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Heroes And Slayers
By Raven Morbisk


Chapter 16

It was the day after Thanksgiving. Most of the Slayers were still at the mansion, but some of them went home for a week. Molly and Mohinder had invited Kennedy to celebrate Thanksgiving at Matt Parkman's house with them. Faith and Peter objected at the idea, wanting to keep an eye on Molly, but Kennedy assured them that they would both be coming back. Mohinder was going home after Thanksgiving, starting his own research about Abbadon and his followers.

Giles was allowed, by Buffy, to leave his room but under no circumstances was he allowed to do anything stress related. He tried to tell the blonde that researching about Abbadon was not stressful but Buffy wouldn't hear any of it.

Peter was avoiding Giles at all costs, to be honest, the older man scared him. Well, Dawn had scared him with tales of the Ripper. He kept sneaking in Buffy's room at night when he thought no one was awake. Only Claire, Kennedy and the Scoobies knew of their relationship, they were keeping it a secret for just a few more months, it was the best thing to do for the time being. As for Buffy's pregnancy, Willow and Xander had found out through their mind reading. They hadn't confronted Buffy yet, waiting for Buffy to tell them.

Kennedy and Molly had moved in with Claire, they both figured that if they were going to be co-leaders they might as well begin to try and get along. So far it wasn't working that great but when Molly or Faith was around they both feigned liking each other. Both Molly and Kennedy each had their own bed but Molly slept in Kennedy's bed whenever she could.

All in all, it was quiet. Even during patrol girls didn't talk as much as they normally did and even the demons were staying low. It bored Faith to death but every night when she came home she could crawl in her lover's arms and nothing seemed to matter anymore.

Niki was walking around the mansion, waiting for Faith to come back from patrol. Micah was already asleep, seeing as it was nearing midnight. She loved her son to no ends but she was missing her Faith-loving and she knew Faith was aching as well. She noticed the lights were still on in the kitchen so she went in finding Willow eating some ice-cream. The redhead looked up and smiled at the blonde.

"Hey there, Niki. Waiting for Faith?" She questioned. The blonde nodded with a chuckle and took a seat next to Willow.

"How'd you know it was me?" She asked, stealing the spoon from Willow taking a portion from the ice-cream, popping it in her mouth.

"Jessica is more intimidating." The redhead took the spoon back from the blonde with a grin.

"Ah." Niki replied "What are you still doing up? Eating ice-cream to compensate for something?"

"It's pretty confusing talking to both of you, you know that?" Willow laughed, seeing the confident look in Jessica's eyes before it faded and the innocent sparkle was back, meaning that it was Niki again.

"You're avoiding the question. Questions." Niki shook her head "I'm doing all the talking, Jessica; you had your fun sparring with Claire this morning." She said aloud. When she glanced to her side she saw Jessica in the refrigerator reflection rolling her eyes. Niki turned to the redhead and smiled at Willow who had the spoon halfway to her mouth, looking amused at the blonde woman.

"Does she do that a lot?" The witch asked and put the spoon in her mouth.

"When she wants to be a bitch, yeah." Niki smiled. She gave the redhead a look that clearly said 'Questions are yet to be answered.'

"I couldn't sleep and the research isn't getting us any further so hence the ice-cream." She said holding up the small jar of chocolate ice-cream. "How are you holding up? You know, with dating a Slayer."

"I'm happy, but I could be happier." The blonde responded and yet again swiped Willow's spoon. The redhead mock-glared at the blonde and turned around to grab another spoon from one of the drawers.

"Ah, the problem of children in the vicinity after the slayage?" Willow questioned and received a nod from the blonde. "I could soundproof your bedroom." She frowned for a second looking contemplative then mentally smacked herself in the head "Why didn't I think of that any sooner?"

"Because you were too busy thinking about Kennedy?" Niki inquired. Faith had told her that Willow hadn't shared much about her break-up so Niki opted that she might as well give it a try.

"No, I was actually thinking more about my first girlfriend, Tara. Maybe I rushed into a relationship with Kennedy. I mean, Tara was killed barely a year, not even a year, before I started with Kennedy." Willow smiled grimly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean-"

"No, it's okay." Willow interrupted with a small grin "It feels kinda good to talk about it. The others are always asking if I'm holding up and am I okay with the break-up and things like that. Not one of them asked me if I think about it or if I have any regrets or anything."

"They probably figured you'd go to them if you wanted to talk about it." The blonde offered, taking another share of the ice-cream.

"Yeah, probably." The redhead smiled and closed her eyes for a second "Faith's on her way back." she cocked her head to the side "Some Slayers are a little hurt but nothing too bad." She opened her eyes and saw Niki staring at her with a partly amused and partly awestruck look.

"That's a pretty cool power." The blonde said grinning. She licked her spoon clean and threw it in the sink. Willow smirked in response, doing the same and closed the lid on the ice-cream jar.

"It took a while to get it under control but it's neat." The redhead replied and stood up, putting the ice-cream back in the freezer. "If I was you and you're in the mood to face a wired Slayer I'd meet Faith out front."

"Now you're just showing off." Niki grinned but stood up "I'll see you tomorrow." She waved her goodbye. Willow shook her head with a soft laughter and made her way to her room, deciding to give the sleeping thing another try.

