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Welcome to Wonderland
By Teara


Willa McPherson looks down at the phone in her hand. She's been flipping it and toying with it for the past ten minutes, resisting the urge to dial the number that has become as familiar as her own. Before she has time to register it, her fingers have disobeyed her brain's orders and are already dialing. As she listens to the ringing, her brain is telling her to just hang up while another part of her is preparing what she will say.

"Yes?" the voice on the other end of the phone says.

Suddenly everything is silent save for the pounding of her heart. She's a journalist. She's always had a way with words. Everyone always told her that while she was growing up, but right now, in this moment, she can't gather her thoughts. Everything she'd been preparing to say has left her mind and she stutters. "Ggarbo?"

"Oh, it's you." She can hear the smirk in her smoky alto voice.

Willa has a million questions she wants to ask, no demand, but she opens her mouth and nothing comes out.

"Can you be here in twenty minutes? I have something I think you're going to want to try."

Even as she tells herself she's not going, she is already grabbing her keys and nodding her head. "Yyyes…" She frowns at her newfound habit of stuttering.

"Good. See you then. And don't forget to bring cash." There is laughter in the voice right before she disconnects the call.

Willa looks at the phone in her hand for a moment, then flips it shut and is heading out of the door.

As she takes the now familiar path, she begins to make promises to herself. The same promises she's made herself before. She needs to explain herself. She needs to let it be known that she isn't this girl. She's not the type to do this. But even she knows that this will all change as soon as she crosses the threshold and enters that world. It's like she's Alice going through the looking glass to get to Wonderland. As she walks up the sidewalk the door opens and for a moment, she could swear that the Mad Hatter is going to step outside. Instead it is the sultry brunette that hasn't left her mind since the first time she laid eyes on her. She is wearing this funky outfit that is sophisticated LA meets Urban Decay and for a moment Willa thinks that the Mad Hatter description is somehow fitting.

"Well are you just going to stand there all night or are you going to come in?" She has this knowing smirk and for a moment Willa wonders if her earlier thought was wrong. She wonders if the Cheshire Cat is a better description. She doesn't dwell on that thought for long because suddenly a soft warm hand takes her and she's being pulled through the looking glass into Wonderland.

"Your palms are sweating. Are you nervous?" Garbo's brown eyes reveal nothing as she looks Willa in the face.

"Nnnoo…" the blonde stutters, betraying her lie.

"Just relax. There's no need to be nervous. I always take care of you, don't I?"

The brunette's voice is so seductive and lulling that Willa just nods mutely.

"Did you bring the cash?"

"Yes," She is proud that the stuttering seems to have gone away. She opens her little purse and pulls out a bundle of bills.

Garbo doesn't even bother to count it. She gives the bundle of once over and smiles. "Good girl." She walks over to a canister and begins to gather things.

Willa watches, her brain begging her to protests, but she remains silent. She instead studies the brunette intently, almost in anticipation. She briefly wonders if it is the drugs she's becoming addicted to or something else. It doesn't matter because Garbo is back and the snuffer is already up her nose. She breathes it in, feeling the newly familiar burn in her nose and throat, causing her eyes to water. The adrenaline is already beginning to rush through her and her heart speeds up so fast she worries it will run out of her chest.

"Wha…what is this?" She can barely see anything as the world begins to slow and her body heats up.

"That…was a Garbo Special." Her voice sounds so far away, but you can hear the wicked undertones. "Feels good doesn't it?"

Willa wants to ask her what she means, but her heart is still racing and she can barely catch her breathe. All at once, she can feel every light breeze of air that passes over her skin and her chest begins to heave. She feels something pressing against her lips and realizes it's Garbo's finger. She opens her mouth and wonders what the sweet powdery substance is on her tongue as the flavor practically explodes in her mouth and she traps the finger between her teeth and sucks on it before swirling her tongue around it.

"Hey, slow down there." Garbo's grin grows wide and Willa is sure that she is the Cheshire Cat. She doesn't protest as lips are pressed firmly against her own. In fact, she welcomes it, moaning as she moves to deepen the kiss. Her eyes close, momentarily shutting out the swirling colors. As Garbo's fingers trail up her arms, she groans deep in the back of her throat, feeling the caress all over her body.

