith held at the dagger against the blonde's neck.

"I could slice your neck before ya get a chance to pull that trigger, so be a smart girl and put it down." Faith smirked. To her surprise the blonde woman snorted and cocked her head to the side.

"I don't think so, baby. I got a few questions for you." Jessica pushed the gun closer to Faith's head, causing the brunette to press a little harder in her neck.

"I'm not goin' anywhere with that gun pointed at me, so shoot." When Jessica raised an eyebrow, Faith rolled her eyes "The questions. Shoot whatever questions ya got."

"Who are you and how did you know I wasn't Niki?" The blonde asked casually as if she didn't have a dagger at her neck.

"I'm Faith Wilkins and dude, are you shittin' me? Everyone could've seen that you're not Niki." Faith laughed.

"Are you someone Linderman hired? If you are, don't think about getting paid, he's dead." Jessica asked, ignoring the laughter coming from the brunette.

"Who the hell's Linderman? Oh and in case you didn't notice," Faith said lingering a bit "You don't have your gun pointed at me anymore." She continued now standing behind Jessica, dagger against her throat.

"You're one of us." Jessica breathed.

"I don't know what the hell you're talkin' about but I got a question for you." She turned the blonde around and was right in her face, holding the hand that was holding the gun in between her legs tightly and the dagger still against the blonde's throat. "Who are you?"

"I'm Jessica. You could say I'm Niki's alter ego but I like to think I'm just her guardian angel." Jessica stared hard in the brunette's eyes whose strength was fascinating. Jessica knew she was strong but the brunette in front of her seemed to resemble her strength, without the alter ego.

"Does Micah know?" Faith inquired.

"Of course he knows." Jessica snapped.

"What did you mean with 'one of us'?" The brunette asked, taking the dagger just a little back but didn't lose her focus on her surroundings.

"People with special abilities. Enhanced strength, rapid cell regeneration, the ability to fly, manipulating time, things like that."

"No, not exactly. Look if I let your hand go; will ya play nice and drop the gun?" Faith questioned with a sweet smile, batting her eyelashes. Jessica rolled her eyes at the brunette but nodded. Faith grinned and moved back, putting the dagger back in the back of her pants, watching as Jessica put the gun also in the back of her pants.

"I'm not one of you; I don't fly or manipulate time although it does sound very cool." Faith grinned. "What 'bout you?"

"I've got enhanced strength; I use it to keep Niki and Micah safe from the wrong people." Jessica explained

"But ya also kinda are, y'know, takin' over Niki's body." Faith shot a wry grin.

"I'm doing it to protect her and her son!" The blonde snapped.

"I get that, but before, that wasn't protectin' Niki or Micah, that was just 'bout you wantin' to get laid." Faith smirked "Hey, I don't have anythin' against getting' laid, except if it's with the alter ego of the woman I like, that sorta freaks me out."

"I didn't think you'd notice." Jessica shrugged.

"Of course I noticed, you've got that whole strong, seductive thing going on and Niki's got that cute, sexy grin. Plus, the eye thing." Faith pointed out as an afterthought.

"The eye thing?" Jessica questioned confused.

"Yeah, you've got more of an assertive don't-mess-with-me-or-I'll-kick-your-ass look in your eyes but Niki's got more of a coy look." Faith clarified. Jessica seemed to think this through, staring at the brunette in front of her.

"I still don't get how you could be that fast if you're not one of us." She said after a few moments of silence.

"I'm, sorta special. Well, I was. I'm not very good at the big speech that usually comes with the package." The brunette shrugged and stuffed her hands in her pockets.

"Try, we wanna know what your deal is." To prove her point, Niki surfaced and smiled at Faith.

"Okay, well. There're these things that go bump in the night, 'kay? And me 'nd my big sis, B, are supposed to fight them but Red pulled some mojo and now every girl in the world that could be like us, now is like us. So B's kinda retired and I still help but I'm not that needed." Faith sighed, knowing that her explanation was even more confusing.

"I'd show you but I'm guessin' Micah is alone so I'll show you 'nother time."

"No, you can show us now." It was Jessica again. "Micah's safe in the hotel room."

"Fine, let's go. Don't freak out too much." Faith sighed and led the way back in the hotel. They first went to the brunette's room to take some precautions. After that they exited the hotel. Neither of the girls spoke as Faith led them to a dark alley. Seeing some vampires, she turned to the older woman and motioned her to be quiet and stay put.

"Hiya guys, what're ya doin' here so late?" The brunette said, startling the vampires. The blonde woman who was standing a few meters behind Faith watched on as Faith jumped into battle. Jessica had to fight herself for not joining the girl; there was no way that a girl like Faith could handle those… things. She saw how messed up their faces were and the growling was animalistic.

"Y'know," Faith quipped after delivering a punch in a vampire's face "I came to Vegas to enjoy some vacation, I've never been on vacation, y'see." She struck another vampire with a roundhouse kick "Unless ya consider the little trip to jail, but ya can hardly call that a vacation." She plunged her stake in a female vampire's chest who then exploded into dust. One down, three to go. Faith was skillfully fighting two vampires at the same time when Jessica noticed the one Faith had kicked away getting up and another one crawling up behind her.

"Faith, look out." She yelled. Right after Faith plunged her stake in the second vampire she turned just in time to see Jessica rip off the head of the sneaky vampire, watching it turn to dust.

"Nice one, Jessie." Faith grinned, twirling her stake in her hand and then turned around to throw it at the retreating vampire, hitting him in the back where his heart was. After another step the vampire was dust. There was one vampire left and before Faith could attack Jessica was already kicking his ass. The woman was showing off some good moves, ducking every hit the vampire tried.

"Jessica, catch." Faith called out and threw a stake at the blonde who instinctively bored it deep in his chest, watching it explode into dust.

"That was fun." She giggled and turned to Faith.

"That was my destiny, now it's a destiny shared by many." Faith said grinning. "You okay?"

"You normally do this every night?" Jessica asked, panting a little.

"Yeah, I love the rush." Faith smirked "But after a good slay, I usually have to get a cold shower."

"I can imagine." Jessica muttered under her breath. Faith heard and laughed.

"Looks like you got that, too. Sure you're not one of US?" She smirked. "I'll take ya back to your room, before Micah's starts wonderin' where y'are."

"Yeah, okay." It was Niki again; her body reacting as if it was her instead of Jessica who had been fighting the vampire. She looked at Faith with dark eyes. Faith licked her lips, feeling a little buzz from the slay but more from the way Niki was looking at her.

"You wanna head up to my room first?" Faith asked with a husky voice. Niki didn't respond verbally, she just nodded.

Reaching Faith's room, the brunette quickly opened her door. Turning to see if Niki had followed her in the room she was caught off guard by Niki's lips crashing on hers. The blonde kicked the door shut and wrapped her hands in the brunette's hair. Faith licked the blonde's bottom lip, sighing content when Niki opened her mouth. Faith picked the woman up in her arms who immediately wrapped her legs around the Slayer's waist.

"You sure 'bout this?" Faith asked, pulling away slightly.

"Shut up and kiss me." Came the response, close to a growl. Niki's mouth claimed Faith's again as the brunette made her way to the bedroom. She placed the blonde on the bed and pulled away just long enough to take off her clothes, then agonizingly slow removed Niki's clothing as well. Pressing her naked body in between the blonde's legs, she let out a mixture of a moan and a growl when the older woman tipped them over, so that she was lying on top.

'Gotta come to Vegas more often.' Was the last coherent thought coming from Faith for the remaining of the night.

Part 4

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