Standing just outside the manor Niki suppressed a shiver from the cold November wind and smiled seeing her lover arrive with six Slayers. Faith saw the blonde waiting for her and turned to the blonde Slayer next to her.

"Claire, you make sure the hurt Slayers get some care and then hit the sack." Faith ordered then turned to Niki "I got a date." Claire wiggled her eyebrows at Niki as she passed her and closed the door.

"Have I ever told you how hot you look when you're bossing those girls around?" The blonde questioned, putting her arms around Faith's neck.

"No, but I'm always hot so it doesn't really surprise me." Faith smirked. Niki shot her a crooked smile that always made Faith's eyes darken in lust. The brunette grabbed the woman's hips and pulled her closer. She growled lowly when Niki raised her brow in a daring way. She kissed the older woman with a searing passion, not asking but demanding access, biting hard on the bottom lip. Niki moaned low and entwined her hands in Faith's hair. She took a hold of a few brown tresses and pulled the brunette back.

"I need you, now." Faith smirked seductively at the blonde's order and pulled her away from the door. They went around the house 'til they came to a part where there were no windows except on the second floor, where Willow's room approximately was. Faith pushed Niki against the wall and slipped her leg in between the blonde's thighs.

"You've got a thing for walls." Niki stated absently as Faith took hold of the blonde's hips and grinded it against her leg. Faith bit her bottom lip as she watched Niki threw her head with her eyes closed against the wall, moaning softly. She attacked her girlfriend's neck, removing her hands from the blonde's hips and made her way under Niki's shirt.

'God, how can someone taste so sweet?' Faith thought, sucking and nibbling on Niki's neck. The older woman took Faith's head in her hands and kissed hard, then moved to the brunette's jeans with her hands and nimbly unbuttoned and unzipped it, slipping her hand in the soaked panties, stroking the wet mound. Faith broke away from the kiss with a sharp gasp when Niki flicked her middle finger against her clit. The blonde turned the rolls and pushed the brunette up against the wall, slowly stroking her lover's clit.

"Baby, please." Faith pleaded, rolling her eyes in the back of her head feeling her girlfriend softly pinch her sensitive nub.

"Please, what? Tell me what you want, baby, tell me." Niki said huskily. Faith was breathing hard, trying to find the words. She pulled her shirt over her head and unclasped her bra, suddenly thinking it was getting very hot. Niki ducked her head, pulling one of the brunette's nipples in her mouth. Faith was very happy she was standing against the wall, not knowing how long her legs would support her any longer.

"In, Niki, in, now, please." The brunette pleaded whispering. She was rewarded when Niki entered her with three fingers at once, steadily pumping in and out of the dripping wetness. Faith's moans were growing louder and more continuous; she growled discontent when Niki stopped her attention on her nipples and slowed her thrusting. The blonde smirked for a second then sped up her thrusting.

"Oh shit." She cried when Niki curled her fingers, hitting the brunette's sweet spot again and again. Her orgasm was building, Niki could feel it. Faith's breathing and moans were constant, filling the blonde's ears. Faith pulled Niki close and sunk her nails in the blonde's back; Niki's breathing was growing heavy as well, hearing her lover close to her ear moaning and whispering her name.

"Scream for me, baby." Niki said feeling her lover's walls clench around her fingers and pressed down hard on her lover's clit with her thumb. She was rewarded by Faith screaming out her name, shuddering when Niki softly stroked the sensitive nub with her thumb before retracting her fingers. Niki put her fingers in her mouth, licking every drop of Faith's wetness while staring at the brunette who was still breathing heavily.

"Just as sweet as ever." Niki smirked then toppled over when Faith pounced on her. Within seconds the blonde's shirt was ripped open and her bra was thrown somewhere out of the way. The two women lay kissing on the ground, breasts to breasts with Faith grinding her leg against the blonde's crotch. Faith licked her way down her jaw line to the blonde's neck, agonizingly slow down to Niki's breasts. While she sucked and bit on one nipple the brunette's hand massaged the other breast, tweaking the nipple hard causing Niki to arch her back moaning a mixture of pain and pleasure. Faith pulled away from the woman's breast and straddled her waist, looking down at the older woman.

"Damn, you're beautiful." She whispered sounding raspy. Niki blushed faintly and sat up kissing her girlfriend, scraping her nails along the brunette's back. Faith motioned for the woman to lie back down and gently moved down her body. When she came to the zipper of the blonde's denims she slowly undid it and slid them off Niki's slender legs. Placing a kiss on the soaked panties, she fingered the waistband and pulled them down as well. Kissing and licking her way up the woman's legs she finally came to the dripping wet pussy.

"Faith, baby, stop teasing me." Faith smirked at Niki and gave into temptation, inhaling the arousing scent that was purely Niki before running her tongue across the length. Faith smiled when she felt Niki shudder at the touch and did it again, receiving a long throaty moan. She delved her tongue in the wet mound as deep as she could and rapidly pumped in and out with her tongue.

"Sweet mother of-" Niki was cut off as Faith moved her lips over the sensitive nub and sucked on it, occasionally scraping her teeth across. Niki was seeing stars, she was sure of it, when Faith plunged two fingers in and pulling them back out. She repeated this, slamming her fingers in harder each time, knowing Niki loved to mix pain with pleasure.

