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By The Datajunkie


Buffy strode into the mansion, her booted feet echoing strangely against the marble floor. Willow and Tara were right behind her, faces flushed from the evening's chill and the aftermath of several minor battles. They paused in the entryway long enough to remove their blood red cloaks and then hurried after their mistress.

Buffy stopped in front of the fireplace in the great hall and felt her handmaidens remove her own midnight cloak. She turned away from the fire, letting the heat seep into her back and studied her companions. They were dressed identically in white silk shirts, black leather pants and low heeled boots, but that was where the similarities ended. Willow's fiery hair was only one of the many remarkable features that the young witch had and Buffy knew that trying to list them all could take a long time. She knew because she had tried it on several occasions.

Buffy turned to the newest edition to her household and couldn't help but smile. Tara's gentle smile and dreamy eyes beckoned one to fall into the luscious blonde's waiting arms. Something that Buffy was all too willing to do. I must remember to thank Willow again for bringing her to me.

She began to remove the various weapons she had secreted about her body. Willow helped the Chosen remove her long sword and sheath. Handing it to one of the hobgoblins to be cleaned, she turned back to her mistress and watched as Tara took the smaller sword and sheath that Slayer carried and returned them to their place on the weapons wall. Willow unlaced the heavy bracer on Buffy's right forearm as Tara undid the left.

Buffy handed Willow her belt, containing several bottles of holy water and a couple of throwing knives. Tara took the foot long stakes that were held in sheaths on the Slayer's thighs and returned them to their place as well.

Buffy pulled her black armored vest off and peeled out of the t-shirt she was wearing under it, leaving her in a black sports bra. "Careful of the vest, Tara. It got splattered with demon blood."

Tara called for one of the hobgoblins and turned the item over to him. His muttered comment was heard only by Tara and she thanked him before sending him on his way. "Giles wants to speak with you as soon as possible, Mistress."

Buffy sank down onto a high backed chair and let Willow and Tara pull her boots off. "He can wait until tomorrow. And what's with the Mistress business? I thought I asked you to call me Buffy?"

Willow set the boots aside and gazed up at the one who had been chosen above all others. "Yes, it's just… sometimes it's hard to forget who you are."

Buffy shrugged it off as she usually did. "Accident of birth." Tara's shy smile caught the Slayer's attention. "Something amuses you?"

A delicate flush stole over the girl's face. "Y-you would be special even if you weren't the Chosen."

Buffy leaned forward and gripped her face with gentle hands. "Flatterer." She kissed the sultry lips before her, causing Tara to sigh in pleasure. "God you're sweet. But first things first. Where's my cocoa?"

Tara stood and intercepted a tray being brought in by one of the hobgoblins, setting it on the coffee table. She poured the hot chocolate into delicate china cups, her motions smooth and graceful. Buffy accepted her post-slayage treat with a smile and tucked a stray strand of tawny hair behind Tara's ear. "Thanks."

The light flush that stole over the tall blonde's face made Buffy grin and she sank back into her favorite chair with a happy sound of contentment.

Buffy leaned back in her chair and picked up her wine glass, letting the night's tensions settle along with her meal. With Tara on her left and Willow on her right, Buffy figured that she was smack dab in the middle of the prettiest place on the planet. She sipped her wine and met Willow's eyes over the rim of the glass. "I've satisfied my hunger for food. Anybody wanna help me with the other?"

Both of her handmaidens stood instantly as Buffy knew they would and she chuckled. "In that case let's take this somewhere more comfortable."

In the bedroom, Willow circled the room, lighting candles and casting the protection spell that would let the Slayer truly rest for the remainder of the night.

Buffy sat down on the side of the huge bed and looked at the women before her. "Strip."

The husky order was both crude and erotic, causing both of the girls to tremble.

Buffy watched through slitted eyes as the silk shirts were slowly peeled away, revealing the delights underneath. Bras quickly followed and Buffy motioned Tara closer. "Come here." Tara did as she was bid, unsurprised when Buffy caught her breasts in both hands and buried her face between them. "God your smell is…" She trailed off, unable to think of a word that fit the unique scent that was Tara. Buffy ducked her head and gently took one hardened nipple into her mouth, rolling it across her tongue, savoring the taste. She reluctantly freed her prize and glanced at Willow. "Did I tell you to stop undressing?"

