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All in a Moment's Notice
By carpesomediem


Willow paced aimlessly minutes after Tara had stormed out of the dorm room and, quite possibly, her life. Walking in circles did nothing to calm the anger, the pain, and the heartache the argument caused.

What was it about anyways? Willow asked herself. What was I thinking bringing up those silly things? I couldn't help it, I really couldn't. I just, I don't know anymore. I don't know about Tara or even about me.

Meanwhile, Tara had rushed her way through the crowded corridors. It was time for finals, at least for those who were still taking them. She had finished hers days prior. Thank God for that too because with the recent heat from Glory, and the combined efforts of the Knights of Byzantium, she wasn't sure the perils of school were too high on her priority list.

Then again, she wasn't really part of the Scooby gang, was she? She had spent countless sleepless nights, without Willow's companionship, contemplating her place among them. They seemed like a group of rogue superheroes, each with their own interesting quirk. Willow, dear, sweet Willow, was the resident Wicca. Buffy, of course, was the slayer. Xander, was the funny man. Anya, his girlfriend, was an ex-demon. Giles was Buffy's watcher and resource for all things brewing in Sunnydale. Spike sort of counted, but Tara wasn't quite sure of that yet, mainly because he was a vampire. Okay, he was a non-bloodsucking one, but still that vampire thing counted somewhere. That just left her; the non-existent blond-haired girl who sat on the sidelines and watch the events around her unfold.

Does that really qualify as being a Scooby?

What more, does that really mean that Willow sees her as more than just a girlfriend? The thought crossed her mind once and she decided to store it in the corners of her head. Not wanting to dive into that realm of possibility just yet, but now it was too late.

"I have to talk to her!" Willow shouted to herself. "I have to find her and straighten this all out." Willow decided that losing Tara at this point, over something so trivial as their first real fight, was out of the question. Grabbing her denim jacket she headed into the hallway and for, well, she wasn't quite sure where she was going. Then it hit her, the park.

Willow doubts I care for her. Willow doubts I? I love her. Tara thought over the argument and once more shuddered with tension building up in her body. She had decided to check out the carnival at the park. She thought it might calm her down, then she could decide on what to do next. She wanted to talk to Willow, to work things out, but what if Willow didn't want to? What if she didn't want to talk to her again? What if? what if? what if. That's all that filled her mind and she felt her head throb. Running a hand through her blonde hair she shook it off and continued walking faster.

"Yes, I'll talk to her. Tell her I didn't mean what I said, because I didn't," Willow added. Walking across the campus in the daylight did nothing to elude the fact that Sunnydale was the Hellmouth. In all honesty, the Hellmouth was the farthest thing from Willow's mind. Glory wasn't even registering as she approached the tall trees outlining the skirts of the park. "I love her. I love Tara. I love her with all my heart and soul and?"

I love Willow. I really do. I love her more each day. I can't just let her go. Tara's thoughts were flooding her mind once again as she sat on the hard-wood bench in the park. I love her. She's my everything. She's my?

"Hey there blondie. I hope I'm not interrupting anything." Glory had sat down next to her with a devious smile across her face. Tara's body went stiff. She went to stand but the goddess gripped her hand tightly. "You aren't going anywhere witch."

The End

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