"More, baby." Niki moaned. Faith did as she was told and entered another digit. Sensing her girl was close she bit down on her clit. Niki called out her lover's name in ecstasy and dug her nails in Faith's back, breaking the skin as multiple waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Letting her lover come down from her high, the brunette licked across the length a few more times then crawled up the blonde's body.

"Just as sweet as ever." Faith grinned, repeating the line Niki had said before, and kissed the blonde ever so gently.


Chapter 17

The next day everyone stayed clear from Faith's room. Both Buffy and Willow had told the other Slayers that under no circumstances were they to disturb the Slayer and her girlfriend. It got a few snickers from the teenagers but it was overall understood. Micah was spending time with Andrew and his new found passion, cooking. To his own surprise the boy was a natural at it; this delighted Andrew because now he had a friend, it didn't matter that the boy was only ten years old, who he could talk to about cooking, games and comics without being judged.

"That'll probably be Kennedy." One of the Slayers spoke up when hearing someone ringing the bell. Giles nodded absently, sipping his tea and reading the newspaper. He perked up though when he heard a male voice coming from the door. He stood up and went to the front hallway.

"Can I help you?" He asked the man. There was something familiar about this man, there was something in his eyes that Giles had seen before but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Hello, I'm looking for Faith Lehane." He responded friendly. Giles hid his shock and suddenly realized what it was that looked familiar.

"I'm sorry, sir, but Faith Lehane died fifteen months ago during an earthquake in California." He said calmly.

"I know she's still alive, I saw her yesterday." The man said, taking a step closer.

"I don't know what you're talking about, sir, but I can assure you that there is no Faith Lehane living in this residence and I must ask you to leave now, Faith Lehane is a sensitive subject to be brought up here." Giles was growing very suspicious of this man.

"Fine, but I know she's here." The man retorted, his voice sounded annoyed. He turned around and left. On his way back to the street he passed Kennedy and Molly walking up to the mansion. Kennedy eyed him carefully and glared when he looked down to Molly.

"Who was that?" Kennedy asked coming up to Giles.

"A man asking about Faith. I believe that's her father." He replied then turned to the young Slayer that was still standing by the door "Sally, would you please get Buffy and tell her we need to speak with Faith." The young girl nodded and took off.

"Giles." Kennedy said when she realized something, watching the other man disappear from sight.

"Yes, Kennedy?" Giles closed the door, smiling at Molly before looking at Kennedy.

"I saw that man before." She turned to him with a worried expression "That night when you had a heart attack, I saw that man in the abandoned building surrounded by demons and vampires. He was sorta the leader of the pack."

"Bloody hell." Giles exclaimed and ran off in search of Willow.

"What's he going to do?" Molly asked referring to Giles.

"He's gonna make sure that nobody can take you away from me." Kennedy said firmly and smiled at her goddaughter. "Come on, I'll bet your little boyfriend's in the kitchen."

"Micah's not my boyfriend. He's a boy who's a friend." Molly replied, frowning at her own explanation.

Giles was eerily silent, he didn't know how to say this to a girl he had began seeing as his own daughter over the last fifteen months. He sat in his chair around the research table in the library, next to the older man on a chair sat Kennedy, not sure why she was here. On the table on the other side of Giles sat Buffy who was smiling at the thoughts that ran through her sister Slayer's mind just like Xander who staring goofily when some more private thoughts crossed the brunette's mind. He was sitting next to Faith on the couch with Niki on her lap.

"Stop it, Cyclops." Faith laughed and slapped his arm when she found out that he was listening to her thoughts. She wrapped her arms around her girlfriend's waist and placed a soft kiss on Niki's back.

"Faith, I have something to tell you." Giles began cleaning his glasses nervously.

"Shoot." Faith replied shifting Niki in her lap so she could see Giles better.

"I believe your father has come by today, he was asking for you." He said calmly. Niki felt Faith stiffen around her and protectively put her arms around the brunette's neck. "Kennedy recognized him as the leader of Abbadon's followers."

"What did you tell him?" She asked, acting casual.

"I told him Faith Lehane had died fifteen months ago in the earthquake that consumed Sunnydale." He replied. Faith let out a small breath of relief and held her lover closer. "He didn't believe me, though; he claimed he saw you yesterday." He added cautiously.

'Next time he shows up, I'll kill him and feed his ass to his precious Abbadon.' She thought angrily.

"Don't even think about it, Faith, he's still human." Buffy spoke up, shaking her head at the brunette. A few seconds later Peter and Willow entered the library. Peter nodded his hello and cautiously went over to greet his girlfriend. He went the long way around the table, not wanting to go by Giles and pecked Buffy on the lips before taking a seat at the table.

"Giles, the spells are finished. It took a lot more than last time but it won't be easy to get through the gates if someone's evil." Willow said as she entered the library, she glanced over to Faith and Niki and blushed recalling last night's events below her window.

'Don't think, don't think. Quick think something else. Oh geez, Faith's looking at me. Lalalala, bunnies. Bunnies? Anya was scared of bunnies. Anya equals conversations about orgasms. Crap, no don't think about orgasms. Orgasms bad, especially Faith and Niki orgasms, oh dear Goddess help me. Stop looking at me, don't you… No, don't smirk you evil bitch. Stop looking at me.' By now Willow was full on glaring at Faith who was trying very hard not to laugh at the redhead.

