DISCLAIMER: The characters and settings of Third Watch are the property of John Wells Productions, WB and NBC.
SPOILERS: None. Set any time after 3.13, Superheroes 2, but before the S4 finale.
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By Lin

Alex and Kim aren't in love. They don't need to be.

It's not dating. It's fucking.

They are partners. At work. Sometime, somehow, they started having sex. Often. But not at work.

They're together because the world didn't end. Only the parts they used to live in.

One day, soon, Kim will wake up and not obsess about Bobby being dead; and Alex won't obsess about her father, living or dead.

Until then, this is easier than being alone, or explaining to a new guy.

That's what they tell themselves, Kim and Alex, who aren't in love but fuck anyway.

The End

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