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When Angels Cry
By Daya

Part 1

"When is this party of yours going to be over?" Fred snarled

"I don't know. Why don't you want to come, the kids are already over my parents for the weekend. We can finally go out for a change." She said trying to convince him to come to Ty's thirtieth birthday party they were having at the firehouse.

"They're not my friends Faith, they're yours and I'd rather not spend my Friday night with them."

"How would you rather spend your Friday nights, Fred? Drinking?" she accused

"Don't start Faith." He warned

"Why not, why else would you get so pissed off at me because I want us to go out and celebrate one of my friend's birthday" He didn't say anything he just stared at her. "Just like I thought… It's okay Fred you don't have to worry about missing happy hour. I'll go without you." She yelled and stormed out the apartment slamming the door behind her.

Faith reached the firehouse in record time, she put a fake smile on her face and tried to forget about the argument she just had with Fred.

"Faith we didn't think you'd make it" Carlos greeted her. "Hey if you want something to drinking or eat everything's in the kitchen." he said motioning with his hand.

"Okay. Um have you seen Davis?" She asked glancing around the room, seeing everybody but the birthday boy.

"No but try the kitchen."

"Okay thanks." Faith said and headed for the kitchen.

"Faith you made it." Faith heard the voice coming from behind her but she didn't turn around. "I was starting to think you were going to stand me up." The voice whispered in her ear as long arms wrapped around her waist. Since the kitchen was completely empty she didn't complain right away.

"Kim someone's going to see us like this." She said playfully squirming in her embrace. Kim just tightened her grip up around her. Kim was the real reason she wanted to come to the party. They'd been seeing each other for almost six months. Their relationship was one of comfort, they cuddled, kissed (sometimes) and talked and listen to each other when they needed it the most, and they understood each other completely. But they never had sex, both of them agree that they would wait until Faith ended her relationship with Fred before they took their relationship to that level.

"So what if they do I'll just pretend to be drunk." She smiled against Faith's cheek but soon frowned when she felt Faith tense up. "Faith what's wrong?"

"It's nothing I just had an argument with Fred before I left." She said trying to wave it off as nothing, but Kim saw right through her act.

"About what?"

"About me coming here; and about his drinking." Faith sighed sadly

"Oh." She said letting go of Faith. Deciding she needed to make her girlfriend feel better so she quickly took her hand and tried to pull her out of the kitchen in to the living room.

"Kim?" She questioned

"Come on dance with me." Kim saw a worried look in Faith eyes. "They're not going to say anything about us dancing together." She assured her. "It's a party, as long as we're not making out on the dance floor they won't even notice."

"Alright." She breathed and allowed herself to be led to the living room.

They spent most of the night dancing and talking to each other. They only left each other's side when someone asked one of them to dance. The only reason they accepted the invitations to dance with other people was to not look suspicious to everybody else at the party.

"Kim it's getting late I should go home." Faith said noting the time. She smiled when she saw the pitiful expression on Kim's face.

"Since you had a fight with Fred why don't you just stay at my place tonight?" Kim asked with pleading eyes

"I don't…" she was about to refuse but then she looked in Kim's eyes again. "Okay."

After saying their goodbyes they were on their way to Kim's apartment. The beginning of the ride was made in a comfortable silence. The silence lasted until Faith noticed a weird expression on Kim's face.

"What's the matter?" Faith asked resting her hand on Kim's thigh.

"Why won't you leave him?" Kim immediately answered without thinking.

"Kim we've been through this" Faith sighed. "I don't want my kids brought up in a broken home."

"You'd rather have them grow up in an unhappy one?"

"Kim please don't start this, I really don't need it right now." Hearing exhaustion and defeat in Faith's voice, Kim decided to drop the subject.

After getting to Kim's apartment Kim gave Faith an over sized t-shirt to sleep in. After changing into the shirt Kim gave her Faith walked into Kim's bedroom and sat at the edge of the bed, and waited for Kim to come back in the room. While waiting she got lost in her own thoughts.

"Hey Faith you okay?" Kim asked as she walked back into her bedroom with two glasses of water in her hands.

"What?" she asked getting thrown out of her thoughts.

"Are you alright?" she asked again and sat down next to Faith and handed her a glass.

"Um yeah I was just thinking." She replied taken the glass.

"Thinking about what?"

"I was thinking you were right, about what you said in the car. My kids deserve to be in a happy home even if it means only one of their parents live there. I'm only hurting them by staying."

"Faith I never said you were hurting them by staying. I just think you- all of you would be happier if you and Fred weren't trying to stay together for the kids."

"God I wish I could just call it quits but it's not that easy." She said running her fingers through her hair.

"Why can't it be that easy? Faith he doesn't make you happy anymore. I do, well at least I hope I do." She sighed

"You do. It's just…." She took a long pause. "I'm scared if I file for divorce he'll try to take my kids from me."

"Faith no court in its right mind will give Fred custody of Charlie and Emily, he's a drunk."

"I know that but he'll just bring my job into it saying how dangerous it is and how bad the hours I work are."

"Faith we both know that's not going to matter. Jimmy got custody of Joey and we both know that Jimmy's job is more dangerous than mine."

"I know, but I work from three to eleven, he can be there when I can't."

"Yeah but you can support them better. Faith we can do this all night and at the end of it all I am still going to think the same thing. You need to leave him." She said firmly.

"What if we don't work out?" Faith asked bluntly


"What if I leave him and we don't work out?" she replied not even trying to cover up the sadness in her voice.

"We will." Kim said and kissed her cheek trying to reassure her.

"Kim you don't know that. You'd never been with another woman before. How do I know you're not going to get scared and run?" She asked placing her glass on the floor and turning her full attention to Kim.

"Because I love you."

"What?" she asked getting caught off guard by Kim's declaration of love.

"I love you. Why do you think I want you to leave him? I want you to be happy. I want to make you happy Faith. I want your kids to be happy. I want all this for you because I love you." She explained

Faith didn't know what to say so she just leant over and kissed Kim passionately. "I love you too." She smiled. Kim leaned over this time and kissed Faith. Pretty soon after their kisses start they broke the agreement they made to wait until Fred and Faith were through to take their relationship to the next level.

Part 2

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