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The One Time Elizabeth Got to be Alex Again
By Babydykecate


Mary doesn't know why she's crying in front of a witness. It's most certainly not professional. It isn't like Mary to show weakness to witness- hell- it isn't like Mary to show weakness to anyone. Not to Marshall, not to her family... no one sees Mary crying except the mirror in the locked bathroom.

And yet Mary is now letting a witness watch her cry. A witness once known as Alex Cabot, now called Elizabeth.

Elizabeth doesn't ask Mary what's wrong. She just watches Mary with compassion, allowing it to be silent expect for Mary's sniffles. Mary thinks it may be the kindest thing anyone's ever done for her.

Mary feels like the world's crashing down on her, and she suddenly wants to be held. By Elizabeth. She hasn't let herself want to be held since her father left.

She takes a step toward Elizabeth. She doesn't know how to ask... if she can... if she should... Elizabeth saves her from her dilemma, pulling her into her arms. Mary doesn't know how Elizabeth knew that was what she needed- she doesn't need to- she's just grateful she did.

Elizabeth's arms are soft and strong at the same time. Mary feels safe for the first time in 48 hours.

"I was... I was kidnapped, Elizabeth," Mary whispers softly, her voice shaking. She breathes deeply, trying to calm down.

"It was horrible, Alex," Mary admits before letting go to sobs. Mary is too distressed to notice she said the wrong name.

Alex notices it, though. And it makes her feel alive again. After so many years in WPP, for one minute she's Alex again. Here, with a cop that needs her right now. Not the same cop she misses every night- the cop she had to leave behind...

But in this moment, this is enough for both of them.

The End

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