The brunette steps back and smiles again. Willa whimpers as her eyes flutter open. She knows she should speak, but all she can think about is feeling the sensations that were just running through her, making her feel alive. She crosses the room and thrust her fingers into Garbo's hair, crushing their mouths together and forcing her tongue past lips that part easily. The kiss is intense and hungry and almost violent, but she doesn't let up as her pulse races even faster. The brunette's fingers dance up and down her spine, the fabric sliding against her sensitized skin and the heat coming from Garbo's hand cause colors to shoot behind her closed eyes. She is suddenly being pressed against the refrigerator and feels moisture gather between her thighs. She lets her fingers trail down the back of the brunettes neck, down her back and up her sides before she boldly moves to cup her breasts. Garbo makes a small mewing sound in the back her throat before grabbing hold of those hands and forces them above Willa's head.

She makes a tsking noise before saying, "This is my show, Princess. Keep your hands right there." Her voice is almost as smooth as the soft fabric of Willa's blouse that she is now unbuttoning. She places heated kisses on every bit of skin that she exposes and the blonde feels them like sharp bolts of pleasure. They pool in her belly before shooting straight to the apex between her thighs. It feels like everything else in the world is whizzing by her, but Garbo's fingers are going at an achingly slow pace. She wonders if that is because of the cocktail or that time for her has literally began to slow down.

The blonde opens her eyes, fixing them on one of the darkly gothic paintings that litter the walls of the kitchen. It seems to come to life before her very eyes and she wants to reach out to it, but instead she moans as she feels warm lips around the cool flesh of her nipple. Her body arches as her eyes stay locked on that painting. It's taunting her, daring her…to do what she isn't sure and she doesn't care. Her moans and whimpers are growing louder and she can hear them in the distance. They sound strange and wonderful. Suddenly she is standing in front of herself, watching her body writhe beneath Garbo's exploring hands and skilled tongue. She bites her bottom lip and grasps the top of the fridge to steady herself as she feels the brunette's hot, wet tongue on her stomach, circling her naval. The sensations running through her are intense and raw and every nerve ending in her body is alive.

The mirror image before her smiles a small, beguiling smile. Their eyes lock and she knows that she is the reason she is standing here in this moment. It is the part of her that has driven her to place a number of times before. The part she likes to hide and deny in the harsh light of day, but can no longer control. She is wild and reckless. She makes no apologies for who she is and what she does and as she smiles that bewitching smile, Willa doesn't want to control her anymore.

She feels softly strong hands burn a path up her inner thighs and she makes a whining sound in the back of her throat. She's not sure when it happened, but somewhere along the way Garbo has discarded her panties and she can feel a cool breeze up her tailored skirt as is being shove up to her waist. She wraps her long legs around the brunette's waist, somehow suspending herself between Garbo and the refrigerator. She allows her arms to grasp the deceptively strong shoulders of the brunette. She meets the other woman's gaze and sees she doesn't mind at all. She seems to welcome it. Moments later, skilled digits are sliding through copious wetness and she cries out. They graze her clit in light, fleeting touches and she begins to writhe almost uncontrollably. They move lower, toying with her opening and she thinks she might shatter. As two expert fingers slide deep inside of her, she almost does. They move hard and deep. Slowly at first, but then they begin to pick up the pace, curling upward slightly. She is sure that she has never felt anything this close to heaven in her entire life and she doesn't want it to end, but she can feel the tension mounting. Everything has slowed down again like in the movies. The room is silent save for her moans and little grunting sounds coming from the brunette. The air is almost still and soon she is sprinting towards the finish line. Her mirror image is back then, luring her to the line. She is almost afraid of what waits for her, but is helpless to follow. Her skin is burning up and she can hardly breathe. The world is spinning and swirling around her and she still can't let go. By now, fingers are practically pounding into wet flesh and she wonders if she'll die before she gets to the end.

She feels Garbo's warm breath on her lips, then her cheeks, and finally next to her ear. There's a gentle nip before she hears the words "Welcome to Wonderland." Fingers curl up one last time and a thumb grazes her clit and she explodes. She shouts Garbo's name loudly into the silent room and tremors rack her body. The brunette holds her there until she begins to calm. Her bones feel like jelly and she wonders how she'll be able to stand, let alone make it to her car.

Willa turns her head when she hears Garbo speaking, but can't make out the words. She feels confused and hazy but relaxed as she fixes her skirt. She begins to button her shirt, but her hand's replaced by the brunette's, who takes the time to redo her bra and then straighten the buttons. She places a light kiss on the blonde's lips while stuffing her panties into her purse and then turns her towards the door.

Garbo clears her throat as she opens the door. "Be careful driving. That stuff has a way of hitting you at the oddest times."

The blonde nods mutely and then makes her way to her car.

Hours later, as she writhes beneath the touch of her own artfully skilled hands, remembering the feel of the brunette's, she wonders if Garbo meant the drug or herself.

The End

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