"Faith, are you even listening to a word I'm saying?" Giles asked with a loud sigh.

"Sorry, Giles, Red was distracting me with her horny thoughts." That got Faith a playful smack from her lover and a blush from the redhead. "Ow." She mocked hurt and laughed. She pulled Niki closer and whispered something in her ear. Niki looked over to Willow who was trying to see what was going on. The witch's eyes grew wide when she saw Niki disappearing and Jessica appearing.

"You wanna play, too, Will? We could always work something out, would you like that?" Jessica asked innocently.

"No!" She yelped, Jessica gave the redhead the saddest look she could muster "Not that you're not… I mean, because you are and I think-" She turned to Giles and chuckled nervously "I'm going to go now." Willow squeaked and practically ran out of the library.

"Chicken shit." Faith muttered.

"You're mean, Faith." Xander laughed.

"Yes, well, now that we've established that Willow has no intentions to sleep with your girlfriend's alter ego, Faith, I suggest we continue this." Giles spoke up, putting his glasses back on after thoroughly having cleaned them for the last twenty minutes.

"Yeah, yeah, what do we have to do? Break in there with some Slayers and kill them all?" The brunette suggested, still holding Jessica in her arms. It may not have been her girlfriend she was holding but she had to have a hold on something or she felt like breaking something. Or someone.

"I think," he was interrupted by the phone ringing "I think that we need to begin organizing the Slayers and indeed try to break in and..."

"Mr. Giles? There's a Robin Wood on the phone for you. He says he wants to talk to you." A Slayer said from the library door. She didn't look a day over fourteen but had a certain look in her eyes that could be startlingly intimidating.

"Thank you, Paulie." Giles said standing up and walked to the library doorway. "Why isn't Andrew picking up the phone?" he asked.

"He's gone with Molly and Micah to the store for extra medical supplies." When she saw Kennedy wanting to protest she quickly added "Lily and Claire are with them." With that Kennedy visibly relaxed in her chair. Giles left the library, closing the door behind him.

"So, what're we gon' do 'bout my daddy bein' here and evil?" Faith asked the five remaining people in the library.

"I say we kick his ass." Kennedy spoke up. "Preferably before Abbadon's demons take over the world."

"I'm with Kennedy." Jessica said eagerly.

"You're not fighting, Jessie." Faith replied "But I'm with ya, too, Ken."

"I don't know, Faithy. We need to have a plan; we can't just go barging in there. Who knows how many demons he's got? Maybe a lot more than Kennedy saw." Buffy protested.

"She's right, plus it's been a while so the chance is big that he's got more demons and vampires by now. Why else would he take the risk of coming here if he didn't have the back-up, just in case, it's not like the demons don't know that this is Slayer Central so if your dad is the leader, he has to know about this place." Xander chimed in.

"Send me in; I'll do a little recon." Peter suggested. "I can sneak in there while being invisible and it doesn't really matter if they find out, they can't really kill me."

"Except when they rip that cute little head of yours head clean off." Buffy smiled snidely "Nope, you're not going in there."

"Buffy." He started to dispute and stood up. Buffy stood up as well and pushed him back on his chair.

"Peter, no. I'm the Chosen One," she rolled her eyes when Faith coughed subtly "part of the Chosen Two, and if I say you're not going to sneak in there without mine or Faith's permission all I want to hear from you is 'Okay, I won't.' or we're going to have some serious problems, got it?"

"Fine." Peter replied heated.

"Good." Buffy stated "I'm gonna get some drinks." She said and left the library, heading to the kitchen.

"Hey, Superboy, don't sweat it. We're all Buffy-whipped 'round here." Faith spoke up, realizing that Peter must have felt rather embarrassed after being put down by his girlfriend.

"Yeah, only me and Faith contradict her and get out of it alive." She looked thoughtful for a moment then frowned "Maybe just Faith, now that Willow doesn't have my back anymore."

"Yeah, if you want it to last between you two, you better start learning to obey her Blondness." Xander laughed. Peter calmed somewhat, he knew better than to get his blood boiling.

"Okay, children, we need to make room by the day after tomorrow. Robin is coming with at least thirty new Slayers." Giles said entering the library. He looked at Peter sitting with his arms crossed on his chair and chuckled lightly "I assume you tried to disagree with Buffy's decision?"

"I was just trying to help." He replied sulking.

"What did ya say 'bout Robin?" Faith asked the Brit. Jessica glanced at her from the corner of her eye, jealousy and protectiveness over her sister growing in the pit of her stomach.

"He's coming the day after tomorrow with at least thirty new Slayers he found." Seeing the brunette slump discontent in the couch he continued "I know you two had a rough break-up, but for the sake of your relationship and Robin's health, try to act normal."

"As long as he stays the hell away from me, we'll just be fan-freakin'-tastic." She replied crossly. Buffy re-entered the library with six bottles of water and threw them at her friends. They nodded their thanks, watching the blonde walk to Peter and kneel down in front of him.

"I'm sorry, sweetie." She said warmly. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of Buffy on her knees, looking at him from under her lashes. He pulled her on his lap and kissed her neck softly.

"No way." Both Xander and Faith muttered.

"Uhm," Kennedy looked confused at the sight next to her and then turned to Giles "I'll take some girls tomorrow for new beds and whatever else we might need." Kennedy offered.