The redhead had become mesmerized by the Slayer's actions but now she jerked into action, unfastening her pants and tugging the leather down her long legs. Buffy chuckled at the motions and rose, walking into the bathroom, leaving them to follow. She shed her own clothes quickly, wanting to hurry on to the more pleasurable part of the evening.

A quick spell from Tara brought the large bathing tub's water up to temperature and Buffy sank into it with a hiss of pleasure. She picked up a bar of soap but it was taken away a second later and replaced with a snifter of cognac and Willow's gentle admonishment. "That's our task Mistress."

Buffy let her eyes drift closed as loving hands washed away the dust and grime that slaying always seemed to produce in abundance. When she had first chosen her handmaidens, she had tried to bathe first and then eat. It had become rapidly apparent that she would be eating only cold meals if that continued so now the bath came last.

Willow slid hands slick with soap over strong shoulders, lingering here and there to sooth the muscles that wielded weapons to defend the world night after night. She couldn't help but shiver at the thought and Buffy turned at the motion.

"Kiss me." The husky command made the red witch's heart lurch and she met the offered lips eagerly.

Tara smiled at the display, feeling her own body respond at the thought of what else would happen tonight.

Xander Harris finished securing the new target dummy in place and stepped back to make sure it was even with the others that lined the courtyard. He nodded once to himself in satisfaction and picked up his toolbox before turning to see the Slayer watching him. Instantly his heart rate doubled and he felt his palms dampen. "Good morning Chosen."

Buffy shook her head. "Xander, please. Call me Buffy." She began stretching, warming up her muscles for the work out to come.

"Sorry Ch-, uh, Buffy. I fixed the target dummies and replaced the broken posts that were, uh, broken."

Buffy nodded and selected a fighting staff from a nearby rack. "Thanks Xander. What would I do without you?" She swung the staff several times before beginning a complex series of spins that culminated with the staff in the opposite hand and behind her. "So are you staying for the meeting with Giles this morning?"

Xander shrugged and fiddled with the handle of his toolbox. "I guess. If you don't mind?"

Buffy stopped the staff in mid swing and faced the young man she had come to call friend. "Now that's the silliest thing I think you've ever said. Do I mind? No, I insist. How can I be properly briefed if all my lieutenants aren't at hand?"

"You're the boss Buffy." He could feel a goofy grin spreading over his face but couldn't seem to make it go away. "I'll go see if the girls need any help setting up for the meeting."

Buffy picked up a stake and threw it forcefully at one of the targets. It pierced the wooden chest, splintering it. "You do that. I'll be there in a minute."

Xander sighed as he mentally added the new repair to his list of tasks and headed inside were the destruction was usually less.

Tara was trying very hard not to smile at the glazed look in Xander's eyes as he stared at the broken headboard. The distinctive places that were broken implied that hands had simply ripped chunks from the heavy wood. He swallowed and stepped closer. "Um, alright. I can, uh, fix this?"

Being the Fixer to the Chosen one was always an interesting job, but sometimes the damage was… surprising.

"Perhaps you could reinforce the headboard with metal? The eye rings keep popping out of the wood."

Xander blinked as his mind went to a happy place. "E-eye rings?"

Tara held up a length of chain. A heavy manacle was swinging from the end. "And Buffy wants these attached to the top of each post. Can you do that? Today?"

Xander gulped and nodded. "Yeah. I'll have to make a run to the ha.. hardware store."

"Excellent. I'll tell Mistress." She left him standing in the bedroom, trying to get his body back under control.

Giles opened his briefcase, removed his weekly report and handed it to the Slayer. His job as Watcher had been expanded to that of Scribe when the Slayer's previous Scribe had been killed.

Buffy read through the report as Tara and Willow detailed the previous night's hunt for the scribe's records. The record of each Slayer's battles, no matter how minor, were an invaluable source for future generations of slayers and the position of Scribe was second only to that of the Slayer herself.

Giles cleared his throat and spoke quietly, knowing that the Chosen would hear him. "A new scribe is being sent, Buffy. They should be here within the week."

Buffy nodded absently. "Great Giles. How's the council doing with that weapon order?" She saw the Englishman pull off his glasses and begin to clean them with a handkerchief. They must be dragging their feet, she concluded.

