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Naked in Bed
By Olli


Lieutenant Selar, a member of the medical staff aboard the USS Enterprise, lay in bed, enjoying the warmth of another body beside her. The Vulcan had spooned to the body and had wrapped her arm around the waist of the other person. She enjoyed the feeling of the silken skin on hers, the feeling of a muscular yet very supple body. Selar knew that her lover practised dancing. She also enjoyed the slow but constant breathing that showed her that the other person was sleeping peacefully.

Selar blinked and opened her eyes, immediately seeing red, as her face was buried in a mane of red hair. She inhaled the scent of the other person and enjoyed it, slowly beginning to move her toes over Dr. Beverly Crusher's ankle. Selar's most secret desire had come true. She and the doctor had worked on a cure for a disease which had infected the crew and, during the course of their work, the two of them had become closer and closer. Finally they had decided on having a break from their work efforts, and Selar had taken Beverly's hand and led the Human to her quarters. Beverly had been both a willingly and a demanding lover at the same time. Selar had often fantasized about being with her but had never dared to act on it; had never dared to ask her out on a date. And although everyone aboard Enterprise knew the rumours about Beverly and Captain Picard but that didn't matter right now.

Beverly moaned slightly and moved closer to Selar – it seemed that her lover enjoyed the caressing of her ankle, even in her sleep, Selar thought. In a few hours it would be morning and they would have to get up, and she and Beverly would find a cure for the disease.

Half an hour later Beverly awoke. She smiled and drew Selar's small and feminine hand into hers, noting how Selar had snuggled up to her back and was sleeping peacefully, feeling the Vulcan's breath on her neck. She had never expected anything like this from Selar but she was glad she'd allowed it to happen. It had been her first time with a Vulcan and her first time with a woman and it had been glorious! She'd never experienced anything like this with any lover she had been with since her husband Jack had died. The last time it had been like this was with Wesley's dad.

Every touch, every move, every kiss she had shared with Selar was… right. It seemed that both she and Selar had known what the other liked, and knew how to bring the greatest pleasure to each other.

Beverly felt Selar moving in her sleep and she relaxed. In a few hours, she thought, they would have to get up and find a cure for the disease.

"Ohhhhh Goooood!!"

Beverly collapsed on top of Selar, still spasming from her climax. Feasting on her orgasm, she rested her head on the Vulcan's shoulder and tried to catch her breath. They had woken up an hour earlier and, after a minute of kissing and petting, Beverly had gone down on Selar.

Selar's legs were still wrapped around Beverly's waist and her arms were around the Human's neck. She wanted to feel every single move Beverly made while she enjoyed the pleasure rushing through her body, having reached her own climax some minutes earlier. It had lasted longer than she had ever experienced before – every time Beverly had ground her centre against the Vulcan's own it had toppled Selar into the next orgasm until she was a squirming heap, unable to think or do anything other than be used by Beverly.

After some minutes both women had calmed down enough to start thinking again. Beverly propped herself up on her elbows and looked down at Selar. "That was great," she said.

Selar lifted an eyebrow. She knew of many Vulcan and Human terms that might have described what had just happened, but 'great' seemed an... 'unsatisfactory' description.

Beverly knew instinctively what her lover had thought of her choice of words. "Wonderful," she added.

The eyebrow remained aloft.


The eyebrow fluttered for a fraction of a millimetre.


The eyebrow descended – slowly.


The eyebrow returned to its normal position.

Beverly leaned down and kissed Selar. Their lips met slowly but then their kiss became hungry as Selar touched Beverly's lips with her tongue and the doctor opened her mouth. Their tongues met and the Vulcan began to roam her feet over the backs of her lover's legs as their kiss became more and more passionate.

When finally they pulled back from the kiss, Beverly propped herself up on her elbows again. "I don't want to get up," she whispered. "I want to stay right here, in bed with you, and make love to you forever."

Selar let her hands roam over the Human's back. "I would like that, t'hy'la."

Hearing that special word sent a shiver through Beverly's body. She smiled and in her eyes flashed something other than lust.

Selar continued in a whisper, "But there is a cure waiting to be invented."

They kissed once more before, reluctantly, Beverly left the bed and headed for the shower.