"Yeah, and Willow and I will try and fit all the girls in, maybe do some add-ons." Xander proposed, a little grateful he could work with his beloved tools again. He loved to help Buffy and the good fight, but there was something about construction that was a part of him, no matter where he was.

"Very well. I'll inform the girls that there'll be newcomers arriving." Giles responded.


Chapter 18

"Just put all that in the last training room, girls." Xander ordered the hard working Slayers. They had cleared out two game rooms on the second floor and an entertainment room on the second floor so they could fit the new Slayers in.

It was growing late and there was just a handful of Slayers that were out on patrol with Faith and Kennedy. The other girls were busy hammering and drilling in the empty rooms so that it wouldn't look so much like an old game or entertainment room. The walls were being painted and the beds were put together. Closets and dressers were installed and with the help of some useful magic by Willow and her trusty helper, Dawn, the rooms were close to being finished. The only problem was…

"Xander, how are eighty girls going to share six bathrooms?" One of the older Slayers amongst the young Slayers, names Sara, asked.

"Uhm," he scratched his head thinking "we'll figure something out. Like maybe in due time build a place in the backyard and have all the game rooms moved over there." He said thinking aloud. He turned around, leaving Sara standing with a puzzled expression, going straight to the library where blueprints were scattered over the research table.

The next morning Niki woke up to an empty bed. She looked around and saw Faith sitting by an open window in a pair of slacks, smoking. She tiredly rubbed her eyes and stared at her lover. She was about to speak up when her son came out of his room in his Spiderman PJ's yawning. Faith turned to look at him and smiled at the cuteness.

"Hey slugger, d'you sleep okay?" She asked, flickering away her cigarette.

"It was okay." He replied and crawled in the big bed where his mother still was. He snuggled close to the blonde woman, stifling a big yawn.

"How are the nightmares?" Niki asked, going through his little curls.

"I don't have them as much anymore." He replied and stared at the brunette by the window. "Aren't you cold?" He asked, gesturing to her bare chest. The first times he saw Faith's breasts he was absolutely mortified but as time grew by he got used to the fact that his mother's girlfriend mostly walked around topless in their room.

"Nah, it's okay." She grinned "Unless you guys're cold? I could close the window." She suggested but the two individuals in the bed shook their head. She closed the window anyway and walked over to the bed, crawling on the other side of Niki. She turned on her side and placed a soft kiss on the blonde's lips.

"Go back to sleep, it's still wicked early." She whispered, noticing the weary expression both mother and son wore. She crept under the covers and waited for her lover and Micah to fall asleep. This was one of her favourite times of the day, watching the two people that meant most to her sleeping without a care in the world.

"There's nothing like you and I." she mumbled, remembering a line from the song she heard the first time she had dinner with Niki and Micah in Las Vegas.

Faith left her room two hours later fully dressed and hungry. She walked through the hallway and came to a halt when she saw Xander and Willow sitting in front of the redhead's bedroom door each with a cup of coffee in their hands.

"What the hell are you guys doin'?" The brunette asked amused.

"Buffy and Peter are fighting, we're listening." Xander replied, shooting Faith a goofy grin.

"What's it about?" The Slayer asked and joined the two on the floor.

"Peter doesn't want Buffy to patrol or fight or train as long as she's pregnant and Buffy, well, she disagrees." He answered. Willow was staring intently at the blonde's door, trying to enhance their mental link.

"Shit." She suddenly exclaimed and scrambled off the floor, swearing under her breath when hot coffee spilt over her hand. Xander and Faith followed her quickly in the witch's room just as the door to Buffy's room swung open.

"Stubborn, annoying, self-absorbed little…." Peter muttered and headed down the stairs. The three people cautiously exited the room and started laughing.

"That's B for ya." Faith grinned then turned to her two friends "Is Robin here?" She asked, hoping her anxiety wasn't obvious in her voice.

"Yeah, he's downstairs in the library talking to Giles and Mohinder." Willow answered.

"When did Mohinder get here?" The brunette questioned surprised.

"About ten minutes ago." Xander shrugged, taking a drink from his coffee. He and Willow watched several emotions cross the Slayer's face: unease, hurt, confusion, anger and then she turned cold.

"Yeah, 'kay. I'll go see if they need help with anythin'." Faith said and headed down the stairs.

She came to a halt by the library door and peered in. Robin was sitting with his back to her at the research table listening to Mohinder besides him. Across from them sat Giles who subtly glanced over to Faith, trying to decide whether she should just leave. She took a deep breath and walked in the library.

"Hey Mo, what're ya doin' here?" Faith asked shooting the man a smile as she took a seat next to Giles. "Hey." She greeted Robin colder than she had intended.

"Hi, Faith. How are you?" Robin asked smiling sweetly.

"Five by five." She shrugged indifferently turning away from Robin she looked at Mohinder

"Now then," Mohinder started "it seems that your Powers That Be were right about Molly but however, they don't need Molly to open the Abyss. Something went wrong in the translations."

"What the hell are you talkin' 'bout?" Faith questioned.

"He means," Robin started but was stopped by a glare coming from his ex-girlfriend.

"I didn't ask you." She snapped.

"This means that they can unleash Abbadon's demon army without Abbadon to control them, meaning..."