"Ah, yes. Well, the council has approved the order… however it will take t-three days for the weapons to arrive."

Buffy smiled ruefully. "Haven't they ever heard of overnight shipping?"

"Y-yes, well I did inform them that there was a certain urgency."

"It's fine Giles. I knew they wouldn't get here before Friday." Buffy closed the file and handed it to Willow. "Could you put this in my 'hot files' drawer please?"

Willow was on her feet in an instant. The wooden file cabinets that stood in corner made no noise as they were opened and Willow eased the drawer shut again. She turned back to the Slayer and took a moment to appreciate what she saw.

Sunlight poured though the huge stain glass window behind the Chosen one, bathing her in a rainbow of color. A young girl in armor stood atop an empty battlefield as the sun set in the distance. It was a moment captured in time, one that every slayer went through almost every night. The calm before the battle. Before the sun's purifying light disappeared and the creatures of the night rose to wreak their havoc. She shivered slightly, wondering at the feeling of foreboding overtaking her.

Buffy picked up the small dagger she used to open mail and began tossing it idly from hand to hand, her attention now completely on Giles. "Are you sure you don't want the Scribe position?"

Giles felt a light flush rise in his face and coughed. "As much as I am honored by your trust in my abilities, I do feel that I am best suited to be a watcher."

Buffy shrugged and the blade flew from her fingers, sinking into a dartboard across the room. "If you're happy then I'm happy. So, any info on this new guy?"

"Um, girl actually."

A suddenly interested blonde brow rose. "Oh really? I thought they weren't going to trust me with anymore women." She glanced at Willow and winked, causing the redhead to blush furiously.

Giles hid a smirk. "They weren't, unfortunately there wasn't anyone else that they felt was ready for the job."

Buffy tilted her chair back and her feet found a home on the desk in front of her. "So… a woman." Buffy's grin was salacious. "Do tell."

"The council has requested that you refrain from… compromising the new scribe's position."

The roll of the Chosen's eyes, told them how she felt about that request. "They're the ones who put the whole 'no personal involvement' on the scribe position. They're just being party-poopers."

"The records that a scribe keeps must be impartial. They would serve no purpose if they were slanted or falsified do to, emotional… entanglements."

Buffy crooked her finger at the suddenly flustered witch in the corner and beckoned her close. Willow found herself tugged onto the Chosen's lap and held securely in strong but tender arms. "Will, did I entangle you emotionally?"

Willow buried her face in the Slayer's neck, muffling her reply. "Oh yes."

"Okay, Giles. I'll try and keep my hands off this one." She nuzzled the scarlet strands, causing the younger girl to moan softly. "Mind you if she's anything like Willow then all bets are off." She stood up, shifting the redhead in her arms and carried her from the room. "Meeting is over. Tara? Show Giles out and meet us in the hot tub."

Tara jumped to her feet and all but pushed Giles out the door. As she ran up the stairs, she wondered if Buffy was going to chain Willow down again.

Willow strained against the manacles holding her arms wide against the edge of the hot tub as Buffy continued to taste and tease her breasts. Tara was seated between her legs, her agile fingers showing a dexterity that threatened to undo her. "God, Buffy! Please!"

Buffy released the breast she was tormenting from her mouth with a quiet popping sound before reaching up and grabbing a fistful of her prisoner's hair. "You rang?" Buffy covered her mouth, plundering the sweetness utterly, claiming the witch ruthlessly. Willow's ragged moan became a whimper, setting the Chosen's blood on fire. Pulling the witch close, Buffy maneuvered the long legs around her until she felt the hot press of Willow's center on her own. Holding her captive in place, Buffy began to surge against her, relentlessly.

Willow screamed as it became too much, her head thrown back, muscles of her neck arched with the strain of her release. Buffy's hoarse shout echoed through the room and she collapsed against Willow.

Tara marveled at the wildness of it all, her own pulse running madly. She gasped as Buffy turned suddenly and seized her, lifting her out of the tub until she was half laying on the platform surrounding the tub. She had but an instant to realize what was happening before Buffy's mouth was on her in the most intimate of kisses and then her thoughts were scattered beneath the Slayer's hungry advance.

