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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, so I don't really actually watch Home and Away, but I was on YouTube browsing other videos when I came across the Charlie Joey Love Story, and got engrossed, and watched the whole thing. I literally lost my whole evening. Anyway I was so taken with the story I decided to write my own. As I say I don't really watch the show, so I have no idea what has happened since – well I know Joey didn't come back, and I know Charlie got hit by Brett's car, and possibly died later on at some point. But needless to say my story won't be following the reality of the show – because I really have no idea what that is!! Sooooo let me know what you think.
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One More Chance
By EdenAshley


Part 9

They made their way back to Joey's house. Excited, there's a certain anticipation hanging in the air. Joey feels a little nervous, that's nothing new, she's always had to pinch herself when it comes to Charlie, not quite believing that someone that beautiful could be remotely interested in her.

Joey is currently fighting with the keys to the front door. Charlie, who has picked up on the fact that Joey is anxious, tries her best to comfort her and calm her down, she knows that this is a big step they're taking massive in terms of their relationship, a huge step forward. She moves and hug's Joey from behind, and gently kisses her cheek, and then her neck.

Joey relaxes immediately, slides the key into the lock and pushes the door open. Charlie smiles and follows her girlfriend into the house. Her girlfriend, just the thought that she gets to call Joey that again makes her smile.

"Shall we check if love's young dream are still awake?" Joey smirks as she speaks. Charlie can't help her own smile, she nods her head, and they both wander into the front room. Their smiles grow even wider at the sight they're greeted by when they enter.

The DVD's have obviously been too much for Lily and Aden; they have both fallen asleep on the couch. Even Joey has to admit they look pretty cute. Charlie can see the mischievous glint her partner's eyes, and decides to take pity on the slumbering duo before Joey has a chance to disturb them and really ridicule them. She grabs Joey's hand, and gives her a look which clearly states 'leave them be.'

"Come on, let's go to bed."

Joey smiles and lets herself be led upstairs by Charlie. There are those butterflies again.

The sun is piercing as it penetrates through the curtains, right into Joey's eye line. If she's honest she could have done with a couple more hours sleep, she didn't get much last night, not that she's complaining of course. But alas the sun is wrecking havoc. She fidgets a little, she is being held in Charlie's arms and smiles as she feels Charlie tighten her embrace. She turns herself in the bed and comes face to face with the most brilliant blue eyes, and a grin that's almost as wide as her own.

"You're awake?" Charlie just nods to confirm Joey's words. "Morning."

Joey takes Charlie's lips in her own; the older woman is immediately transformed back to last night. It had been wonderful. She could tell Joey was a little nervous, but so was she, Joey is finally giving her another chance, she is adamant she is not messing it up this time.

She kissed every inch of Joey's body, committing it to memory, every line, and every contour, imprinted in her mind. She remembers the last time they'd made love of course, sometimes the memory was the only thing that got Charlie through that lonely three months that Joey was away, sometimes it near on killed her to reminisce.

Joey's body has changed slightly; Charlie guesses it was down to the long haul, hard manual labour for three months. She was more toned, athletic. They had taken their time in their love making. Charlie wanted to make sure Joey knows exactly how she feels, she told her she loves her throughout, looking deep into her eyes, deep into her soul. She told her she loves her in that most intimate of moments. Joey eyes widened with joy and adoration, Charlie knew that she believed her, that she really did finally trust her again.

Charlie pulled back from the current kiss. "Why don't you go down and see if the love birds are still snuggled on the sofa."

The excitement hit's Joey's eyes immediately. Charlie knows she's been dying to go down there and have her fun. Joey jumps out of bed, and grabs some shorts and a vest, and throws them on as she's practically running out of the bedroom door.

She walks into the living room, no sign of Lily or Aden, she heads for the patio door, and out through it onto the decking, and finds her friends, drinking juice at the table outside, a smirk is playing at her lips immediately. She sits at the table and pours herself some juice. Aden and Lily glance at each other and prepare themselves for the worst.