"Total wipe-out." Faith finished, slouching in her chair.

"Good or evil, when Abbadon's demons roam the earth without their master to control them, all will be lost." Giles told them matter-of-factly.

"So, what d'we do 'bout it?" She asked the three men.

"We fight." Robin answered.

"Faith, wait up." Robin called after the Slayer. Faith turned around, not seeing her girlfriend ascending the stairs. Niki stopped at the bottom and looked at her girlfriend and a man she figured was Robin.

"What do ya want?" Faith crossed her arms defensively.

"I missed you." Robin reached out and touched her cheek. Faith closed her eyes and winced slightly when her ex-boyfriend moved his hand behind her neck.

"Don't." She said when he pulled her closer for a kiss.

"Why not?" He asked confused. She put her hands on his chest and looked him in the eyes.

"You screwed me over, Robin, you hurt me real bad." She began "Besides I'm with someone, someone I really like and don't wanna lose." She said pulling away from the man.

"I thought you said you could never love a man as much as you loved me." He questioned. Faith felt her walls break but forced herself to get it over with.

"Yeah, I did say that and you're always gon' be the guy I loved most, sexually." He smiled brightly and took a step closer, making the brunette take a step backwards "But I'm not with a guy." She looked behind her and smiled at Niki, motioning for the blonde to join her.

"You're," Robin wasn't sure he could say it. He watched Niki put her arm possessively around the brunette's waist and Faith not caring one bit.

"My girlfriend." Niki answered. She extended her hand "Niki Sanders."

"Robin Wood." He said as he took the blonde's hand. He flinched somewhat when Niki clenched his hand to some extent. "Strong handshake you got there." He chuckled nervously, pulling his hand back. The blonde shrugged innocently at Faith when she scowled lightly at her.

"Can you go get B, Red and Cyclops, baby?" The brunette asked her lover. Niki glanced suspiciously over to the uncomfortable black man and nodded.

"Sure, see you in a few minutes." She kissed Faith softly on the lips and walked away.

"You're happy?" Robin inquired, looking at Faith watching Niki walk off.

"Yeah, I am. I got a gorgeous girlfriend, a great family and I get to kick some ass every night. What's not to be happy?" She flashed him a warm smile.

"I guess that it's time for me stop hoping then." Robin replied before holding out his hand. "Friends?"

"Friends." Faith sniggered and shook the hand. She turned around just in time to see Micah storming at her.

"Faith, Faith." He was out of breath but a big grin was plastered on his face "Kennedy told Molly that she could beat you so I said that there's no way that Kennedy can beat you and now Molly and I wanna see you two fight."

"Dude, y'know Kennedy can't beat me to save her life." Faith laughed. "Okay, tell the brat that I'll meet her in the backyard in an hour. First I gotta handle some grownup things, y'know." She ruffled through his hair and nudged him off.

"Micah, Niki's kid." Faith explained when she saw the amused but confused look on Robin's face. "Let's go." She playfully pushed him to the library seeing Buffy, Willow, Xander and Niki arriving.

The meeting had ended forty minutes ago, that was how long Kennedy and Faith were battling in the backyard. They had attracted quite a crowd and they were counting. So far the older Slayer had beaten Kennedy two times and almost lost once when Niki arrived to watch.

"Are you worried about Robin?" Buffy asked the blonde, nodding towards the black male watching every move Faith made.

"Should I be?" The blonde responded, not taking her eyes of off Faith.

"No, I don't think so. She always acts like she's the big bad bitch but deep inside she's just a girl that doesn't want to get hurt and he hurt her." Buffy answered "If you asked me that two months ago, I would've said yes, because I honestly didn't believe you two would last." She turned to look at Niki "but I can see the way she looks at you, I hear her thoughts about you and I can see that she wants to make it work. Just one piece of advice though."

"What?" Niki asked, turning her head at Buffy.

"Don't tell her you love her. At least 'til she tells you first or she'll bail." The Senior Slayer stated. Niki wanted to say something but she was cut off by Buffy raising her eyebrow. "Oh and hurt her and I'll kick your ass so hard you can lick my toes." With that Buffy turned and walked away.

"Kinky." Came the voice of Claire. Niki turned her head and smiled at the young Slayer.

"Hey Claire, how's the crush?" The older woman asked with a small grin.

"Jessica told you about it?" Claire rolled her eyes "Still the same. I'm not sure what to do about it. Jessica reckons I should tell her."

"I agree with Jessica on that, you should tell her." Niki stated. "Do it now, she just went back inside." She added, gesturing to the witch going through the backdoor. When the young Slayer didn't move Niki took her arm and pulled her to the mansion. "Get in there and tell her." She pushed Claire through the door and went back to watch Faith beating Kennedy.

"Hey, Will. I'm in love with you?" Claire mumbled, making her way through the kitchen. "Willow, you're the girl of my dreams. Not the Slayer ones 'cause that would be wrong and also, not fun." She stopped in her tracks when Willow laughed along with Mohinder.

"I'll see you later." Willow eventually said and made her way up the stairs. Claire took a deep breath and followed the redhead to her room. She knocked lightly on the witch's door, announcing her presence. Willow turned from putting some books back in order and smiled at Claire.

"Hi, did you need something?" She asked smiling sweetly. Claire shook her head and entered the room.