Buffy leaped down the stairs, skipping the last six and landing silently in the entryway. She pulled open the heavy wooden door as the woman on the other side was reaching to ring again. Buffy froze, her eyes widening at the visitor. "Hi there. Can I help you?" God yes! Let me help you right out of that stuffy looking suit and right into my bed!

"Buffy Summers? I'm Kennedy, your new Scribe."

The brunette extended a hand and Buffy took it willingly, feeling surprising strength in the grasp. She pulled the girl inside and pushed the door closed leaning back against it, studying the new addition to her household with amorous eyes. God what eyes! And that skin! Like honey. I want tasties! With difficulty she pulled her mind back to the matter at hand. "Welcome to the madhouse. I'll show you to your office. Your rooms are on the second floor, end of the hall on the left. The servants will see to your bags."

Buffy moved down the hall, hiding a smile as she caught scent of the other girl's perfume. "So, I guess you know what you'll be doing. I usually like to go out just before sunset each night unless something major is going on." She pushed open the door to the small office next to her own and let Kennedy precede her into the room.

Kennedy sat her briefcase on the desk and turned, catching the slayer in mid ogle. She couldn't stop the glare that formed on her face. "I think we should get one thing out of the way, Miss Summers. I've been informed of what happened to the last female scribe sent to you and I can assure you that it won't be happening again."

Buffy blinked at the declaration. "I see." And she did see the seriousness of the scribe's expression. Ohhh. A challenge. Goody! Buffy moved across the room, well, stalked really. She didn't stop until she was well within Kennedy's personal space and the scribe was pressing back into the desk in her attempt to keep some distance between them. "Well I must say that I am disappointed." She trailed a finger down one smooth cheek before stepping back suddenly. "Lunch is at two. Breakfast is fend for yourself. Dinner is whenever the slaying is over."

With that she left and Kennedy sagged against the desk in relief. That went well… didn't it?

Kennedy stacked the current slayer's journals on her desk and went in search of the kitchen. As she headed towards the back of the mansion, she heard kitcheny sounds and knew she was on the right track. Kennedy paused in the doorway, watching silently as a lithe redhead muttered grumpily at the coffee maker. "Come on, come on! Brew faster or I'll turn you into a toad."

"Does it respond to threats?"

Willow jumped and faced the newcomer. "Who? Oh. You must be the new scribe." She stepped forward and held out a hand. "I'm Willow."

Kennedy took the hand and studied the woman who had deserted her true calling. "I know who you are. I'm Kennedy."

Willow flinched at the edge in the shorter girl's voice. "Um, well. Welcome to the household." She turned back to the counter and glared at the hapless machine. "You want some coffee?"

"That's what I was looking for actually." Kennedy began opening cabinets until she found the cups and took one down. "Sugar?"

Willow pulled a canister forward without speaking.

Kennedy added a spoonful to her empty cup. "I must admit. I wasn't sure what to expect with you. You're not how I pictured you."

"And how did you picture me?"

"I don't know, just, different somehow. I mean, to abandon your duty…"

Tara breezed into the room, Xander on her heels. "You said you could do it."

"I can, but I can't do it today. I need to order special materials. It's going to be Monday before they can get here."

Tara halted when she spotted the strange woman. She looked at Willow and tensed, easily seeing her lover's discomfort. "Who are you?"

Willow was startled at the challenge in the usually shy girl's voice.

"I'm Kennedy. The new scribe." She held out a hand but Tara made no move to take it. "And you are?"

Tara could feel the hostility in the scribe's manner and she straightened, leveling her gaze. "I'm Tara. Handmaiden and shieldmate of the Chosen One." She looked at Willow and held out a hand. Willow took it and was instantly enveloped in the comfort that only Tara's embrace could bring.

"Kennedy." Buffy's voice was quiet and all who knew her stiffened. "In my office. Now."

Kennedy watched the slayer pace the distance behind her desk without speaking. She had not been as successful at hiding her opinion of the former scribe as well as she hoped.

Buffy stopped and stared at the person that had upset her First one. "I'm sure that you know your duties when it comes to being a scribe, but there are a few things you don't know." She leaned forward and placed her hands flat against the smooth surface of the desk.

"I'm only going to say this once, so listen closely. Willow is my First, My handmaiden, my shieldmate and my friend. She gave up being a scribe for me and if you hold your position with the same reverence that she did then you have to know what that cost her. The only reason you are here is that I value Willow's presence at my side more than the need for a scribe. I keep her too busy to be a scribe anymore."

