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By Mbard


Sometimes two people find each other, and an imaginary switch clicks inside, turning on emotions and feelings never felt before. It's like that little switch had been waiting for the right person to come along in order to activate it. A few times before it had almost made it, almost clicked all the way to the on position. Only to discover that actually no, this person wasn't the one after all, and everything they made you feel, what you thought you felt for them, dies inside. Emotions fall away, trust disappears and happiness turns the light off when it leaves you for good.

Sometimes two people find each other, and it's not only because something falls in place inside, revealing truths hidden till now, but circumstance will help them along as well. Which is why sometimes, when she is explaining it to herself in her head, she uses the phrase "Fate brought us together". She often questions if it hadn't been for all that had happened before, would she really have fallen so hopelessly, so quickly? And when she's trying her best to calmly tell the others about it, which is actually an impossible task. All they do now is scream and shout and throw things at each other, she always retaliates to hurt lost green eyes, "it's not like we planned it, it just happened."

Because sometimes, two people who have been friends for a long time, find solace and comfort in each other, and then Fate comes along, something clicks over inside, so two people who once were friends become a lot more. And it all happened so naturally, felt so right, the Slayer often thinks to herself she must have always loved the blonde Wicca, because she can't remember a time when she did not love her.

The End

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