"I was just," she started "Oh screw it." She muttered and walked up to the redhead, pressing her lips against Willow's. The redhead didn't move. After a few seconds Claire pulled away "Uhm, bye." She said quickly and left the room.

"Wait, what?" Willow snapped out of her stupor, shaking her head.


Chapter 19

Niki was pacing in the entertainment room on the first floor where she, Micah, Molly, Dawn and Andrew were sort of locked in. The four others were watching Star Wars to cheer Andrew up after he had been ordered not to leave the room, meaning he was not allowed to go secure his comics or to cook.

"Why do I, we," she corrected, referring to her and Jessica "have to stay here? Buffy is the one who's pregnant." Niki fumed.

"Because Buffy is the almighty leader and no matter what, she's always right." Dawn spoke up sarcastically, not looking away from the movie.

"Buffy's pregnant?" Andrew turned in the couch to look at Niki. "How?"

"Doesn't matter." Niki said quickly, realizing that not everyone knew about Buffy's relationship with Peter. She stopped pacing "Molly?" The little girl turned around with a mouth full of popcorn "I need you to tell me where Faith is."

"How do we do this? We're not the most subtle bunch of people right about now." Robin gestured to the small crowd of Slayers behind them, in broad daylight, waiting for orders.

"They know what to do." Buffy stated watching Faith walk up to the building. "I'm more worried about Faith." She said under her breath. When she saw Faith enter the building she motioned for the Slayers to get in position. The group of girls spilt in four with Claire, Kennedy, Rona and Vi each leading a team.

"You're splitting them up? What about the new girls? They don't know any of them." Robin started protesting.

"These girls are fine leaders. Besides you, Xander, and Willow can each accompany a team." She smirked "You take Vi's team, most of the girls you brought are in her team." She walked over to Xander and told him to go with Rona, because his protégé, Sara, was there and then told Willow to stay with Claire and her team. She herself would escort Kennedy.

"Okay Kennedy, Claire, Rona and Vi." She called out. The four said girls approached the blonde Slayer and paid close attention to anything the blonde said. When the blonde was finished talking they headed back to their respective teams.

"Keep an eye on Will for me." Kennedy said to Claire. The blonde nodded and took a deep breath before heading to Willow and her group of Slayers.

Faith entered the warehouse; she frowned when it was empty. She then noticed her father coming towards her.

"Jack Lehane." She spoke up "Thought ya died in jail. No wait," she looked thoughtful for a moment "I hoped ya died in jail." She snarled.

"Now, now, is that any way to talk to your father?" He responded, stopping at just an arm's length. Faith rolled her eyes and looked around the building.

"Nice crib ya got here. Empty, abandoned, dead, just the way you like it."

"You're not still angry for me leaving, are you?" The man asked uninterested.

"No, I'm pissed for you leavin' me with that psycho bitch 'cause ya just had to rob a liquor store." She snapped "That and you're, y'know, evil now." She shrugged.

"Evil is such a big word." He dismissed it with a waved of his hands "Besides, I recall you being 'evil' for a while, too. Isn't that right, Mr. Wyndam-Pryce?" Faith looked to her side and saw Wesley standing behind her with a smirk.

"Yes, it is." He answered. Faith tried to punch him as he passed her but she just went right through him.

"Oh great," she muttered "Didn't we beat your sorry ass before?" She suppressed her initial shock that Wesley was obviously dead. She made a mental note to ask Giles about it later.

'B, get your ass in here. It's the First.'

"It didn't take." He morphed into Angel.

"Y'know, some people might think that you've got a crush on me or B, seeing as ya keep following us. I think we need to give your stubborn ass a good kick."

"You can't beat the First Evil, Faith."

"We can try." The moment the words left her mouth Jack Lehane clapped his hands once and hundreds of demons and vampires appeared from open floor panels. She got into a fighting stance and let out a small breath of relief when the door behind her swung open.

"A party? Without me? That's not nice." Buffy said. Glass shattered from the roof as Peter landed in front of Faith, bathing in a ray of sunlight actually made him look like an angel.

"Two Slayers and this," he indicated to Peter "boy? You think you three can stop all my demons?" Jack laughed.

"No, but maybe plus-seventy Slayers might work." Buffy smirked when the other girls poured in the building carrying various weapons.

"Kill them!" Jack shouted. The demons and vampires roared angrily and charged.

"Killing more than I can tell," Buffy muttered, getting into a fighting stance next to Faith.

"Burning now I bring you hell." Faith finished smirking over to Buffy.

Niki made her way down the stairs and moved towards the door but she was stopped by five girls blocking the door. They crossed their arms simultaneously and shook their head at the blonde.

"Ah come on. I need to be there." Niki started then felt Jessica take over. "Five Slayers can't hold me." She smirked and stalked forward only to stop in her tracks when Giles casually joined the five girls.

"I can't let you leave, Jessica." He calmly took a sip from his tea and looked at the blonde woman. "Faith might not kill me but she could do some damage to these old bones if you get hurt."

"She needs me. If I fight then Buffy can come back and-"

"Peter is watching over Buffy and so are Claire and the other girls." He replied "Peter will fly Buffy out of there when it gets too demanding."