"The council-."

"The council can rot for all I care. If I wanted Willow to be my scribe then she would be. You are here only as long as you're useful, but remember this; you can be replaced. She can't."

Kennedy sat behind her desk and opened the first journal. Her face was still burning at the sharp dressing down she had received from the Slayer and she had ducked straight into her office once Buffy had dismissed her.

She hadn't meant to upset Willow. Not really. She just didn't understand why the other girl had thrown away years of training to fall into the Slayer's bed.

Remembering the hurt in Willow's eyes, Kennedy winced. Could I have made a worse impression on this household? Tara's stern glare flashed before her and she sighed. Nope. They pretty much hate me now. She focused on the book in front of her and began to read.

The sun was descending when a quiet knock made her look up for the first time in hours. Kennedy grimaced as her neck protested the abuse and rubbed uselessly at the strained muscles. "Come in."

Tara opened the door, glancing at the familiar books surrounding the scribe. "Buffy is going on patrol."

Kennedy stood, stretching out muscles cramped from sitting too long. "Okay, let me grab a fresh journal."

Tara looked the scribe up and down, shaking her head. "You can't go like that. Come on. We need to get you ready."

Not giving her a chance to argue, Tara spun around and headed back upstairs. Kennedy picked up a blank book and followed. "What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"

Ten minutes later they were back downstairs. Kennedy wiped suddenly damp hands on the leather pants she was now wearing and nervously straightened the collar of her black silk shirt. Tara tossed a long black cloak at her and she stared at it in puzzlement. "Why the cloak?"

"It's chilly out and there are special places for these inside." Tara handed her two foot long stakes.

Kennedy put the stakes in position but she was growing more confused. "Um, I'm a Scribe. I don't do the fight thing."

"No, but Buffy can't spend all her time protecting you either." Willow descended the stairs as she spoke and Kennedy could only stare at her. White silk tucked into crimson leather. A thick leather collar was around her throat, the spikes both a threat and a lure. Similar leather was wrapped around each forearm and a leather holster was slung low and tied around a lean thigh.

Kennedy gulped silently and glanced at Tara to see what her reaction was. She saw Buffy clasping a similar collar around the blonde's throat, before helping her with her arm guards. Willow passed by Kennedy, handing a scarlet cloak to her lover before slipping into her own. "Dormok."

A hobgoblin scurried out of nowhere at Willow's command, carrying a bundle of armor. Willow took the items and thanked him. He disappeared as fast as he had appeared. Buffy stood patiently as her handmaiden's dressed her in the body armor, her eyes pinned on Kennedy. "So you've been reading about my previous exploits. Drawn any conclusions so far?"

Kennedy forced herself to look away from the sight of Tara kneeling at the Chosen's feet. "One or two."

Willow kept her head down and hurried through the cemetery, feeling the eyes on her. She fingered the handle of her boltgun beneath her cloak and bit her lip to hide a smile. She was two kills up on Tara tonight and it looked like it might become three. The nightly contest between the two lightened the seriousness of their task and had the added benefit of amusing their mistress.

Willow heard the muffled tread off to her left and paused, letting her hood fall away. She could hear the sound of surprise from her would-be attacker and knew they would strike soon.

She heard the rapid approach and whirled her hand rising from the depths of her coat, gripping the handle of her weapon steadily. A near silent puff and the wooden bolt found its target in the vampire's chest. There was an instant to see the surprised expression and then a cloud of dust was carried away on the evening breeze. "Heh. That's three. Look's like Tara's the one in chains tonight."

Cheered at the thought, Willow turned to find Kennedy behind her. "Oh! You startled me. I thought you were with Buffy?"

Kennedy nodded, "Yeah. She's back at the car with Tara. I asked her to give me a moment alone with you."

Willow stiffened immediately. "Why?"

"To apologize." Kennedy shook her head ruefully. "I'm sorry Willow. I had no right to act like I did today."

"Oh, okay. Yeah that's good. I mean, apology accepted."

Kennedy smiled at the tangled words. "Okay then. Truce?" She held out her hand.

Willow took it with a wide smile. "Truce. Come on. I'm in the mood for slay-treats."