"Aden. Still here?" Smirk is in overdrive. "I didn't realise you guys were having a sleep over."

Lily smiles at Joey, she can't get mad, she knows she'd be exactly the same if the tables were turned. Aden looks panicked. It appears he's going to try and offer Joey an explanation.

"Well you know it got pretty late, and erm the DVD. Well I just kinda fell asleep on the couch."

Joey looks at Lily and neither of them can help themselves; they burst into floods of laughter at Aden stumbling over his words. He shakes his head and smiles, these two can be a nightmare when they get together.

The laughing stops when Charlie joins them on the deck, wearing only Joey's dressing gown, it's skimpy to say the least, Aden's eyes nearly pop out of his head, Lily's light up, she can't believe Joey has just been teasing her. Charlie either hasn't noticed their faces or is choosing to ignore them, she walks straight over to Joey and sits in her lap before taking a drink of her juice and looking out across the table.

"So what are we talking about guys?"

Lily can't hold it in any longer. "Looks like I wasn't the only one who had a sleep over last night?"

Joey grins. "Well it's a little different me having my girlfriend sleep over, and you having the local stud."

"Hey. I'm not a piece of meat." Aden smiles as he speaks, Lily ignores him; she's picked up on the more significant part of that sentence.

"Wait, your girlfriend?" The excitement is evident in Lily's voice. Aden can't believe he missed that point; he looks at the two women expectantly.

Joey just looks up into Charlie's eyes, who can't remove the smile from her face. "Yep my girlfriend."

"That's great guys." Lily is so happy for her best friend, not half as happy as these two look for themselves though!

"Congrats guys." Aden rises from the table as he speaks. "Right I've gotta get to work. I had a great night Lily. I'll call you later."

He waves as he leaves. Joey can't help one last little dig. "Bye stud." She wiggles her eyebrows; Aden just shakes his head and continues on his way.

As soon as Aden is out of view Joey turns straight to Lily. "Right you. Spill."

"There's nothing to spill. We fell asleep watching a DVD, that's all."

"But you do like him right?" The way Lily's face illuminates gives Charlie and Joey the answer they need. She is most definitely smitten.

Joey decides it might be time to have a beer with Aden and she exactly how he feels about her adopted sister.

Charlie reluctantly left Lily and Joey still sunning themselves in the back yard later that morning. She only has her dress she wore to the date last night, not really the right attire for an afternoon of sunbathing, chilling out and just generally having a laugh.

So she's headed home to get changed, with the promise of returning to Joey's as soon as she's ready. She meanders through the back door at Leah's to find Ruby doing homework at the kitchen table. Ruby smirks as her sister practically floats into the room. She really is walking on air.

Ruby of course is happy for her older sibling, but she can't help but feel a little neglected, Charlie's whole world recently has revolved around Joey, which is fine, but Ruby wishes she could make a little more time for her, or maybe include her a little more. But she doesn't want to bring her sister's obvious good mood down right now.

Charlie sits at the kitchen table opposite Ruby, with a big stupid lopsided grin on her face. Ruby can't help the beaming smile that hits her own features.

"I take it your date went well then." Ruby laughs.

"Aw Rubes. It was amazing." Charlie gushes. "We're officially back together."

"And officially sleeping together again I take it?"

Charlie's blush tells her all she needs to know. Ruby just shakes her head. "You really love her don't you?"

Charlie expression turns deadly serious. "Yeah, I really do."

"Well never in a million years did I think that when my big sister finally fell in love, really and truly in love, it would be with another woman." Ruby's really just thinking out loud.

"Join the club." Charlie has a sudden panic. "Does it bother you? That it's a woman?"

Ruby's head snaps up, now her face is serious. "No of course it doesn't. Besides, I don't really think gender comes into it does it? I mean its Joey isn't it? You've never been attracted to women before, so it's got to be just Joey?"

