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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Written because the les!yay that Clenise can not be denied. Especially after the arm rubbing, eye-shagging, 'I experimented in college' awesomeness of episode 3. I tell you, Kim Delaney's, bringing femslash back, ya'll.
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By Your Side
By Janine


Claudia Joy reached over stroking the silky strands of dark hair splayed over her chest.

She had meant to get up and head home after Denise had fallen asleep, but her friend had looked so peaceful that she couldn't bare the thought of accidentally waking her up as she tried to leave. She knew that Denise hadn't been getting much sleep over the past few months and that she could use every extra minute she could get.

Brushing some hair behind her ear, Claudia Joy bent down and pressed a soft kiss to Denise's cheek, surprised to feel a hand grasping her arm tightly when she moved to pull back a moment later.

Denise stared up at her best friend, her eyes alight with a desire that she couldn't quite identify but that pulsed through her strongly. She needed … she didn't quite know what she needed and contemplated what it might be for a moment, before realizing that it was just that. She needed.

Claudia Joy gasped as she felt Denise's lips press against her own firmly, the other woman's arm moving from hers to wrap around her and pull her tighter against her.

Claudia Joy's lips parted and Denise's tongue entered her mouth, deepening the kiss as she kept their bodies pressed tightly together.

"Please," Denise whispered against Claudia Joy's lips before kissing her desperately again. "Please."

Claudia Joy's hand twitched against Denise's hip where it had been resting since the other woman first kissed her, and then she slowly began to slide her hand up Denise's torso, her hand moving to cup Denise's breast through her t-shirt a few seconds later.

Denise sighed and arched into Claudia Joy's touch, her lips stilling against the other woman's and she gave herself over to the sensations that Claudia Joy's hand was producing in her, and then, before she was even conscious of moving, she was leaning over Claudia Joy pressing her down onto the mattress as she straddled her.

"I …" Denise started as she opened her eyes and stared down at the familiar face of her friend in such an unfamiliar position.

"I know," Claudia Joy whispered back, her lips curving up comfortingly, arching up a second later to bring their lips together. "I've got you," she murmured tenderly as Denise guided her hands back up to her chest before bringing their lips came together once again.

The End

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