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By SilverTurtle


Lily flopped back onto her couch and offered the carton of ice cream to Robin.

They were home alone this weekend. Marshall and Ted were off on a road trip to strengthen their friendship and Barney had been unreachable since embarking on a quest to find the perfect lay, they didn't expect to hear from him for a while. So Lily and Robin sat watching a marathon of Law & Order running on TNT, drinking copious amounts of beer, eating all the ice cream in the freezer, and being bored without their respective boyfriends…well, fiancé in Lily's case.

"Are you excited to get married?" Robin asked out of nowhere, washing down her spoonful of ice cream with a swig of beer and making a face that spoke volumes about how bad and idea having the two things in her mouth at the same time was.

Lily turned wide surprised eyes on her brunette friend. "What?" she squeaked after she was finished gaping like a fish.

"I mean," Robin said, oblivious to Lily's struggle, "you and Marshall have been together for like ever and you know each other so well but doesn't the idea of marrying him and tying yourself down to one person for the rest of your life scare you? I don't think I could do it."

"I…I," Lily couldn't seem to form words. The question, which had blindsided her, had set her mind into a spin of doubt wondering if she would be able to commit fully to Marshall. "I'm going to need something stronger than beer if we're going to talk about this." She quickly raided the kitchen and found a large full bottle of rum and a single can of soda. She took several swigs of the rum, chased it with a sip of the soda, and returned to her place on the couch.

"Whoa, never seen you drink like that," Robin pointed out, "Did I hit a sore spot?"

Lily shook her head in the negative and had some more rum. Robin claimed the bottle from her and took a few drinks for herself before setting the bottle between them, making it clear that however much Lily had Robin would match her drink for drink.

"I've never thought about it like that before," Lily confessed, "When he asked me to marry him it wasn't about not being with anybody else, it was about being with Marshall forever. It made me so happy and I think we're ready to take this step but…"

"But?" Robin queried.

Lily snatched up the rum bottle and took several long pulls, hissing as Robin took the bottle away and drank from it, "But now you've asked that question and suddenly, I don't know. It's like…I'm not sure if I should marry him. I mean, I feel like he's the one for me, but how can I know? I haven't been with anyone else in so long and I didn't think I wanted to be until now and now all I can think about is what if he isn't the one for me and I'm missing out and I never even kissed a girl and is this what cold feet is because they kind of suck and I don't know if I'm making the right decision marrying him and-"

"Lily, Lily! Relax," Robin put the nearly empty rum bottle on the floor and caught Lily's frantically waving hands. "You and Marshall are great together. But if you're not sure we can sort this out right now." Robin grabbed Lily by the back of the neck and hauled her in to a kiss which turned heated fast.

Robin broke the kiss with every sign of reluctance, staying near Lily and licking her lips.

"Wow," Lily whispered.

"Yeah," was Robin's breathless reply. "Did that," she licked her lips again, staring at Lily's and forcing herself not to lean back in, "help clear things up?"

Heart racing Lily shook her head minimally. "Not really," she said quietly and then, hesitantly, "I think we should try it again."

Robin wasted no time in capturing Lily's lips again and again and again until they were laying tangled on the couch and things had gone far beyond a simple kiss.

What happened after that they would later blame on the alcohol and never mention again.

But if sometimes Lily remembered the feeling of Robin's hands trailing up the inside of her thigh…

If she remembered Robin's lips blazing a path down her neck to her breasts…

If she remembered Robin's fingers laying claim to her and pushing her over the edge…

If she remembered kissing her way to Robin's center and returning the favor…

If she remembered hours of tenderness and pleasure and freedom…

If she remembered waking cradled close to a soft body and sweet smelling skin…

If she remembered her heart skipping a beat when Robin woke and kissed her gently and for the last time…

Well, she always had had a vivid imagination.

The End

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