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AUTHOR'S NOTE: As usual in my world Faith is divorce and Alex and is still alive.
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Nothing is Impossible
By Daya

Faith shifted in her sleep causing her leg to brush up against the person sleeping next to her. Since she's been divorce for two years feeling somebody next her sent warning bells off in her head and she immediately woke up herself. This never happen to her she never had one night stands so this was a surprise, a big surprise. It wasn't the only one she endured. Her biggest surprise came when she looked over to her sleeping companion to find it was…

"Kim!?" Faith gasped loudly.

Hearing her name Kim groaned and rolled over, blinking several times trying to will the pain in her head to go away, her eyes burned and she was sure she would never be able to produce saliva again but nothing could compare to what she felt when she finally look at the person who said her name.

"Faith?" She questioned confused why she was waking up to Faith by her side, a very NAKED Faith beside her.

"Kim, what the hell are you doing in my bed!" Faith screamed causing her to realizing how bad her own headache was. She slowly sat up with one hand rubbing her temple the other holding the sheet tightly to her chest. "What happened?" she asked nervously running her fingers through her hair, trying calming herself down and to figure out what happened.

Kim was still silent still trying to comprehend what was going on.

"Kim?" Faith asked again a little more forceful, losing her patience

"I…I don't know…" she whispered finally able to respond. "We didn't… did we?"

"We're both naked in my bed, what do you think?" Faith said, protectively wrapping her arms around herself.

"Oh god." Kim groaned closing her eyes tightly hoping she could wish everything away.

Deciding leaving as fast as she could would be the best way to end the uncomfortable encounter, Kim pulled the light comforter around her body and got out of bed in search for her clothes. Finding everything but her shirt and bra, Kim wandered into the living room to look for the missing items.

"This isn't happening. This isn't happening." Was Kim's mantra as she found the rest of her clothes near the front door. After she got dress in the living room she was prepare to run home and never look back when she heard Faith's voice…

"Kim we need to talk." Her voice sounded almost frightened

"No we don't. It was a mistake, it's over, no big deal." Kim replied plainly, putting on her coat.

"No big deal!? We slept together, that might not be a big deal for you but…"

"Faith we were drunk, we don't remember what happen so what is there to talk about?" She said cutting Faith off.

"How about the fact we have to work together on a daily basis and we can barely look each other in the face right now!"

"I can't do this right now." Kim said in an almost child like voice. "I…I'll see you at work." She turned around and walked out the door. Leaving Faith alone to ponder what actual happened the night before.

To Be Continued?

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