Three days later they had mastered the crisis. Ship and crew were safe again; all the sick crewmembers had been healed and there were no signs of either the disease or of any after-effects.

And Beverly and Selar hadn't spoken one single word since their night together, apart from any necessary conversation while they were both on duty.

Beverly now sat in her office in sickbay and stared at her computer screen, but she was thinking of something else. She knew that Selar was avoiding her. Every time she had tried to speak to her privately, Selar had found an excuse and left. And during their working hours Selar was simply cool and professional, nothing more. Since that night, Beverly hadn't witnessed the slight grin that Selar gave in rare moments, and she hadn't heard one single ironic comment from the Vulcan. She didn't know why Selar was acting this way but she would find out – she wanted to know if Selar had meant it when she'd called her 't'hy'la', for she knew the meaning of the word, and what it meant for Selar to address someone so.

Since Jack had died, no one had said anything like that to her. And knowing that Selar had such deep feelings for her caused something in Beverly that she hadn't felt in years: butterflies in her stomach.

And there was something else. It was well-known nowadays how Vulcans mate and Beverly was sure that Selar had established a connection between them while they had been influenced by the disease. But she also knew that such a connection became stronger the longer it lasted. For now, she could only sense Selar's feelings – but some day…

She looked down at her hands. The ring had gone long ago... Maybe it was time for something new? Beverly nodded to herself and left her office.

Selar stood in front of a trolley of medical supplies and tried to concentrate on taking stock of its contents, but again and again her thoughts drifted away to Beverly and what she had done with the Human.

It was not the fact that she had seduced a Human. And it was not the fact that she had slept with a woman. Since the days of the founding of the Federation, relationships between Vulcans and Humans had become quite common. It seemed that both species where fascinated by each other in a special way. At first there had been Sub-Commander T'Pol and Ensign Hoshi Sato, who led the way to more non-official relationships between Humans and Vulcans. Then there had been Sarek and Amanda, the first official Vulcan/Human couple, and parents of Spock. No, Selar thought, that wasn't the problem. What she had done was…

"Doctor Selar?" Beverly's voice cut into the Vulcan's thoughts.

Slowly Selar turned and faced the Human. "Yes, Doctor?"

"May I speak with you, in my office?"

Selar held her composure. She'd hoped that Beverly would leave her alone and would forget about what had happened between them. "Ma'am, I have to check…"

"A nurse can do that, Selar" Beverly interrupted mildly.

"I think…"

Again Beverly interrupted the Vulcan, but this time her voice was cold. "That's an order, Lieutenant."

"Yes Ma'am."

Beverly turned on her heels and stalked back to her office. It had hurt her that she'd had to order Selar to speak with her. Selar's odd behaviour couldn't have anything to do with the fact that she was a Human or a female, Beverly thought. And yes, they had both acted under the influence of the disease, but she knew the Vulcan had feelings for her. What she didn't understand was why Selar wasn't acting on those feelings.

Beverly sat at her desk and looked at the other woman, who was standing in the doorway. "Come in and close the door."

Selar did so and stood in front of the desk, her hands clasped behind her back and her back ramrod straight. She looked not at Beverly but at the wall behind her, hoping that this would all be over very quickly.

"I want to talk to you about the night we spent together," Beverly begun.

Selar nodded. "Doctor Crusher," she said before Beverly could say anything else, "I apologize for my actions. I assure you that it will not happen again. It was a mistake."

Beverly couldn't believe what she'd just heard. Suddenly there was an icy lump in her stomach as hurt and anger seethed in her mind.

As Selar turned and moved towards the door, Beverly sprang up out of her chair and slammed both hands on her desk. "So, that night meant nothing to you? I mean nothing to you?" she hissed.

Selar stopped. Beverly's words and the tone of her voice caused her to cringe inwardly. Beverly meant everything to her but… she'd hoped that this would be the simplest way to draw a final line under this. Slowly Selar faced the angry Human. "Beverly, if it were possible... I would like it to be with you. You would be a highly suitable mate, a mate I would be proud to have, but you know we can't…"

"Damn!" Beverly yelled. "I don't have a clue why we can't be together – because you're refusing to talk to me!"

The Vulcan didn't know what to say.

