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AUTHOR'S NOTE: Empty Spaces is a series with very canonical designs. Obviously not all of it is femslashy. I’ve left out all that didn’t apply. Check my master list should you wish to fill in the blanks. The stories are numbered by the episode they associate with. It was the least hassle when trying to keep a running list. Special thanks to Howard Russell for all of the lovely commas.
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Glass Heart
By Valyssia


Her fingertips touch the steamy windowpane. They move together, parting, each leaving opposing, sweeping strokes, around and down.

As the heart takes shape, mine does this funny, fluttery thing in my chest. It’s so weird.

She slashes at the doodle. No point. No feathers. An artist, she’s not.

I don’t get her.

She smiles at me through the unclouded pane to her left.

And somehow, suddenly that matters less.

My friends’ stares feel heavy on my back. I look down at all the meaningless lines and squiggles on the page, then back at her.

Decisions just don’t get any easier.

End of Story 048: Glass Heart

Continued in Story 095: In the Time of Wolves

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