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A Woman's Power
By Athena


Chapter 1

Gaia paced in her new room, assigned to her by Lucretia on her husband's command. She bristled for a moment at the idea of having to ask a man's permission for such a thing, but then shook it off. There was no use dwelling on things she could not change. Rome had always been, and still was a man's world. Only by knowing this and accepting it could she successfully maneuver through Roman society, purposely bending it to her needs. She knew the rules, and she knew just how far she could bend them before she would cross the line and risk her freedom. It was indeed a game. A game of power and strategy, of allegiance and sacrifice. A game she had spent time to learn. A game she played well. She laughed softly as her thoughts went to her late husband for a moment. The fool had almost loved her at the end.

Men were for power and women for pleasure. This was something she had learned early on. Men were weak when it came to the female sex. A beautiful face and body, and the promise of a soft breast and a velvety secret hiding place for his manhood was more than enough to sway most men. It was part of the game, and she played it willingly. It was, after all, a small price to pay for power and luxury.

Gaia glanced around the room noticing for the first time the little decorative touches and the quality of the furniture. Things had indeed changed at the Batiatus residence. She touched the drapes and absentmindedly played with the fabric. Lucretia had changed too. She could feel more strength in her now, even though she still looked at the world through the eyes of an innocent. Gaia sighed. Giving Lucretia up had been one of the hardest things she had ever been forced to do. Though in the end it had been out of her control. Her husband had been transferred, and she had to go with him. She remembered crashing pottery and ripping her dress in agony, screaming out her anger at the gods for taking Lucretia away from her. When she had finally calmed down she only spared the covering slave girl a quick glance as she told her to clean up, before leaving for the baths. A soothing bath; perhaps that was what she needed? She looked over her shoulder at the slave girl standing there looking down. It was the sweet pretty one she had noticed earlier. So innocent and endearing; Gaia smiled.

"Are the baths still warm?"

"Yes Domina."

Gaia smiled and gently caressed her cheek. "Go and prepare it and wait for me there. Use rose petals and oils if there are any."

The girl nodded and left. Gaia smiled; perhaps Lucretia would join her in the bath. Getting giddy at the thought she hurried towards the main area of the house.

Gaia came to an instant stop when she heard the sounds. Her eyes widened. She had not heard the sounds of real lovemaking in a very long time. She slowly moved around the drapes and peeked into the room. A faint gasp escaped her lips as she saw Lucretia and Quintus. He had lifted her up on a table and was pounding into her. She was obviously enjoying it. Gaia swallowed as the primal lust transferred from Lucretia to her. She could almost feel her body build and quiver under her lover's touch. The delicious feel of Lucretia's body gripping her fingers as she neared her climax, Gaia shivered at the thought, and envied Quintus more than a little. She felt her nipples harden as Lucretia's sounds got louder. She slipped her hand inside her robe and touched her breast. Hot passion coursed through her body and she felt new wetness between her thighs. She pinched her nipple and gasped for air. She didn't realize that her other hand had moved to her center until she felt the fabric of her dress rub against her aching sex. She swallowed, unable to tear her eyes away from the two. Lucretia was still as beautiful as she remembered, and perhaps even a bit freer in her passion. She watched as Lucretia tossed her head back, her neck muscles straining. She licked her lips. How she ached to taste that neck again, to trace those slender curves with her lips and tongue. Quintus made a grunting sound and she was instantly jolted out of her silent musings. She slowly moved back into the shadows. The time was not yet right to join them. The game had barely begun. It was best if they did not know that she had seen them. She knew that when the time would come all the little pieces would have been put in place and she would be welcomed to join them with open arms. She turned and walked towards the baths.

The slave girl was there waiting for her. Gaia glanced around the room. Candles and oil lamps burned in several places. She could smell the scented oils in the water where little pink rose petals floated on the surface.

"Well done. Now disrobe me." The girl silently slipped the jewelry and clothing off of her. She looked up at Gaia's hair as if asking a question.

"Leave it." She had no interest in getting her hair wet and full of oil, and if the wig got wet, well so be it. She had several others. She held out her hand and the girl steadied her as she entered the bath. Once immersed in the warm water she sighed and closed her eyes for a moment. She had been right, this was what she needed. She looked up at the slave girl eying her carefully. She seemed clean. All Lucretia's slaves appeared cleaner than most. "Have you washed today?"

"Yes Domina."

"Is your body free from any blemishes or illnesses?"

The girl blushed and nodded. Gaia chuckled; perhaps the girl really was as innocent as she appeared. "Then take off your clothes and join me. You can wash me."

She watched her shed her dress and step into the water. She was indeed a pretty girl. She turned her back to her allowing her to wash her. Her hands were soft and she knew her job well. Gaia sighed as her tight muscles relaxed under the girl's hands.

"What's your name?"

"Diona Domina."

"A pretty name. What is your role?"

"I am Domina's servant. I do what she commands."

Gaia smiled. "In her bed as well?" The hands stilled for a moment. It was so short that Gaia didn't feel a need to reprimand her. She waited eagerly for the answer.