Ruby looks up at Charlie in the hope she understands what she's trying to convey. Charlie does, she doesn't think she could have phrased it better herself. Ruby misinterprets Charlie's silence as she doesn't know what she's trying to say. She thinks it over again in her head.

"What I mean is you're not gay Charlie, you're just a JoeySexual."

Charlie bursts out laughing. Ruby can't help but join her; this is exactly the type of thing she's been missing recently. It takes a fair few minutes for the laughter to die down, but when Charlie finally regains the ability of speech, she nods her head towards the books laid out on the kitchen table.

"Can this wait?"

Ruby's somewhat confused. "Yeah I guess, it's not due until Wednesday."

"Right go and get your two piece and your thongs."

Ruby just stares blankly at her sister, waiting for an explanation. "We're going to Joey's to spend the afternoon with my Girlfriend and Lily."

The smile on Ruby's face grows. Charlie continues. "I think it's about time we got this family back together properly. What better way than a girl's afternoon, sunbathing?"

"You really want me to come?" Ruby is really touched by Charlie's words.

Now it's Charlie's turn to look confused. "Of course I do."

Ruby excitedly runs out of the kitchen heading for her bedroom to gather her things together. Charlie's heart swells at the thought that things might actually be going well in her life; she immediately removes the thought from her head, from fear of jinxing it.

The four girls have had a brilliant afternoon. It really has been perfect. They have all laughed and joked, and teased Lily about her crush on Aden, although Ruby admitted in the end that she thought he was kinda cute too. Charlie's laughter seemed to stop at this point, in fact in turned into a lecture about how Aden was far too old for her, which of course brought looks of disbelief from the three other girls, which quickly turned into howls of laughter.

It really had been faultless, Ruby and Joey had reacquainted properly, Ruby and Lily got to know each other, and discovered that they really do get on, Lily likes chatting to Charlie and Joey she really does, but it's nice to have someone to talk 'boys' with. Lily and Charlie's relationship has gone from strength to strength too.

They are currently lying out on sun loungers. Well Lily and Ruby have one each, but Joey and Charlie who still haven't been able to get enough of each other since their reconciliation last night are sharing one. Laying face to face, sharing the odd lingering kiss and nose rub. Ruby has been making Lily laugh by throwing out the odd 'sick' face, in other work sticking her fingers in her mouth and pretending to throw up.

Joey is pulled from her idea of paradise when she hears her mobile phone ringing from inside the house. She gives Charlie one last peck, and runs off into the house. Charlie actually sighs with contentment, as she leans back into the sun lounger, Ruby looks over at Lily and rolls her eyes, and they both have to stifle giggles again.

A few minutes later Joey walks back out into the back garden. Looking a lot less happy than she did previously. In fact she looks on the verge of tears. To their credit Charlie, Ruby and Lily all notice, the latter two rise into a sitting position and never take their eyes from Joey. Charlie is by far the most concerned. She actually stands and tentatively moves towards her girlfriend.

"Sweetheart what is it?"Her heart aches to see Joey in so much pain. She has a million thoughts whirring around her brain, trying to fathom what could possibly have happened on that phone call to have caused Joey so much pain. It appears she's about to get her answer.

"That was Morag." The mention of her step mother, her barrister step mother, gives her a better idea of what this could be about.

"Robbo's plea hearing was today. He pleaded not guilty. I'm gunna have to go to trial." Joey barely gets the last few words out through her tears. Charlie's heart breaks for her, and rage builds inside her, how could he possibly plead not guilty. That can wait for now. She just pulls Joey into a hug, her own tears falling, tears of sadness and anger. She holds her tight, and looks over her shoulder at Lily and Ruby, who are also both on the verge of tears; Charlie tries her best to give them a reassuring smile. They immediately just rise and throw themselves around the two hugging women, who instantly accept them into a group embrace.

What an absolutely perfect afternoon. Ruined by a two minute phone call. Just when they all thought life was getting better and calming down a little. It seems Charlie and Joey are not meant to have a quiet existence.

Part 10

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