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Helping Hand
By trancer


"What are you doing? " Jane pulled her binoculars down, turning her head towards the woman sitting in the passenger's seat.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Maureen rolled her eyes while she tilted her seat back. She peeled off her jacket, laying it across her lap before reclining.

"We're on stake out."

"Yeah, and he's asleep. He went to bed."

"You don't know that."

"True." She tucked her arms behind her head. "What I do know is I've been stuck in this car for five hours. AFTER I had to cancel my date." She tilted her head towards Jane. "Do you know how long it's been since I've been on a date?"

"You had a date? With who?"

Maureen closed her eyes. "A tall, leggy blonde with long fingers and a pierced tongue. God," Maureen sighed. "I've been thinking about that tongue for days."

Jane chuckled, raising her binoculars to peer up at the apartment window. "I'm sure you'll find another one."

"Maybe." Maureen grinned.

A half hour passed. Jane continued monitoring the suspect. Like the proverbial frog placed in slowly boiling water, Jane didn't notice the temperature in the car increasing, or the windows slowly fogging. But when Maureen exhaled the tiniest of moans, Jane's ears perked up and she turned to look at her partner.

"Mo.." The words caught in her throat as her heart seemed to stop then hammer heavily in her chest.

Maureen's hands were no longer tucked behind her head. The left was snaked under her shirt, fingers writhing under the material like oily snakes on a hot rock. Her right dipped under the jacket splayed across her slightly open legs, hips slowly undulating in rhythm with the arm sliding up and down.

"What are you doing?"

"Shhh," Maureen hissed. "I'm almost done."

Jane wonder if Maureen was under the influence of a Neuro. She'd seen stranger things since joining McBride's team. Those thoughts went out the window when Maureen exhaled a low ragged moan through shiny, wet lips.

"Fuck," Maureen grunted. "You broke my rhythm. Now I have to start all over again."

"I didn't realize you were such an amateur at masterbation."

"Fuck you," Maureen laughed. "It's just been awhile."

"Since you've been fucked, or since you jerked off?"


"Maybe," Jane grinned, her eyes going smoky as she rested an arm on the back of Maureen's seat and leaned in. "You just need a helping hand."

"You got one to spare?"

Jane raised her hand, splaying her fingers open and wiggling them. "Ready and willing to serve."

Jane trailed her fingers down the smooth plain of Maureen's stomach. Felt the muscles dance under her touch. She moved her hand lower, over the short, coarse hair that tickled her fingertips, even lower, until she touched skin smooth, soft and wet, feeling Maureen's wet, sticky fingers over her own.

"You were planning to get laid," Jane smirked. "That's a nice wax you got there."

"Fuck you," Maureen hissed playfully between her teeth.

"You mean like this?" She pressed her middle finger hard against Maureen's clit. Maureen grunted, body curling until her shoulders lifted off the seat, twitching and jerking.

"Or do you mean like this?" She slid her hand lower, inserting her middle finger into Maureen's pussy and pushing it in deep.

Jane had thought about this moment more than she could count. Thought about all the things she'd do to Maureen. How she'd go slow, make Maureen purr and moan. But she was already there, already inside Maureen. And Maureen was wet and warm and gripping her finger like she wouldn't let go. And all those dreams, desires, fantasies went out the now fogged windows because all Jane wanted to do now was make Maureen come.

She jutted another finger inside her. Pressed her palm against Maureen's clit and pressed hard. In and out, up and down, and Maureen was like a livewire beneath her, squirming and hissing, jolting and twitching. Both hands underneath her shirt, squeezing and massaging her breasts.

Then Maureen came. Her head snapped back, as her body curled spastically, hips grinding wildly on Jane's fingers, a keening guttural moan exploding from her lips. Jane rode her like a bucking bronco, kept her fingers in deep, extending Maureen's orgasm until the woman finally collapsed, spent and panting, onto her seat.

"Jesus," Maureen breathed heavily as Jane removed her fingers. "Why haven't we done this before?"

"Don't know." Jane watched her fingers as they trailed up Maureen's stomach and slid under her shirt. "We've certainly been on enough stake-outs together."

"Mmm," Maureen placed a hand on Jane's thigh, sliding it up until she cupped Jane's crotch. "We are partners."

"And partners," Jane paused to lick her lips, "always know what the other needs."

"You mean.." Maureen cocked an eyebrow as her fingers worked on Jane's zipper. "Like giving their partner a helping hand?"

The End

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