Buffy watched her new scribe dutifully writing down the evening's events and wondered what had happened between her and Willow. Whatever it was, it had gone a long way towards easing the tensions between the two women and for that Buffy was glad. She finished her cocoa and stretched her feet out closer to the fire. Tara set her own empty cup down and knelt beside the slayer, taking her feet into her lap. Buffy's eyes drifted close in pleasure as her feet underwent a deep massage. "Have I mentioned lately that you have magic hands love?"

Tara's shy smile was her only answer. Kennedy glanced up from her work and found herself looking into the eyes of an aroused slayer. Caught within the powerful gaze, she realized frantically that she couldn't move. Buffy was somehow holding her still with only her eyes. Her heart began to hammer in her chest and she wondered if this was how Willow had fallen so easily under the Slayer's spell. Was it really a spell? Is this some undocumented power of the Chosen?

Buffy's eyes were speaking to her on some primitive level, promising her things that she didn't understand. Kennedy began to tremble, unable to tear herself away from the intimate scrutiny. Her pen fell from nerveless fingers, falling silently to the floor.

Willow watched the new scribe struggling against the Slayer's pull and couldn't help but smirk. Not so easy to ignore, is it?

Buffy spoke quietly but the sound echoed through Kennedy like thunder. "Come here." Tara moved away, joining Willow on the couch.

Kennedy found herself rising without thought. No! I can't do this! She was standing in front of Buffy an instant later. "I… I don't…"

Buffy placed a fingertip against the scribe's lips. "Shhh. I won't hurt you."

The finger moved down her chin, across her throat and down to the first button of the shirt she wore. It didn't resist the deft fingers and parted, exposing more flesh to Buffy's lust-filled gaze. Another button followed. And another. When all of the buttons had been undone, Buffy trailed her fingers against the smooth skin of Kennedy's stomach. "Take the shirt off."

The silk floated to the floor, leaving Kennedy clad in a creamy satin bra. Buffy traced the edge of the material, up one breast and down the other. A quick flip released the front clasp and the material freed its prize. Buffy stood now, pushing the bra away and cupping the firm, high breasts in her hands. "Beautiful."

Kennedy gasped as hands roughened by daily use of weapons stroked over her breasts, calling them to attention. She forced herself to fight back the sensual haze that was engulfing her. "I… what are you… doing to me?"

Buffy sat back down and pulled Kennedy onto her lap, straddling her. "Seducing you." She held the scribe's waist, keeping her from moving away as she began to lick every inch of the treat before her. "Hmm. I knew it. Like honey." Kennedy couldn't stop the moan from escaping her throat and as the Slayer's hands slid into the back of her pants, she flinched, pushing her breast deeper into the mouth that was trying to devour her. "Ahh! My God!"

Buffy chuckled. "Mistress will do." She bent back to her task, drawing Kennedy's bottom close as she pushed her chest away. Her teeth raked across a hard nipple and Kennedy writhed, trying to escape the intense sensation.

With her last bit of strength, Kennedy brought her hands up and pushed away from Buffy, succeeding in standing and stumbling back.

Buffy laughed in delight. "Ooo. I love a chase." She stood and Kennedy realized that the slayer was serious. For an instant she was torn but the look in the other woman's eyes decided for her and she ran. If she could get to her office and lock the door she could call the watcher. In the back of her mind she realized that she was still wildly aroused and she chided herself as she barreled down the hallway. Buffy appeared in front of her and she cried out in surprise, before veering away and up the stairs.

Willow and Tara watched as the brunette fled from their mistress and giggled. "She's making Mistress very happy."

"Yes. She hasn't had a good chase since she seduced you, Tara."

"Let's go watch the capture."

Upstairs, Kennedy had begun to realize the huge mistake she had made in coming up here. At least downstairs she could have gone out a window. She dashed into the first open doorway and shut the door, locking it and then turning to look for a way out. Kennedy froze when she saw the huge bed. Mammoth in size, the posts at each corner reached the ceiling and with something akin to horror, she traced the length of chain that hung down each one. The headboard had been reinforced with metal plates and several sturdy eye rings dotted the expanse.

Kennedy was so absorbed with the bed that she didn't noticed the door unlocking and opening behind her. The first indication she had was the strong arms wrapping around her waist. She flinched and tried to wriggle loose, but the slayer's hold was unbreakable.