"I will knock every one of you out if you don't let me get to Faith." Jessica growled, clenching her fists

"Faith figured you might say that so she told me to tell you that if you joined the fight that she will refuse to sleep with Niki any longer." He inwardly cringed at actually having said that. Jessica raised her eyebrow amused and sent the older man a smirk.

Willow was surrounded by a dozen vampires. The redhead smirked at the bloodsuckers and threw her hands up in a powerful wave, shattering the covered up windows, letting the sunlight do all the work as the vampires that were caught in it burned up. She turned, shooting flames from her hands at a vampire that had jumped away from the sunlight.

"Willow, don't get carried away with the magic." Claire shouted. When the redhead winked at her she was momentarily distracted, causing a demon to run a sword through her. She growled and hit the demon with a roundhouse kick before slicing his neck with the 'pretty' dagger she borrowed from Faith.

"Do you have any idea how annoying it is that you guys keep destroying my clothes?" She growled and jumped on one of the bigger demons.

On the other side Buffy was back to back with Kennedy, fighting four demons at once. A huge demon crashed through, swinging a big looking axe above his head. Buffy ducked and took Kennedy down with her when the axe was inches away from cutting off her head. She kicked out the legs from under the demon, making him drop the axe in surprise and jumped up, grabbing the fallen axe. She gave the demon another hard kick, keeping him from getting up and beheaded it with its axe.

"Buffy!" She heard Kennedy scream behind her. She turned just in time to see an average sized, but ugly looking, demon falling to the ground with a hole in its head. Jessica smirked at the Slayer before grabbing the Slayer's confiscated axe and cutting off a vampire's head.

"Thanks." Buffy breathed "Faith's gonna kill you when she sees you." She said before turning around and delivering several well-aimed punches to a large demon.

"She won't." Jessica replied and kicked a vampire so hard that he crashed into three other demons that in return crashed into others. "Where is she anyway?" she asked, fighting off other demons.

"She's" right punch, left punch "looking for Jack." She delivered a head butt then turned to Jessica but she was already making her way fighting through the demons in search of Faith. She smirked when she saw several demons flying through the air and landing on top of other demons.

"Having fun using my powers?" Jessica asked when she reached Peter. He turned to her with a smirk of his own.

"It's a handy power." He answered then nodded to the back of the building. "Faith's over there." Jessica nodded her thanks and made her way to the back of the building. On her way she killed a few demons and vampires that were taking too much out of the girls. When she could finally see a brown-haired blur she grinned and fought her way to her sister's girlfriend. She saw Faith running after a human and picked up a demon and threw it at the human, causing him to fall to the ground. Faith moved the demon on top of her father and held her dagger at his throat. Niki fought Jessica and took control.

"Faith, don't. You're not a killer." Niki placed her hand on the brunette's shoulder.

"I told you not to come here." Faith hissed, not looking away from the man, staring coldly at his daughter. "I killed before, this shouldn't be any different."

"Do you wanna live with another murder on your head?" She asked.

"Niki," she started.

"You're not a killer, but I am." It was Jessica again as she threw Faith a few feet further and crushed the man's head with her boot.

Buffy was fighting feverishly. She had so far succeeded at avoiding blows to her stomach but it was tiring and almost too much for her concentration as she fought three large demons. She could hear cries of the girls as they went down but focussed on the task at hand. She managed to trick one of the demons into knocking another demon's head off with a mighty blow but fell on her back when a different demon punched her hard in the face. She instinctively put her arms over her face as the blows came and tried to kick at the demon. When the blows stopped coming she looked and saw a sword imbedded in the demon's head. She accepted the offered hand Kennedy stuck out and got up. Opening her mouth to say thanks she was suddenly pushed out of the way, turning around quickly she just saw a hand impaling the brunette's chest, sticking out of her back.

"Kennedy!" She yelled and grabbed an axe that was lying on the ground, chopping the demon's head off. She caught the young Slayer just as she hit the ground.

"What were you thinking, stupid brat?" Buffy chastised as she held the dead Slayer. She closed Kennedy's eyes and let out a single tear before getting up. She took a firm hold on the axe she was carrying and swung out, hitting several demons at once.

Faith got up, seeing that Jessica had let Niki take over. Niki was staring at her boot still in the man's head with some shock and disgust. The skull was crushed and she was standing in a pool of squashed brains and blood. Faith saw the demon too late as he crashed into her lover, sending her flying. The blonde landed in the middle of other demons as Faith rushed her way over. She just kicked and punched her way through the demons and eventually saw Niki lying on the floor with her arm in an odd angle and bruises covering her face. Faith began to cry seeing Niki and fell on her knees.

"Baby?" Faith asked softly. Around her were Robin and a few other Slayers fighting to keep the demons away from her but she didn't register them. Faith chuckled happily when the blonde opened her eyes slowly.

"Faith, I need," She coughed quietly "I need you to take care of Micah, now."

"No, no, baby, please? Don't you leave me, I need you." Faith sobbed, touching the blooded face with trembling fingers "I love you, I really do, I love you and I wanna spend the rest of my freakin' life with you, baby, but you're gon' have to stay awake for me, please?" Niki gave her a half smile.

"Figures. I have to die before you tell me you love me." Niki chuckled faintly, fighting to keep her eyes open "I love you, too, Faith."

"Niki!" Faith cried when the blonde's eyes closed.


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