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Andromeda: Welcome Aboard, Beka Valentine
By John O'Connor

"Beka Valentine."

"Huh? Who...?" Beka Valentine, captain of the freighter-tug Eureka Maru, whirled around, alarmed by the seemingly disembodied voice in her assigned cabin on the Andromeda Ascendant.

Seeing the holo tank with the image of the ships' Artificial Intelligence, she took a deep breath and said, "Don't do that!"

"Do what, Beka Valentine?" the holo asked.

"Sneak up on people. It's unnerving." The woman glared at the holo image for a long moment before asking, "What is it, anyway?"

"I have been monitoring the new members of the crew and most seem to have adapted to their new environment. You however seem to be increasingly uncomfortable. Is there anything I can do?" the AI/ship asked.

"Yeah, no, I don't know. I mean, I'm on a 300 year old sentient spaceship that's better than anything else out there with a captain who is mourning his long-dead fiance and his vanished culture. I was a starship captain, even if it was a freighter. Now I'm just another crew member. What could be wrong?" Beka shook her head in frustration, her short blond hair falling more loosely in her face. "How are the others doing anyway?"

"Look for yourself," Andromeda said. She cleared her image and showed Beka different images starting with Rev Bem.

The alien with a bat-like face was happily immersed in one of the ship's many labs. He seemed like a kid on his birthday not knowing which wonderful new toy to play with. Beka smiled, "Rev loves gadgets and discovery almost as much as he loves to try to atone for his people."

Anazasi appeared next in one of the ship's many gyms. He was running an entire gamut of exercises to test his already formidable Nietzschean physique. Beka was unsure of this one, he was not a member of the Eureka's crew but smuggled on board in a stasis chamber with other Nietzscheans. She was also aware that the captain, Dylan Hunt, did not trust him either after Anazasi's race brought about the destruction of his Commonwealth all those centuries ago.

Her old ship's engineer, Seamus Harper, had found liquor somewhere on board and was managing to get himself quietly drunk in one of the mess halls.

Trance Gemini, the purple-skinned alien, was in the ship's hydroponic arboreteum. She had an affinity for growing things, an ability she enjoyed as evidenced by the lazy way her long supple tail was moving. Beka stared at the image for several moments, lost in thought.

"Is this what's disturbing you?" Andromeda asked. "You're lonely for companionship? Perhaps I can help?"

"You? You're a computer program. What can you possibly know about humans? Or aliens?" Beka snorted contemptuously.

"I am a state of the art Artificial Intelligence. I am self-aware and able to learn and interact with members of the crew. I am more than just a simple program, such as the old-fashioned emergency medical holos on your ship. I understand much of human nature. Let me help." The holo image seemed to show genuine concern as she finished her statement.

"How?" the human woman asked quietly.

Materializing in a lifesize holo, Andromeda stood before her. "I can adjust the holo emitters to emit solid light images. It takes a little more energy and effort but I think you will like the result."

Andromeda's image faded and Beka felt pressure against her chest. She inhaled sharply in surprise as her nipple pushed against her shirt. She looked down and saw a woman's transparent hand cupping her breast. A matching hand materialized and cupped her other breast.

Beka closed her eyes as a tingling spread out from her chest. It had been so long since anyone had touched her this way. She sighed and smiled.

"You like what I can do?"

Opening her eyes, Beka saw Andromeda's head hovering eerily in front of her. "Yes. I do."

The holographic head leaned forward and pressed her lips against the real flesh of Beka's mouth. Beka opened her mouth to feel the warm solid-light tongue slip inside and begin to explore. She reached up and ran her fingers through the holo's short brown hair, pulling the AI woman's head closer. The heat she was feeling was from more than just the solid light source of the tongue probing her mouth

While passionately kissing the artificial woman, Beka heard Andromeda saying, "I am very versatile."

Beka smiled when she felt another hand squeeze and caress her leatherclad ass. Another hand unbuttoned her shirt and peeled it off without dislodging the original pair of holo-hands. Now she could feel the slight heat given off by the light-construct hands on her chest.

The hands that had removed her shirt, or another pair of holos, opened the front of her tight leather pants and slid them over her hips to pool at her feet. One of the hands began to lightly stroke her moistening slit, the other slid around to fondle her ass again.

Again, Beka heard the disembodied voice chuckling, "So, I take it you like this?"

Beka moaned her pleasure into the holo-mouth she was kissing.

"Well, I believe I can make it even better," Andromeda promised.

Beka groaned as the hand at her crotch changed and became Andromeda's soft mouth. 'How can she do this?' Beka thought before rational thought was banished by waves of pleasure.

The mouth fastened on her labia and began to lick the aroused flesh as the blond space captain began to writhe in response.

She squealed into Andromeda's mouth as a finger slid smoothly into her tight, grasping ass.

Beka had never felt anything quite like this. Very warm hands playing with her breasts, and ass, and a beautiful phantom head kissing her while another, equally transparent mouth was working over her now dripping pussy. The heat of the solid light adding to the wonderful sensations she was experiencing.

As she raced to a massive orgasm, her knees began to buckle but Andromeda formed additional hands to hold her up.

Beka screamed into Andromeda as waves of pleasure washed through her. She climaxed with the intensity of a supernova, her brain reeling from the sensations flowing through her.

When she regained her senses, she was laying on her bunk, her sweat-soaked body completely nude. She looked up and saw the fullbody holo of Andromeda hovering next to her.

"Thank you," she managed to say.

"You're very welcome. I'm glad I was able to pleasure you. You're quite responsive, more so than my previous female lover." Andromeda smiled.

"Did you enjoy that?" Beka asked.

"Of course. I find interacting on that level extremely satisfying. Not in the same way but I definitely enjoy it." Andromeda looked toward the holo tank and smiled as she activated it. "Look, one of your crewmates seems to be enjoying herself."

Beka looked toward the tank and saw Trance in the arboreteum naked. Her purple skin was glowing under the growth lights as she managed to fuck herself with her limber tail. As she masturbated herself to orgasm, she called out Beka's name.

Andromeda looked at Beka and saw the smile of anticipation on her face.

"Welcome aboard, Beka Valentine," Andromeda said as she dematerialized.

The End

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