Buffy lifted her captive and carried her to the bed, tossing her on it. She wasted no time in pinning the brunette in place, letting herself settle between the struggling girl's thighs. "Stop. Look at me."

Kennedy froze at the command and looked up at Buffy.

Buffy brushed her lips across Kennedy's, once, twice. Teasing kisses that promised everything and gave little. After a few minutes Kennedy began to struggle again but for a different reason this time.

Buffy was quick to reward her silent request and eagerly plundered the sweet mouth beyond those tempting lips. She felt the bed sink on both sides and knew that Willow and Tara had joined them. Buffy made a quick motion with her hand and Kennedy felt her arms being stretched out and held down on the bed.

Buffy pulled away and tugged the leather covering the rest of her prize away. She yanked the rest of her own clothes off and pressed her freed breasts against Kennedy's with a strangled moan. "God yes!"

Rubbing against the naked form under her like a huge cat, Buffy began the process of claiming Kennedy, marking her as hers. She touched and tasted every inch of the scribe, learning the places that caused giggles and the places that caused moans. Kennedy was drowning in a swirl of pleasure unlike anything she had ever felt before and as her body danced willingly to the Chosen's tune, she was dimly aware that she was being possessed.

Buffy's fingers pressed and thrust in her depths, taking, claiming, pushing her higher.


Kennedy felt the hot breath of the slayer in her ear and shuddered underneath the continued onslaught of her body.

The sharp sting of teeth on her breast had Kennedy crying out even as her release made her arch into Buffy, wanting more. Endless waves of delight washed over her, drawn out by hands and lips that would not let her come down.

Buffy moved quickly between Kennedy's legs and lifted her high, letting her thighs drape across her shoulders as she raided the flooded delicacy she had prepared.

Kennedy screamed as a supple tongue began to probe her thoroughly, thrashing against her captors as the relentless assault continued. Higher thought was gone and her world narrowed to what was happening between her legs.

Buffy felt the next round of convulsions seize Kennedy and finally surrendered her prize, letting the exhausted girl slide back down to the bed.

Kennedy felt herself being shifted but couldn't summon the energy to care. A cold weight was fastened around her ankle and she was covered by a warm blanket. As she fell asleep, she heard Buffy's low voice commanding Tara to strip.

Kennedy opened her eyes, flinching away from the light. Late afternoon sun fell across the bed and she rolled over, trying to avoid it. The press of another body beside hers finally forced her to open her eyes fully. She met Willow's amused gaze and flushed as last night's events returned to her. Kennedy moaned softly and buried her face in the pillow under her.

Willow rubbed her back in a soothing motion. "I know what you mean. The morning after the first time is always the hardest."

Kennedy's head shot up at her words. "The first time? There isn't going to be a second!" She climbed off the bed, only to be jerked to a halt by the manacle encircling her ankle. "What the Hell is this?!"

Willow saw Buffy enter the bedroom behind Kennedy and spoke to her. "She's in the whole denial mode."

Kennedy whirled.

"That's to be expected." Buffy reached out and cupped Kennedy's cheek. "She'll calm down after a few days."

"D-Days?!" Kennedy blanched as it dawned on her that she was a prisoner.

Buffy easily dodged the fist that was swung at her and laughed approvingly. "You've got fire Kennedy. I like that."

"I don't care what you like! You can't do this!"

Buffy shook her head sadly. "Kennedy you need to stop fighting yourself."

Anger struck Kennedy speechless for a moment. She can't be serious! "I am not fighting myself!"

Gently pushing her back to the bed, Buffy explained. "Kennedy, one of the more interesting Slayer powers is my ability to sense things in others." She eased the scribe down and climbed into the bed with her, straddling her. "What happened last night was something that was going to happen. You know that. I know that." Buffy touched Kennedy briefly between her legs and held up fingers covered in the proof her desire. "Even now you're body is calling to mine."

Kennedy shook her head but in a dark corner of her mind she knew that there was some truth to what the slayer was saying. "That doesn't give you the right to chain me up like an animal!"

Buffy nodded. "You're right, I'm sorry about that. I wanted to avoid the whole 'morning after flight' thing." She moved off the bed and unfastened the manacle. "I know you need some time to come to grips with this, which is totally fine." Buffy dropped the cuff and it clanged against the bed frame. "Why don't you shower and get dressed? We're heading to the mall for lunch and shopping. I'd like you to join us."

