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Peluso Owes Me Fifty Bucks
By Sara


The office has finally quieted down on the Friday afternoon. Only a few ADA's stay to finish up paperwork before heading out to their friends and families for the weekend. By nine o'clock, only two are left, Jessica and Christina.

Jessica stays because she doesn't want to go home. She doesn't want to be alone. She's never sure what she'll do when she's alone. Usually she ends up at Jim's, they have sex, and she leaves a little more satisfied than when she came. But now that she broke it off with Jim, she has no one to turn to for the satisfaction she craves. The one thing she knows, though, is that she doesn't want to turn into her father, drunk all the time, irresponsible, always letting everyone down. Maybe that's why she works so hard to prove herself to everyone else.

Christina stays because she, like Jessica, wants to prove herself. She knows everyone thinks she won't make it in this world. That she's too naïve, too innocent, too plain. So she stays to change their opinion of her. Maybe if she toughens up, she'll win their respect, but for now, she works after hours, ignoring her friends calls pleading her to come have some fun, just so she can prove herself.

"What are you still doing here?" asks Jessica as she passes Christina's office on her way out.

"I could ask you the same thing," replies Christina. "Just finishing up some stuff."

"Me too. So how are you doing? I haven't really gotten the chance to talk to you in a while," says Jessica.

"I'm, um, I'm okay. Just kind of bogged down by the case load. What about you?" asks Christina

"Same. Ever since Jim and I kind of split, he's been loading my ass with case after case," says Jessica.

"Revenge for kicking his cute ass to the curb?" asks Christina with a smile.

Jessica laughs, "I don't know. Luckily the cases have been preventing me from seeing my dysfunctional family, so that's good I suppose."

"Yep. Listen, I'm about done, why don't we go out for drinks or something?" asks Christina.

"Actually, I am starving. How about we pick up Chinese and go to my place and watch chick flicks?" asks Jessica.

"As long as you have some alcohol related beverages at your place."

"We can pick something up on the way."

"Sounds great," says Christina.

The girls leave the office arm in arm in search of Chinese and alcohol. What they find is lackluster Mongolian Beef and some very powerful Rum 51 in Coke. As they watch their sappy Hallmark Channel romances, the girls find themselves scooting closer together, intertwining limbs in a drunken attempt to get comfortable on the too small sofa. Eventually Jessica's head is in the crook of Christina's arm, with her body lying comfortably between Christina's legs.

They are now on their third chick flick, DEBS, Christina's choice, and just getting to the good part, the kiss under the vault. As they watch the girl-on-girl action unfold on screen, Jessica begins to tense up under Christina.

"What's wrong?" asks Christina.

"Nothin'," replies Jessica.

"You're homophobic aren't you?" asks Christina.

"No, not at all. I got a cousin who's gay," slurs Jessica.

"So what's wrong?" asks Christina again.

"I just... have you ever done anything with a girl?"

"Once, in high school, just for the attention of some jocks at a party. You?"

"Never. I've had the opportunity, but I've never wanted to... until now."

"What do you mean?"

Jessica flips over and locks eyes with the beautiful brunette. "Christina... I think... I think I like you... in that way. I mean... I w-want to kiss you," Jessica babbles.

Christina bites her lip and smiles, "I think I like you too Jess."

Jessica, still unsure of herself, pushes herself slowly off of Christina so that she's hovering over her. Christina places her hands on either side of Jessica's face and pulls her lips down on her own. The kiss is soft and sweet, and even though both girls are totally inebriated, they enjoy it.

Soon, Jessica pulls away and smiles. "Thank you," she whispers to Christina. Her eyelids droop and eventually close. She lowers herself back onto Christina, nestling into the contours of her body, and eventually passing out. Christina smiles to herself and pulls the blanket that was on the floor over the both of them. Then she holds the sleeping beauty until she herself passes out from the Rum 51.

The last thoughts that run through her head before she succumbs to unconsciousness are, "My plan worked!" "I was right!" "She kissed me!" "Peluso owes me fifty bucks!"

The End

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