"Please Selar. Talk to me. Please," Beverly begged with tears in her eyes.

Selar swallowed. "Because of you," she finally managed.

Beverly had expected anything but that. She plopped back down into her chair and asked, "What?" staring at Selar open-mouthed.

"Beverly…" Selar breathed heavily. "I don't want to come between you and the captain."

"What? Me and… and the captain?" Beverly was baffled beyond words. "What are you talking about?"

The Vulcan blinked. She should have known that Beverly couldn't confess to this relationship – he was the captain, after all. "I'm talking about the rumours about you and the captain."

"Rumours! You believe in rumours?" Beverly wiped her tears away with the back of her hand, stood up and walked over to Selar. She laid her hands on the Vulcan's cheeks and looked her in the eyes. "Jean-Luc is a friend. A close friend…" she assured, "but that's the only relationship we have."

That caught Selar by surprise. All she had heard, over the past months, about Beverly and the captain… it wasn't true? She felt ashamed and embarrassed about the way she had acted. She couldn't believe that she'd almost screwed up her chance with Beverly and she swore to herself that she would never again listen to any kind of rumour. She opened her mental barriers to feel what Beverly was feeling right now and the emotions floated into her mind, from her Human lover, washing away the last of her doubts. "I'm sorry," she said quietly.

"Wow!" Beverly felt something in her mind; she couldn't describe it, but it felt great. "That's you in my head, right?"

Selar nodded and began to withdraw from her lover's mind. She didn't want to push it.

"Don't," Beverly said.

Selar lifted an eyebrow. "You are sure?" she asked carefully. She knew that Beverly had never experienced a mind meld before, or anything similar.

Beverly smiled and leaned forward. She closed the last centimetre of space between them and kissed Selar lightly on the lips.

The Vulcan wrapped her arms around Beverly and held her close and, after a few moments, pulled back and looked her in the eyes. "Bev, what about Wesley? Do you think he will accept me as your…"

"…girlfriend?" Beverly continued. "I'll talk to him this evening. And I think we should have dinner on Friday – then I can introduce my girlfriend to my son."

Selar arched an eyebrow.

Beverly smiled at the Vulcan and stepped back. She sat behind her desk and grinned up at Selar. "So you think I'm a… 'suitable' mate, huh?"

Selar knew that Beverly was joking and joined the game. She stepped in front of the desk again, clasped her hands behind her back and looked straight at the wall above Beverly's head. "Yes," she confirmed. "You are the most capable doctor in Starfleet. You are highly intelligent, for a Human. You have a pleasing and caring personality… and your physical appearance is quite acceptable."

Beverly tried to be serious and bit the inside of her cheek. "My 'physical appearance is quite acceptable'? Honey, you'll pay for that. Oh yes, you will."

Selar didn't move. "Anything you want, t'hy'la."

"Go and check your trolley."

"Yes Ma'am." And with that Selar left the office.

Beverly turned back to her reports but couldn't suppress a wide grin. The butterflies in her stomach didn't contribute to her concentration either.

And Selar went back to her trolley and started to count the hyposprays again… and again… and again…


Beverly sat in the quarters she shared with her son and looked at the young man. She'd told him about Selar and was now awaiting his reaction.

After some minutes the silence was becoming uncomfortable and Beverly shifted nervously on the sofa. What if Wesley reacted badly to her news? she thought. What if he thought this would betray the memory of his dad?

"You love her like you loved dad?" he asked suddenly.

"What? No. Err… I mean… Look Wesley, I will always love your dad. Jack has the first place in my heart, forever. But I…" Beverly breathed deeply. "Yes, I think I'm in love with Selar, but in a different way. She won't take your dad's place in my heart but she has her very own place there. Like you, and like Jean-Luc have," she explained, hoping that her son would understand what she was talking about.

Wesley looked intensely at her. "If she… if Selar," he corrected himself, "is going to be a part of our… family, then I should get to know her."

Beverly's shoulders visibly relaxed. She hadn't even known she'd been so fraught. And she didn't know that Wesley had registered how she'd relaxed at his words. It showed him how serious this was for her.

"We can have dinner on Friday, if you like?"

Wesley nodded. "Yes. Why not?"

The End

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