Kennedy was at a loss. She looked at Willow and saw the redhead watching her something akin to pity. "Shower. Yeah. A shower is good." She left the bedroom and headed for her own rooms, ignoring Xander's shocked gasp as she passed him.

He peeked into the master bedroom and blushed. "Uh, did you still want me to install that mirrored ceiling today?"

Kennedy let the water pound against her skull, kind of hoping that it would drum some sense into her head. Images of last night ran through her head and she forced herself to look at them objectively.

Buffy had called to her and she had gone. She had stood passively and let the Slayer touch her. Kiss her. Even as part of her was screaming that she shouldn't let this happen, another was welcoming it, reveling in the knowledge that she had put that gleam in the Chosen's eyes.

Kennedy thumped her head against the tile and acknowledged the fact that she hadn't fought as hard as she could have. She hadn't tried to strike the slayer last night. She hadn't said no. She didn't say stop.

The shower door slid open and Kennedy looked up to see Willow slipping into the shower with her. "Wha-?"

Willow smiled encouragingly and began washing the scribe's back. "It's okay. We're just worried about how you're doing. Lots of weird thoughts float around at first, you know?"

Kennedy suddenly understood. She had been standing here in the water, berating herself for quite awhile and the others had thought she might try something foolish. "No. As messed up as this situation is, I'm not the type to kill myself."

Willow merely nodded and continued to spread soap over the shorter girl's body.

Something in the redhead's manner alerted Kennedy that there was more here than meets the eye. She turned around and caught Willow's chin, lifting her eyes to hers. "Willow?"

Willow helplessly glanced at her own wrist and Kennedy followed the look. A pale scar marred the skin. "Why?"

Shrugging, Willow refused to answer, choosing instead to kneel and rub soap down Kennedy's legs.

The shower door opened again and Buffy answered the question that Willow could not. "Willow had trained her whole life to be the scribe. Her parents had been killed when she was small and she devoted herself to her studies to forget."

Buffy left the door open and sat down on the small bench outside the shower. "When she became my scribe, I fought what I was feeling for her as long as I could. I knew that the council would wig if I took her as mine but after a while I didn't care. Selfish of me I know, but there it is."

"When the dried up prunes on the council found out, they didn't just send another scribe, they stripped her of her title and proclaimed that she had forever forfeited the right to be Scribe for any slayer ever again." Buffy's grim expression spoke volumes. "It destroyed her. That's when I invoked the old laws and took Willow as my Handmaiden and Shieldmate. It gave her my protection and a higher rank than that of Scribe."

Kennedy found her arms around Willow without remembering how they had gotten there, but the hug she extended to the former scribe was filled with sympathy. Willow returned the embrace and Kennedy was startled to feel herself reacting. She eased out of Willow's arms and stared at the taller girl in confusion.

Willow leaned forward and kissed her, lightly, not wanting to startle her. Kennedy opened her mouth to speak but Willow touched her lips. "Shhh. Don't think about it yet. Trust me. Your head will explode."

She turned the water off and stepped from the shower, taking the towel Buffy offered before turning back to Kennedy. "Come on. Let's go shopping. It's amazing what a new pair of shoes can help you deal with."

Kennedy followed, stopping to look at Buffy. "Last night…"

Buffy smiled ruefully. "Last night was going to happen no matter what. I'm glad that there was a true connection between us but it wouldn't have stopped me if there hadn't been."

"You're trying to send a message to the council."

Buffy stood and pulled Kennedy into her arms. "In part. As long as you want the job, you are my Scribe. I wasn't kidding about needing Willow more as my shieldmate."

"The council won't agree to this."

Buffy snorted derisively. "The council can bite me."

Willow handed Kennedy a towel and smiled encouragingly. "Buffy can handle the council. I'm just worried about Giles."

"Will he be angry?"

"Nope, but this might just be the thing that causes a heart attack." Willow giggled as she pictured the staid Englishman's expression.

Buffy tsked. "Now Willow, if the sight of you suspended spread-eagle between my bedposts didn't do it then this won't."

Kennedy flushed at the image and followed them out of the bathroom. Could this get any weirder?

The End

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