"No Domina."

"Have you been touched by a man's hands yet? Felt him quiver inside of you as he releases his seed?" This time the hands gripped her a little too hard and she slapped the hand on her shoulder.

"No ma'am. I'm sorry Domina," she whispered.

Gaia turned and faced her. She caressed her cheek and let her hand fall to the girl's breast. She saw a flicker of fear in her eyes before it changed to something else. She rubbed the nipple and giggled.

"Such a sweet innocent you are." Diona blushed. "Has no one ever touched you like this? Not even your Domina?"

Diona shook her head. "No Domina."

She let her hand fall. "Wash me."

Diona faced her and washed her shoulders and arms. Finally she ran her hands over Gaia's front, but stayed away from her breasts.

Gaia laughed. "What is it? Have you never washed a woman?"

Diona blushed. "Domina prefers to wash her breasts herself. I wasn't sure if I would be permitted."

Gaia smiled and took her hands. "You may."

Diona blushed again and ran her hands over Gaia's breasts. Gaia watched her face and saw her eyes widen a little when she felt the nipples under her hands.

"Your touch is very pleasant." She took a step up on the stairs, the water cascading off her body. She felt Diona's hands move over her stomach and lower back, then down her legs. She moved her feet further apart waiting to see if the girl would touch her. She felt a soft hand on the inside of her thigh, but it stopped before reaching Gaia's sex. She smiled down at her and immersed herself in the water again, rinsing her aching center. She moved closer to the girl and grabbed her head. She smelled her breath and was pleased when it smelled clean.

"Show me your teeth," she demanded. Diona opened her mouth, showing her a set of white clean teeth. Gaia smiled. Slaves always had better teeth than Romans. Perhaps it was because they did not have the luxury of honeyed wine? She didn't dwell on the reason. She pressed her lips against the girl's in a soft kiss. She felt her tense and then relax. "Easy little one," she soothed. "I'm not going to hurt you." She felt her relax and kissed her again. This time the girl responded. Gaia finally pulled away and smiled at her.

"Perhaps Lucretia will allow me to teach you the joys of loving a woman. I'm sure it would be a valuable skill for you to have."

Diona blushed and looked down. Gaia gently raised her chin. "No reason to be shy. Loving a woman can be as powerful as loving a man, perhaps even more so." She could tell that the girl was confused. Slaves had no power, much less a female slave. Gaia let go of her and indicated for her to get out. "Dry yourself," she said and relaxed back in the water. "and bring me some wine and honey cakes."

Gaia sighed as the warm water lapped around her body. She sipped the wine and then held up the goblet. It was taken from her hand before she could ask. The girl was quiet behind her. She tilted her head to the side to relieve some tension. She smiled when she felt a hand on her shoulder. A bold move for a slave to touch her without invitation. The hand just stayed there.

"Yes?" Gaia said with a chuckle.

"Domina often finds it relaxing when I rub her shoulders. Perhaps you would find it equally pleasing?"

Gaia chuckled. "I can think of another touch that I would find even more pleasing, but I suppose my shoulders will do for now." She smiled as she felt the hands tremble for a moment. Then she felt the warmth of hot scented oil on her skin and she sighed. "That is nice. I will have to thank your Domina for training you well." She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of the girl's hands on her neck and shoulder. After a while she sat up a little more, giving her more access to her upper back. The soft touch on her neck ignited the flame from earlier and she could feel her arousal rising again. She took the girls hand and pulled it down over her breast. She was just about to pull her into the water when she heard someone approaching. She pushed the girl away and held out her hand for the wine. She took the goblet from her. It was slightly slippery from her oily hands. A second later Lucretia swept into the room followed by two slave girls. She smiled at her.

"Lucretia! What a delight. I thought you had retired for the evening."

Lucretia lowered herself onto a cushion and signaled to one of the slaves to get her some wine. "I am not yet ready to close my eyes in sleep. I see you too have some trouble to relax."

Gaia laughed. "I find a long soak does marvels for both body and mind after a long journey. Perhaps you will join me?"

Lucretia smiled and nodded. "I am in need of a bath," she said and grinned.

Gaia bit her lip. "What have you been doing? Don't tell me that you actually did fuck one of your gladiators?"

"Gaia!" Lucretia said shocked. "How can you even think that? I was merely referring to being intimate with my husband."

Gaia sighed and made a face. "Such a boring activity, to perform your wifely duties."

Lucretia stepped into the water and sighed. "Perhaps if you cared for your husband the way I do for mine, it would not have felt like a chore?"

Gaia smiled at her. "Perhaps. I still find a man's touch inadequate to a woman's."

Lucretia smiled and sat down across from her. She took the offered wine from the slave girl and eyed Gaia. "The years have been kind to you. Your body still looks the same as when I last saw you, perhaps even more alluring."

"Alluring? Lucretia, you make me blush," Gaia said and giggled.

"Nonsense. You know that you are a beautiful woman Gaia."

Gaia smiled and her eyelashes fluttered a little. Lucretia grinned.

"So tell me, what did your stud of a husband do to you that you found so rewarding? I can't even remember when last I found a man's touch satisfying."

"His passion has no limits when the gods smile on him. He's like a wild Mars in the heat of battle."

"So I take it that dear Quintus is well endowed then?" Gaia teased with an evil grin. Lucretia blushed.

"I have no complaints."

"What about your slaves?"

"What about them?"

"When you are unavailable, doesn't he relieve himself?"

Lucretia nodded. "Our slaves are well taken care of. We don't hurt them more than necessary. He would never take a young or inexperienced slave just to relieve himself."

Gaia smiled. This was indeed a refreshing thought. "I noticed that they are well kept and clean. It is highly appreciated I can assure you. I would not have entertained the thought of your girl here joining me in the bath had she not been clean."

Lucretia glanced at Diona just to confirm who she had sent with Gaia. "Yes, Diona is a beautiful girl, yet to enjoy the pleasures of passion."

"Still it quivers inside her," Gaia said and sipped her wine, a smile playing on her lips.

"Gaia! She's too young."

Gaia waved the objection away. "Look at her. She's no child. If you save her for some special occasion or ritual, so be it, but don't think for a moment that she's a child."

Lucretia sipped her wine contemplating her words. "Have you touched her?"

Gaia gave her a smoldering look. "I would never be that rude and abuse your hospitality to that extent; I merely tasted her sweet lips."

Lucretia smiled. "And did you find her adequate?"

Gaia put the wine down and slowly crossed the pool until she was standing in front of Lucretia. She straddled her lap and kissed her. She nibbled on Lucretia's lips, tasting the sweet wine on her tongue.

"Her lips are sweet, but not as sweet as yours," she said and then moved away and reclaimed her seat across from her. She sipped her wine watching Lucretia's chest expand as her breathing increased. Gaia looked her in the eyes as she called out to the slave girl. "Girl, come here and sit down."

Diona sat down next to Gaia and waited.

Gaia looked up at her as she reached out for her. She pulled her down for a soft kiss. To her delight the girl responded. She kissed her for a long moment before letting go of her. She trailed her fingers down her neck and slipped her hand inside Diona's dress wrapping her fingers around her breast. She heard a faint gasp from her and rubbed the nipple. The girl trembled but didn't move. She glanced at Lucretia as she continued to fondle the slave girl's breast.

"Remove your dress," Lucretia snapped. Diona lowered the upper part and it fell to her waist, baring her breasts and giving Lucretia a clear view of Gaia's hand playing with the nipple.

"Do you still think she is a child?" Gaia purred. She pulled the girl closer and took the nipple in her mouth. She sucked hard and heard another faint gasp from her. The girl was trembling in her hands.

"Touch her," Lucretia whispered.

Gaia slipped her hand under the girl's skirt and caressed her thigh. She pulled on her knee and she moved. Gaia moved her hand higher and finally touched her sex. She was wet. She removed her hand and held it up for Lucretia to see.

"A child indeed," she teased and stuck a finger in her mouth, tasting the girl's essence. "The sweet taste of innocence," she purred.

Lucretia swallowed hard as she watched Gaia lick the girl's juices off her fingers. She knew her own juices were flowing. Many years had passed since she had last felt Gaia's touch, but the memory of her hands and lips were as fresh as if it had been yesterday.

"Take her to your bed if you so desire. I only beg of you to leave her intact. She is, after all, my husband's property and her value would greatly diminish should she no longer be a virgin."

Gaia chuckled and let go of the girl. "Thank you my sweet, but I am afraid I'm in need of sleep more so than pleasure tonight. Perhaps some other time. I would be delighted to teach her the way of pleasuring a woman. I'm sure you would find it very rewarding too, should your husband be unavailable."

"Gaia!" Lucretia hissed. Her cheeks turning slightly pink. Gaia laughed.

"By the gods Lucretia, you blush like a virgin. I didn't know that was possible at your age."

Lucretia shot her a dark look, but Gaia ignored her. Gaia rose from her seat and exited the bath. The slave girl dried her and draped a soft cover over her shoulders. Gaia smiled at Lucretia's appreciative stare.

"Unless you want to discuss this further tonight I think I would like to retire. I am suddenly quite weary from my travels."

Lucretia nodded and stepped out of the bath. She waved impatiently at the girl to dry her and dress her. She smiled at Gaia when she took her arm, pressing her body close to hers as they left the bath. She could feel her soft arm rub against her breast. The old tingle sparked and she smiled at her.

"You are just as lovely as I remember," she said fondly. Gaia giggled and hugged her arm tighter.

"Meet me for morning meal after the sun rises. My husband is going into the city, perhaps he will take us with him."

Gaia smiled and nodded. They stopped outside her room and she looked up at Lucretia. "Thank you my dearest friend," she said and kissed her softly. She took a step back and her hand fell out of Lucretia's as she left with a last smile.

Lucretia sighed and continued down the hall towards her own sleeping quarters.

Part 2

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